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The Anarchist
18-01-2011, 20:18
ok its been a while but i remember a few years back GW sold things like belt buckles and odds and ends for the in world fantatics. does anybody know where i can buy one of the old Tainth cap badges? are they still in production or have i lucked out?

18-01-2011, 20:28
I used to see them on ebay every once in a while....good luck.

They were also sold by black library

static grass
18-01-2011, 20:33
I havent even seen them on ebay. I reckon they are serious OOP collectors stuff.

18-01-2011, 20:36

This is one of a few on ebay currently.

However, the one I remember seeing before was nothing like this. The one I seen before was not a printed badge like this, it was higher quality.

The Anarchist
18-01-2011, 20:50
saw that on ebay, thankyou for the Link Ulrig.
the one i was looking is made for a berret, very much like real british army regiments have for their berrets.

18-01-2011, 20:53
Yeah I remember them, I say keep on top of ebay and be prepared to pay somewhat heavily for it considering how rare they are.

Good luck to you!

The Anarchist
19-01-2011, 01:48
slight thredomancy, so hope i don't get moderator slapped for this.

But does anyone remember the company that actualy sold items like cap badges and belt buckles? it wasn't direct from GW as i remember, but rather one of their subsidary companies. I'm hoping the company is still going and selling some other odd items maybe.

19-01-2011, 02:21
Bulldog Buckles, I believe they were called. Could be wrong.

19-01-2011, 02:45
Not wanting to thread jack, but why not make one out of brass sheet or plasticard from a model shop?

I was considering this a while ago, but I cheeted, I butchered a Camerons Sporran Badge and a 17/21 lancers cap badge, sorry but I dont know where it is to photo for you.



19-01-2011, 08:40
Yeah, it was Bulldog Buckles that made badges, buckles, keyrings, etc. I bought a Crux Terminatus pinbadge and a Khornate keyring of theirs off Ebay recently.

Both are pretty hefty chunks of metal, the Khornate keyring gives me +1 attack, but unfortunately if I lose it I lose my extra attack as I am no longer in Khorne's favour :(

The Anarchist
19-01-2011, 10:54
glider rider, thats actualy a brilliant idea, and seeing the links you've put up probably not beyond my skills and kit at present. thankyou for that!!!

and thanks people for the bulldog buckle info, i will lookin into it

20-01-2011, 01:29
No Probs, good luck with it.

21-01-2011, 15:21
Gliderrider.. is that you Syd? :)

And the tanith badges we couldnt *give away* at the time.

We used to have a surplus stock of them as we used them as beret badges for the GW official airsoft team (the 'Lenton First and Only)... I'll see if i an still find mine... i remember we used to snap the left and right points off and spray them black too...

The Anarchist
21-01-2011, 19:27
i also intend to snap off the left and right dagger points off if i cna get one of the official one. First and Only!

22-01-2011, 03:56
Gliderrider.. is that you Syd? :)

And the tanith badges we couldnt *give away* at the time.

Yes indeed Mr H, its been my handle on pretty much everything since I signed up to the CIA Forum, cant believe that Battle of the Bulge game was just over 5 years ago.

I knew from Gucci that you guys had a team, but didnt realise you were styled as the Tanith. Got any Piks?

22-01-2011, 10:16
Yeah quite a few pics of us on my old PC I'll try and dig some out. Here's one i have of most of the squad but its too small to make out the cap badges and the recce types have darker berets and blackened badges anyway!

You cant see the winged lightning flash badges either but I still have my old smock so I'll take a pic of the badge on that when I can dig it out.