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01-02-2011, 20:11
The Tale of Fantasy Painters 2010-2011 Month 5

Hello all,

This is the thread for the work you have done in JANUARY and after a week (to give folks time to post their work) it becomes the thread to post your comments on others work and discuss what you are painting in FEBRUARY.

Lots of folks dropping out.

The difference between people that fail and people that succeed in life is quite often that those who succeed were determined to do so ....
... and refuse to quit.

Well done to all of you still in this.

All the very best,

The story so far:


640x480 seems to work best OR use thumbnails
Bigger than this results in the scroll bar of doom for many.

What is it all about?

The aim of The Tale of Painters (TOP) is to help motivate those involved to start and complete an army in the next twelve months.

We made a decision early on to split the Tale into two separate 'halves' one for 40K and one for Fantasy. (Just because of the numbers of people involved) They have continued to evolve in slightly different ways but this is how the Fantasy Tale works.

The painters involved have made a commitment to paint and post, by the last day of each month, approx 200 points of their chosen army. They do this each month for the next 12 months. Starting with their first post on the last day of September 2010 and finishing with their last post on the last day of August 2011. So we have this month, whilst everyone signs up, to collect, build, convert, undercoat and otherwise get yourself ready to go with the first work in progress starting in September.

However, because people have real lives with exams, holidays, honeymoons, new babies etc, etc. They get two 'Jokers'. For two months within the year you can ‘play a joker’ and rather than post an update they can post "sorry guys couldn't get it done this month. Real life got in the way." But the other 10 Months they have to come up with (approx) 200 points of painted and based figures. That is 200 points for 10 of the next 12 months.

At the end of each month a new thread will appear for the painters to post your previous months painting and the rest of the painters to offer words of encouragement.

In twelve months time we will all end up with a finished 2000 point army.
(Or at least everyone who can see it through to the end ... it's harder than you think!)

Men and Boys

Because this is harder than you would think ... As last year rather than try and hold everyone to 200 points a month I have decided to allow folks to join in and paint only 100 points a month. Whilst the goal for many remains getting a 2000 point army painted in a year the original and ongoing intention of this whole thing was to encourage and support folks to get stuff painted and 1000 points is better than no points! As a result we have two catagories. 'Men' (painting 200 points/month) and 'Boys' (painting 100 points/month).

Frequently Asked Questions

Q : Am I too Late? Can I still Join in?
A : No you are not too late. Yes you can still join in. Just post on this thread saying which army and how many points you intend to paint.

Q : Can I paint more than 200 points in a month?
A : Yes (we are not here to tell you how and when to paint your stuff, it is great to get ahead) BUT we would like you only to post 200 points (approx) each month and try to stay roughly on track with 200 points a month (200 points in month 1, 400 points by month 2, 600 points by month 3, etc.) so as not to depress the hell out of those of us who are struggling to keep up.

Q : Can I paint less than 200 points in a month?
A : Yes. But we try to stay on track by painting more points in the next month to 'catch up'. For example oif you only painted 100 points one month you could try and get 300 points painted the next month. Equally if you paint more one month you can take it easy and paint less the next month.

Q : What happens when I paint an expensive character?
A : This happens a lot. If your character was over 400 points you would simply paint him over two months (the sort of time your general deserves!) So You start posting him one month and post nothing the first month (unless you want to post WIP) then the second month you post the finished model and all the points get added on.

Q : Can I include a short narrative with each months post.
A : Yes. We love background stuff. Write as much as you like it will be read and enjoyed by many.

01-02-2011, 20:16
High Elves (2000 points)

Unit: Dragon Lord

Still to do: I want to do a bit more work on the face, it hasn't quite come out as well as I'd have liked.

Highs: Think I'm beggining to get the hang of shading reds (thanks in the main to Jericho and Hatemonger), I think it shows quite well on this model.

Points: I'll claim the points next month when I've completed the Dragon.

Dice Roll: 4


01-02-2011, 20:17
Daemons of Khorne (2000 points)

Unit: 5 Fleshhounds

Still to do: Basing (see below).

Highs: getting the shading right on these has made me happy, though now I feel I should revisit the other stuff i've done...

Lows: I've run out of daemons for the time being. So I'll be playing a joker next month for sure. However I intend to use February to get the completed stuff fully based, so expect pics of that late this month or next month instead.

And don't worry, I'll be getting a DP, more bloodletters and juggers built this month to continue the tale (and hopefully buy back that joker).

Points: 175 (off the top of my head)

Dice Roll: 4


01-02-2011, 20:22
That was quick. :D

01-02-2011, 20:27

UNIT: High Elf Mage.

BACKGROUND/THEME: Prince Eravin has been dispatched by the Phoenix King to reclaim and defend a lost Elven City that has risen from under the sea. Home to numerous magical artefacts, the island has drawn other attention as well...

BUILD/CONVERSION: All models are straight out of the box.

PAINTING: I have decided to paint my High Elves almost ghost-like. Very pale colours and using no gold. Silver, blue, turquoise and grey will be used the most. Hair will be either a pale blonde or white. Skin a bone-like colour. Thanks to my wife and Monsterzonk for convincing me to change the gemstones to orange :D

BASING: Painted goblin green with flock and static grass added. Simple!

STILL TO DO: More infantry and cavalry.

HIGHS AND LOWS: Still enjoying painting these guys.

POINTS : 2 Sea Guard with shields (Champion and musician) (41pts)
Dragon Prince Champion (50pts)
3 Swordmasters inc. musician (51 pts)
2 Phoenix Guard (Standard and musician) (48pts)

TOTAL POINTS : 801 in total






Ego Ninja
01-02-2011, 20:28
Army - Skaven

As I mentioned in last months thread, im moving my Skaven up to the mens league!

This months painting - Grey Seer, Screaming Bell, Skalm, Shadow Magnet trinket - 500
15 Clanrats, Shields - 67.5

Total this month - 567.5
Total so far - 1080.5

Dice roll - 5






Ego Ninja
01-02-2011, 20:30
Army - Orcs and Goblins

This months painting - Black Orc Warboss, Martogs Best Basha, Armour of Destiny, Mask of EEE! - 235

Total this month - 235
Total so far - 1158

Dice Roll - 5

(No army shot this month - its just one more model!)



01-02-2011, 20:34

UNIT: 3 savage orc boar boyz and 1 wyvern

BACKGROUND/THEME: None what so ever. Just painting all the remaining stuff I got.

BUILD/CONVERSION: Savages are just plain from the box. The wyvern has some stuff glued on his base and the rock is mostly made from greenstuff.

STILL TO DO: Add a black orc warboss to the wyvern.

HIGHS AND LOWS: Getting closer to having painted everything that's standing around black. Only 20 models to do!

TOTAL: 782

Dice roll: 6





01-02-2011, 20:39
ARMY : Empire : 1000 Points (BOYS)

UNIT: Steam Tank

BACKGROUND/THEME: Another addition to my old skool Empire.

BUILD/CONVERSION: Straight out of the box classic Steam Tank.

PAINTING: Undercoated black. Drybrushed Chainmail. Selective Black wash. Painted Mithril Silver highlights. Final highlight mithril Silver and white mix. Gold trim: Dry brushed with Tin Bitz, Brazen Brass, Shinning and Burnish Gold. Chesnut Ink wash. Window shutters: painted Blood Red, washed red and purple ink, drybrushed Blood Red.

BASING: Gritty sand, painted bestial brown, highlighted with Snakebite leather and bleached bone mixes little stones painted black then dry brushed with greys with static grass to finish.

STILL TO DO: Finished ... although I am not happy with the chimney.

HIGHS AND LOWS: Lovely old mini. Lots of points for not a lot of painting. :D

POINTS. 300 :eek:

TOTAL POINTS SO FAR : 626 (4 Months painting and 1 Joker). So I can buy that joker back!




... and here she is with the rest of the chaps:


Fabius Bile
01-02-2011, 20:47
Oh well, seeing as how I was late posting last month, I thought I'd get in quick this month.

Army - Ogre Kingdoms 2000pts+

Unit - Slaughtermaster = 200pts

Points so far = 959pts

Painting/conversions - blood, guts, rust and bones! This model is a complete repaint, it was the first thing I painted for the army, but just as I was finishing it, a box fell off my shelf and smashed it to bits, so I stripped it and started from scratch.

Background - not much really, but I painted his trousers to resemble flayed ogre hide, with the idea that the Slaughtermaster is wearing his predecessor's hide - nice!

Dice roll = 6

This Month = Ironguts


01-02-2011, 20:49
ARMY : Orcs and Goblins : 1000 Points (BOYS)

UNIT: 1 Night Goblin Giant

BACKGROUND/THEME: Not very much. Just need something with a bit of clout for my Goblin army

BUILD/CONVERSION: Straight out of the box Marauder Giant with added hood.

PAINTING: Undercoated white. Painted dwarf flesh, washed with Ogryn flesh and devlan Mud, dry brushed with lighter Elf Flesh. Clothing Black drybrushed with various shades of grey.

BASING: Gritty sand, painted bestial brown, highlighted with Snakebite leather and bleached bone mixes little stones painted black then dry brushed with greys with static grass to finish.

STILL TO DO: Needs his Barrel and sword to be completely finished.

HIGHS AND LOWS: great old mini. Happy with the way my simple green stuff hood ties him into my Night Goblin army.

POINTS : 205 (So enough for next month as well! :D)

TOTAL POINTS SO FAR: 655 (5 months painting)





01-02-2011, 20:49
Army: High Elves

UNIT: Prince on Moon Dragon

BACKGROUND/THEME: The High Elf garrison of the Citadel of Dusk at the southern tip of Lustria.

STILL TO DO: Add some grass to the base.

HIGHS AND LOWS: Compared to the Wood Elf dragon I painted some time ago, this one was pure joy. Pointswise this takes me ahead, so I can take my time with the core troops.

POINTS : 450 (total: 1268)




Dice Roll: 4

01-02-2011, 20:53
Army: Ogre Kingdoms 1

UNIT: 3 Maneaters


STILL TO DO: Nothing.

HIGHS AND LOWS: These are fairly interesting to paint, but I found it surprisingly difficult.

POINTS : 240 (total: 1015)



Army: Ogre Kingdoms 2

UNIT: 1 Slaughter Master


STILL TO DO: Nothing, as I have already added grass to his base since I took the pictures.

HIGHS AND LOWS: The conversion is not that great, but I think it turned out okay.

POINTS : 200 (total: 1090)



Dice Roll: 5

01-02-2011, 20:57
ARMY : Undead (VC) : 2000 Points (MEN)

UNIT: Wight King

BACKGROUND/THEME: Nagash, still weak from his death, realised that he needed his old magical artefacts to reassert his power, including his stolen crown. So Nagash forged a new hand to replace his missing one out of a warpstone alloy. Nagash’s attention was drawn North to where his crown now lay. The crown had been taken north into the Badlands, where it fell into the hands of Orcs who raided across the Black Mountains and seemingly disappeared. The Orcs were destroyed by Sigmar Heldenhammer and the crown was in his possession.

“Sensing its utter evil, the young Emperor had refused to use it and kept it under lock and key within his treasure vaults … So it was Nagash arrived in the lands of the nascent Empire and took up residence within the long abandoned ruins of the Elf city of Athel Tamara. This was to be his base from which he would scour the north in search of his crown.

Krell ‘Lord of the Undead’ ( Champion of Nagash) :

Krell was a mighty Chaos Champion in the days long before the birth of the Empire, during the period the Dwarfs call the "Time of Woes". The Dwarf hero Grimbul Ironhelm finally killed him during the assault on Karak Kadrin. His body was buried by his followers in the Chaos Wastes where it was found, centuries later, by Nagash who stumbled on it in his search for the Crown of Sorcery. The Great Necromancer raised Krell from the dead and placed him in command of a legion of Undead during the Battle of the River Reik against Sigmar. Krell's forces were pitched against the Dwarf allies. When Nagash died and his army crumbled, Krell and his ‘doomed legion’ escaped and only after butchering many settlements.

Legions of the Dead:

Nagash spent many months gathering his strength. His spells raised legions of the dead from the burial mounds and other dark things came to his call until a mighty army of the undead was assembled – although no vampires came to his call. At last he was ready to make war against Sigmar and his followers.”

BUILD/CONVERSION: Classic, 5th edition, Gary Morley, Wight King from Warhammer quest expansion. "The cursed Tomb".

PAINTING: S Metal Drybrushed Tin Bitz, Chainmail. Gold trim: Dry brushed with Tin Bitz, Brazen Brass, Shinning Gold. Robes in Space wolf grey, washed with blue, Highlighted with white.

BASING: Nothing yet!

STILL TO DO: Not finished the sceptre thingy.

HIGHS AND LOWS: Nice mini. happy with the way he turned out. Just stuck on what to do with the base.


TOTAL POINTS : 1039 (5 months painting and No Jokers)



Here he is with his mates:


Rik a Kadrin Kazad
01-02-2011, 20:59

Here's my January contribution to my Mad Dogs of Madness, with a picture of the progress so far at the bottom.

Unit: Sorcerer of Tzeentch (Hero version)
Points: 105 (85 plus mark of Tzeentch) + magic weapon of some sort..
Convertion/build: An exhalted hero model as base, staff is the original axe shaft with a part of a fortified manor tree at the bottom and the harvesterthingypart from an empire wizard sprue. Left spellcasting hand is a space marine scout hand and some greenstuff, head is from chaos warriors sprue.
Ups and downs: Not particulary happy with the shimmering blue sorcerous light in the staff and sorcerors eyes/hand. I might do something more there.. Love how the staff turned out. Happy to get away with painting a single model for this month.

Dice roll 6 for comments


And as promised, a new picture (models assembled) of my january contribution, actually this is how far I've got (exept my General, the empty spot, wich is not far from done...):

If you study photo, you'll see the finished testmodel with grass and matt varnish... (Though I'm not claiming his points just yet!).

01-02-2011, 21:07
ARMY : High Elves : 2000 Points (MEN)

UNIT: Last month the Dragon ... this month the ANOTHER rider:

BACKGROUND/THEME: Nothing special. Just vanilla High Elves.

BUILD/CONVERSION: Straight out of the box High Elf dragon Lord

PAINTING: Armour : Undercoated black. Drybrushed Chainmail. Selective Black wash. Painted Mithril Silver highlights. Robes. Painted white, washed with fortress grey, drybrushed white.

BASING: Greens stuff flag stones and base edges painted codex grey then stripes of fortress grey then marbelling with white. Grass is fine sand painted Dark Angels green drybrushed with brighter green. Static grass added.

STILL TO DO: Finished except for some more detail on the clothing? and the gems still need to be done on the Dragon.

HIGHS AND LOWS: chuffed with the way this guy turned out.

POINTS : Dragon Prince 165

TOTAL POINTS : 1039 (5 months painting)





With the chaps:


01-02-2011, 21:21
That was quick. :D

That's what the wife usually says (etc and so forth)... :p

01-02-2011, 21:51
Let's just start off with: "I promise I'll put up army shots in the next few days honest"

ARMY : Goblins : 1000 Points (BOYS)

UNIT(s): 25 night goblins, a rock lobba, a squig herd

BACKGROUND/THEME: afraid not, though I think if anyone asks, my army is going to be cruising about in the border princes....just because I like it down there.

BUILD/CONVERSION: nothing whatsoever

PAINTING: Night goblins and rock lobba are using the same colours as the previous night goblins/doom diver (mostly bleached bone and emerald green). The squigs however, are part of my test paint job. They're undercoated bleached bone (the squigs are undercoated bubonic brown) and then washed thraka green and gryphonne sepia in varying quantities.

BASING: same as before

STILL TO DO: need to neaten them up a bit (teeth etc) and I've just noticed I've completely missed the rock lobba crewman's crank!

HIGHS AND LOWS: highs, getting another lump of goblins out of the way, and finally painting some squigs (some of my favorite models). Lows, I don't like painting artillery. I might do a spear chukka, but no more!

POINTS : 175

TOTAL POINTS SO FAR: 730 (thanks Braad). It's looking suspiciously like I should possibly move to the teenagers league (150pts per month). especially as this month I want to get my BSB finished (and I've already painted 15 spider riders in 3 days!!!). My problem is, beyond this month, I don't actually have any of the models I'm going to paint yet, so I don't know how many points I'll be able to do.


Rock lobba

Squig herd

and at long last, some army shots!!!

So there you go, next month I'm going to try and get lots of things finished off so that I have a relatively clean slate for the (probable) new arrivals in march.

EDIT: Ok, I'll put up proper pictures both of the new additions and the whole army once the weather clears up. Sheffield is a grey and drab place at the moment, and for the few minutes of sun we get per day, I tend to be at work. Never fear though, I won't abandon the cause!

2nd EDIT: I'll cut my losses and try to get pictures taken and added tonight, hopefully without the custard yellow glow too

Desert Rain
01-02-2011, 21:58
I'll have to play another JOKER, perhaps I can get something done this month. Otherwise I'm out.

01-02-2011, 22:02
Wow. These replies were posted up fast. I checked to see of the thread had been started twice today already :S

The charts look appaling, absolutely terrible - look at the drop-outs this month! :O

Anyway, my submission:

ARMY : DWARVES 2000 Points

UNIT: Runesmith, Battle Standard, Shieldmaiden Musician

BACKGROUND/THEME: The Purplebeards are a strange clan of Norse Dwarves, hailing from some northern hold close to the wastes and for the most part isolated from the rest of Dwarfkind. Perhaps Chaos has had a subtle influence upon them, for many of them possess bizarre hair, and there are many females. Other Dwarves look upon them somewhat warily, as they consort readily with Gnomes, let women take to the field, and even hold units of rare Dwarven Hill Ponies for use as cavalry. But they fight well and hold their beer. And in this modern age, every Dwarven body is welcome for the fight against Chaos, the Orcs, and the other nasties of the Warhammer world.

BUILD/CONVERSION: Vanilla Runesmith, converted C Series BSB with brass wire banner pole and moden banner, C Series Shieldmaiden with a horn taken from some plastic Ancient Germans.

POINTS : 245 [Runesmith 100/Battle Standard 125/Shieldmaiden Musician 20]

TOTAL POINTS : 931 (4 months painting, 1 joker)




Battle Standard Bearer - happy with the figure, not sure for my BSB


Shieldmaiden Musician (Counts as Longbeard)


Character group shot


Army shot - includes part-painted stuff for next month. The Shieldmaidens aren't all going to be monopose, I've ordered a few RP/Reaper ones to add variety to the unit. Note that a couple of the figures shown are pre-tale and are added to increase the size (of course their points aren't counted) since female Dwarves are not easy to get hold of. The unit is going to be 40+ when finished :D

Anyway nice to se lots of people keeping up the good work - we are nearly halfway now. The next couple of months for me involve Shieldmaidens and lots of Warriors, and perhaps Hammerers....

