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29-05-2005, 19:56
Without sounding like a n00b, I have to ask this question: What means could a Space Marine, a Space Marine squad, or a Company go renegade?

I have read Soul Drinkers, but I don't like that idea for an entire warband of different Marines.

The concept idea I have is based on the Night Lord novel. My Night Lord hates what his brothers have become and broke away from the chapter with five other Night Lords. Now I just need fluff reasons for other renegades to flock to him.

I like the idea of having numerous Chapters in the warband, such as Space Wolves, Ultramarines, Blood Ravens, Fallen Angels, and a few others that would be loyal and a few Chaos Chapters, a Thousand Son sorcerer etc.

Now I have an idea why some Marines would go renegade, but I don't want the Chapter dedicated to Chaos. I will be using either Lost and the Damned (Traitor IG, as they are mercenaries) or the Space Marine Codex. As it grows I will use the Chaos list to represent pacts with the Dark Gods in return for favours or other parts of the warbands falling into the Dark Gods' hands.

So all i need is possiable reasons. Especially for the Loyalist Chapters to side with both renegades and ex-Chaos Marines. (All ex-Chaos Marines will be painted in pre-hersey ;))

29-05-2005, 21:05
well, the marines could see over their conditioning, that the whole Empire is more about High Lords hugging their chairs and cumulate power where they could be using that power to help humanity expand, take over the admech, crush the superstitions of Ecclesiarchy and overally make the galaxy a better place for humans to live in...

Khaine's Messenger
29-05-2005, 21:24
What means could a Space Marine, a Space Marine squad, or a Company go renegade?

The most general routes are considered to be general selfishness, Chaos (or other warp phenomenon), or a sense of abnormally monstrous self-righteousness. Disillusionment is possible, but unlikely, as Space Marines tend to be cynics to begin with, or at least become so as they progress through the ranks. More often, Space Marines simply see their first duty to the Emperor or Mankind, and come to the "realization" that the Adeptus Terra and the High Lords are simply not similarly devoted (to wit, differences in interpretation between how one approaches the notion of human sacrifice in Exterminatus-level events or forced planetary repopulations or general treatment of "subjects" and so on and so forth). Further, one of the most prominent examples of several chapters going rogue at once, the Badab Wars, was supposedly instigated (although mainly exacerbated) over the issue of the "rights" of Space Marine chapters as a political force within the Imperium.

29-05-2005, 23:42
Hatred, greed, pride, fear there are dozens of human failings.

Master Fulgrim
30-05-2005, 00:00
A warband consisting of marines from different chapters? In "Black Sun, Death Sky" you will find a warband of your taste. Most of them were outcasts from their chapters. An alternative would be the "Red Corsairs". This renegade-chapter is lead by Huron Blackheart and consists of marines from various chapters. Huron was the last chaptermaster of the "Astral Claws" and started the Badab-uprising. Short before his final defeat, he took his followers, including those from other chapters, and fought his way out. All his followers repainted their armour and call themselfes "Red Corsairs". They got a quite fancy black and red coloursheme. Hope that will help.

Master Fulgrim

Rabid Bunny 666
30-05-2005, 02:22
also the teachings of the chapters senior officers, in the heresy, the primarchs fell, the commanders took their primarhes teachings, resulting in the fall of the entire company

Talkie Toaster
30-05-2005, 17:03
.. All his followers repainted their armour and call themselfes "Red Corsairs". They got a quite fancy black and red coloursheme. Hope that will help.
IIRC, in the latest fluff Huron has gone a little mad, and turned to chaos at last, which was pretty much inevitable from spending too much time in the Maelstrom.

30-05-2005, 17:11
IIRC he became a Daemon Prince

Marines might go reneage because they believe they should rule humanity, they are the superior creatures after all, humans are weak, Space Marines are strong!

Captain Brown
30-05-2005, 17:53
What has not been mentioned or discussed is about units that went renegade by accident rather than through intent.

An example would be the Badab War, were the Lamenters and Mantis Legion sided with the Astral (or Tiger) Claws due to Chapter honour, debts, etc. For some reason these Chapters could not (or would not) make contact with the Imperium and thus turned traitor for a period of years.

Another example could be the misinterpretation of orders or the garbling of orders (considering how Celestial Communication in the 40K universe goes via Astropaths there is all sorts of opportunity for garbled orders). One really wrong move and the wrath of the Imperium could be directed at your wayward Chapter, Company, Squad, etc.

My two cents.

30-05-2005, 18:14
Several things could force or entice Marines to go bad…

During the Badab uprising, several chapters went rouge and attacked those Imperial forces that were attacking the Astral Claws. They were not infected by chaos, but they felt that the Marines sovereignty was under threat from the Imperial forces.

Some chapters believe in fighting fire with fire – or rather, chaos with chaos. Such chapters are slowly corrupted from within and might eventually fall to chaos.

