View Full Version : Throne of Skulls and well other stuff

24-01-2011, 22:44
well it's all over and I have to say the Eldar I took with me were a great disappointment in many ways, failing to win a single game...but the army aside the event was great and there was 1 game I'll remember for a long time just for the sheer fun both me and my opponent Andy had out of it, in the first turn my Lances immobalised his vindicator using Eldritch Storm my farseer turned it straight around facing his table edge..gotta love the scatter dice approach...in turn 3 it happened again this time to his Stormraven, and in the last turn my farseer managed to singlehandedly blow up his razorback...it was awesome fun and by far the best game of the weekend.

sadly i didnt finish the event having to leave early due to taking ill, my weekend tally was 2 losses and 2 draws...

but i did come away with a complete brand new Space Wolves army, decided that I'd take myself to the "Norse" world of Fenris and it's battle-brother defenders. Colours i'll likely change as I dont think i can paint that much grey but i'll see how the test models go and see which I prefer.

I hope I'm in the right forum as it's general 40k stuff, as i'm curious if anyone else went to the tournament and if so how they enjoyed?