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19-01-2011, 20:35
Hey Guys,

I'm living in the western United States and I'm thinking about placing a Forge World order. I've never done it before, and I'm trying to make sure that I know exactly what I'm going to need to pay for before I place the order.

So far this is what I've figured:

1. I'll need to pay for the initial cost of the models.
2. I'll need to pay 15% for shipping, unless the cost is over 250 GBP (Which it might be.)
3. I'll need to pay 3% of the final invoice amount to my bank, as a fee for foreign currency charges.

Is there anything else? Will I need to pay import taxes or customs fees?

Thanks for your help.

20-01-2011, 16:32
3%? Really? Ouch! We don't have that in California, I guess.

That sounds like it. I've placed many, many FW orders; before you verify, it'll tell you exactly how much you'll be charged: no hidden fees.

Easy E
20-01-2011, 16:53
That 3% can vary from card type to card type and brand to brand. You will wan tto talk to the card company you plan on using for the purchase to be sure. It is called an International Finance Charge and they can go higher than the 3%.

I think the shipping covers the cutoms and what not. However, i coudl be completely wrong.

20-01-2011, 19:04
thanks guys. Maybe I can find away around that 3%. On the forge world website it says that they aren't responsible for customs fees etc, and to check with the local government.

On the other hand, I'm not exactly ordering live animals or cultured cheeses or anything. If you don't need to pay import fees in California, I probably won't need to pay import fees in Utah.