Chapter Masters might go mad. They wield tremendous power, and as we know: power corrupts.

Some chapters might not agree with Empire policy, Space Wolves and Celestial Lions for example. Such chapters might be persecuted by the Inquisition and forced to seek asylum in the Eye of Terror.

This is just a few reasons why it might happen. Just remember that the galaxy is a big place – and if you want it to happen, chances are that it will happen somewhere…

30-05-2005, 18:15
Possible =][= conspiracy in order to gain more power and control over the SM chapters. Magos biologis work on a chemical that 'Corrupts' gene-seed stocks, causing defects in gene seed batches in an attempt to poison the Hive mind. Unfortunately this chemical makes the corrupted Marines quite attractive to the hive mind, glittering points in the warp. "All that glistens is not gold." Anyway the afflicted chapter decides that it's not taking this kind of treatment from the =][=, and set about finding as much information on the particular Inquisitor involved, and how to stop it. The various battlefield locations are either tip-offs gone wrong, conflicting forces put in the way by the =][= to stop the Chapter, or some other suitable thing. The =][= declare the chapter heretics in order to cover up any chance of communication, because of the paranoia that is instilled when the 'H' word is used.


Hoshi No Koe
30-05-2005, 18:17
There's also the "Set-up" scenario. A detachment of marines getting set-up by a cunning ennemy, for example the Alpha Legion, to look like they've commited a genocide or treason towards the Adeptus Terra.
They'd be forced to to run as their own chapter decides to wipe them out to regain their chapter honour. Your Night Lord's renegade warband could meet with them and offer them a deal they can't refuse or they might've planned the set-up themselves to entrap the detachment to aid them in their goals.

30-05-2005, 20:19
well there are plenty of system in the sub sectors that are able to be colonized but just aren't

I could see a radcail =][= setting up a deal for excahnge of info for a self imposed exile much like real world cops

31-05-2005, 11:32
I am liking the ideas that are running around. I was already basing the force on 'Black Sun, Dead Sky' as it where the initial idea came from. Plus with fluff from Lord of the Night (Night Lord book), Angels of Darkness (its a good reasource book IMHO) and the Renegade Chapter CA article. My army will be using the Marine codex as they are not Chaos yet.

So heres a question:

Why would a World Eater turn away from Khorne? I would like to hear more of this aspect of why a Chaos Marine would go renegade. I already have a few who hate what their legion has become and turned away: My Librarian is an ex-Thousand Son who disagreed with Ahriman and was casted out. The Night Lord and his five other agents hate the Night Lords as they see them as going against the Primarch's teachings. And I was thinking of a few others.

SO what other reasons would a CSM go Renenade?

I like the idea of the set-up scenerio and the slow corruption or that of greed. The army will consist of renegades growing slowly throughout a campaign, so some of these ideas can be added in easily through the campaign itself as I will be using Marines normally.

Thanks for the information as well :)

31-05-2005, 11:52
CSM don't go renegade as far as I know, they are pretty much controlled by the gods, in a similar way that Tyranids are controlled by the Hive Mind. Although CSM have more independance and insanity.

Khaine's Messenger
31-05-2005, 14:55
Technically, Ahriman is a rogue CSM. At least from the perspective of Magnus. :)
Those CSM that have devoted their souls to the Chaos Gods wouldn't really be able to go renegade other than to leave any loose alliance they're already in (that is, a World Eater might leave his legion, but it is unlikely he would ever "betray" Khorne, at least of his own free will). I can think of a few instances of an aligned group of marines going "traitor" though...such as "The Wrath of Kharn," where a bunch of 'zerkers are seduced by a dp of Slaanesh, and Kharn considers for a moment the possibility of becoming a champion of Slaanesh before grunting and deciding it would just be for the best to kill the daemon prince. The non-aligned legions are more likely to have ideological or self-centered renegades, although the Word Bearers are infamous for chasing those who have fallen out of line with the True Faith.

31-05-2005, 18:01
Hmm I was thinking as before the Hersey, or during. Ah well, I guess no 'latter' day CSMs would go renegade, jsut ones before. Well I'll have to run with that.

Cheers for the information etc. Its really helped me build the army and its list. Its on the army list section if anyone is interested.

31-05-2005, 18:31
Read Lord of the Night for the reasons why a Chaos Marine would go renegade. Many of the Legions were scattered and many create new CSM with different indoctination methods. Those new marines would have their own agendas.

I'd think it unlikely that once a Marine was fully dedicated to a Chaos Power he'd change allegiance but plenty of the groups in and around the eye are little more than mercenaries or pirates, albeit powerful ones. Thousand Sons sorcerers I can see fleeing as their machinations fail, however.

Plenty of Night Lords, Iron Warriors, Black Legion and the like could easily find themselves out of favour due to power struggles within the Legion and flee or die. There are plenty of reasons for any marine to end up lost in space