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The Anarchist
28-01-2011, 16:25
Been playing around with the idea for a while of doing a Pre-Heresy army. Having recently bought 20 forge world marines I wanted to do a pre-heresy force. I've always liked the World Eaters, and having read the short story of them in Tales of Heresy love them even more. Had even considered using Seth as a pre-heresy Kharn.

would be running a list of one landraider, 2 assult marine squads, 10 death company (gladiators, converting them with some parts from the Maruders WFB set) a dev squad, furriso dread as gladiator dread.

however i was thinking of including preists as techno surgeons or something, however this dosnt feel right, unless anyone can think of a good reason? Also not sure on including a chaplain as some sort of leader of the force or go for Seth and use him as kharn (before he became the betrayer)

what would people think to this? any advice, suggestions or maybe even seen this done before?

28-01-2011, 16:36
Don't play priests. They don't fit, so don't play them.
Seth as Khârn seems to fit nicely.

28-01-2011, 16:45
I have a friend who has a Khorne Army and I suggested using the Blood Angle Codex as teh runes for his army. Ive reprinted below what we discussed

Using Death Company as Khorne Beserkers, and Death Company Dreads as Beserker Dreads, The Sanguinor as a Daemon Prince. Even Gabriel Seth of the Flesh Tearers as Kharne the Betrayer.

A little bit of Creative thinking for names and you have a very plausible World Eater Army.

Chaplain - Khornate Cabal Champions with inspirational speeches.
Sanguinary Priest - Cardinal of Khorne, with the "Aura of Murder" around him.
Sanguinary Guard - Khorne Gladiators?

28-01-2011, 17:07
He said "Pre-Heresy" which is, well, pre-heresy. So, no Khorning. ;)

28-01-2011, 17:23
Codex Blood Angels.

I love that book, its so versatile it lets you cover everything from pre heresy world eaters to post heresy world eaters to pre and post heresy night lords to raven guard with all those jump packs, it even does a pretty good job of covering the blood angels.

Its the book that covers just about any chapter or legion! At least until the next new marine codex comes out anyway.

The Anarchist
28-01-2011, 18:20
I am writting the list either as a pre-heresy World Eaters/War Hounds list or as a alternate HH 40k force of World Eaters. In which case i envisage the first company as the 'Gladiators and so would paint them in present World Eater Colour scheme (unless anyone can point to a source of WE having a differnt colour for their first company equvilant already?) these Marines will be shown by Death Company.
I intend assult marines to demonstrate the general troops of the legion (can't wait to do all those chain axes!!!) I presently intend for all the assult marines to be in Maximus or Corvus armour.
The devestators I'm not sure what to base them off of, so would love some suggestions, but intending to have them wearing mk3 Iron Armour as it looks so brutal and oppresive.

Leading i intend to remodel the Seth model as Kharn (the Honorable), this does however leave me with few reasons to include preists or chaplains, both are units i feel make the BA so much stronger, and whilst not a power player, I do want to be able to build a competative list. It seems I've now reached that stage as the youngling in a group of experience older players, we all mostly use models that are all labours of love, hence my love of Forge World stuff, so no level or time nessecary for conversion is too much i feel.

Also any ideas how i can make the Landraider unique, without being chaos-y for World Eaters?

28-01-2011, 20:39
So you want the Codex for the power.

Codex Blood Angels.

I love that book, its so versatile it lets you cover everything from pre heresy world eaters to post heresy world eaters to pre and post heresy night lords to raven guard with all those jump packs, it even does a pretty good job of covering the blood angels.

You forgot Dark Angels! They are Angels too! And Death Guard, because FNP and the Psy-Powers cover Plague Marines and Nurgle-Warlocks perfectly! And Thousand Sons, because FNP and the Psy-Powers cover the Sons and the Sorcerers perfectly! And Alpha Legion, cause Alpha Legion is everyhwere! And Word Bearers, because FNP and...

28-01-2011, 20:59
I like the idea. Provides a very accurate rendition of a WE army while allowing consistency and variation between units (ie- not just 6x Berzerker squads from C:CSM)

The trick will be to resist the temptation to shoehorn nonsense stuff like librarians, baal preds, priests and TH/SS termies into your army because they add power.

Furioso dreads should be a-ok. One of my beefs with the codex I use(BT) is that its clearly shows a furioso bt dread in the art...and terminators weilding double handed chainswords (eviscerators?)
I want those models.

28-01-2011, 21:16
There's one Chapter it doesn't cover though, the Wolves of Fenris!

Before Angron when they were the Warhounds they didn't have any massive differences to the rest of the Astartes. I'd stick with Codex Smurfs.

28-01-2011, 21:34
So you want the Codex for the power.

Somebody didn't read the thread. The part where he said he was willing to limit his choices makes it clear it isn't about power.

As for Assault Squads, are you planning to field them without Jump Packs and give them Rhinos?

And, for Land Raiders, if you can spend the money, I'd suggest Forgeworld MKIIB Land Raider.

Also, as has been noted, are you doing pre-Angron Warhounds or pre-Heresy World Eaters? If Warhounds, then Codex Space Marines will work just fine, if World Eaters, then Blood Angels with certain limitations as you've suggested works.

The Anarchist
28-01-2011, 23:20
the assult squads i intended to plan using jump packs, though would try to get some older model jump packs, or convert the ones of the chaos raptors maybe as they look more heresy-esque.
I would def want to get the MK II land raider, love the old model, even tempted to see if i can lay my hands on the orginal Land Raider model from back in the RT days, my dad has 4, but more likely to let me cut off a hand than take and repaint one of them.
Also very tempted to give the devestator squad members not carrying a heavy weapon the FW bolters with chain blade attatchments, jsut because i feel its very in character for World Eaters even of the devestators to carry some form of grissley gore-y wepaon :D

Having played a tank company for few years i have no intention of feilding many tanks, probably just the one land raider for conversion and painting options more than anything. so no chance of any Baal Preds or vindicators. knowing Angrons distaste for magiks (and my own) have no real intent to run any form of psykers. wont be running scouts as they always struck me as some what un-Angron-esque. Land speeders i wont be including for the foreseeable future, though might if i really feel a need do so in future and covert jet-bikes from the DA model, but that for now seems very very unlikely.
however tempted under some guise to run a chaplain or preists, but unless i cna see a realistic fluff reason to do so not sure.

Have decided to run the army as a World Eaters force from an alternate reality where they stayed loyal. they now pop up out of the warp under the Command of Equerry to Lord Angron, Kharn the Honorable (using Seth rules)