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28-01-2011, 19:04
First of hey everyone, hope your all well. Now I`ve been reading The Thousand suns and Prospero Burns lately and well basically have a few questions that someone may be able to answer or indeed direct me to more info on (Please bear in mind that I`ve tried the search function to no avail)

1:- Who are the Adeptus Custodes? I know they were the Emperors bodyguards but do they still exist and if so where would I find the rules for them? The best i can find is http://wh40k.lexicanum.com/wiki/Adeptus_Custodes, Was wondering if someone may be able to expand a bit.

2:- Along the same line but this time for The Null Maidens?? Couldn`t find diddly squat out about these, Short of being completely non psychic.

And now the random question just so as not to waste making another thread

3:- I`m thinking about a second army but am unsure whether to wait for the fortcoming GK`s or start a Dark Eldar army. At the moment I have a reasonable size SW army and want a bit of a break from the fairly straight forward tactics of them.

Sorry if this comes out as a wall of text, And ofc my gratitude to any any replies that can help or indeed ti all those that read this

28-01-2011, 19:16
The Adeptus Custodes are the missing link between Primachs and Space Marines, they are what Space Marine are to Imperial Guard.

The null Miadens are women who have the "Pariah" Gene, They basically shut down all Psychic Powers & User of Psychic powers. The Pariah Gene was rumoured to be introduced to humans by the C'Tan to use again The Old One/Eldar as the C'Tan only real weaken is is Psychic powers/warp.

As for your choice, wait till the Grey Knights are out, see how they are played thats my only advice, or go Dark Angels cos they rock! :)


28-01-2011, 19:28
Presumably, the Sisters of Silence would have been absorbed by the Inquistion.

28-01-2011, 19:37
Tales of the Heresy has a short story in it about a Custodes. Forget the title of the story, but it was pretty awesome. Especially the part where he stands up to Dorn.

28-01-2011, 19:39
Tales of Heresy has a neat little story called Blood Games if you're looking for more Custodes background. There is a little more info in Nemesis and First Heretic.

28-01-2011, 19:43
The Custodes do still exist. They protect the Emporer's chambers on Terra. They wield glaives that have a bolter built in.
They are created individually unlike space marines. And they were created before space marines. The Leader of the Custodes is Constantin Valdor.

The null maidens are psychic blanks have no souls and psychic powers don't work around them. They are gathered from the psykers rounded up by the black ships.

As for the army you may as well wait for the Grey Knight codex to see what it's like before spending the money to start a new army.

The Anarchist
28-01-2011, 19:47
Null maidens is another name for Sisters of Silence if that helps, and as other above ahve said they are all Pariahs. its assumed the vast majority of them were killed during the HH in helping defend the Emperors webway portal under the golden throne. there has been no great mention as far as i remember of them as a fighting force sicne the HH. however i belive most of the Inquisitions Black Ships maintain a force of untouchables/pariahs onboard to help combat any psyker that gets out of hand. it could be that the sisters fell under the command of the Inquisiton and so are now spread thin across all the black ships rather than used as a military force due to their scarcity

28-01-2011, 20:09
Another little bit of fluff about the Custodes is that they tend to be more individualistic than astartes. They act rather like one man supermen, like jedi if you will. Whereas astartes will co-operate more and act as a squad. One of the Word Bearers (Argel Tal) notices this in The First Heretic and considers it a weakness of them despite their superior ability vis a single astartes.