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Fallen Angel
19-03-2006, 21:31
Played in YO finals today - had a good laugh with three good and fun opponents.


So first up, im down on table 16 of 18 playing necrons.

His army was:

Lord with warscythe res orb and phylactery.
3 squads of 10 warriors
2 squads of 3 destroyers
Squad of 3 heavy destroyers
Monolith in reserve

I have a big set of trees on my right so hide two of my preds and all my speeders in it, and 2 tactical squads in it. The other tactical goes out in the open in hte middle (no other cover) and the pred behind some with the death company/librarian.

He has heavies on the right (behind level 2 so i can rend him if i get first turn) then the rest basically in the middle.

HE gets first turn and his heaveis take out a speeder and destroyers take the tactical squad in the open below half.

Somethings rage. death company jumps forward behind terrain to assault next turn (no Veil of darkness for you). Speeders and pred kill all his heavies. Other shooting kills ALL his 6 destroyers so after the first turn all he has left is walking stuff. Libby fails to cast fury.

He gets disconsolate and tries to shoot the death company. THe monolith turns up and scatters theo ther side of a rock from my death company so cant pie plate them. Flux arc does nothing at all.

Death company assault and only manage to kill a couple and squad holds. All my lascannons bounce off hte chunk of cheese.

Monolith manages to kill a tactical marine and a twin lascannon off my pred. Spyder charges (after creating 2 swarms over the first few turns and taking a wound) but gets slapped by a power weapon (yes i got all my vet sergs into d. company). Libby tries to force weapon the lord but gets perilled of the warped. Argh. I kill some more but warriors still hold.

Speeders run round a bit - the other squad was on the pther side of the table and doing nothing all game. First lascannon glancing 6's the monolith and also kills the squad that started in reserve as it cant come on now. Nice. Squad gets all knocked down but might WBB.

1 does. Lol. I feel sorry for my opponent and offer him my dice. Death company manage to lose one but resultant charge wipes him out. He also makes the comment that i dont want a massacre as it means i have to play all the nasty armies now on the top tables. Bah,. Nice guy and id gladly play him again, though only if he bought some new dice.

Yeah well thankyou mr prophetic necron player. Second game is against Nick Langrick. At least he doesnt have any obliterators or silver models. Just pink ones. Oh wait they're Slaanesh marines. Oh wati thats a daemon prince = siren prince. But hes only got 3 minor powers so typically he rolls siren. Duh.

Siren prince of 240pts doom - talons though not dreadaxe
3 Sonic doom units with fists
2 daemonette packs
1 mounted daemonette pack
2 predators all with tri-lascannons
dread with plasma cannon

His prince hides behind his dread and pred who are in the middle - out of cover. The other pred is on the left out of cover with the sonic units spaced out either side or between these. I match him with my preds behind cover and tactical squads. Libby goes on the left adn death company on the righ and speeders on the far right.

I get first turn and send my speeders down the right looking to keep out of LoS of his tanks but isolating one squad,. So all four of them manage to kill two marines in 5+ cover. Sigh. I manage to shake/stun his preds though. Oh and one of my preds moves through terrain..no wait, it'll immobolise itself and then fail its reroll so its sitting behind terrain the whole game. Nice start.

He moves stuff fowrards. Shooting kills a couple of marines - cover is pointless against plasma cannons when you cant roll 5+s. Tac squad on the left runs and hides behind cover. Chickens.

Speeders go for the same squad again and this time finish it off, including aspiriing champ snipe number 1 of the game. And then four lascannons later against his preds, all hit but all roll 1s for pen. Not looking good.

Prince still hides behind dread. Predators go full bore on mine, one on left shakes mine, one on right kills mine. Chumps. None of his daemons turn up. Dread shoots the speeders but does nothing. Couple mroe marines die.

Speeders immolate the dread completely. Some other shooting does something. Dunno.

Mounted daemonettes turn up, scatter 10" towards me and fleet 6" and kill my libby - well make him run off the table. Chump. Siren is going to be a ball ache now. Ohter daemonettes turn up and move towards my DZ (tts recon). Pred on left kills one of my speeders but the other one cant see them.