01-02-2011, 22:53
ARMY: Empire: 2000 Points (MEN)

UNIT: Klaus Vogal, Wizard Lord of Middenhiem

BACKGROUND/THEME: Klaus travels with Arch Lector Hansmier's forces towards the Brass Keep. It is his job to help counter any Wizards or Witches they encounter and augment the courageous warriors of the Empire. On a personal note, Klaus hopes to return with any magical artifacts they might find. He is an ambitious man who sees this expedition as an opportunity to gain standing among his peers, and hopefully some powerful tools as well.

BUILD/CONVERSION: Old Wizard model on horse. No conversion was needed.

PAINTING: Undercoated light grey. The Blue is Enchanted Blue washed with Asurmen Blue. I wanted to be able to use him for any School of Magic, so I tried to incorporate each of the 8 colors associated to them on this model. To that end he carries a Jade Warhammer (Dark Angels Green, Scorpion Green and 'ardcoat), a burning staff (Scorched Brown, Scab Red, Blood Red, Blazing Orange, and Sunburst Yellow) which has vines growing out of it still (Dark Angels Green and Goblin Green), a Golden Sword (Shining Gold and Burnished Gold) held in a velvet scabbard (Liche Purple) and an Amber gem (Golden Yellow, Skull White wash and 'ardcoat). Other details are done in Bleached Bone, Skull White, Bestial Brown, Desert Yellow, Commando Khaki, Scab Red, Chainmail and Chaos Black.
The detail on the back of the horse cover was an experiment. I am fairly happy with it, but maybe I should have made it more stylized. Opinions?

BASING: Just Snakebite Leather still while I try to figure out what I should do with them all. Thanks to Vaiuri I plan to try to make a mountain-like pass using rocks and bushes along the edges of the units, accented with snow and twigs.

STILL TO DO: The base.

HIGHS AND LOWS: This was a fun model with lots of details to highlight. My only real issue was in trying to find ways to hold him as I neared the finish. I do not like painting horses, but feel this one turned out okay.

POINTS: Wizard Lord (175) on Barded Steed (21) = 196 points

http://i908.photobucket.com/albums/ac282/Illuminus79/Empire%20Army/IMG-20110128-00199.jpg http://i908.photobucket.com/albums/ac282/Illuminus79/Empire%20Army/IMG-20110128-00202.jpg
http://i908.photobucket.com/albums/ac282/Illuminus79/Empire%20Army/IMG-20110128-00200.jpg http://i908.photobucket.com/albums/ac282/Illuminus79/Empire%20Army/IMG-20110126-00192.jpg

UNIT: Alixis Kaufmann, Duelist of the Wolves Teeth Swordsmen

BACKGROUND/THEME: Alixis had his eyes burned out in an explosion that occurred when the boat his family was out fishing on was attacked by an Orcish armada. Apparently the Orcs had been headed to Ulthuan, because some days later Alixis awoke on one of its fabled shores. He was quickly found and taken to a Priest for healing. Sadly, though his wounds healed, his sight could not be helped. When his strength returned he was taken to the Local Prince to decide what would be done with him. Prince Caelaleen listened carefully to Alixis' tale, and then asked only one question: "What do you wish now?" With his reply Alixis set his fate into motion. The Prince bade his own personal bodyguard train the boy. For the next 30 years Alixis was schooled in the way of the Elves and the speed and grace of their Sword Masters. With his training complete Alixis returned to the lands of The Empire, though still blind, he had become the rival of any human swordsman. In Middenland he quickly found employment and started his life anew.

BUILD/CONVERSION: I was running out of different sword arms and heads when I was putting this unit together, until I found this High Elf arm and Flagellant head. Instantly I had an idea for a great model.

PAINTING: Undercoated light grey. The blue is a Blue Ink while the grey on the coat is Fortress Grey. Bestial Brown was used for most of the leather, then details were picked out with Mithril Silver, Skull White, Shining Gold and Bleached Bone. The blindfold is Scorpion Green to match the main accent color of my High Elf Army.

BASING: It's Just Snakebite Leather still (see above).

STILL TO DO: The base, just like the rest of the army.

HIGHS AND LOWS: I really like the back story I came up with when I was putting him together. This guy was done pretty quickly to finish off my points for the month. I may go back and add some more High Elf details to him (maybe some runes on his coat or something) later to help emphasize his story.

POINTS: Swordsmen Champion = 16 points


Total This Month: 212


Total Painted so far: 927 (Five Months Painting and 1 Joker Used)

To do this month: Master of the White Wolf. On that note: Harry, have you finished those Knights of the White Wolf you started on the first page of your PLOG? [Those guys (and then the rest of your amazing work) are the reason I started on this site.] I am torn between painting them with red, like they were in the time of Sigmar, or going with the Blue/Grey of Middenhiem. Looking for opinions on this one, especially if anyone has painted their own before? Harry?

Are we still rolling dice, or down to commenting on everyone? I rolled a 1, just in case.

01-02-2011, 23:34
A big fat nothing for me :(

This commission is turning into a nightmare... those 300+ guardsmen just keep coming and coming and the fact I haven't seen any payment yet is cutting into my will to paint which is just making it go slower...

The good news is that I had enough painted before that this isn't a joker, but for lizardmen I now have to get something together in Feb or get my first joker ever in these tales :(

I swear that if I don't have 5 kroxigor done by the end of Feb that I will ask the Warseer Gods for a temporary ban from warseer until I'm done them!!!

01-02-2011, 23:57
I think Mal not painting is one of the signs of the Apocalypse. If GW starts releasing army lists made entirely of metal models it'll be for certain!

Anyway I think I actually got my camera working again so I should be able to post some good pics by the end of the week. I LOVE how the Handgunner champ w/ Hochland turned out, can't wait to show you guys. We'll see about some army type shots as well.

02-02-2011, 03:06
To whomever is corralling this herd TOFP-ers, I would like to switch my army from Bretonnians to Warriors of Chaos.
I sent a pm to Harry, but I did not get a response, so I'll just post this up here.


ARMY: Warriors of Chaos

UNIT: Chaos Giant


BACKGROUND/THEME: This guy is a former slave giant who snacked once too often on some mutants...

BUILD/CONVERSION: Standard giant kit with the gut cut open and covered up with toothpick teeth and green-stuff innards. A simple, effective, and hopefully convincing conversion.

PAINTING: Not yet, still terrified to start...

BASING: Temp base, but the final resting place is the standard giant base painted up and covered liberally in GF9 tundra scrub and snow flocking.

HIGHS/LOWS: Fun and easy to convert up, but he's been staring at me while I sleep. I think he's pissed that I've left him un-primed for a week now...

STILL TO DO: Seems like just about everything :/



Chicken Pig
02-02-2011, 06:42

Exalted Hero (Battle Standard Bearer).

BACKGROUND/THEME: Still confused as to whether The Storm Of Chaos was real or just a long time spent in the shower these (mostly) men of the north venture south to gain reward from the Chaos Gods.

BUILD/CONVERSION: The Warhounds were straight out of the box.
The exalted hero was the metal champions body, head and weapon from the Chaos Warrior boxed set and the standard from the Empire Knights.

PAINTING: Dheneb Stone or Bestial Brown skin on the 'hounds with snakebite leather fur. Red/bleached bone on the odd detail. For the hero Mithril Silver arour/shing gold with a Devlan Mud wash and added highlights. Red Gore/Blood red everywhere else.

BASING: Sand and static grass drybrushed from Black to pure white.


HIGHS AND LOWS: Although not being a fan of the warhound models they were a breeze to paint. The standard conversion was also simple but effective (for me anyway!).

10 Warhounds: 60pts.
Exalted Hero :110pts +battle standard (25pts) =195pts









02-02-2011, 07:55


Can someone tell me the exact points amount, because I forgot to check!

ARMY : Wood Elf Allies
UNIT: Treeman

BACKGROUND/THEME: Whilst the Elves of Athel Loren are nowhere near friends with the army of Andreas, from time to time even the Elves recognize that their enemies' enemy should sometimes be considered a friend. As a small army of Wood Elves is currently stalking the forests of the Empire for Beastmen and Undead alike, sometimes Andreas finds his fortune being turned by his very surroundings pitching in to fight alongside him.

BUILD/CONVERSION: It's basically just a Treeman, but I added a cute little owl on top, which so far has not come off, so he is very resilient. Also, the basing, which is difficult to show, has a dead horse being reclaimed by the forest, as per fluff.

POINTS : 285

Anyways, I didn't Joker out last month, I merely took two months for this high-costing piece of wood! So if that could be rectified, I would be very appreciative, hahah.

02-02-2011, 08:14
ARMY : Ogre Kingdoms : 2000 Points + (REAL MEN)

UNIT: Woostie, Slaughtermaster extrodinnaire.


BACKGROUND/THEME: Woostie, Head Griller of Fried Products, inventor of the Big Mac (much to Mac's displeasure), propogator of the famous Cheese, extra Cheese, Double Cheese sandwich, heads the culinary contingent of the Skull(pl)uckers tribe. An apprentice of the legendary Maccy Dee, he has, over the years perfected numerous methods of deep frying the most varied objects. Some whilst still alive. He has also made moves for the tribe to eat more Greens, causing no small amount of terror in nearby Orc and goblin encampments.

Sadly, due to an unfortunate incident with a mowing-gnoblar as a youth, Woostie has hobbled about on a spiked peg leg for more years than anyone can remember. His 'disability' was actually a blessing as, the Ogrettes of the Skull(pl)uckers tribe fall for his cheesy (double cheesy, extra cheesy) chat-up lines, concerning his 18 inches. Otherwise known as a foot and a half...

BUILD/CONVERSION: Straight out of the box, how boring

PAINTING: As before, mostly Foundation paints and the Devlan Mudbath. Followed by facepaint and metal highlights. Although, he only took 1 day.

BASING: As before.

STILL TO DO: The Bulls banner...

HIGHS: Point Sink.

LOWS: I wanted to get more done. (see below)

POINTS : Ogre Slaughtermaster - Dispel Scroll, Blood Cleaver - 250

TOTAL POINTS : 993 + 250 = 1243.


ARMY SHOT: The least fuzzy of about a dozen attempts...


FUTURE PLANS: World domination. Actually, the missus gets a section tommorrow, so the reality is more like herding 2 children, and cleaning poop off of a new baby for the best part of a month. Cue sleepless nights. To paint.

Now, here is the fun (read, stupid) part...

According to the preliminary post from last month's thread, I was down for either Dwarves or VC's. In addition to my Ogres. Despite stating I was doing Ogres INSTEAD of either of them.

So, rather than cause anyone the untold hassle of taking one line out of an XL sheet, i figured I'd just paint up the VC army anyway, it tied in with another project anyway. Here is the stupid part, this was ALL painted in January.

Without further ado, I present the Living Impared Horde of Mal Content, Vampire at large.

ARMY : Vampire Counts 2000 Points + (REAL MEN)

UNIT: Unit? Unit? There is no unit, it's nearly a full army... So, we have a bunch of stuff -

Wight King, Wight King BSB, 20 Skeleton Warriors with Full Command, 10 Skeleton Warriors with Full Command and Spears, 15 Zombies (not legal unit yet) 10 Ghouls, another 10 Ghouls, 20 Grave Guard with Full Command, and 2 units of 5 Wraiths.

Wight King

Wight King BSB


More Skeletons

continued in next post due to picture limit...

02-02-2011, 08:24


Grave Guard and Wraiths


BACKGROUND/THEME: It's a Vampire Counts army, using no GW models whatsoever. Mainly Mantic stuff, although, there might be a Reaper model or two sneaking in.

BUILD/CONVERSION: Straight build from sprue. Or box.

PAINTING: One coat and wash, lazy speed painting at it's best.

BASING: Same as Ogres.

STILL TO DO: Movement Trays.

HIGHS: Finishing 100 models in a month for a new army.

LOWS: Basing 100 models in a month.

POINTS: 75 + 100 + 180 + 110 + 60 + 80 + 80 +270 +250 +250

TOTAL POINTS : 1455 :eek:


Army Shot

02-02-2011, 09:39
It is with great regret that I announce my withdrawal from the tale. With 8th Edition not being popular amongst my gaming group, I have found it very hard to motivate myself to paint something that doesn't see the table top. :(

I wish you all the best of luck with your projects.


02-02-2011, 10:57
Joker for this month. Didn't paint ANYTHING. Only gluing and removing old painting. Hopefully something new during next month.

02-02-2011, 20:31
ARMY: Bretonnians: 2000 Points (MEN)

UNIT: 3 Grail Knights + 15 Peasant Bowmen


STILL TO DO: 3 more grail knights, but more on them next month..

Highs: finishing my bowmen
Lows: thinking up freehand designs for my grail knights

POINTS: Grail Knights x3 (114 points) Bowmen (90 points) Total (204 points)

Dice Roll: 5



Grail Knight 1


Grail Knight 2


Grail Knight 3


Grail Knights


Army shot


03-02-2011, 12:07
Sorry for nothing for the last few months, but i've had a new flat and no internet, but seeing as what I've got comes to 550pts it's technically two and half months work and i'll have 200pts of Corsairs to post when i overcome my ongoing internet issues, so it's not an issue, i hope.


This is Lady Valkar Hyron, wife of Malakai, Beast Mistress of the Hyron Family. In game terms she counts-as Crone Hellebron on her Manticore.

Army: Dark Elves, 2000pts

Dice roll: 5

UNIT: counts as Hellebron on a Manticore

BACKGROUND/THEME: As head Beast Mistress of the Hyron house, Valkar is a powerful ally to have. Allas Hyron is aware of this and has offered the Lady the gift of a broken-in Manticore in order to secure her support when he moves against his father

BUILD/CONVERSION: As you see her here, she’s more or less done apart from obviously adding arms, sculpting a cloak to visually link her to the Beastmaster who originally came with the Manticore model and finishing up the paint job. All this stuff is already done by the time you read this.

As you can tell she’s based off the Lelith Hesperax model from the new Dark Eldar range and held on by sculpting an extension to the mane around her legs - a long difficult task green stuff, milliput and repostioning the wing, now I see why so many people complain about the metal DE Manticore to be honest

PAINTING: I know it's only a WIP shown but as i said it's done, it's just that my computer freezes when i upload stuff. The finished thing is more or less as you see here. Brown manticore, red wing membrane, pale flesh and silver armour for rider

BASING: Half a chaos knights horse with greenstuff and modelling sand for the guts. the horse was then painted bleached bone and silver to match a frineds army, then attacked with liberal coatings of blood red, red gore and gloss varnish over the top

STILL TO DO: Nothing

HIGHS: Finally building this model, which i've been planning for a year and a half now. Finding out what a joy the new Dark Eldar models are

LOWS: My cat stealing the on foot version. It will be posted as soon as I work out where she's hidden it. Damn animals have no respect for Highborns.

POINTS : 550

Next from my DE are probably going to be my Wych-based Beast Catchers

03-02-2011, 16:25
TOTAL POINTS SO FAR: I'll do the maths in a bit, probably about 700

730 to be precise.

To whomever is corralling this herd TOFP-ers, I would like to switch my army from Bretonnians to Warriors of Chaos.
I sent a pm to Harry, but I did not get a response, so I'll just post this up here.

Check the tables in Harry's first post. It's already in there. We got you covered. Now we need painted models!

I changed the error in your name already (the 2 at the end into a 1).


Well... but if you want your stuff to count for your grant total, it really would need some paint first... After all, that's the whole point of a tale of painters.

03-02-2011, 17:31
Vampire Counts : 1000 POINTS

Dice roll: 5

UNIT: Vampire Lord on Abyssal Terror.

BACKGROUND/THEME: In life the knight Volter Karstellin slew the great Wyrm that plagued the villages below the Black Mountains. After his rebirth into undeath, Karstellin returned to the cave where he had found the beast and took one of it's eggs. He reanimated the embryo inside and brought it to full gestation with necromantic magics before taming the monstrosity and breaking it to his will.

BUILD/CONVERSION: GW Vampire on LoTR Fell Beast with alterations to the head.

PAINTING: Very, very purple.

BASING: Milliput with bits box bits stuck into it. Paint graveyard earth, wash scorched brown, drybrush graveyard earth, drybrush 1:1 graveyard earth:bleached bone. Apply scorched grass.

STILL TO DO: Finished.

HIGHS AND LOWS: I'm really pleased with it. I redid the handweapon and attempted my first NMM, which doesn't look brilliant but I'm satisfied with the result.

POINTS : 340





03-02-2011, 17:31
Orcs & Goblins : 1000 POINTS

Dice roll: 2

UNIT: 62 Night Goblins w. bows.

BACKGROUND/THEME: Picnit's Pinkushions embody the trademark characteristics of night goblin tactics, peppering their targets with arrows from their shortbows with cackling glee, only to turn and flee when charged.

BUILD/CONVERSION: BfSP night goblin archers.

PAINTING: Skin dark angels green, snot green, goblin green, scorpion green.

BASING: Thick wash dark flesh, heavy drybrush vermin brown, light drybrush snakebite leather.

STILL TO DO: Finished.

HIGHS AND LOWS: Finished the last of the rank and file!

POINTS : 186





03-02-2011, 17:32
Empire : 1000 POINTS

Dice roll: 4

UNIT: Captain BSB and Warrior Priest.

BACKGROUND/THEME: Heinrich Hochfahne, Klaus Schwerenschlager. Klaus was a blacksmith in a dockyard on the banks of the river Talabec. After a chaos warband razed his home to the ground, he wandered the Empire, eventually finding sanctuary in a Temple of Sigmar.
One night as he knelt in prayer, Klaus saw a manor house on fire in the valley below the Temple. By the time he arrived, the place was a gutted shell, but he pulled a survior from the wreckage. Heinrich had been a rich man, but his family and wealth were gone, taken from him by the raiders who had destroyed his home. That night both men swore an oath to fight against chaos in all it's forms.

BUILD/CONVERSION: Bits for Empire General, Pistolier and Battalion sets.

PAINTING: Skin tallarn flesh, dwarf flesh, elf flesh, wash ogryn flesh. Red cloth base blood red, wash baal red, highlight blazing orange. White cloth base skull white, wash babab black, layer skull white.

BASING: Wash scorched brown, base calthan brown, drybrush khemri brown. Static grass to finish.

STILL TO DO: Finished.

HIGHS AND LOWS: Not satisfied with the banner. I used an artists pen to draw the outline first, but it kept bleeding into the paint. I might try a mechanical pencil next time.

