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15-01-2011, 22:14
Hi all,

Since i finally decided to start a new army (high elves) i was wondering whats my best point to start one. I know the isle of blood box is a good starting point but what do i buy next??

Also im wondering if there are any good (read full of pictures) tutorials out there on painting white...

please help me out here :D

15-01-2011, 22:23
I don't bother with painting tutorials so I am at loss there..

I started with a double set of the High Elves from the IoB box. I swapped with a Skaven-player on release-day so I guess that'll be a little harder for you.

Once that's painted I'm thinking getting Two HE-Battalion boxes.

Once that's painted it's whatever seems fun I suppose.

Don't think I'll build a 20k HE army (like my DoC) but somewhere around 7-8k is probably reasonable so that the collection will match the rest of the races in our group.

Painting White isn't hard. It's just tedious.

15-01-2011, 22:24
Cant advise in terms of starting an army. I currently have Island of Blood ready for assembly and painting. However white is faily easy with a little patience. The trick is to build it up from darker shades. I like cooler whites and therefore go with blue/grey mixtures getting all the way up to white as the final highlight. Cant say i've seen any picture tutorials out there but i just layer shadow grey, followed by codex grey/space wolf grey, they space wolf grey then blend up to white. It wouldnt surprise me if that was similar to 'Eavy Metal as thats the look i was trying to copy.

15-01-2011, 22:38
Of course, you don't *have to* paint your elves white :) I usually start from grey/greyish blue when painting white, not that I do so often.

2 sets of IoB should give you enough mages, swordmasters and LSG&reavers you'll need, griffons probably go straight to shelf or be converted to (huge) great eagles. After those 2 IoBs, what you will need is an army book, a BSB and a unit of core and elite. Core because the percentages, elite because core can't win battles. After checking the army book, choose either archers or spearelves and get a nice unit of those, then 2 boxes of either lions or phoenix guard to go with your swordmasters. Something like this:

BSB (that second swordmaster standardbearer/one from the lion/pguard boxes/that noble-box GW sells)

20 LSG
enough archers/spears to fill the core-limit

18 SM
~20 PG/white lions

2 great eagles

GW has lots of articles in WD/online on this of course. Because of IoB, skaven and HE are always on the headlines there.

16-01-2011, 01:01
wow thank you all for the replies

just opened my 1st IoB box and going to start to work on them first thing when i wake up
(if i even go to sleep tonite ;) )

as for the painting white problem i just might use the old airbrush and airbrush them white but might do a test on how thats going to look, ill keep you all in the loop

Avatar of the Eldar
16-01-2011, 03:23
RE:Painting White...

For a cooler shade: Base with Shadow Grey, then a couple of thin coats of Space Wolves Grey, then 2-3 thin coats of Bone White.

For a warmer, cream-color of white: Base with Tausept Ochre, thin coats of Bleached Bone then thin coats of Bone White.

I use the latter on my HE cloth and the other on my HE horses. FWIW

As DaemonReign writes, it takes patience. It's taken me a LONG time to accept and practice that.

16-01-2011, 05:21
Welcome to the HE crowd!

On the issue of painting white: As the Avatar of the Eldar says. It takes patience to paint white, it also took me a long time to accept and practise it.

As for models. I'd say an Island of Blood set of Elves and a High Elf Battalion will set you up nicely.

16-01-2011, 08:38
There is a small white tutorial in my IF blog, link in the sig.

16-01-2011, 13:31
you will definitely want to pick up more Swordmasters and get some white lions. the swordmasters are fantastic at chewing through blocks of infantry and horde type armies. the white lions are going to be your hammers to get through the tough armored stuff. honestly you will want to pick up a bunch of spear elves as well as they are nothing to laugh at, especially when you can mindrazor them for 4 ranks of strength 8 attacks. phoenix guards are good for protecting wizards and such and make a good anvil but I find the WL's and the SM's more useful to me. i would kind of lay off the calvary for a while. the dragon princes are pretty good if you really want calvary but the silver helms are near useless. a couple of bolt throwers would be a nice additions and some cannon fodder or as they are called in the codex great eagles are always nice to have.

welcome to the HE army.

16-01-2011, 15:23
@dejay: thx for the tip on your tutorial it was excactly what i was looking for

@lacurra: thx for the advice on troop types to take, they will deffo go on my shopping list.