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18-01-2011, 20:12
Is the empire battalion really the best way to start a empire army ?. As I am finding it hard to justify the 61 apart from the greatswords .

18-01-2011, 20:25
To me the battalion is a great building block IF you intend to run greatswords, otherwise you might get off better by avoiding it

One of the biggest let-downs of the battalion is the fact that you only get knights armed with lances, but with some modification you can use the GS arm leftovers for them if you want great weapon knights

(And without mentioning any names, there is other stores then games-workshop that sell... well games-workshop products! :angel: )

18-01-2011, 20:27
yeah i was looking at the other site's. But i'm more inclined towards a army with more hand guns in and some great weapon knights so for no should i avoid the battalion ?

18-01-2011, 20:28
im my opinion its a pretty poor deal, especially in contrast with other battalion boxes. cav is fairly lackluster now and the models are pretty old to boot. if i were starting an empire army i would load up on state troops.

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18-01-2011, 20:31
Empire work best as a combined arms force, so I think the battalion is okay.

18-01-2011, 20:33
Well at least it's a better choice than the Beastmen battalion. some times it's just worth buying a battalion as i'm pretty sure you will use most of the models eventually.

18-01-2011, 20:34
True but the only units i will be using are the hand gunners and the state troopers and thats it for me ?

18-01-2011, 20:35
Well, in an Empire army you need State Troops and Handgunners, Greatswords are also nice to have ... in my eyes, the only drawback of the Empire Batalion is that you only get 8 Knights in it while 8th ed seems to work best with units of 10 Knights ...

And the savings of getting the batalion instead of buying everything separately are good too, even better when buying from online sellers (Maelstrom Games, my personnal favorite, has the Empire Batalion for 91.88 USD).

If you don't use everything in it, you can still sell the leftovers on eBay ...

18-01-2011, 20:40
True that is a very good point. But i'm not going to use knights i'm going to use pistoliers i think they are more flexable i know they serve a compleatly diffrent role .

18-01-2011, 20:56
I'm not a fan of the Empire battalion.

You pay a premium price for the Greatswords (which are largely overvalued in monetary terms) and you're stuck with some of the worst plastic cavalry in WHFB.

I'd avoid it if you're not making use of the knights and don't care for the Greatswords. The knights alone are enough reason for me to keep away from it.

18-01-2011, 21:06
i say buy what your going to use most first and then in the future you can always pick up a battalion to expand your army, simples (ahhhhhh can't believe i used that!!!)

18-01-2011, 21:13
Now that is a great idea :)

18-01-2011, 22:27
Another idea.

You mentioned that you like the two handed weapon knights. Nothing says they have to be hammers. Use the greatsword arms and torsos to make the knights into GW knights. Then match the Greatsword legs with the left over Knight torsos and the spare weapons and shields from the rest of the kit to make another usit of swordsmen.

Not ideal money wise, but could get you some interesting looking models that would be different from the norm.

18-01-2011, 22:48
I got the box set and it isn't the best, but it is a good place to start at least. I personally got 2 and so that was a good base for a large force. Although you don't intend to use greatswords or something, it is a decent saving I made. Getting 20 Greatswords on their own would have cost me 50 whilst you practically get them for free in the box (if you pay full price for everything else).

My qualm is that the knights are 8 of them and if you want to praise Ulric then it's pretty irritating. I used the clubs from the militia box set (thinking the hammers may be there :( ). If you don't intend to use knights then it's still nice to have some. Even just having some spare horses and cavalry bodies to cannabalise into other projects is handy (if you want a war-altar).

18-01-2011, 23:56
i HATE the new box......not everyone uses greatswords.........I miss the old box. I say go to ebay if you wanna start building a empire army

19-01-2011, 11:19
The box is quite good if you're starting up, but poor if you intend to add to an existing army.

The great part about the empire list is that every units has uses and is valuable depending on play style.

The state troops in the box are a no brainer, and you are going to need either greatswords, knights or flaggelants if you actually want to kill anything.

I almost always have all those 3 units in my army, because while state troops are very good at holding stuff, they suck at killing it. Ive had a very successful time in the 8th by using detachments to redirect charges, state troops to steadfastly holding the enemny in place and flaggies, GS and knights to smash em.

So while its not a huge save on the box, youll end up using all the stuff in it...The Empire does not feature redundant units in it list, Joy