POINTS : 165





03-02-2011, 19:18
Hi Folks, Here is my submission for Jan:

HIGH ELVES: JOKER :( I got a bit carried away with my Empire. The good news is everything is now stuck together \o/ The bad news is I no longer have anything to do when I'm feeling hobby-ish and dont want to paint >.<

EMPIRE: BOYS 1000 points


UNIT(S): Mortar and crew, 1 Outrider

POINTS ~ 100

BACKGROUND/THEME: Based in Ostermark (where my WFB RP character is from!) this army is based mainly around foot troops (and boy, am I regretting it!), but are headed by a contingent of Knights from the Fellowship of the Shroud - a group dedicated to Morr but with no official recognition from the Cult of Morr itself. The Fellowship in my army will be represented by my GW wielding Knights, and later some Greatswords (waaaaaaay down the line!).

BUILD/COMVERSION: Mortar crew were borrowed from a friends Rocket Battery (hes using the rockets for his dirty rat men). Outrider straight out of the box!

PAINTING: Yellow based with Tausept Ochre, brought up by mising Golden Yellow with it. Purple is Liche Purple with a bit of white to highlight. Skin was Tallarn Flesh with white added to highlight, then plenty of Scorched Brown leather bits with Deneb Stone and Red Gore feathers and sashes. I was keen to get red into the army to tie them to my High Elves (they are allied armies). The Mortar I'm quite pleased with, based Tinny Tin then dry-brushed Beaten Copper - the ver de gris was stippled Hawk Turquoise, then added white over the top in rough patches here and there being careful not to use paint that was too wet. I then re-stippled a bit of the metallic here and there where the turquiose was a bit heavy and then washed with Thraka Green and a bit of Ogre Flesh in the recesses. Finished with a very light dry-brush of Copper! Dead easy and quite effective!

BASING: Black undercoat with a dry-brush Deneb Stone. Patches of Thraka Green and Ogre Flesh washes here and there followed by some clumps of static grass and autumn foliage.

STILL TO DO: The other 5 Outriders!

HIGHS AND LOWS: Happy with the overall look of the models, but I'm a bit disheartened by the amount of painting I need to do for the points I get.

Bonus pics: WIP knight and some troops

Dark Apostle
04-02-2011, 07:58
ARMY: Empire, 1000 Points (Boys)

UNIT: 2 x 5 crossbowmen

BUILD/CONVERSION:Straight out of the box. Originally intended as two five-men detachments for a paren unit of handgunners during the previous edition, no consideration was taken for lining them up in ranks, which is a shame considering you now fire in two ranks :cries:

PAINTING: Nothing new here - codex gray / dheneb stone base for the uniform, crossbows painted with chardon granite and khemri brown.

BASING: Scorched brown/Snakebite leather/Bleached bone, static grass

STILL TO DO: Nothing... except paint more state troops...

HIGHS AND LOWS: state troops aint that fun to paint in the long run... I always loose speed when I'm half done, maybe it's the batch painting and the fact that the colour scheme i pretty dull? They always look great when the basings done though (I think that using red as a spot colour on the minis is great, but it's not until the green static grass is added that the minis really "pop"). I'm 40 pts short now, and having used two jokers already I really should try to speed things up...






04-02-2011, 08:21
ARMY : Goblins

THEME: goblins with a few various monsters brought along. Starting from scratch as I have moved to Australia from N Ireland and left all my models behind

UNIT(s): 8 Night Goblins with spears and shields and a night goblin shaman (lvl2)

BUILD/CONVERSION/BASING: straight out of the box

PAINTING: liche purple, warlock purple and 1:1 warlock purple/tenticle pink for robes on night goblins. Foundation orange and foundation yellow on the hoods. Gretchin green for skin, washed then applied again, then 1:1 mix of gretchin green and rotting flesh

STILL TO DO: bases need static grass, don’t have any at the moment

HIGHS AND LOWS: painful slog with the night goblins, need to paint some beasties. Paint drying on the brushes with the heat here. Some spiders for next month…I hope



POINTS : 117



04-02-2011, 08:43
Sorry about last month, Christmas got in the way! This months chariot is done, I should have pics by tomorrow, my camera is unavailable right now :/

Edit: Unavailable has turned to lost -_- However I do have a camera (if you can call it that) on my phone, but the quality is... lacking. And photobucket is playing up as well :/ so I have only got attachments, sorry about this mess

Unit: Lion Chariot of Chrace

Build: Out of the box

Painting: See spears and archers

Highs: Fun model to paint, and I love using it in battle, so that helps :)

Lows: I shouldn't have built it before painting, the crew are a bit rough in places cos I couldn't get the brush in.

Points: 140

Total so far: 410, can I have me joker back please? :D

Dice Roll: 3

Attached photos below :)

Edit 2: Oops, theres an eagle in there, it was done before the ToP, so I'm not claiming it

04-02-2011, 09:20
Greetings all...

UNIT: 5 Swordmasters with full command (plus 5 more left to do)

Points:105 (for what's painted)


Also, a chariot crewman I managed to do this month aswell:


Yeah, I only managed to paint 6 elves last month... been busy painting chaos warriors, but I still managed to make my total, phew.

Keep up the good work all those who are still chugging along.

04-02-2011, 10:48
Ill have to use my second joker for my warriors of chaos and the Dwarfs. Spent all month working on peoples tax returns!

Brad &/Harry you seem to have me down as using my joker last month for my dwarfs, but I actually did some ironbreakers for last month.

04-02-2011, 22:14
Brad &/Harry you seem to have me down as using my joker last month for my dwarfs, but I actually did some ironbreakers for last month.

You forgot an 'a'...
I'll change it right away. How much points was that?

05-02-2011, 01:44
I'm using my second Joker. January was a pain as a 40k project got in the way and I just had no gumption to finish the bell/furnace.

I really hope i can get to it in February.

05-02-2011, 02:05
edit: Dice roll 3

Some more goblins... these were mainly painted last month with the other gits, I took it easy this month and only finished the details and banners. Now that I see the red is quite dark, I may go back and do some highlights to make them stand out more. They are the banners after all.


So points-wise 'tis 4 fanatics (100) and two standard bearer upgrades (as I included their base costs in last month's chunk). Total: 116

I believes that brings the my grand total to 1014. Not that it matters, as next month the new book comes out and the point values will all shift. : D excited.


05-02-2011, 08:15
You forgot an 'a'...
I'll change it right away. How much points was that?

Sorry Braad.

The points for the dwarfs was 162 pts.

05-02-2011, 11:14
ARMY : Tomb kings : 2000 Points (MEN)

UNIT: 25 skeletons with spears, light armour and full command

BACKGROUND/THEME: The mortuary cult, being led by the high lich priest Bakari, deals with the magic and ranged troups. In the meantime, Isis, the tomb queen, is in command of several ground troops. Among them her elite spearmen unit. They bear her colours, purple and gold. They obviously also bear the red of the tomb king, but he does not command these themselves.

In live it was considered an honor to be the unit the queen would join in battle. These are elite troops, only superceded by the tomb guard of the king himself in hierarchy.

BUILD/CONVERSION: Mostly classic TK skeletons. I put 4 on one base, for easier setup. Otherwise it is just a 'simple' spearmen unit.

PAINTING: Basecoat white, then with heavy devlan mud and skull white highlights. They are fresh out of the tomb afterall. Layers of red gore and some devlan mud for the red pieces. Shining gold for the gold pieces, with more devlan mud. Finally 3 colors of purple from a non-GW range for the spears. The left over bits are all kinds of brown and silvery/tin bits.

BASING: Desert sand and dead grass with assorted props.

STILL TO DO: Finish 3 more spearmen for if i want the unit without command.

HIGHS AND LOWS: I think they look better then my archer unit for sure. The low would be that I totally, totally, hate to paint the heads. Bad heads! Those helmets. The unit took way to long.

POINTS : 275

TOTAL POINTS : 588 + 275 = 863 (4 months painting and 1 joker)


The command group

Normal setup

6x4 setup

Obligatory armyshot

06-02-2011, 02:10
I have to bow out, but thanks for the inspiration to start painting my figures. I will continue to paint/model but on a slower basis to fit my schedule.

06-02-2011, 06:00
Dice Roll:2
Army: High Elves, 1000 Points
Unit: 6 Shadow Warriors
Build/Conversion: None really. These are the old Shadow Warrior models.
Still to do: Still gotta decide what colour grass I want on my bases.
Highs and Lows: Well I got them done. I wanted the remainder of my Sea Guard done as well, but they're not quite ready (Truthfully, I could have held back posting this until they were finished as well, but decided to just post what I've got done).
Points: 96
Total Points: 437
Next Month: Finish the Lothern Sea Guard. Make some headway on my Swordmasters.


06-02-2011, 09:56
Dice Roll: 3
Army: Tomb Kings, Men's Category
Unit: 25 Skeleton Spearmen
Build/Conversion: Out of the box. Just a little tweaking here and there.
Still to do: Nil
Highs and Lows: Army Painter made it quick.
Points: 275
Next Month: Light Horse Archers and Skeleton Archers

These are the poor blokes who were drawn from Um's very own lands to form the conscript militia of their King's army. Worse than their Heavy Horsemen counterparts, these guys weren't even having a game of bones. They were waiting their turn, watching their Horsemen brethren going at it at the time Nagash's inconsiderate apocalyptic wave was passing through all of Khemri. For most of them, what went through their minds as the tidal wave of death swept through their camp was "What the..."

Here's the a pic of the unit in its wholeness (well, as whole as they can get, they're a bunch of bones):

I did a a little 'diorama' within the unit. Basically the standard bearer was struck full of arrows and crashed back into his friend behind him and they both went into the ground...

06-02-2011, 11:14
my efforts to paint a fantasy army have seemingly failed once again due to being distracted by other shinies (read: stormravens). I will endeavor to pull something out of my backside in the next week but it's looking unlikely at this stage so I will probably have to retire for another year :(

06-02-2011, 14:28
ARMY: High Elves: 2000 Points (MEN)

UNIT: 3 Dragon Princes, including Drakemaster and Standard bearer+ 1 Mage

STILL TO DO: 7 more Dragon Princes, 10 Phoenix Guard, 10 White Lions and several core units

Highs: Finishing 3 Dragon Princes
Lows: Trying to free hand the banner to the theme of 'banner of the world dragon'

POINTS: Dragon Princes x3 (90 points) + Drakemaster (20) + Std Beareer (20) + Mage (100 points) Total (230 points)

COMMENTS: I unashamedly borrowed the colour scheme for the DP from others I had seen on this forum, namely Vaiuri in Month 2 and 3 - Epic colour scheme! Thanks for the idea!

Dice Roll: 5

Dragon Princes 1


Dragon Princes 2






06-02-2011, 14:41
@akai - your mini-armies idea was great and your painting was always good to see. I'm really disappointed :(

@juicytomatoes - very inventive standard - its great how he keeps going, even without a body! He really highlights the magical nature of the Undead, I think.

06-02-2011, 17:04
Sadly through a combination of just shed loads going on with jobs/kids and having to assemble most of beastmen/ warriors for the "Mega-Game" I had this month I'll have to play a Joker for both Beastmen A and Beastmen B. (Glad I painted 400+ for both the first month so I've paid for the joker already :))

Back on track for this month as basecoated the 30 Ungor and halfway through painting a shaman and some more minotaurs.

06-02-2011, 18:14
ARMY: Hordes of Chaos (Khorne)

UNITS: Wulfrik the Wanderer & Scyla Anfingrimm

BACKGROUND/THEME: Couldn't resist adding the beautiful Wulfrik model to my army, and I love the background on Scyla, so I had to add her too (yes, I find her feminine ;)).

BUILD/CONVERSION: No conversions, straight from the blister. Scyla is old school though. Or at least not the current model.

PAINTING: Very simple using basecoat, wash and one or two highlights tops. Wulfrik was a blast to paint, but tough to not make him look too cartoony.

BASING: The usual -> sand painted Scorched Brown drybrushed Vermin Brown with added static grass.

HIGHS AND LOWS: Sweet minis to paint. High point/model ratio too :).

POINTS: 175 + 105 = 280 pts.

TOTAL POINTS SO FAR: 637 + 280 = 917 pts.


NEXT MONTH: Warriors of Khorne with Halberds and Shields. Finally some core troops!



Big cheer for everyone still in this tale!

06-02-2011, 18:27
my efforts to paint a fantasy army have seemingly failed once again due to being distracted by other shinies (read: stormravens). I will endeavor to pull something out of my backside in the next week but it's looking unlikely at this stage so I will probably have to retire for another year :(

No, you won't retire. You're gonna sit down, grab your brushes and get those gobbo's painted!
I won't let a fellow greenskin-painter get out that easily.

...I'll have to play a Joker for both Beastmen A and Beastmen B. (Glad I painted 400+ for both the first month so I've paid for the joker already :))

If you're ahead, you don't need to pull a joker. You just say: "painted 0, and that's enough", or something along those lines. And that counts for all o' ya!

06-02-2011, 19:07
ARMY: Beastmen

UNITS: A unit of Twenty-Five Gors, with Additional Hand Weapons and Full Command

BACKGROUND/THEME: We're still in it, Skeletor!

BUILD/CONVERSION: These fine Gors seem to have captured Ogre and Warriors of Chaos standards, along with the owners' heads. Defiling enemy banners is a joy!

PAINTING: Different face paint colors continue, this time with Dark Blue face paint.

HIGHS AND LOWS: This has gotten a bit grueling, and I look forward to finishing up the Gors.

POINTS: One Squad of 25 Gors, with Additional Hand Weapons and Full Command = 225 points.



NEXT MONTH: Finishing up the last group of Gors, and rocking out with some Ungors!


06-02-2011, 19:15
Hello guys, I'm gonna have to play my second joker. Having started painting several miniatures, this is the only one that's gotten finished:
and it was painted by my daughter, who's four :)

Don't worry, next month you're going to see some finished miniatures painted by yours truly :evilgrin:

07-02-2011, 01:25
Dice Roll: 1
Army: Warriors of chaos, 2000 points
Unit: 40 khorn marauders
Build/Conversion: None
Still to do: Sort out the basing just like the rest of my army
Highs and Lows: Low, still havnt done anything. High i am going to attempt to start painting now, will hopefully start painting my general once i buy some undercoat.
Points: 290
Done so far: Giant (225) + 20 Chaos Warriors with champ and standard (374) + 10 Hounds with scaly and posion (50) + sorc lvl 2 on steed (186) + gamesday Exalted hero of korn with 2 hand weapons (129) + 10 hounds (50) + 40 marauders with mark of khorn, LA and sheild (290)
Total points 1304
Next Month: A start on my lvl 4 on disk of tzeentch.


07-02-2011, 03:59
ARMY: Dwarfs

UNITS: Unit of 17 Quarrler Rangers with GWs

BACKGROUND/THEME: My oringinal theme was going to be a Bugman's rangers based army, but these guys are just quarller rangers

BUILD/CONVERSION: I used the Dwarf bodies with capes, and added some of the miner backpacks to others. The only major work is on the unit spacer with Angus McFleegan doing a suprise dive attack from the tree.

PAINTING: basecoat, wash and a highlight or two tops.

BASING: The usual -> cork and sand. Beastial with a khemri brown dry brush. The cork is astronomicon grey, then drybrushed with some light grey

HIGHS AND LOWS:I'm pretty happy with the unit filler. I'm holding off on the command group for the unit until I get some sculpting done. I need to get a better digi-cam these photo's were taken with my girlfriend's phone. The colors are pretty washed out.

POINTS: 14x17=238pts!

TOTAL POINTS SO FAR: 633 + 238 = 871 pts.


NEXT MONTH: I plan on fleshing out these smaller units. So maybe 8-ish miners, 10 or 15 more quarllers for this and a different unit, and what ever else suits me.

McFleegan's suprise attack!!!



Finally, I got some basing work done on my miners. I know its not worth points, but it looks better so I'm going to post it.


and an army shot

07-02-2011, 07:23
High Elves (2000 points)

Unit: 2 Dragon Princes, 5 White Lions, 5 Spearmen

Still to do: I think I shall paint thier eyes some time soon.

Highs: Finishing my unit of 5 Dragon Princes, I hate the way I have been painting this army with just a few painted ones from each regiment.

Lows: I have no good lightning to take photos. This time i tried outside in the sun, its was bad! Just look at the shadows...

Points: 150, the total of the painted minis should be somewhere around 1200.

Dice Roll: 4
January Painted


Army Shot:


Lord Shadowheart
07-02-2011, 11:46
Army 1: High Elves

Dragon Mage (Just the Mage, so around 120 pts)
High Elf Prince 150
Noble 115 This one will always have Fencing Swords

More Characters for me this Month, I actually painted my Sun Dragon a long time ago, did the mage once too, didn't like how it it turned out so stripped it, then pretty much forgot about it, then came back to it last week, jsut needs the staff doing and its finished.


Started on the Dragon Lord a while back, finally finished it off this month though, the dragon in the Pic is only half done, started it a while abck then got distracted by other armies. Really need a cabinet or something to store things like this, its gotten all dusty after 2 weeks : (


And finally the Noble, another Minor conversion, the second sword is off the new Phoenix guard sprue, I liked how it looked and wanted a Hero with 2 hand weapons, so I give it to this guy. His right sword is varnished Chaos Black, left sword is mithril Silver.


Lord Shadowheart
07-02-2011, 11:56
Army 2: Beastmen

Doombull 235 pts
Wargor 85 pts

Quite liking my new Colour scheme for these, makes painting them a lot more bearable, painted qutie a few thinsg this month, only these two are done, or almost done in the Doombull's case, which just needs basing and its Loincloth painting.



Minotaurs and Centigors are this Month's painting Task.

07-02-2011, 14:40
ARMY: Empire - Nordland (Boys)

UNITS: Warrior Priest & Camp Follower (aka halberdier)

BACKGROUND/THEME: The Elector Count of Nordland's Household Knights of Nordland incorporate warrior priests as spiritual leaders. This guy - Brother Johann - has a bit of a drinking problem and usualy travels with the rudy camp followers instead of the knights of his order.
The halberdier is a preview of what will be a 40 model horde of civilians incl women, children, mercenaries, merceants etc. This guy is one of many bringing beer to the battle!

BUILD/CONVERSION: The priest had a weapon swop and his twin tailed comet on his chest plate removed. I modified the possition of his left arm and gave him a mug for his drink. And put a shield on his back. The halberdier is the old oop Bertrand brigadier "Tuck". I swaped his bow for a halberd and gave him a hat.

PAINTING: The priest is my usual blue and yellow scheme. With a lot of red in his face. :) For the halberider I tried to keep the colours a bit muted to mark him as a common civilian.

