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22-01-2011, 19:20
I think the idea behind witch hunters is awesome

Which witch hunter units are good which are bad, i mean if you can swap out for marines what would be a good mix for 500/1000 games?

I like sisters repentia, they seem to hit like tanks but what else is worth while

ps: im really newbish so i dont know how things fair

22-01-2011, 19:35
Repentia aren't good. They strike at Initiative 1, have low toughness and cost 20 points per model. This means they're going to take a lot of expensive casualties.

22-01-2011, 19:39
yeah but with repentia wouldnt it be just as safe to run a tank or a squad ahead of them and have them take cover as charge up field?

but there cost could be better spent somewhere else

22-01-2011, 20:49
I have liked using Repentia when I've messed around with them - but more in games around 2000 pts. A squad of about 10 with a priest w/power weapon attached can absorb some casualties in combat and then dish out some nasty all power weapon attacks at higher Init (mistress/priest) and Init 1, with re-rolls to hit. If you shepherd them across the field behind other units/vehicles to protect them they can avoid getting damaged until you're ready to deliver them into the enemy's face.

I also find a squad of seraphim with one or two hand flamers/inferno pistols is useful - they have a faith point automatically so you can use this when needed, their jump packs allow them to get around to objectives/tank hunt etc and they have Hit and Run. Plus 3+ armour save.

In games that small you have to be wary of spiralling points costs though, so you'd be looking at small squads of these, and would need to be careful not to leave them unsupported against larger forces - small units with lower toughness/strength can easily be chewed up. The move in 5th to change pistols to one shot weapons hurt Seraphim shootiness a bit too but placing two flamer templates on a squad is a nice way to whittle down the enemy.

Otherwise, I guess it depends on what 'gap' you're looking to fill in your force. Are you already playing marines and looking to add in WH units? Is there a particular unit marine-wise (eg assault squad) you don't have that you want to add via WH units (seraphim)? Or if you're just loving the theme and look of the models, then have fun trying them out no matter what. If you get enough WH units to try, you can then field them as a parent force and look at adding in grey knights and/or Imperial Guard units and you have just expanded your army options into interesting new areas.

22-01-2011, 21:19
well were playing small variant games, and i figure i already have some marines. so it would be cool to try different armies that mix with marines.

Right now im working on a marines force for a tale of x gamers scenario with a blood angel side projectand i was thinking of playing with sisters repentia mini squad for so like a hq for minimal points then a tactical squad a sr squad and a rhino if i can afford it

22-01-2011, 21:39
It's always a bit of fun to try something out - when compared to your marines your opponent might underestimate that small squad of weak poorly armoured models with only swords, until they allow them too close..... :evilgrin:

If you went for smallest size squad repentia (4 + mistress) you'd be looking at a point cost of 22% of a 500 point army. The box set comes with 9 repentia + mistress so you could expand to larger sizes in bigger games for more resilience to casualties.

22-01-2011, 22:13
Just so you know repentia have frequently been referred to as the worst unit in 40k... And trying to shepherd them across the board won't save them if even a single model is visible. They suffer from the same problem as seraphim if you are running mech Battle sisters. Only one target for all the anti-infantry weapons. If you want to run them for fun go ahead, but they are not even close to competitive. At 500 points you could go for horde SoB on foot with an exorcist, but I don't think SoB work well below 1500.

22-01-2011, 23:36
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