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16-01-2011, 16:18
what is the best knightly order to use in my empire army as i like the white wolves but do they have seperate rules for each diffrent order

16-01-2011, 16:29
The ones with GW's i hear. Are those the WW ones?


16-01-2011, 16:31
Yeah the knights with the large hammer i think

16-01-2011, 16:32
Yes, you get either White Wolves or generic knightly order with lances, there's no differences between the normal orders.

16-01-2011, 16:33
ahh ok bigby i was just thinking of a kislev themed army

16-01-2011, 16:33
All knightly orders use the same rules, but the weapon options (lance and shield or great weapons) can be used to reflect fluff/modelling differences (for example Knights of the White Wolf are modelled with cavalry hammers which can be represented with the great weapon rules).

There's a lovely article on games workshop's website describing a dozen or so knightly orders with some examples of models (including many conversion ideas) which I'd recommend you look at.

You need to chose the weapons the unit will use when list writing but the option you settle for will depend on the intended role of the unit. For a quick punch lances are better, whereas great weapons are more suitable for a grind.

16-01-2011, 16:35
Use any order you want to. The only game difference is lance or greatweapon armament.

The GW website has an article on different knightly orders. You could always create your own knightly order!

16-01-2011, 16:38
ah thanks i will have a gander now lol

16-01-2011, 19:34
Knights Panther are my favorite, personally. I wanted to like Knights of the Raven, because I think Morr is an awesome concept, but they're a bit meh.

16-01-2011, 19:39
I'm partial to the Knights of the Blazing Sun myself, but there are no special rules for Knightly orders.

16-01-2011, 19:43
sorry had to comment on tezza21's avatar.
Personally I like the rugged look of the Hunters of Sigmar, and the fit in the best fluff wise with my Ostland Force

16-01-2011, 20:26
I also love the Knights of the Blazing Sun. Mainly its because when I was first getting into Warhammer you hardly ever saw them (Panthers, White Wolves and Reiksguard were the studio favourites), so they always felt like a bit of a treat for those who didn't want to go with those overexposed favourites.

Knights of Morr would probably be next, although I know next to nothing about them.

16-01-2011, 20:58
If you had the skills to make decent conversions and painting then I imagine the Knights of Morr or soemthing similar would look very good on the table top.

16-01-2011, 22:51
If you had the skills to make decent conversions and painting then I imagine the Knights of Morr or soemthing similar would look very good on the table top.

Trust me they do. I've seen a few armies with Knights of Morr with either Glade guard or green stuffed hooded heads and scythes as count as great weapons.

A friend of mine converted knights of manaan too, riding cold ones with sculpted fish tails. Looked very cool.

17-01-2011, 07:03
Knights of the White Wolf - Great weapons

Reiksgaurd - If their Grand Master joins them, old Kurt himself, then they become stubborn or ITP

All other Knights don't have anything but great back stories going for them

Torpedo Vegas
17-01-2011, 07:31
I think the hunters of Sigmar are great. Cool fluff behind them, and have conversion potential. I started a unit of them, but never got around to finishing it, as I ran out of greatswords, thats one below:

17-01-2011, 13:32
A link to the GW article on different knightly orders:


17-01-2011, 18:59
Rieksguard: The cool Ultramarines of Sigmar's Realm that all the other Knights are jealous of.

17-01-2011, 19:23
While knights have always been a rare sight in the years I've played Empire, I have to say I am partial to the Everlasting Light. The fluff for this order perfectly reflects what always happens to my knights on the table top.

That's why I stick to my infantry.

17-01-2011, 19:48
I love the concept of Empire knights, but the models are bit lame (and kind of small compared to some of the other cavalry out there). Does anyone know when the next Empire wave is supposed to be and whether it will include knights?