BASING: Sand painted beatsial brown, drubruched with bubonicbrown with additions of white. And static grass.

HIGHS AND LOWS: Great minis to paint. Both have awesome face sculpts. Love how the priest turned out.
The low of course is that I don't have my horde of camp followers done. They are well on their way but are rather time consuming. So my Joker from last month still stand. So I had to paint the priest to make it this month. And finished one of the camp followers to take me over 100 pts. But I'm happy to still be in the race at al! Another low is that I have computer issues so I can't get the pictures from my camera to my computer but had to use my Iphone instead in bad light = lousy pictures! I will replace it as soon as possible but thought it better to post a crappy picture than none at all.

POINTS: Priest in heavy armour and shield (96) Halberdier (5) = 101.



NEXT MONTH: More camp followers!

EDIT: Removed the bad quality picture and replaced it with proper photos. Enjoy!



07-02-2011, 21:51
I'm back! I've painted a liche hight priest with a casket of soul. I should be able to take picture very soon.

08-02-2011, 06:01
Hatemonger's Daemons of Chaos (Boys)


UNIT: Herald of Tzeentch on disc, plus Iridescent Horror (for November's unit)

BACKGROUND/THEME: Making a WFB army out of my 40k daemons, and working through problems of basing, different point costs and org slots.

BUILD/CONVERSION: The Horror champion is a standard model from the second (metal) versions. The Herald is also based on one of those, but heavily converted with parts from the plastic Chaos Spawn kit, an old metal Disc, and a fireball/icon made by sculpting some swirls of putty onto a plastic Tzeentch symbol.

The pink skin was basecoated Mechrite Red followed by Warlock Purple, then drybrushed in layers by adding Tentacle Pink and white to Warlock Purple.

Teeth, claws, horns painted Dheneb Stone, washed with Devlan Mud, then highlighted with Bone.

Gold jewelry (and the icon) was painted Tin Bitz, Brazen Brass, and Burnished Gold, then washed with Gryphonne Sepia and highlighted again with gold.

Eyes were painted Iyanden Darksun, washed with Mud, then highlighted with Darksun and/or Golden Yellow.

Tongues painted Astronomican Grey, then washed Asurman Blue.

The Herald's beak was painted Iyanden Darksun, then washed once with Mud and a bunch of times with Badab Black in an attempt to get the color fade right.

The sorcerous flames were painted white and "highlighted down" to ice blue, with a little Enchanted Blue in the mix at the darkest tips.

BASING: Coarse sand, painted VMC Flat Earth, drybrushed Astronomican Grey.

STILL TO DO: The Herald needs a base, but I'm not sure what size he's supposed to have with the disc (any help here?). I also noticed there's a bit missing from the disc that should be another horn/spike that I ought to resculpt.

HIGHS: Finishing things that have been in my painting queue FOREVER. The champion completes a block of 20 horrors, while the character is more of an experiment (in many ways), but both will allow me to try a more magic-heavy list.

LOWS: Almost every part of the Herald was repainted at least once after a failed experimental technique. I tried using washes for a pink/purple/blue color fade on the skin, which was disastrous and resulted in starting over from scratch. The beak was painted twice, despite trying to simply replicate the same thing I'd done before on a friend's Lord of Change. I lost track of how many attempts I made on the blue fire, trying to translate what I'd done before on a (different) friend's Skulltaker. The last two were still only partially successful IMO, so I guess the lesson is, don't waste new painting techniques on other people's models. :P

POINTS : Herald of Tzeentch on disc (185) + Iridescent Horror (24) = 209 pts. I think this buys back a Joker.

TOTAL POINTS : 448 pts. (out of 1000)

Shot of the Herald and champion, some additional views of the Herald, and an army shot [Disclaimer: about half of the horrors were painted prior to the tale, but I wanted a shot of the full unit]

- H8

Chicken Pig
08-02-2011, 07:03
We really are dropping like flies, some great output here though and it is great to see so many armies coming together. So 500 odd points for the boys and 1000 for the men, that is a good way to a proper army. Given that we only have 4/5 pages thus far I will comment on everyones work later tonight.

08-02-2011, 23:51
ARMY : Tomb Kings (2000 points)

UNIT: Liche high priest on a casket of soul

BUILD/CONVERSION: Just out of the box models

PAINTING: Bones : Basecoat of Iyanden Darksun, Devland mud wash, drybrush of skull white. Weapon blade : brazen copper, black wash, drybrush chainmail. Ribbons : Macharite red, blood, blood angel red.

BASING: None yet...

STILL TO DO: it's completed, I might add a base in the future.

HIGHS AND LOWS: High : Awesome model to paint, I really like painting it, it's going to have a special place in my army.

Lows : I've lost some details while painting, I might go back to him later when I have a more distant look on it.

POINTS : 245+165



http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5172/5429740366_93a08ecc1a_z.jpg (http://www.flickr.com/photos/8029674@N02/5429740366/)

http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5174/5429140435_75c6fbe896_z.jpg (http://www.flickr.com/photos/8029674@N02/5429140435/)

http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5093/5429140621_67f10f80d8_z.jpg (http://www.flickr.com/photos/8029674@N02/5429140621/)

http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5056/5429140259_e85053ab17_z.jpg (http://www.flickr.com/photos/8029674@N02/5429140259/)

My battery died out in my camera, I'll try to take an army shot later.

09-02-2011, 00:19
I'm going to have to drop from the tale. I haven't been keeping up, and I was planning to start making entries in the tale again, but as it turns out, there's a tournament coming up that's 2500 points, fully painted only, and I'm going to be going for that. I will probably post some pictures up soon of stuff that I'm working on, but since I'll be trying to finish everything by April, my painting quality will suffer, and a lot of it won't exactly be stuff I want to show off. I will be doing a few models really nicely though, and those I will show off here.

09-02-2011, 03:11
Comment time?

Great, I'll start.

I rolled twice since I haven't been very good about leaving comments previously.

OK, a 2 and a 4.

I'll start with 4's

@ Deadinthehead--Nice metals, and a really great red you have going there! Can't wait to see him on the dragon

@ deadinthehead--again, Khorn dogs look good. where's their basing?

@ Emp Norton-- Nice looking dragon, I like the addition of the purple to the model, love the maneaters. Some of the best models GW makes. Great conversion work on the butcher. the cow is a nice touch and the arm looks suprisingly natural.

@Daniel36-- I like the grey in the treeman, it really makes him look natural. Nice basing work too

@Jardain-- Very impressive work. The army is coming together nicely, each unit looking complete. Good subtle bases too, not too ott.

Now the 2's

@ Harvey- That is an ocean of goblins. Fantastic effort, and all at a very good quality. I am truely terrified of seeing that many models accross the table form me.

@Someone 2040 -- great ol' school shodow worriors. I like the two shades of blue on them, it really works with the models.

@ wulf -- mid 90's GW classics. They look good together. What are the primary colors of your army? I can't wait to see them in a unit!!!

09-02-2011, 06:14
Time for comments!

For those who rolled a 3:
Chicken Pig: Your army is shaping up nicely! Great job on the hounds.

gaarew:I love the color scheme of your undead. Hope to see more of it. The butcher is also looking very fearsome with all that woad.

Sturen: Pics are a little small, but looks like you did a lot this month! Well done!

rorulmesp: Those night goblins are lookin' good! I'm looking forward to the book too.

Tekore: Looking all fearsome with the face paint and all. Beasts are hard these days, with primal fury to boot. Great theme!

Confessor_Atol: Very impressive painting! And that was great use of a unit filler, with a humorous diorama and all. 5 stars!

Replies to comments:
Purplebeard: Yes! It's amazing how he keeps going. Even I don't know how he does it. ;)

And special shout-outs to fellow Kings:
Maglok: Hey lookie lookie, we painted the same unit! They're looking really good there :) The whole army so far is very impressive. Keep it up!

jahorin: The famed Casket! Not to worry too much about the lost details. They're not very obvious from the photos. Looking forward to that army shot.

09-02-2011, 09:47
Aight comments time

*cracks knckles*

Rolled a 5 so here goes:

(Yeesh did everyone roll 5 or something?)

@Ego Ninja (Skaven): Traditional painted screaming bell. I dig. It looks really nice, centerpiece to an army nice.

@Ego Ninja (O&G): I like the basic look of the paintjob. Though if I didn't know better I'd think I was looking at a random orc footguy, maybe some epic base or something.

@Harry (Empire): I always like your painting style. Nice tank, bring back memories. I'd say the only weakpoint of the paintjob to be the chimney, it feels a bit out of place. That said, it is awesome.

@Harry (O&G): Very awesome conversion you did there. Odd base, length like that. I really like the paintjob. Maybe though the foilage on the club could be a bit better, maybe even real foilage?

@EmperorNorton: I am not a real big lover of the ogre models myself, but they do take a lot of effort to paint. They all look nicely detailed and colorful. The first pictures are a bit over-flashed and the later ones are underlit, so can't be entirely sure, but looks like a good job.

@Harry (VC): I remember that model. Nice. Consider it being lifted by four skeletons. I am working on a chest being moved around like that by four skeletons myself. It can work. Especially if you add in shields in the free hands.

@Harry (HE): Your mastery of greys and whites is awesome. The marble effect takes a little getting used to, but I decided I like it in the end.

@sssk: It is hard to keep up with painting in mass armies like O&G, so well done. I like your style as well, very clear. Maybe a base for the catapult.

@coolwhip1: Nice start on that belly though. :)

@gaarew (VC): That is a lot of painting. I especially like the wraiths, they are really awesome. I like how different units can have totally different colors, yet still fit in.

@Paull: Those grail knights really stand out. Holy c- *ahum* my freehand is a lot less awesome then this. How many of those have you planned? In comparison the archers look less awesome, which is silly of course cause the paintjob is steady and good.

@Khorneguy: Bit big of a picture there. I like the wings. I think the model might benefit of some more washing.

@Harvey: Purple, very bold, very bold. It works out nicely though. I like it. The red armor of the vampire looks a bit out of place though.

@Dark Apostle: Very characterfull paintjobs. Your faces are so damn detailed. I'd be a bit worried about how they look on the battlefield from afar. The clothes might look like 1 simple plain color?

@Cathexis: The banner is total awesomesauce. I think there is a bit to much bronze armor there though. Mage looks nice as well.

@Matrim_Cauthon: Wow, very nice painting here. I like how it is Khorne but it is a little lighter red then we usually see.

Fellow TK shoutouts!
@juicytomatoes: Hey that's my unit. :) I like it. How do you do your gold? I think that makes your units really band together so to speak. See a bit of red spilling on some of the shields and bone here and there. Trust me when I say I know your pain dude.

@jahorin: Awesome a casket. I want one. :) The bones pop out as very nicely painted. I agree with the juicy tomato that you don't see the loss of the detail that much. Maybe some more washing to blend it all together a bit though.

09-02-2011, 10:17
Jesus! I spent like an hour writing comments for all here at work but i accidentaly closed the window... Havent got time to Write all again but heres a little.

All 4s (if more people drop out maybe we should go for a D3?)

Deadinthehead: I agree that your red is really nice! Looking forward to seeing the dragon. Too bad we get no deamons next month.

Emperor Norton: Nice Dragon, for some reason I really like the shield?!

Daniel36: I like the model and the painting, the blue monsters give it a needed touch of nonforest stuff.

Harvey: Nice army, now you have characters so you just need a billion more state troopers:D They look good so will be joyfull seeing em :D.

Smokemeakipper: I like the idea of purple Gobbos, also the light skin really is well done.

09-02-2011, 14:34
Comments for Page 1 and Page 2:

@DeadInTheHead: Looking seriously good there! You certainly seem to have nailed the red, and the gold on the elf is pretty striking as well.

@Fanny Crowbar: The orange gems are subtle, yet still bold as an accent. Your wife is right - always how it works, isn't it?

@Ego Ninja: I love everything about that bell, but the metal finish and the green smoke effects especially. I like how the Orc's head is cocked to the side, as if he's trying to figure out the proper angle to lop off someone's head.

@Braad: I like the highlights on everything. All the details pop out without looking too stark.

@Harry (Empire): Very effective paintjob for being so simple. That thing must be murderously heavy though. If your town has a rash of people having their heads smashed in, you'll need a good alibi!

@Fabius Bile: Love the butcher block diorama! I will add you to the list of people who make me feel ashamed of my boring bases. :P

@Harry (gobbos): Like you said, the hood ties the giant into the army wonderfully.

@EmperorNorton: I like the off-white color on the dragon, and the Maneaters with their individual brands of bad-assery.

@Harry (undead): A simple square of MDF or thick plastic would do well for a base, if you paint it up to look like another tier of steps for the throne.

@Rik a Kadrin Kazad: I agree the light effect does not seem to fit. I would trim it back a bit to just around the eye sockets, and paint the staff and hand to match the rest of the mini, which is very good on its own IMO.

@Harry (Elves): Again I am in awe of the white. I think I shall be asking for your help with some more of my Tzeentch characters. As a suggestion for the rider, I think it could use a touch more blue. Add a shield maybe, or some stripes on the pennant to match the... whatever you call that flapping cloth under the saddle.

@sssk: Good execution on the "alternate" paintjob. It's funny how we tend to buy in to GW's "official" color schemes. And you're right, the army shots do add a lot to the picture presentation.

@Purplebeard: Quite a group you have there, with lots of short people holding up sticks. :D And only a prelude to the main show: lots of angry women - talk about truly fearsome! :O

@Illuminus79: I think the detail on the caparison (sp?) is great. It reminds me of an embroidered tapestry, which I have to think is the right look.

@coolwhip1: You are correct. The conversion is simple, effective, and convincing enough for me. :)

@Chicken Pig: Not much I can say, everything looks great. Maybe add some chaos runes to the banner? I used some of those hounds as Flesh Hounds simply because they were such great models. Easy as pie to build and to paint; you could hardly ask for more.

@Daniel36: Wow! I love the wood colors; they bring out the texture very well. The bright little forest spirits are cool, too, and keep the model from looking too bland with the earthtones.

@gaarew: A whole army in a month? You show off! "Real Men" indeed. ;) I love the facepaint and the gore splatters on the Ogre. Actually, the background too. I imagine he was the original inventor of KFC's Doubledown.

@Paull: Excellent work all around, but the livery on the Grail Knights is just amazing.

@Khorneguy: Cool conversion and good use of Lelith. Is her one arm is missing though?

@Harvey (VC): Very purple indeed! What colors did you use?

@Harvey (orcs): I am amazed (again) at your ability to churn out good-quality figures at high speed. Consider me humbled.

@Harvey (Empire): The banner looks ok to me. It's a little rough in spots, but I would think you neaten it up with a few minor touch ups if you felt you needed to.

@Vaiuri: Everything is great, but a few things in particular caught my eye: the details on the spotter/engineer's equipment; the verdigris on the mortar; the stockings on the Outrider's horse; and the purple laquer effect on the knight. Very nice.

@Dark Apostle: Impressive work on the wood grain.

@smokemeakipper: I'm afraid you'll get no sympathy about the heat, as it is ball-freezing cold here, but I can offer plenty of praise and encouragement for the minis. ;)

@Sturen: Chariot looks ace to me. If you're having troubles with the crew, couldn't you snap them off until they're done?

Whew! I intended to comment on everyone, but that was tiring. Despite all the people who've dropped, there are still plenty going strong. I'll be back later to finish up.

- H8

09-02-2011, 14:44
Army: Skaven (2000 points)

Unit: Vermin Lord

Points: 500, total: 1438

Dice roll: 2


the actual model looks a lot better than this picture, he doesn't look quite as patchy from a distance, much like the rest of my skaven army

09-02-2011, 15:49
Doh, sweet stuff here. I'm too short on time the coming days to write comments, but I'll try.

One thing though... I might just try to sneak in one of those new little spiders as my closing entry for this tale. Maybe that can even make me a man for this year :o

Fabius Bile
09-02-2011, 15:51
Ok, Comments for 6's and other Ogre painters:

@Braad - Nice to see old school orcs in old school colours - everything looks neat and clean, and the Wyvern's base is great!

@Emperor Norton - nice neat Maneaters, especially the Pirate.

@Rik a Kadrin Kazad - I like the conversion, good use of different sprues. The scythe just works, doesn't it?

@Gaarew - hehe nice blood! Great background as always!

@Vaiuri - Neat looking Empire troops, the Mortar Barrel is excellent!

@Hatemonger - once again, it is great to see old school daemon models painted so well. That is one striking looking army!

09-02-2011, 16:47
Dawi : 2000 POINTS (MEN)

UNIT: Thane on Oathstone


BUILD/CONVERSION: No conversions, just put the older Samurai-esqe hero on the Oathstone that came with the Lord and BSB box.

PAINTING: Basically the same as rest of my Dwarfs, boltgun with a wash then chainmail drybrushed over, Tallern skin with an ogryn wash then a Dwarf flesh highlight. Gold is just shining gold over a vermin brown base washed with Gryphonne sepia, The stone got drybrushed up from Fenris grey to codex to fortress grey.

BASING: Heh, no room on this fellas base for anything.

STILL TO DO: Nothing. well except for the pipe hanging of his belt that I just noticed I missed, must get new glasses I think.

HIGHS AND LOWS: I know I say this every month, but I love the old Dwarfs….so much character.

POINTS THIS MONTH: I havn’t got my Dwarf book at the moment, so this is jind of a guess, I’ll fix it up next month if I got it wrong. 153


Dice Roll: 6


Army so far:

09-02-2011, 16:48
Lizardmen : 1000 POINTS (Boys)

UNIT: Skink Priest


BUILD/CONVERSION: No conversion at all.

PAINTING: Green skin same as the rest of my Skinks, I spent a bit more time on his details though. Various couloured frogs, and bags and feathers for this guy.

BASING: Sand. Black basecoat, then a very heavy vermin brown drybrush.

STILL TO DO: Just need to finish the basing.

HIGHS AND LOWS: No real lows, I don’t like this mini as much as the newer Skink characters (the ones that came out with the Lustria book) although the little fella does fit in well.



Dice Roll: 6


Army so far:

09-02-2011, 18:15
I was going to comment on the 5s, as I should, but then looking through I saw that everyone has done some outstanding work this month....so why not comment on everyone?

Deep breath

Deadinthehead – that prince is looking nice so far. I like the use of an axe (outside of white lions, you don’t see many high elves with axes). Can’t wait to see the mount.

Deadinthehead (again) – I’m still not sure if I prefer flesh hounds with their flappy collar things or not, but yours certainly look intimidating. Are they “glossy” or is that just an effect of the camera?