Death company moved forwrd last turn and this time charge the pred and kill it iwth a fist through the front window. The remaining speeders kill the other pred. My pred on left moves into terrain and shoots the daemonettes but only kills half. Mounted daemonettes kill my tactical squad on the left.

Mounted daemonettes continue their chumping and charge my squad in tress in the middle - id pulled them back to avoid getting charged - should have run them forward tbh. He moves his squads on my left into my DZ but sends DP to stun a speeder.

I get fed up of siren and surrouned the prince with death company and 3 speeders. He kills a speeder and i get bored, cjharging the death company into a noise squad in my DZ that was assaulting my pred, killing them off. with aspiring champion snipe number 2 of the game. The mounted daemonettes met their end fighting the two tactcal squads in my DZ, one guy from each squad surviing to kill them off - thats why i take 6 men in a squad. Siren prince kills my chaplain and i finsh off the remaining deamonettes from before.

He scores with a squad of daemonettes and a squad of noise marines in my DZ and i have a speeder in his so he pulls a minor victory.

ok so despite losing i go uip a table to table 3. Against Nick again. Woo. So we swap and i get Aliatoc eldar - probably my least favouite army of all - i just hate the whole before you're going to get to do anything, im going to do this to you aspect of the distuprtion charts.

Avartar "Stan"
6 Banshees in wave serpent with starcannons
2 4 pathfinders
4 3 rangers
3 2 vypers with starcannon
3 Wraithlords with brightlances (kenny, cartman and kyle)

I put a pred, tac squad and all my speeder on the same flank as both pathfinders, 2 rangers, 2 wriathlords, 2 vypers and wave serpent - good plan. Not thinking very well at all at this poiint. Prfs in the middle are hidden and two tac squads are fairly in the open.

Disruption takes my death company off the table and thats it.

He gets first turn and kills a few marines in the middle and a speeder on my right.

I foolishly try and engage him on my right with my speeders and pred, kill both his vypers and wave serpent but lose them all in return. Chump is I. My preators ends up fighting off 2 wraithlords who cant shoot for 3 turns before running away to the middle shaken for the last three. In the middle i deny him shots nad try and fury and fear him away but the wraithlord nad avatar move through the cover to threaten me so the avatar gets force weaponed and the wraithlord gets death companied. One pred on my right bites it and the other gets ommobolised, tthen my libby gets eaten by a daemon after taking two wounds off the avatar. I end up with only hte predator scoing in the middle whilst he gets one vyper squadron - the other gets eaten by death compan and a couple of ranger squads. Out of frustration i charge the banshees with death company and massacre them without lsoing a model but i cant kill anything else in time to make a difference and he gets a minor victory.

So in the end i go 1-0-2 but the two i lost were to the 2nd and 3rd armies so i dont mind. Played against three very good opponents and tahts all i wanted!!

21-03-2006, 19:24
Nice to here you had a good time. What's the sheffield store (events centre) like? But seriously one piece of cover on the boards thats not right.

Fallen Angel
21-03-2006, 20:00
Sheffield events centre is ace - i recommend to anyone. The staff there are nice and i regularly go to pretty much all the 40k tournaments there as we've always had great fun.

Don't know where ive given the impression of one piece of terrain but im feeling well so probably missed but all of them had the requisite 25% terrain - good stuff.

Insane Psychopath
22-03-2006, 09:24
Good read Fallen Angel

So we swap and i get Aliatoc eldar - probably my least favouite army of all

Now that a army I not fought for a few good months, last time was before heat 1 in Aug of the GT.

How did Nick do with his Chaos army then???

Also FA, just to say that the GW site will be showing this year GT heat rule pack in May, the GT finial result should be up soon as well.


Fallen Angel
22-03-2006, 11:12
Nick came 2nd and the Aliatoc player i lost to in the last round came 3rd. So i lost minor losses to the ppl who came 2nd and 3rd which will do for me. At least my mate Simon won overall with three straight massacres with his IWs of doooooooooom.