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30-01-2011, 19:17
i really want to make a penal legion army, but the codex rules seem really constrictive. I'd like them to have tanks and heavy weapons, commissar heavy but predominantly basically armed penal troopers.

The codex doesn;t fit this, but I think it sort of fits the fluff. I was going to have them as an exiled army, who were all criminals but due to their soldiering abilites had been formed into the 'Forlorn Formation', who get sent out on neverending campaigns that other regiments won't touch.

Their commander was going to be a tactically brilliant officer who was caught in bed with another man, his subordinate, and had to choose either exile or exectuing the subordinate. The commissar will be ruthless but he also is exiled because he keeps touching kid's junk. So everyone in the formation is guilty of osmething.

I was thinking orange jumpsuits and armour, with a vet squad of 'jailers' in khakis and shades. The chimeras would be like a prison bus and the heavy weapon teams would be shackled to their guns. You get the idea.

Is this too far fetched or would it work, and would people allow penal legion as the base choice?

30-01-2011, 19:55
Unsure as to the actual question.....
Can you theme your army to be some kind of "perditia" regiment? Yep, themes are entirely un-touchable, pick one and run with it. Call your entire army Mary and give them all a fez if you want.
Can you make Penitent units your primary army choice? Well, yes they're a troops choice, FOC limits them to a maximum of six in a regular army (and you'll not be able to have any of the bells and whistles available to an Infantry Platoon or even a Veteran squad if you DO max out on Penitents.). You'll need to think of a suitable way to represent each of the possible results on the Penitent squad chart in EACH squad (a differently themed Sergeant for each result is enough IMHO).
Can you call non Penitent units "Penitent" Yes, again what you ACTUALLY call them is largely unimportant. As long as you don't start trying to use Penitent squad's rules on other units, you're golden.
In short. Go for it, ad post pics when you've done it :D

PS. Historically, Penal Legion were overseen by a branch of the Adeptus Arbites. Fortunatley Company Command Squads, Commissar Lords and Veteran Squads can be equipped with Carapace (and the Vets can have Shotguns too!).

jack da greenskin
30-01-2011, 20:01
The commissar will be ruthless but he also is exiled because he keeps touching kid's junk.

That's epic. You should do it :) One of the coolest ideas I've heard in a while, and on an even cooler note the fact that it'd make the entire army criminal would add a level of comraderie and depth.

Go for it, not too sure if the prison bus idea's work, but 6 valks with penal legion squads sounds like a nice 1000pt army.

31-01-2011, 14:29
I would go:
Platoons = normal prisoners
Penal legion = badass guys, psychopaths, etc. (those that you don't wanna meet at night in a lonely place)
Veterans = ex-guard or arbites

Use a Comissar in every combined platoonsquad, representing overseers.

If done right the army could look realy cool.

31-01-2011, 15:38
I think if I were doing this army, I would start with a single standard platoon with Chenkov and conscripts... stacked with a number of special weapon and heavy weapon squads of wardens to make up for the lack of weapons you have by taking penal squads. The imagery of how Chenkov treats conscripts seems appropriate for a penal legion. A veteran squad or two of overseers as well as comissars would fill this out. I think only taking penal squads will make the army nearly impossible to use with out relying too heavily on tanks, given the theme.