Fannycrowbar – Such a simple colour scheme but executed in a truely brilliant manner. As much as I’d like to say which model I like best, I really can’t say, they’re all finished to the same brilliant standard (though perhaps the swordmaster command group just pips the others to the post...slightly)

Ego ninja – Another excellent bell. There’s something about that kit which seems to be making people go above and beyond. My particular highlight (if you’ll pardon the pun) is the bell...as in the bell itself.... as in the clangy thing which makes the noise. Brilliant finishing on there.

Ego ninja (again) – I love the way this big/war boss is looking almost inquisitively. I reckon he’s saying “are yoo stoopid? I’m gonna put dis axe in your ‘ed, geddit?”. He also looks a bit like he’s just legged it off the bloodbowl pitch because he heard there was a bigger fight going down somewhere else.

Braad – Brilliant wyvern, personally I might have liked it in a different colour (wyverns are always green, I think they’d look cool in some other colours), but you’ve done a great job on it, and it’ll make a fantastic centre piece for the army. As for the savages, the warpaint is great, and I like the way you’ve continued the warpaint onto the boars too. I also find it slightly amusing how much the orcs dwarf the boars.

Harry – a good old steam tank. I think you’ve managed to give it a great “unstoppable” feel. You can very much see that it’ll go forward and just keep going until it gets out the other side of the enemy army....when it will turn around and come back.

Fabius Bile – I’m afraid I’m not keen on the ogre butcher model at all, but that’s a modelling thing rather than a painting thing. On the subject of modelling though, it feels like your butcher has just set up shop on the flag stones of some little empire town, serving up a nice chunk of “dead enemy”. Very good mini diorama (kind of), and great blood splatters. Is that using a red wash to make it look like he still hasn’t washed off the blood splattering from the last enemy he fought?

Harry (again) – Brilliant as always on the night goblin giant. It gives me the idea that the giant was kidnapped by goblins at an early age, and now thinks he is one. Excellent painting and modelling.

EmperorNorton – Now this, I was very surprised at. If you’d said to me “it’s a white and blue dragon, with some bright pink bits” I would probably have said “oh yes? And how long before that ends up at the bottom of a box, forgotten”. But the way you’ve done the colours, it really works, and the three contrasting colours look great together. Does look a little scary for my liking though... I’ll just quietly align the spear chukkas (which don’t exist yet).....

EmperorNorton (again) – I often considered getting myself some man eaters, just to paint up (particularly the pirate one), I think they’re really the pinnacle of models in the ogre range. You’ve done them proud at that. I have to say, top marks go to those piratical stripy trousers. As for the butcher, as I said earlier (in response to Fabius Bile’s work), I’m not awfully keen on the ogre butcher model. Your conversion however, is fairly simple, and amazingly effective. I find it amusing seeing where the cow from the giant kit will turn up next.

Harry (yet again) – your work on the throne is just brilliant. It really brings the wight king to life (man! I’m a funny guy!). Despite being dead, that hasn’t stopped him from being a lazy....king. “I’ll just command the army from here actually, no need to get up”

Rik a kadrin kazad – So many parts to the model which I could comment on, but in keeping it brief, I’ll stick to the scythe. The green really contrasts with the red of the model (and unit), and then the roses bring it back. However I like the way you have the red chaos warriors (aka hard as nails), and the red roses (the term “sweet as a rose” comes to mind). I’m sure there’s some deep philosophy and or poetry to be had somewhere in that model.

Harry (AGAIN!!!! You put me to shame sir!) – Another high elf dragon, another different painting scheme. In contrast with EmperorNorton’s dragon, yours has this great flowing feel, given by the grays, whites, and silvers, and the rock ties in nicely with the theme.

Purplebeard – The endless flow of cool old models continues. A great mix of colours, which sometimes goes horribly wrong, but in your case a subtle theme, plus consistent basing makes the models look like individuals, but the army looks like a single entity. Very impressive.

Illuminus79 – A great little army of “commoners”, and then along comes a mage, full of fire and brimstone, ready to level whoever faces you. Very nice army. Have you considered doing some form of basing? I always find basing is a really easy way to give models that final push to “finished”.

Coolwhip1 – no paint, but that is some awesome modelling. I was always utterly rubbish with greenstuff, so much respect. I can’t wait to see that fella with some paint on him though.

Chicken Pig – I’m a big fan of banners at the moment, and yours is no exception. I really like your use of the empire banner there, and good clean colouring. The same goes for the warhounds (particularly their...manes? is it? Or just fur?), except perhaps less about the choice of banner.

Daniel36 – I tried painting a treeman once. Every single time I “finished” it, I would then find another bit which I’d missed hidden under a branch somewhere. Yours looks like it’s just been pulled from the pages of the wood elf army book. Excellent colour scheme and well executed.

Gaarew – What’s with butchers this month? This is the third one and we’re only on page 3! As I said earlier, I’m just not keen on the butcher model, it does nothing for me. Your blood effect, and the facepaint, are a different matter however. How did you manage to get the blood so....slick? Excellent addition to one of my favourite armies of this tale (you’re showing me that the ogre model range can be made to look very good indeed).

Gaarew (again) – loving the mantic models, battle standard especially. Unfortunately I’m still taken by your ogres, so the undead are just looking slightly less spangly in my eyes. Having said that, 2000 points in....1 month? That’s....not bad I suppose. You do realise next year I’m expecting you to enter into the “real men” category with a skaven army? 2000 points of slaves and clanrats...per month (MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA)

Paull – I scrolled down your post, and thought “hmmm, those archers aren’t bad”, then got to the red and yellow knight, and thought “ok, this guy’s got a bit of skill”, Reached the black and white knight, and I was becoming a little nervous, then reached the blue knight, and fell over. Although it looks like the yellow and red one was probably (possibly) the hardest to complete, I just think the blue guy is truely brilliant. Much kudos, and I’m very much looking forward to next month’s entry.

Khorneguy – cool looking beasty here, and a nice conversion. I’m really looking forward to you finishing the rider, as I think it’ll make a great centrepiece.

Harvey – I like your use of a fell beast. Often thought of using one myself, but for some reason I struggle to get myself outside the warhammer/40k miniature ranges. Your vamp looks really cool, and stands out from a mile away. My only concern is that wearing bright red armour, he’s making himself quite a target. Once again, a brilliant centrepiece to the army (there seem to be a lot of centrepieces this month).

Harvey (again) – now we’re getting closer to my heart. Anyone who can do over 60 night goblins in a month is a hero. FACT. There’s nothing more gallant, valiant, and imposing than a big moss of angry, viscious and sneaky goblins. Great work. What’s on for next month?

Harvey (YET AGAIN!!!) – I love the standard with his long coat thrown over his back. Very good detail on the jacket too. I’m not so sure about the other fella. He seems a little static. It’s almost like one of those kids comedy shows with the “novelty massive hammer”, where he’s about to clonk them over the head with it....with the obvious difference that their head could be found in their left thigh from that point on.

Vaiuri – you get your colours so clean. I’m going to focus on the horse people today, because I’m in a horsey mood. The outrider looks brilliantly detailed. I can’t wait for his friends to show up. My favourite part has to be the transition from brown to white on the feet. Very impressive. I only recently discovered that empire knights seem to be able to use great weapons nowadays. I think the purple wash over the metal of the barding and armour is fantastic. You rarely see a purple wash put to good use, but here’s a fine example.

Dark apostle – I believe I commented in your blog on these guys, but they’re still just brilliant. So clean so clear. Just brilliant. End of

Smokemeakipper – WOOOO, more night gobs. This is another colour scheme which, if you described it to me, my mind would reject it horribly, but when you see it there on the model, they really work very well. Nice simple but effective basing too.

Sturen – don’t worry about the mess. The model is looking fine. While it’s hard to see some of the detail, it looks really well done and very viscious. I don’t seem to see many lion chariots nowadays, but it’s a brilliant kit, and you do it proud.

Tonberry – another set of swordmasters, another colour scheme, another great paint job. I’m going to focus on your gems if you don’t mind. I used to try and do gems on my high elves (many moons ago), but it just never went smoothly at all. You seem to have done a really nice job of them on every single model. Care to share your secrets?

Rorulmesp - A really nice and simple (and characteristic) colour scheme here, well painted. I like the combination of different edition fanatics. You can hardly spot the difference though. Lovely basing too.

Maglok – a good straight forward colour scheme here. I’m liking the way you have your base colour scheme, and then each unit has a different “recognition colour”, so that they look unified within the unit, but also within the army, while also looking quite individual. Excellent idea.

Someone2040 – I think these are my favourite shadow warrior models, and particularly the champion (who I used as the ranger in my mordheim gang). A very nice classic colour scheme here and simple yet effective basing.

Juicy tomatoes – Brilliant use of just 3 key colours. Very effective, and I really like the mini diorama. I think more units should involve little things like this, as they really make you look at what’s happening within the army. Keep up the good work.

Cathexis – I’m not too keen on the gold/bronze, but the unit really looks striking. I love the runes on their....horse....flag.....things, and the champion’s sword is really cool. Is the mage going to be a fire mage? I know it’s not a very popular lore, but the model just gives me that firey feel, obviously with the robes, but the symbol in the book too. Very impressive.

Matrim_Cauthon – Yet more lovely clean colours, and an excellent example of how really old models can work brilliantly alongside new models. I really like how you’ve done wolfrik, and I agree, really nice minis (though I haven’t had the pleasure of painting either of them yet).

Tekore – It may be gruelling, but it really is worth it. Those gors are coming out brilliantly, and just keep the end post in sight. Soon you’re going to have one kick-bottom looking beastmen army. And we all know, the better painted they are, the better they fight. Great subtlety on the changing facepaints too. Good little unit marker thing.

Rutgar – Is the theme of this guy that he’s just killed a giant with his halberd, and then in one last act of defiance, when he’s been walking away, the giant has sneezed on him? I hope he’ll feature in the final army?

Reddevil18 – 40 marauders? That’s insane (peep show reference there, except with slightly altered words). Seriously though, great work getting them so detailed when there are 40 of them. I find it hard enough painting 40 night goblins, and that’s just a case of throwing paint until it sticks. It’s also nice to see some cool looking marauders, rather than the usual “marauders with great weapons” thing. Tres bon.

Confessor_atol – Oh angus, dear angus, what were you thinking? Great painting, great modelling, and great use of a unit which seems relatively rare these days. And then there’s angus. The army is coming along really nicely, and the basing ties it together very well. Top notch.

Jardain – before commenting on the painting, I love the photo of your elves marching into the morning sun to face whatever foe awaits them. On to the painting, this is another classic colour scheme army, and a very well executed one at that. I can well imagine opening the high elf book and seeing this arrayed before me. Looking really good, and I love how the white of the uniforms ties in with the white of the snowy bases. Excellent work. Keep it up.

LordShadowheart – a nice mix of colours, and I like the guy with 2 hand weapons. You rarely seem to see elves with 2 hand weapons, and it’s a great shame. I always think of elves in games etc as running around with a blade in each hand doing some crazy sword skills, and this guy looks like he’s up to the task.

Lordshadowheart (again) – contrary to the elves, the wargor looks like he’s saying “ok, you flutter about with your little swords, I’m going to hit you over the head, really really hard”, and is looking great. I’m loving the fur effect on him. I think the doombull’s mouth area (tongue, tusks etc) is my favourite part of that model, very good paint job making an old model look new. Brilliant.

Wulf – looks promising, but I will save detailed analysis for when you get a better picture up (I do like friar whatsisface)

Hatemonger – More older models, and another great paint job. I particularly like the herald (beaky fella). Very suitable to be leading your army.

Jahorin – That liche priest just oozes power. He looks great. It really is like in Indiana jones, where there’s the big wind etc.....and then everyone ends up dead....which I guess isn’t really a drawback for a liche priest.

Necrothrall – A vermin Lord! One of the less common choices nowadays, but quite a nice model nonetheless. He does look a touch patchy in the photo, but you can see what’s going on, and at the end of the day, he definitely looks like a big baddass rat who’s out to do some killin’. Great work. I wanna see an army shot with this guy at the centre!

Perplexiti – That was always one of my favourite dwarf characters (for the most part I think all of the dwarf characters look cool), and one I was sad to never own. You’ve done a great job of making him into the classic “dwarf tank”. He does just look like a wall of unstoppable metal, and the rock is looking great too.

Perplexiti (again) – a month for characters (it makes sense with Christmas etc) I really like the bright vibrant colours on the priest. I think you’ve managed to fit all the colours of the rainbow on there somewhere, and that’s how it should be. Great little army.

As for me, this month is going insane, I’ve entered into some kind of painting frenzy, which is going to result in a big increase in points, however with the new orc and goblin book out next month, who knows what will happen....I’m hoping that squig hoppers will get better again (there’s a little teaser for what’s to come in my next input to the tale).
And with that we come to the end of my essay. Brilliant work folks. Now I’m going to go and relax, because I’ve been typing for (literally) an hour and a half, and my hand is cramping up. I look forward to next month.
(2910 words)

09-02-2011, 18:58
Ok, comments time. Because I was a slack fulla last month I'll be commenting on everybody's work this time round, so with out further ado....

Page 1:

@DeadInTheHead: Those reds do look good mate! Although I feel he needs another colour on the gems or some other part of his armour, as all that gold means a lot of the detail kind of melds together, apart from that really minor thing he looks good, is that the axe from the lion chariot crew? And nice Fleshhounds too man, really good red.

@Fanny Crowbar: Really good looking Elves mate, love that light blue you've used across them all.

@Ego Ninja: Great work, that bell looks fantastic. Supurb Orc too, I like that dark red you've done on the armour.

@Braad: Awesome boar boyz, I really like the warpaint you put on them all, cool wyvern, the yellow scales go well with that dark green you got on the skin.

@Harry: Cool looking stank, I agree you need to do something with that smoke stack. Not sure what would work though. Awesome giant mate! The simple addition of the hood really looks great! I love seeing all the old school stuff in your armies Harry, a small part of me wants you to never be finished so the stuff will just keep on coming! really well done with the white on that dragon.

@Fabius Bile: Great ogre, hehe very bloody too! :D

@EmperorNorton: Really well done with that dragon, those maneaters are fantstic mate! Very nicely done. Nice use of the cow with the slaughtermaster too, you're right the arm looks a little funny, but it's certainly not very bad.

@Rik a Kadrin Kazad: Nice use of the staff, great mini man.

@sssk: Cool gobbos!, I really like the bone cloaks you've done on them.

@Purplebeard: Great old school Dwarfs mate, really really well done.

Page 2:

@Illuminas79: Cool empire, I like the middenheim scheme, works really well.

@chicken pig: Great bsb, I had a similar idea when I had a WOC army. although I used the crom mini from the zypher of chaos release. Nice dogs too.

@Daniel36: Nice treeman, one thing I really liked about the new wood elves was all the little spites climbing all over everything, maybe a bit of a pain to paint but they look cool.

@gaarew: Cool facepaint, I like the ginger hair too. I always do a few of my dwarfs ginger (although I'm not ginger myself) Aaand wow, that's a pretty awesome effort to get all those done in a month, they look great too.

@Paull: Nice grubby looking peasents there mate, contrasts well with the bright grail knights.

@Khorneguy: Nive work, good use of a 40k mini as well.

@Harvey: Great mini man, it is very purple, looks good though. Maybe you could do the webbing of the wings a different colour. Heh, that's a heap of gobbos, good work getting them done. Nice humies too, if there's one thing this game needs it's more giant hammers!...:D

@Vaiuri: Good looking guys, it's nice to see schemes that don't appear much being used.

@Dark Apostle: Wow, those look fantastic.

@smokemeakipper: I'm liking the different colour robes people are doing with their gobbos, it's really cool.

@Sturen: Really nice chariot man.

Page 3:

@Tonberry: Nice swordmasters, the sculpts from that IOB set are really really good.

@rorulmesp: Cool, more night gobbos. I wish I still had mine now.

@Maglok: Great tomb kings, probably the only army I really wish I had, got enough on my plate at the moment though.

@someone2040: Nice scouts man.

@juicytomatoes: Yay, more tomb kings. Love that red mate, goes really well with the bone.

@Cathexis: Wow, golden dragon princes, they look great. Cool mage too, nice flame around the hem of the cloak.

@Matrim_Cauthon: Great work on those guys, really well done.

@Tekore: Good beasts man, love the face paint.

@reddevil18: cool marauders, they look good man.

@Confessor_Atol: Great rangers, the army looks really good all together too.

Keep up the good work everyone!!

09-02-2011, 20:20

Camera needs fixing, and my mobile phone one is terrible. Pics incoming asap.

This months effort:

Orcs and Goblins:
Grimgor 375
1 fanatic 25
Total for month = 395 points

EDIT (Accident involving my 2 yr old and forest goblin spiders mean Grimgor gets posted this month - should fix spiders by feb/mar post)

1 Herald of Khorne 100 (? have misplaced my army book :cries: )
1 Herald of Tzeentch 115
Total for month = 215 points (I think)

Highs: Getting units finished and enjoying making special bases for the spiders.

Lows: Not finishing the bases and not finishing my Blood Thirster, though he's 90% done so this months (Feb) will actually be posted on time for once.

Dice roll = 4.

--Pics to come---

EDIT: Here be pics of the daemon Heralds (Old school Epic models)






09-02-2011, 21:22
@ perplexiti


Braad – Brilliant wyvern, personally I might have liked it in a different colour (wyverns are always green, I think they’d look cool in some other colours)...

Well, thing is, when I started, it didn't take very long until I painted a wyvern, so I was a bit carefull on the colours and chose 'safe' green. After that, I decided that all wyverns should be about the same colours, so this is my third green wyvern.

About the warpaint, even mij savage orc wyvern has warpaint. That's just basic. And when I read in the O&G rumours that giants might get warpaint, I already know that I'll be neading a savage giant... The new releases are probably more or less what I will paint for next years tale.

09-02-2011, 23:43
Just reporting in to say that I'm not dead.

I've got my Ogres (well, Ogre) done for the month, and my new army is mostly done (well enough to play catch up ;)) but I've been doing my work some favours and doing lots of extra shifts at the moment to cover for full timers on holidays/off sick so I wont be able to be home while there is decent sunlight until at least Monday :(.


10-02-2011, 03:30
ust browsed the thread trough and noticed an awful lot of "hard flash photos". Don't have time for any other comments but here's a small advices for build-in flashes.

You can soften the effect of your camera's flash with parchment paper, thin white cloth or white paper. Parchment paper and cloth can be held over the flash and plain white paper (business card are perfect for this) can be used to direct the flash to the ceiling. Hard flash makes all the colors seem plain and hides all the details in you minis.

I'll be back with the comments later.

10-02-2011, 09:24
On the subject of pictures. If you don't flash, any way to make the colors pop out more? I need full on daylight and even then it is not all that clear what colors I used.

