View Full Version : Warp lightning vs plague claw

22-01-2011, 22:31
Was thinking of starting a skaven army and i was definatly going to use the new hell pit kit but i was wondering if going with two warp lighting cannons, or one warp lighting cannon and a plague claw catapult.

22-01-2011, 22:34
Mix it up, similar to Empire choosing between cannons and mortars- they're both useful against different things.

22-01-2011, 23:07
Yeah, mix it up. One of each versus armies comprised mainly of T3 troops but two Warp Lightning Cannons versus armies with lots of T4 troops. The Plague Claw Catapult's S2 5" template may bypass armor and force a panic check on a single unsaved wound but... it needs 6s to hurt T4 or higher. It's foolish to think its template will reliably land in the middle of on an infantry block during the course of a game.

Overall the Warp Lightning Cannon's variable Strength shots make it more reliable with respect to damage output, especially if you can take into account the coverage the 3" template offers when you place it at the end of the bounce.

22-01-2011, 23:23
Im mainly going to be playing deamons with plague bearers and dawarves so warp lighting to start with sounds like thanks for the help

23-01-2011, 00:39
You do have wither, make your target T2 then squash it :)

23-01-2011, 02:42
The WLC is the all around more solid choice. The major downside to the PCC is that if you misfire, there is a really good chance your opponent gets to move the template 3d6.. which is usually back on your army of T3 rats! Well, and the PCC can't one-shot Greater Daemons like my WLC has a knack for doing.