View Full Version : Beginning of a small 4 month campaign - Planetstrike

28-01-2011, 14:56
Starting a new campaign tomorrow. Finishing up painting my Indomitable Fortress tonight.

We have four players total. The idea is three games, one a month, culminating with the top two palying a fourth game to determine overall victor.

First game is tomorrow and is a Planetstrike mission fighting over the Indomitable fortress.

1000 points. Play as attacker and then switch and play as defender against your opponent. Each time is worth up to 5 Battle Points.

Gain 1 battle point for each section you control (max 3)
Gain 1 battle point for winning scenario
Gain 1 battle point if you wipe out your opponent

Played twice (switched sides) gain up to 10 BPs for end of cycle scoring.

three cycles total (max 30 BPs) top two players fight a fourth final battle.

I will be videoing it and making up a video battle report. My next project is the landing pad and a valkyrie for a scenario =)

For this campaign I am fielding my Fallen Angels (chaos Dark Angels). Unfortunately all four of us are fielding 3+ armor save armies (three space marines, and then my fallen chaos)

29-01-2011, 14:36
Sounds like a cool idea for a small group of gamers who cannot meet too often. I might steal it ;)

Can you share some details for the other games / scenarios or would that be spoiling the fun?

Col. Dash
29-01-2011, 16:58
Awesome, wish my group would do something like this A: on a weeknight I can actually show up on, and B: not on a weekend. I love campaigns!

The Underdog
29-01-2011, 23:10
Yeah sounds like fun. Good luck with the campaign and we look forward to the reports.

What rules are you using for your fallen btw? Chaos Marines or Dark Angels rules?

30-01-2011, 00:03
Cool, good luck in this. I amalso curious as to what your army list was.