10-02-2011, 18:51
As i didn't post any comments last month i've made comments for everyone.

@DeadInTheHead: love the colour scheme, i like the gold on the elves for some reason. good effort! Hounds are looking good too> need to finish those bases to compliment the work you have done so far

@Fanny Crowbar: What nice crisp, fresh colour scheme. i love your use of a limited palette and your work with blue is inspiring.

@Ego Ninja: Brilliant screaming bell! i love t he detailing on the model and the warpstone looks brilliant. you should be really proud of that model. Your orc looks suitably gritty too!

@Braad: love the boar boys, great work on the tatoos. Wyvern looks incredible too, like how the green appears wet and slimy (or that's the feeling i got from the pic)

@Harry: Nice work on the classic stank, compliments your army well. Again the work you do with a limited palette is brilliant

@Fabius Bile: nice orignal Ogre. great work on him

@Harry: Lol at the giant in the hat, i can just imagine him thinking he's a night goblin. well painted and i love the little details on him

@EmperorNorton: striking dragon! love how the pink stands out on the shield and reins. great centrepiece model. Love the maneaters too! and like many before have mentioned the ogre with the cow is a brilliant conversion, made me chuckle when i saw it, simple and very effective

@Harry: Yay more classic undead.Really love these models and once again you've given it a suitably great paintjob Harry. well done

@Rik a Kadrin Kazad: nice mini, he really stands out in the unit. i like the glowing effects on his eyes

@Harry: I'm speechless at the dragon, seen this model each month and couldn't wait to see it finished. take a bow

@sssk: brilliant gobbos!! i love the squigs you've painted them really well! think your army shot shows your impressive army off very well. love the colour scheme too.

@Purplebeard: loving the old school dwarfs reminds me of when i played them looooooong ago. congrats on cool looking minis

Page 2:

@Illuminas79: I like the wizard on the barded bretonnian horse. kudos to your freehanding too. looks good.

@chicken pig: Nice BSB, you've inspired me to make a similar conversion for my WoC army. nice paintjob on him too

@Daniel36: Brilliant paintjob on the treeman. I like the use of multiple browns on him, looks really realistic (well as realistic as a moving tree can be).

@gaarew: Love the gore on the ogre, looks great! and wow those mantic undead look brilliant. you've done them justice with the painting too.

@Paull: oh thats me. move along

@Khorneguy: Nice use of the Dark Eldar character on the manticore. works quite well

@Harvey: I love the purple on the Abyssal terror mini, makes the vamp lord really stand out amongst the bone skeletons. Oh my god, many gobbo's handle it!! they look amazing. Love how brilliant that red looks on your mini's. the leather effect on the BSB's cloak is good too.

@Vaiuri: Loving those mini's. the rusting effect looks amazing

@Dark Apostle: Loving those mini's. the rusting effect looks amazing

@smokemeakipper: A nice change on the gobbos, purple robes make them look suitably evil

@Sturen: Really well painted chariot. compliments your previous months painting

Page 3:

@Tonberry: Nice swordmasters, Like how you've done the bases too

@rorulmesp: Classic fanatics, and they look great. the metal effect on the ball and chains looks amazing

@Maglok: Nice tomb king skellies, not sure about the purple spears, i would have done them green similar to your archers, but that is personal taste. army is looking good

@someone2040: Nice shadow warriors. love seeing classic minis

@juicytomatoes: HAHAHA, that standard bearer made me laugh when i 1st saw it, really great conversion. simple and effective. The bones is also well pained. well done.

@Cathexis: Great paint job mate, i love the gold as you know and think they stand out in your army. The gems really pop on the mini's too. Oh and great work on the Drakemasters sword. looking forward to seeing these in a couple of weeks in the flesh

@Matrim_Cauthon: Great work on Wulfrik and Scylla. you never notice how much detail is on some of these mini's till you see one with a really great paint job.love wulfric in particular

@Tekore: Great beastman unit. i think the bases really suit this unit too, i love how they seem to be standing in long grass waiting to ambush the enemy

@reddevil18: Nice job on the mauraders. like how you've done them gold and red rather than the traditional black.

@Confessor_Atol: Another original conversion, fantastic paintjob!!

Page 4

@Jardain: great High elves. classic colour scheme painted brilliantly. love the basing on the models too

@Shadow Heart: Nice simple conversion on the noble. Quirte like the brass/bronze look of the armour too. Love the beastmen models too

@Wulf: Can't really make out the picture for the painting quality, but i like the idea behind it.

@Hatemonger: Brilliant paintjob on the horrors. love them.

@Jahorin: Nice paintjob. i like how the blue stands out on the casket giving the idea of the power it holds.

@Necrothrall: Love the horned rat model and i think you may be right, up close it looks pretty patchy but i guess it looks good from a distance and suitable skaven-like

@Perplexiti: nice model. the base is well done and the your use of metallics is brilliant. I also love the skink priest model

10-02-2011, 20:48
Let me buy some of those jokers back please! I know I have been bad at keeping up to date, but it seems like I paint in streaks. Here is what I have (finally) finished.

ARMY: Daemons of Chaos

Unit: 12 Nurglings (420 points)

Next to do: CORE FTW!

Highs: Getting another unit done. Also, I am pleased with how I managed to come up with a magnetic base system to keep them for fantasy and 40k. My core will be on round bases as well, and I am thinking about using some GF9 movement trays.

Lows: Getting tired of the similar painting scheme. I want to have an all Nurgle theme, but may break it up - still deciding). Also, I am not fond of buying so many Metal models and am starting to think about converting some plastics, possibly some ghouls. I saw somebody swap the heads with round beads painted as a single large eye. It looked pretty good.

Total points to date: 920

Dice Roll: 2




11-02-2011, 00:08
Very quick update.

ARMY: Empire

UNIT: Updated the Handgunners, they're actually finished now, painted the champion w/ Long Rifle.

BUILD/CONVERSION: The champion is an old Mordheim model, an Ostlander I believe. The scope was taken from the Helblaster/Helstorm kit. The gun's actually double-barrelled too, which is hard to see from this angle but looks suitably badass in person. The thing is totally an elephant gun :D


D6 ROLL: 3

As I mentioned earlier, most of the month was spent working on previous months' entries that weren't really and truly finished the first time. Hence the boring update :)

NEXT MONTH: Hrm, probably 10 Greatswords w/ Command. That would be 130pts and help get me back on track. Just can't work up the nerve to work on 5pt models just yet!

For the Dwarfs, this month was Joker and next month will probably be... I'm gonna say Runesmith, a couple of Quarrellers and a couple of Drunks. I want it to be a very fun month for Dwarfs. We'll see if I get it all done, that would be like 200+ pts. I would be quite happy with that.

11-02-2011, 00:50
Got some WIP-ness on the giant. Thought I'd share my progress, as people on my log seem to like it.



11-02-2011, 03:46
On the subject of pictures. If you don't flash, any way to make the colors pop out more? I need full on daylight and even then it is not all that clear what colors I used.

You could try altering the settings in your camera. Forget automatic-option and try the manual function. For example greater ISO rating gives you more light (but also adds noise/grain).

Use free picture managing software to re-touch your pics. Picasa is from Google and usually gives you quite nice result even with automatic settings.

Also building a lightbox helps and it's relatively easy:

Take a box that you can cut. Remove the center of the top of it. Replace it with thin white paper and line the box from the inside with neutral colored cloth (leave the top "open"). Then place the box under a high powered light and it should spread evenly in the box. There are quite a few more accurate tutorial for this.

If you have access to industrial lights (like ones used at building sites) use them but direct them to the ceiling and to the walls (not directly to the mini) and use the reflected light.

Direct daylight is usually color killer as it is quite hard. If you have the time take your pics just after (1-2h) the sun has risen or just before (1-2h) it sets. The colors should be much more vibrant.

12-02-2011, 04:37
I'm going to use a Joker for both my Beastmen. Really, I could do the finishing touches on the Bestigors and finish off the Chariot... but don't really want to rush through them.

Here's my comments. I've been slack the past few months (that and busy) and didn't post any comments, so I've commented on everyone's this time.

DeadInTheHead - I don't mind the face, and I think the reds and blue came out really well. The Gold looks good, but It'll work better when the model is finished I think, as there'll be other colours to break it up.The fleshounds look good as well, can't wait to see the army based.

Fanny Crowbar - Like the colour scheme you've got going there. Orange gemstones do indeed seem to be a really good colour to go with your scheme.

Ego Ninja - Screaming bell looks good. Army looks like it's really coming together from your army photo. Like the Black Orc Warboss as well, is he a conversion?

Braad - Savage Orcs look great, and you've certainly done justice to Skullmuncha.

Harry - Steamtank looks impressive, your old school empire army is looking quite nice. The Marauder Giant looks ace as well. Really like the Wight King as well, enjoying what you're doing with the characters as they all look superb. For your Dragon, I would've thought too much white would well, not work that well. But seems to work fairly well for the Dragon.

Fabius Bile - I really like the little table you've got there. It's like a mini-diorama. I dunno about all the blood splotches though, maybe a bit overdone.

EmperorNorton - The Dragon looks great. Really loving the Man-Eaters and the converted Butcher.

Rik a Kadrin Kazad - Love the conversion. Agree that the glowing blue light could be done a little better. I reckon try it out on a spare helmet and see if you can get it right, otherwise, it still doesn't look that bad.

sssk - Your army looks great. Good work painting so many goblins.

Purplebeard - Your characters look great. Agreed about not sure if he should be BSB, as he doesn't look that different from your other standard bearer (Unless of course, the guy with a purple beard is also up for BSB).

Illuminus79 - Wizard Lord looks pretty cool.

coolwhip1 - Like the conversion you've done on the stomach. Should look great when it's all painted up.

Chicken Pig - BSB looks great, and so do the hounds. Your army looks great.

Daniel36 - Treeman looks pretty ace to me.

Gaarew - Love the gore on the butcher. Pity about the army shot, it's still very very fuzzy. Your undead look pretty good as well.

Paull - Great looking Brettonians. Maybe a low for you thinking up the designs, but the Grail Knights really do look pretty awesome.

Khorneguy - I think the conversion you've done is effective. Let's see a non-WIP picture when your computer is behaving :).

Harvey - I really like the painting on your Dragon mounted Vampire. Is he going to get a shield? The reason I ask, is his left army just looks a bit odd in the 'shield' position, without an actual shield. Your Night Gobbo's look awesome, and you've obviously been busy painting a ton of them. Characters for your empire look good as well.

Vaiuri - Empire is looking great, especially like the Knight. Agree that you have to paint a lot of models for so few points (Other armies have it worse though), it's why I didn't get through my Empire unfortunately. Still, keep at it!

Dark Apostle - Wow, amazing. You've obviously put a lot of effort into even lowly state troops. Hat off to you sir.

smokemeakipper - Great effective colour scheme.

Sturen - Chariot looks good, but pity the pictures are so small.

Tonberry - Swordmasters turned out well. Full unit should look good.

rorulmesp - Fanatics look good, so do the banner bearers. I agree the red on the banners could use a highlight though, make them stand out a bit more.

Maglok - Your Tomb Kings look great. Not sure about the purple wood, but other than that, looks excellent.

juicytomatoes - Good looking skeletones. Your diorama is funny as well.

Cathexis - Great looking Dragon Princes. The gold really looks awesome.

Matrim_Cauthon - Both characters look awesome.

Tekore - Awesome looking Gors. Nice use of the Ogre head on the banner.

reddevil18 - Khorne marauders look good. Not sure how effective sword and board frenzied guys are in game though, since they cant parry!

Confessor_Atol - Cool looking Dwarves you've got there, and the surprise attack is funny.

Jardain - Painting looks good to me. Try get a better shot next time, so a shadow isn't covering half the unit.

Lord Shadowheart - Painting looks good on the Elves so far. Let's see the finished models next month. Beastmen also looking good.

Wulf - Fromw what I can tell, looks like they're great looking models

Hatemonger - I really like your Herald, great work.

Jahorin - Casket of Souls look pretty good.

Necrothrall - Yeah, he looks a bit patchy. I perhaps would've used an intermediary coat between the brown and the flesh colour.

Perplexiti - Thane on Oathstone looks great, lots of metal there. Your Skink Priest looks pretty good as well.

jason - Good looking nurglings there.

Jericho - Handgunners look great. The ostlander from Mordheim, lucky to have such rare models.

12-02-2011, 06:11
Ok, here we go:

Page 3:
@Tonberry: Your models look a little darker and less super-shiny-bright than typical high elves, which I think I like better. Makes them look more "serious business" and less "pretty boy".

@rorulmesp: Personally I like the dark red, but I agree it could use a highlight to bring out the detail a little more. The other parts of the models look wonderful.

@Maglok: Mmmm, skeletons... That's a nice block of Core there. What makes the heads so bad?

@someone2040: Lookin' good. Assuming you're sticking with the gray rocks (for the Shadow lands, right?), I'd use a dead grass to stick with the theme.

@juicytomatoes: I like the diorama. What Army Painter stuff did you use? Bone spray and one of the stains?

@Cathexis: I guess if you're gonna do shiny gold, you might as well do more shiny gold. :D I have to admit, the colors do work well, and well executed on your part. I suppose I need to give credit that it's still different than the all-white dinner napkins, right? Great trim on the mage's robe, too.

@Matrim_Cauthon: Nice job on nice models. Not sure what else to say. :)

@Tekore: I love the ogre banner. Captured, indeed!

@Rutgar: How long until she paints all your minis for you? ;) My friend and I joke that's the only way we'll ever finish painting all our stuff.

@reddevil18: I have to ask, why did you name the champion in the second picture Eunice? :D

@Confessor_Atol: Excellent use of a unit filler there! I never knew what made a dwarf qualify as a Ranger, but I guess it's the ability (or willingness?) to climb trees.

Page 4
@Jardain: Interesting effect by using more blue instead of the typical gold on lots of the armor plates. Gives a similar to what Fanny Crowbar is doing.

@Lord Shadowheart: Cheers to you for the same as Tonberry and Jardain: darker and less gold. I like the Beasies more, but that could just be my personal bias against elves. ;)

@Wulf: From what I can see, they look good. Pity about the pictures. I've consoled myself by reading your Rogue Trader IG blog. :)

@jahorin: I like the different flesh tones for the skin and flayed-skin cloak(s).

@Necrothrall: It does look a little chalky, but I belive you about the camera. My pink horrors look the same, as they're all drybrushed. The model still looks good though, so I wouldn't worry too much about it.

@perplexiti: Wow, could you pick two more different armies to paint? One covered head to toe in metal, the other one in a riot of vibrant colors. They both look good, though! Probably helps keep your sanity, too.

@jason: Woohoo! Round basers unite! I completely sympathize with everything you said in your lows. On painting, my advice would be to incorporate some other colors into the other models. I did some browns and different shades of green and it worked well IMO.

@Jericho: Ace job! Seems they've just barely avoided a nasty Purple Sun of Xereus and are completely unperturbed. What is that movement tray?

Man, that was some work. If I missed anyone or any of my comments seem strange or bad, I blame the mental strain. I'm not commenting on everyone next month unless half of you chaps jump ship. (NOTE: NOT AN ACTUAL SUGGESTION)

- H8

12-02-2011, 06:54
@ Hatemonger

Thanks man, I'm not sure why I've ended up playing two such different armies, but I'm certainly not going to overthink it...;P

@ coolwhip1

That giant's looking superb mate, can't wait to see it finished.

12-02-2011, 07:44
@Hatemonger: Thanks for the comment! :) I used only the stain... it's the middle tone... I think it's called Strong Tone, but don't quote me on that. The print on the can is so fuzzy I can't tell...

@Jericho: Your painting is fantastic!

12-02-2011, 11:29
@Hatemonger: The heads of the skeletons are so bad cause the helmets got two flaps to the side of the skull that you gotta paint on all sides, so from the cheeks, outsides, up, back, etc. On white it also needs more then one layer. Then the band on the top has gold bits that also need very carefull painting or it all spills over the bone you already did. Then there are some 'hero' heads with elaborate details added. :P

12-02-2011, 17:50
Finally getting back to posting, it's been a busy few months.

Army: Empire

Steam Tank

300 points

400 total

Standard out of the box metal steam tank. Pain in the butt to assemble due to misshapen pieces. My first tank was so bad that I called GW and they actually sent me a whole new tank. Painting was fun, if not a little tedious.

Still to do: Someday try to paint a name on the banners as well as painting the extra banners and gluing them on. Maybe.

Next: either an engineer or finally polish off my swordmen detachment.

12-02-2011, 18:46
@Jericho: Ace job! Seems they've just barely avoided a nasty Purple Sun of Xereus and are completely unperturbed. What is that movement tray?

That's one of the old plastic non-modular movement trays. Back in the day they were fit for 5x2 and 5x4 20mm bases. I still want to get my hands on some more of them, as they aren't perfect but they do work well for many 20mm army applications. Horde units are a breeze, you just use two of the 5x4 side by side and so reforming them into glorious steadfast units takes like 2 seconds.

12-02-2011, 21:12
@Rikk: Those epic daemons as Heralds are a neat idea. I have an old Heroquest BT that I think I'll use as a unit filler/Herald. Thanks for the idea.
I wouldn't have thought to use the reaper-looking guy for Tzeentch either, but the robed look does work, although I think I would swap the scythe top for something else, to make it look more like a wizard staff than a weapon.

@Clobbersaurus: Very good. Much more colorful than Harry's. ;) Building those big metal models takes a lot of patience.

@coolwhip1: The giant is looking good so far. I really like the scar tissue.

All 4s (if more people drop out maybe we should go for a D3?)
I would like to raise this as a suggestion for next month. From the chart it looks like we've dropped about 1/2, but there are still enough left that commenting on everyone is a bit much. D3 sounds just right.

@Hatemonger - once again, it is great to see old school daemon models painted so well. That is one striking looking army!
Note to self: using old models makes you more popular. :P

Hatemonger – More older models, and another great paint job. I particularly like the herald (beaky fella). Very suitable to be leading your army.
Frankly I wish I had something better as a general, but I'm having a very hard time with the new % restrictions on points. In bigger (or nastier) games, I may try him as one of those suicide spell-bombers.

@doc_cthulhu: Your photo advice was probably worth more than commenting on my painting anyway, so thank you. I will try some pictures in the morning, but I fear winter sunlight in my house is not very good at any time of day.

@Hatemonger: Thanks for the comment! :) I used only the stain... it's the middle tone... I think it's called Strong Tone, but don't quote me on that.
According to the Army Painter website, that's correct. How would you correlate it to the Citadel washes? Is it more like Ogre Flesh or Devlan Mud?

@Hatemonger: The heads of the skeletons are so bad cause the helmets got two flaps to the side of the skull that you gotta paint on all sides, so from the cheeks, outsides, up, back, etc. On white it also needs more then one layer. Then the band on the top has gold bits that also need very carefull painting or it all spills over the bone you already did. Then there are some 'hero' heads with elaborate details added. :P
Ah, I understand now. That's actually one of the best things I like about using washes: they tend to fill in the borders so if you're a little bit off, it doesn't matter as much. It makes a huge difference when you paint things like the trim on chaos marine armor, for instance. Like you said, you want to paint the 'side' of the detail, but not get it on the lower/recessed area. The wash fills in the corner, so you don't have to be so exact.

That's one of the old plastic non-modular movement trays. Back in the day they were fit for 5x2 and 5x4 20mm bases. I still want to get my hands on some more of them, as they aren't perfect but they do work well for many 20mm army applications. Horde units are a breeze, you just use two of the 5x4 side by side and so reforming them into glorious steadfast units takes like 2 seconds.
I've only seen ones that were cast in green or gray plastic. Are they the same? I had some of those, but I think I gave them away as they weren't really useful for my army on 25mm bases.

- H8

13-02-2011, 13:06
Hi folks,

So I thought I would post some WIP shots this month, but as per usual, I've been really rubbish at it. I just start painting a miniature and then a combination of thinking it looks rubbish, and forgetting, leads to no WIP shots.

Anyway, long story short, I've been on a painting bender at the start of this month, and therefore I've actually finished everything for the month. It's only 30 or so models, but points wise, it must be near a 500 point army!!!

Anyway, as a surrogate I thought I'd take some pictures of my full army (including a couple of units which were painted before the tale began), but due to my photographic skills, much of the newly painted stuff is horribly blurry and at the back....so it kind of looks like WIP.

Cunnin' huh?

Anyway, enjoy

Full army including pre-tale units

Full "tale" army

Hope you enjoy, and also I hope the army shots are bringing a few people round to the bleached bone robes. I know there were quite a few people who weren't convinced when the first big boss showed up back in November...or was it October.....

13-02-2011, 15:13
Lizardmen : 2000 Points (MEN)

UNIT: Been a busy month in January and I managed to get three units done. Two units of Skink Skirmishers and 15 more Saurus with spears

BUILD/CONVERSION: All models have been built straight out of the box. However as a measure to get three units of ten Skinks from one box of twenty four, each unit is led by one of the metal chieftain models and three skink crew from the Stegadon have found a home.

PAINTING: Same as last month. Graveyard earth for the skin. Scab Red for the scales.

BASING: Graveyard earth, then drybrushed with Kommando Khaki. Edges painted Goblin Green

STILL TO DO: The bases needed to be flocked and the warriors need their shields.

HIGHS AND LOWS: None really.

POINTS : 2 x ten skink skirmishers (140 pts)
15 Saurus Warriors with spears and shields (180 points)

TOTAL POINTS : 1280 points


and here are the photos. First of the Skinks.


and one of the chieftains


Finally the Saurus.



13-02-2011, 18:25
Very nice, Baggers. I like the naturalistic look to them.

- H8

13-02-2011, 20:40
I've only seen ones that were cast in green or gray plastic. Are they the same? I had some of those, but I think I gave them away as they weren't really useful for my army on 25mm bases.

- H8
They are the same ones. I've always just sprayed them black, as the neon green they came in wasn't very attractive :p

13-02-2011, 21:11
Great to see so many good paintjobs! I'll leave comments for all 2's later this week.

I entered mine at Page 4 but had no pictures of proper quality at the time. Now I've had time to get that sorted so here they are. 101 pts of Empire.

I updated my original post aswell.



Best regards,


Edit: And while I'm at it. Here are a preview of what I'm working on at the moment among other things. A unitfiller for my camp followers, aka eight halberdiers. :)


15-02-2011, 00:33
Comments!: (Page 1 and 2)

DeadInTheHead: Looking nice and golden, and I'm sure it will be even better on the dragon. Hellhounds look spot on.

Fanny Crowbar: The picture of the mage isn't showing up, but the rest looks amazing.

Ego Ninja: I think there are a few more details you could have picked out, but overall it looks really good. The bells really stands out.

Braad: Must feel nice to be almost done, but don't worry, new models will be out soon ;)

Fabius Bile: The spots of blood looks a bit too much like spots. A trickling down effect would fix that.

Harry: Why did you put the base sideways on the giant? I wish I played the expansion of quest to get models like that wight king.

EmperorNorton: Your color scheme is starting to grow on me more with that dragon.

Rik a Kadrin Kazad: Lighting looks fine to me.

sssk: Getting on to the fun stuff eh? ;)

Purplebeard: Old dwarfs are the best. They all have so much character.

Illuminus79: Seems a bit plain. Might need a bit more freehand.

Malorian: Ha! I hope you get banned you do nothing!

coolwhip1: Cool conversion, I followed it on your plog.

Chicken Pig: Like the bsb conversion. Simple but effective and stands out.

Daniel36: You obviously spent a lot of time on the wood. good show.

gaarew: Your evil clowns are starting to scare me ;)

Paull: Awesome freehand. I wish my brets looked like yours.

Harvey: Your pictures aren't showing up for me...

Vaiuri: Good progress. Keep it up.

Dark Apostle: I love the look of those crossbows.

smokemeakipper: The purple band expands!

Sturen: Yeah... chariots are a pain to paint once built.

15-02-2011, 01:53
Comments!: (Page 3 and 4)

Tonberry: As long as you make the total that's all that matters. Are you going to dot the eyes?

rorulmesp: You'll find good use for those fanatics in the new book ;)

Maglok: I can't see the pictures...

someone2040: Here's hoping you are able to finish that seaguard. The scouts look good :)

juicytomatos: Can't see the pics

Cathexis: Very brilliant looking dragon princes. They put brets to shame!

Matrim_Cauthon: Why did you make the cut away fresh grey? What is it suppose to be from?

Tekore: It's a good looking unit. Not to hot about the banner, but I guess it fits beastmen.

reddevil18: I was going to cry until I saw you didn't go great weapon ;) Well done on getting all those finished.

Confessor_Atol: The idea of a dwarf jumping out of a tree is very funny to me :p

Jardain: Great looking white lions. the army is coming along well.

Lord shadowheart: Do you plan to do the eyes on the high elves? It's easier than you would think and makes a world of a difference. You can see the difference looking at your beastmen.

Wulf: Nicely painted old models.

Hatemonger: Some good looking models. good to see your learning new techniques. I just learn new ways to mess up ;)

Jahorin: Can't see the pics at work...

Necrothrall: Maybe some kind of wash would take the blotchy away.

Perplexiti: I remember painting that model. It was nice to have a model that's all model and no flesh to do :) Good looking skink priest.

15-02-2011, 03:25
Here we go, comments for the 3 rollers!

Chicken Pig: Great bsb conversion! Only thing I would suggest would be to put some kind of design or runes on the banner itself, to break up the red field. Hounds are looking solid. Looks like an army!

Gaarew: The facepaint is WICKED. That guy kind of reminds me of leatherface. Those zombies look especially good too with their purplish hidez.

juicytomatoes: nice solid footsloggers... the magenta looks great with the gold n bones.

Tekore: Great banner! That is totally beastly. The warrior banner is not visible in the picture but the color reflects the beasties' warpaint nicely.

Confessor Atol: Great leaping dwarf! Very memorable. Painting looks spiffy.

Jericho: Neat painting, as usual. Great model, that chap is. Bravo!

Baggers: Good solid guys, that's a lot of work there. Nice!

15-02-2011, 05:21
Thanks Rorulmesp, I'm very happy with the esoteric mix of metal minis in my units. Got some good ones upcoming as well.

Been a bit of a good boy tonight and painting. I'm working on all three Dwarf characters though, which is not part of the plan. This could be a high points value month but will leave me with nothing but units and war machines to go. No easy months :p

15-02-2011, 15:57
@Fanny Crowbar Your High Elves are stunning. Very inspirational!

15-02-2011, 16:25
Braad: Must feel nice to be almost done, but don't worry, new models will be out soon ;)

It actually felt quite good to be so close to finishing, after all these years. I still got some buildings to paint, and some conversions in my mind. On the other hand, the new stuff is so cool, I'll be needing lots of those savages.

Well, I guess it's my destiny to paint green till the end of times.

15-02-2011, 17:11
Comments! (Pages 5 and 6)

Rikk: No orc pics yet but that herald looks cool. Is it GW?

Jason: Nurglings are great. I remember painting those in my nurgle days. Getting some of the small details can be a pain though.

Jericho: An update is an update, and you did more than me. Looking forward to the greatswords.

coolwhip1: Oh, there is the painted model. To some the conversion might look simple but I know full well it would have taken a lot of time.

Clobbersaurus: The new plastic ones are a lot easier to put together. Glad you had fun painting it.

Baggers: Good job getting three units done in a single month. They are all looking great.

As an update for me: My 5 krox (and a scarvet) are primed and have the first color done, and one has the second color done. I'm remembering the pain of black dots... but at least I'm painting again (although slowly) and hopefully I will complete them and avoid the self ban I promiced.

15-02-2011, 17:24
Comment time!
Though there were not many to make this month, I will comment on my fellow 1s this month. In the future I think I will try to comment on everyone’s work.

To my fellow 1s:
Fanny Crowbar: Extremely clean work. I really like the lighter blue, rather than GW’s normal scheme.

Purplebeard: Your army is coming together nicely. The freehand on the BSB looks great.

reddevil18: Looks pretty good. Can I ask why you went the HW & Shield route if they follow Khorne? I ask because I have a squad of Marauders that I haven’t decided how to build just yet.

Because I felt this work needed a little extra praise:
Paul: Your detail work on the Knights is amazing! Definitely contest worthy. If you need more ideas, I have some Heraldry info around here somewhere.

My replies to all those kind enough to comment on my work:
Hatemonger: Thank you. I realize after a couple days that I had posted a WIP picture of the caparison.

sssk: Indeed. As I mentioned in my post, I am trying to figure out how to make it look like my units are marching along a mountain pass/road.

perplexiti: Thank you. I enjoy it.

Paull: Thanks.

someone2040: Thank you.

Malorian: Ouch! I do agree somewhat, but I don’t know what else to add because I don’t want it to be too busy. Ideas?

15-02-2011, 17:26
Alrighty, comment time!
Oh, and for the guys keeping the stats, I finally updated my post, so 285 points for the Treeman, and 559 in total. Lol, the Treeman more than doubled my total count.

Anyways, for all the 4s out there!

Deadinthehead: Very striking Elf. I like the dulled colouring on him. I am not a fan of golds and reds that scream, and you got it just right. I would add some Devlan Mud wash on your doggies, they look a bit flat still.

EmperorNorton: Once you have an entire army of Elves, it is going to look SICK on the Battlefield. Very nice centerpiece you have here.

Harvey: Nice work, but I would definitely consider a wash of Gryphonne Sepia on everything. I think Devlan Mud will be a little too dark, but right now your models look just a tad flat, and Sepia would add some more depth. I have actually contemplated a banner design close to yours! I like it. Lettering is difficult.

Smokemeakipper: Those Gobbos defy every natural Gobbo law! NICE!! They look suitably angry to boot.

Jardain: Though you use an oft used colour scheme, I still think your work is very original. It must be the snow basing, but these Elves have a "chilly" feel to them that the other blue Elves I've seen don't. I like it.

Rikk: Old school for the WIN! I love those models. I wish I had some of those.

And thanks everyone for the comments on my Treeman! I am not going to reply to everyone in person, but anyways... It makes me feel really good and spurs me on to continue! I am really amongst the greats of Warseer when it comes to painting, and it makes me feel special to be a part of it.

For those wondering, the "lumber" was a really easy paintjob actually. Chaos Black undercoat, heavy drybrush of Codex Grey, heavy drybrush of Fortress Grey, liberal washes of watered down Scorched Brown in different stages of waterness (eh?), and topped off with some Devlan Mud washes as well, so that's how the different browns and greys are done. Pretty easy. I am going to redo my Treekin as well to be more in line with this guy.

Best wishes to everyone! Keep up, we are doing an awesome job!!

15-02-2011, 18:56
Hi all,

WIP for this months daemons

Still need to finish armour, head, wings and base
After comments from my first months start on it I have gone for standing on a HE horse base



I'll post my comments and replies in a day or two, wife kicking me off laptop now

15-02-2011, 19:02
Comment for the 2's!

@Harvey. Most impressive! It takes guts to enter goblins into TOFP. Alot to paint! And with great result.

@someone2040. Very nice colour scheme for your elves. I like the blue. The shadow warrior models you've used are great sculpts.

@Necrothrall. Massive model. I trust you on the photo issues. I have trouble myself on getting propper pictures. Good job!

@jason. Nice paintjob. And great idea to magnetize them so they can doubble in 40k/WHFB. Difficult choice on changing colours for some units. They look great as they are though. And will make an impressive sight if you stay with your current scheme.


15-02-2011, 19:04
Malorian: Ouch! I do agree somewhat, but I don’t know what else to add because I don’t want it to be too busy. Ideas?

That's always the trouble isn't it, having the right amount of detail.

As it is I almost found the front of the horse melding in with the cloak of the wizard, so maybe some simply trim on the wizard cloak would help seperate it.

15-02-2011, 19:09
@Molarian: Odd that you couldn't see them. I checked on three computers and no probs here. You got a problem with flickr as a host maybe?

15-02-2011, 22:03

Joker this month, I have some work in progress stuff so hopefully I'll have an entry next month, but I've been struggling to balance university study with, well, life in general, so warhammer hasn't been the only thing to take a backseat.

Well done to everyone who is still going strong at the moment, there is some great work, really looking forward to seeing some newly formed armies at the end of the tale. I will be back with comments a bit later.

15-02-2011, 22:27
@Molarian: Odd that you couldn't see them. I checked on three computers and no probs here. You got a problem with flickr as a host maybe?

Work computers block the dumbest things some times...

I just make that comment so people know why I'm not saying anything about their work.

16-02-2011, 03:20
someone2040: Here's hoping you are able to finish that seaguard. The scouts look good :)
Well, I can safely say that this month, for the High Elves at least, are very much in the safe area. Managed to finish off the last details on the Sea Guard last weekend, and making some nice progress on my Swordmasters as well. So might even be able to buy back a joker if I get enough Swordmasters done.

Beastmen are back on track as well, although I have to go about assembling a lot more models now as I've run out of assembled models to paint.

16-02-2011, 08:01
Comments on the 4's (plus others):

@EmporerNorton - Great Dragon and Rider, can you give me a quick guide to how you did the wing membranes ? That's kind of how I want mine to be.

@Daniel36 - Great Treeman, fantastic, in fact.

@Paull - keep it up, yours in definitely my favourite army in the tale so far.

@Harvey - nice bright colours

@smokemeakipper - really nice Gobbo's, you just need to change the date setting on your camera ;) And be careful when you're painting those spiders that you pick up only plastic ones...

@Jardain - shame about the photo's; I take mine inside a sunny room with the (thin) curtain closed. Still the models look nice, and the bases are pretty cool too.

@Rikk - cool heralds (and orcs), again, shame about the camera, maybe you can post an army shot when you've got it working again?

And Replies:

@Confessor_Atol - thanks, I think I just used the basic GW recipe (black/bronze/gold/mithril) for the gold. The dog-basing will be cork rocks with rivers of blood, check the bottom of this post for an idea:


@Jardain - thanks for the comment, not got beyonf base-coating the dragon yet, I need to pull my socks up these next two weeks. I've got my new daemons so I hope to get back up to speed soon (though it's still a stretch to produce anything this month.

@Hatemonger - Thank you kindly sir :)

@sssk - The main reason I used the axe was because I wanted to save the other weapons for conversions :D Still, gald you like it. The glossiness is an effect of the camera, I'm not 100% sure about the fleshy collars either, if I'm honest, the next batch may have some missing them...

@perplexiti - well spotted, I hadn't got round to doing the gems. Most of my other units have had amber gems, but i think I may have to do something different for the lord as that will not standout either. The axe is from the Dragon box, and thanks for your coments on the hounds.

@Paull - Thanks very much for your comments, high prase coming from you :)

@someone2040 - Thanks for your comments - hopefully will have made some progress on the bases this month (I have a very elaborate base in mind for the Dragon Lord, involving a dragon :P)

@Malorian - Thanks.

@Daniel36 - Thanks for the comment and the advice on the dogs - all tips are greatly appreciated.

16-02-2011, 09:35
With thanks to Braad, I'm jumping in with my Lizardmen.


UNIT: Saurus Warriors
Saurus Cavalry (frown)
Skink Skirmishers
Skink Priest

BACKGROUND/THEME: I'm not a big fan of the GW colour scheme, so I decided to use more natural colours for my Lizardmen, led by Slann Mage-Priest Maxx Ree'bo (sans keyboard),

BUILD/CONVERSION: Most models are straight out of the box. The champions are kit-bashed with other Lizzie kits.

PAINTING: The Temple Guard and all other Saurus based units have been basecoated with snakebite leather and drybrushed with bleached bone. The flesh was then washed with gryphonne sepia and the scales with devlan mud.

The skinks are basecoated camo green and washed with thraka green, the scales are then washed with badab black.

All metal is dwarf bronze washed with devlan mud and highlighted with more dwarf bronze.

BASING: Sand painted Calthan Brown, drybrushed with Dheneb Stone and washed with Devlan mud. Then I glued some staticgrass on and painted the sides Orkhide Shade.

STILL TO DO: More infantry and cavalry. A Stegadon and a Slann (yes, that's right a Slann in 2000 points)

HIGHS AND LOWS: I'm pleased with the amount of time it took me to get this far (2 months after checking my plog).
Lows are the Saurus Cavalry, I absolutely hate the models, as you can probably tell from the paint job.

POINTS : 15 Saurus with spears, shields and command (210 pts)
5 Saurus with hand weapons, shields and command (85 pts)
2 Saurus Cavalry with Champion, Musician (100 pts)
Skink Priest (L2 with magic items) (150 pts)
14 Skink Skirmishers with Brave (104 pts)
5 Temple Guard with command, magic weapon and magic banner (155 pts)

TOTAL POINTS : 804 in total (Edit: 1 Joker used)








16-02-2011, 10:29
Comments time for my fellow 1's.

@Purplebeard: Love the Shieldmaidens and the banners.

@Illuminus79: Nice clean painting. Look forward to seeing them based.

@reddevil18: Good use of a limited palette.

Hmm, I tend to roll more 1's in the average round of combat than most people rolled for their armies this month.

To all those who took the time to comment on my work. Thanks for all the kind words and encouragement, it is much appreciated.

16-02-2011, 10:58
Other comments due, but just wanted to pop up and say:

Fanny Crowbar, I love your lizards. You've done a fantastic job of showing what a simple colour scheme and painting method can do, its looking great! I hate the Saurus Cav too and ended up converting mine out of Dark Elf Cold ones and using Kroot as the riders. It took me ages to do, and strictly they arent Saurus, but they look damn cool and were great fun to build and paint!


Old pic of them from last year, not the best so poke me if you want any more!

16-02-2011, 14:44
Nice Saurus Cavalry. I love the back banners and the gold is really well painted.

17-02-2011, 05:30
Here's my work station and my Feb WIPs; a unit filler for my miners, a bunch more quarrlers, and a stone thrower. I'm feeling pretty good on time. I might even be able to buy back that joker.


17-02-2011, 23:40
Hey there!

Sorry for not posting for the last couple of months, I've just had too many things going on, to find the time to post pictures and such...

But well, here's some "buy-back-jokers" points + some:

Army so far:

Tyrant: 200
Butcher: 130
BSB: 155
7 Bulls w/ Fists / command: 330
7 Ironguts w/ command: 386
4 Leadbealchers w/ muso: 230
3 Yhetees (the river trolls): 195
2 Gorgers: 150

Total: 1776 points (without any upgrades for characters etc.)

With this post, I'd like to sign off my Ogres, and, if possible, re-start with Bretonnians, from next month (boys' league)


18-02-2011, 00:35
I had just spent some time typing out comments, but it failed to post properly and I lost all that writing as a result. Can't bring myself to do it all over again so just a simple WELL DONE to everyone this month!

18-02-2011, 12:55

DeadInTheHead: nice shade of gold on the prince, im sure he will look great when finished. Hellhounds look good too.

Fanny Crowbar: really polished/clean cut painting style, very nice indeed. Wish I could paint that well

Ego Ninja: the screaming bell must have taken a lot of work, looks good too. Much more interested in your greenskins though. Nice conversion on the bigboss, looks suitably ‘killy’
Braad: nice painted S.O. boarboyz, pity they haven’t got the 2 weapons the new models are coming out with. Means more £££ for me…

Fabius Bile: that butcher needs a wetwipe to take better care of his personal hygiene and appearance!…tut tut

Harry: love all the old models and the great paint job you always give them. Still think the old models have more character than the newer ones. I like the n. goblin giant too, v nice, looks a pain to transport any where though. The white dragon must be hard to paint, I find it tough to properly shade white and black and you have many shades of white on that model, v nice

EmperorNorton: love the maneaters, paint v well too, the ninja is cool. The butcher conversion is great too.

Rik a Kadrin Kazad: lots of nice bright colours on the sorcerer

sssk: greenskins! Building up nicely, like the colour of the squigs

Purplebeard:some really nice old models there with a really nice paintjob.

18-02-2011, 16:22
With this post, I'd like to sign off my Ogres, and, if possible, re-start with Bretonnians, from next month (boys' league)


Add a full load of items, maybe one or two models, update your points (and let me know) and you'll be a MAN!

But Bretonnia it is.

Solun Decius
18-02-2011, 21:16
I have one personal thing that I shared on my own logs and felt I should put up here too. Not to explain anything really, but because it helps me deal with it and because the community here and fellow hobbyists' opinions matter enough to me to feel that this has a place here too.
I debated with myself whether or not to post this here at all but decided that since the hobby is important to me and I'm sharing that part of my life with this community, then other events in my life can be relevant here too.
A month ago my wife and I lost our 2 year old son unexpectedly after a very brief illness.
We've had a great deal of help and support since, both close family and friends coming to visit, sending good thoughts and best wishes, and we have thus gotten through the first part of these difficult times. We also have a five year old daughter who helps keep us busy and fills the emptiness.
I am now in the process of getting my life back on track, going out to meet people, showing up at work and painting miniatures, when I have the time. Doing normal stuff, just the way I used to, is something I need to do in order to move on, so I'll be trying to update my logs, more or less as I used to.
I did announce the Birth of my son when I jokered in the To40K painters in 2008 and somehow it feels right to include you in this too.
If anyone feels they want to talk about this, either on the forum or in a private message, that's more than welcome, and this is something I can't really pretend doesn't affect everything I do from now on, but I'll also be trying to paticipate in the Tale in a fairly normal and straight forward manner, starting with this months update.

Solun Decius
18-02-2011, 21:17
I think it's good to bring my updates in here a bit late this month as I'm kind of dropping a bomb here, and then next month's thread can just go on as normal (more or less).

OK, so in order to get back into the game I took out some minis I had already primed but had fuzzy primer syndrome. I fixed the primer and began painting the green skin on all of them. I got stuck in painting the Goblin King from Avatars of War and decided to finish that and use as a point base for this month's tale (I was going to put it down as a Warboss (Lord) to get the most points out of it).
I was then approached by my FLGS and asked to participate in the new O&G pre-release display. I've only done the assembly on that but I'm giving myself a bunch of points and I'll take the rest of those points in next month's update.
As a result I can keep taking as little points as possible for the characters, in order to underestimate the points rather than overestimate.

Orcs & Goblins : 2000 Points (MEN)

10 Night Goblin Archers
1 Orc Big Boss w/Great Axe & Light Armor (Goblin King model)

I really like the idea of a Goblin growing powerful (and fat) enough to lead his own army to victory, basically the Grom story. I still need him to have a bit of punch gamewise so I'm playing him as an Orc.

Goblin Archers from BfSP.
Goblin King from Avatars of War.
No conversion and hardly even any assembly.
Oh ... wait! I mean a whole damn lot of assembly!! :D

I managed to paint the Goblin King fairly well but also pretty quickly. The quality takes a minimal hit but I'm happy that I'm able to speed things up a bit. Same colors more or less that I've been using on this army previously.

Scorched Grass on Graveyard Earth.

Night Goblins' teeth and the Goblin King's base.
Might want to fix that NMM on the Axe blade as well. It's just not quite metallic, eh?

Just getting back into the game is a high. This is also really helping me get everything else back on track, so double high!

Night Goblin Archers - 30
Goblin King - Orc Big Boss w/Great Axe & Light Armor - 76
Assembly on Arachnarok Spider - say ... 90 pts?
Total this month: 196



Night Goblin Archers:


Goblin King:


Assembled Arachnarok Spider:



Solun Decius
18-02-2011, 21:17
OK, here are comments I wrote up a few days ago, but wanted to wait until I'd posted my own stuff first.

The Dragon Lord looks striking DeadInTheHead and the red shading looks very good, as does the blue banner. Fleshhounds look suitable bloodthirsty too!
Fanny Crowbar, your painting on the High Elves is really clean and it suits them perfectly. Well done mate.
Great job Ego Ninja finishing such a big piece for this month. The bell looks smooth, the stone parts rough, and the rats suitable filthy. The work load is balanced out by finishing all the points with a single mini on foot in the O&G army but it looks great too!
Hey Braad, I guess that's just about the last we'll see of that style of Savge Boar Boyz. A well executed farewell, eh?
You never cease to amaze Harry, both with great looking minis and shear volume, each month. Stank and Wight King are great and the dragon prince stands out as the model is so alive, but my favorite has to be the NG Giant. It's just all kinds of WIN.
Your dragon prince is wicked cool Emperor Norton with great shading on the blue and pink/purple colors, and the Ogres are super brutal.
Excellent idea on the Slaughtermaster Fabius Bile and I can imagine a lot of work went into that model.
The Sorcerer is cool Rik a Kadrin Kazad and I really like the weapon conversion. The finished model with Matt Varnish also stands out as more perfected than the rest (mainly because of the shine) and it's banner is also nicely done.
Great little units there sssk. Always such character in these special O&G units. Great army shot there of all the white robed NGs.
Great dwarves Purplebeard. I really like the neat little rune drawings on the banners.

@Illuminus79: You've got a neat split scheme there on the horse and the split line is clean. I think you lay the paint on a bit thick and could get great results with more shading, but I really like that little castle painting on the cloth there. The army shot looks excellent too with the bright striking scheme.
That's cool GS work on the Giant's belly coolwhip1 but you're overusing the grey color a bit on the rest of the model... :angel: (btw, great progress on the Gaint PIP).
@Chicken Pig: That BSB is really good. There's character in the helmet and nice details all over.
That Slaughtermaster is fittingly brutal and gory gaarew. Great job finishing all those VC models in a month. They really look good, regardless of the time they took. Definitely finish that army. That first skeleton unit is especially characterful. Heavy washing/dipping just lends itself so well to undead armies. Lazy painting or not, the results are win.
@Paull: Nice bowmen there and excellently bright and colorful Grail Knights. I really love the shading on the blue checker pattern.
That's a pretty impressive model Khorneguy. Some of the paint seems to be a bit thick while other parts could use a second coat. You could maybe look into some different shading techniques and choose colors that mix nicely from shade to highlight. The bloody gore on the base looks excellent though.
Woah Harvey! That's a seriously cool general right there. The sword looks excellent. Great job finishing all those Night Gobbos too. I've still got to get going on those rank and file troops myself.
Aaah, bright and colorful Vaiuri! Well painted too.
You've really got the skills Dark Apostle. The smoothness and richness in the shading is just amazing. For such simple and straightforward units they're just off the charts well done.
Nwo that's what I'm talking about smokemeakipper. Pruple and yellow Night Goblin robes. And I'm the one being accused of burning bright O&Gs...
I'd like bigger photos to look at Sturen but from what I can see that's a cool unit. The ornaments on the lions and that banner look great.

Excellently looking shiny swordmasters there Tonberry. Nothing more to add, I really like your style.
Way to get a hundred points from 6 Night Goblins rorulmesp! They look great too. I’m still just pushing the expensive stuff. Soon enough the load will catch up with me when I have to do the NG troops :D
Great skellies Maglok. and you too juicytomatoes.
Again I wish I could just paint 6 standard sized models and get 100 points. You’ve done it well someone2040.
Nothing wrong with those Dragon Princes Cathexis! The excessive use of gold suits them well :) I really like the mage’s cloak too.
@Brother_Cauthon: Wulfrik is such a characterful model and you’ve done a great job on him. Your reds are really nice on Scyla too.
See Tekore, there’s good effort in painting 25 models to get your points’ worth, unlike us dudes who have it easy with expensive characters. Unit looks great, although I’d have liked to see a bit more effort in making a nice design for that big banner. You’ve got a whole lot of banner space there to test your skills.
Woah @reddevil18! 40 Marauders … nice! Great effort. Look forward to the Sorcerer next month.
Heh, great unit filler Confessor_Atol. Its a nice paint job on the dwarves., all the detail nicely picked out, so they’re very lively and cool.

@Jardain: From what I see the elves look pretty nice, but you’re right about the lighting conditions. Direct sunlight isn’t great, especially when they’re partially in the shade. Good progress on the army though.
A month of characters, eh Lord Shadowheart? They look nice. I can’t wait to se their mounts later on in the Tale. Excellent beastmen too.
Nordlanders look great Wulf. The faces are really well done and the yellow and blue look really good together on the Priest.
Excellent old-style Tzeentch Hatemonger!
Great effort on the Liche Priest jahorin! It’s an impressive model.
@Necrothrall: The Vermin Lord is impressive though it would be cool to differentiate more between different parts of the model. Maybe have the horns in a different color from the skin, and try a smoother style on the face to bring it out more. Keep up the great work though.
Thane looks great perplexity and the LM priest is a great colorful model.

Great effort Rikk on the 400+ pts on the combines armies. The pics are kind of small (and sideways) so it’s hard to give any constructive comments. Hope you can fix the spiders for next month.
Heh, a full months painting, all Nurglings. That’s excellent jason. Nice fix on the 40K/Fantasy bases.
Jeez Jericho. You’re a damn pro! Both with the brushes and the camera. Such amazing character in the handgunner unit.
Great Stank Clobbersaurus! great colors, and excellent spotlight you’ve got going in the photo.

Cool lizardmen Baggers. Would be nice to see you take the shades to a bit deeper and darker colors to up the contrast. Look nice though., and the scheme is cool.

@Fanny Crowbar: Those are really good lizardmen. Good depth in the shading and great transition between colors. I really enjoy looking at them. Good job!
Way to get back into the Tale with a bunch of points Ishivia, but I’m afraid the photos leave something to be desired. I can’t really see the army to comment on it ;)

Great to be back in the Tale! If you want more detailed descriptions of the Big Spider kit, you can check my log. It's my way of giving back to the community :D

18-02-2011, 22:10
Great to be back in the Tale!

Great to have you back.
Thanks for your comments. (and for you painting)
Once again I am so very sorry for your loss.
I hope your continued participation in this tale offers you some small measure of support at such a tough time.

19-02-2011, 03:18

So very sorry to hear about your loss. A friend I grew up with (he was 21) passed away very recently, and the sadness of losing anybody with so much ahead of them is ... simply overwhelming at times. I can only hope that you are finding strength and courage from your friends and loved ones in this tragic time.

You have my very deepest of sympathies, please let us know if there's anything we can do to help in some small way.


19-02-2011, 20:36
@Solun Decius: It is terrible to lose anybody, let alone such a young child. Sorry for your loss. I think that keeping yourself busy is a good thing.

19-02-2011, 21:16
Ok, better late than never, comments for this month.
I'll comment on dice roll 4, next month my aim is to post on time and comment on everyone.

DeadInTheHead: Nice Dragon Lord, I like the red and blue shading. Flesh Hounds look great, I like the black spines, think I'll try that on the horns for my blood letters for next month.

EmperorNorton: Very nice moon dragon (I really do love how GW made that base) and the blue scales are really good.

Daniel36: Great looking Treeman! The Dead Horse on the base looks great, I really like special touches on bases, really brings character and individuality to models.

Harvey: Nice Banner on the BSB - I always bottle out making my own designs - must give it a good sooner or later.

Smokemeakipper: Paint scheme is great and works really well.

Jardain: Very nice colour scheme, the army is coming along nicely.

Rik: Get tour backside into gear and paint up some models to post on time this month :)

@Hatemonger: Good idea, think I will swap scythe for some more wizardy-magical item in the near future.

@Malorian: Yup, both heralds are old GW Epic Greater daemons, Blood Thirster and a Daemon Prince (I've told told it's supposed to be Fulgrim, unsure how true that is).

@DeadInTheHead: Will do an army shot next month :) Been reading few model photography forums so going to work on the background and lighting, hopefully pics will start to improve.

@ Solun Decias: Really sorry to hear of your loss.

20-02-2011, 06:00
Some comments from me to those who have rolled 5's (and one or two others).

@Fanny crowbar. I know your nota 5 but I can’t post comment without saying how striking those elves are. Swordmasters banner especially caught my eye.

@Ego Ninja. That’s a lot of painting for one month. Great to see someone moving up to the mens rather than in the other direction. Bronze on the Bell worked especially well I thought.

@Emperor Norton.
Those maneaters are fantastic. Great minis and you have done them proud. You Ninja ogre ius especially striking. Good job.

Oooo they look great all together. Somehow white seems an unlikely choice for ‘night’ goblins but they do look very sinister all together like that and the shots of the whole, pre tale' army are a splendid sight. Don’t think I have met anyone before who preferred painting big blocks of goblins to a warmachine. :D

Nope never did finish them. Must go back and do that. :D I would go with blue because I like tight schemes with armies. But then again you might want your centerpeice unit to stand out from the croed. OR best fo both worlds … blue for middenhiem with red trim as a nod to Sigmar.

@Coolwhip. Good work on the giant. Look forward to seeing him done.

@Gaarew 100 models in a month is good going at any standard but those look great. Can’t believ that is just one colour and wash. The skeletons and the wraiths especially look amazing. Great work.

@Paall Archers look great. Suitably muted and peasant like. However the heraldry on those knights is simply amazing. I not sure I would even attempt something that complicated. Very nicely done.

@Harvey. That Vampire looks great. Makes a perfect abyssal terror … and nicely painted too. Basing is great. Makes a fine centrepiece for the army.

@Dark Apostle. More of the same shi……only joking. I think we both know what I think of your painting. Beautifully clean and crisp as ever. Work on the faces is magnificent.

@Maglok They may have teken a while but it was well worth it. They llok great and really starting to come together as an army.

@Cathexis Wowsers the armour on those dragon Warriors looks fantastic. What a great looking centrepiece unit they are going to make for your army in a block of 10. Very well done.

@Mathrin Cauthon. Wulfric looks great. Complicated model. Bugger to paint. Nice classic Scyla too.

Dark Apostle
20-02-2011, 09:18
Comments for those who rolled a 5:

@Ego Ninja: Great metalics on the bell! Overall very solid, if I were to suggest any improvement it would be to add some colour to the stone, shading with some blue/green/brown to add extra depth to the grey.

@Harry: I already commented on the stank in your plog, but I will say it again – really beautiful, I don’t think you need to be dissatisfied with the chimney. And even though it’s not as big or detailed as the newer plastic version, it still has that old-school charm that brings back fond memories from my early days in the hobby.
The giant looks great too, despite being mostly grey – the hood is a nice addition, ties it in real good with the NG theme
Looking at your wight king I’m struck with the results you get with drybrushing. It’s a technique I shun because it often yields a quite crude result, effective for tabletop level painting, but not so much when aiming higher. You (almost) convince me to reconsider my opinion on drybrushing.

@EmperorNorton: Brutal! I like the rust on the weapons, and the converted Slaughter Master is awesome (and somehow funny). If anything, I would tone down the bases, the warm brown colour distracts somewhat from the minis.

@sssk: It’s a bit hard to judge from the small pics, but the experiment with different undercoats/washes on the squig herd seems to have turned out great.

@coolwhip1: Nice gut-mouth. The PIP looks great, looking forward to see the finished model next month

@gareew: 100 minis in one month? I don’t even know where to start for a comment on that… Not sold on the mantic line, but the paint job is really nice, especially the ethereal look on the wraiths.

@Paull: You marked “thinking up freehand designs” for the knights as a low – I think they came out as a high as far as results go. I like the peasants too, even though you obviously didn’t put as much effort into each individual bowman as in the knights. Only the very visible mould lines put them down.

@Khorneguy: Good use of the Lilith model.

@Harvey: The red/purple is a really striking (and somewhat nauseating) combination! Not bad for a first attempt on the NMM either

@Maglok: Looks good, nice basing and freehand on the banner.

@Cathexis: Great bronze, I like the red tint it has. The only thing I don’t like is the bases, they seem a bit rushed.

@Matrin_Cauthon: Always nice to see some old goodies surfacing from time to time – I remember thinking that scyla was a really great model when it first came out. Great painting all around, with special mention to the vibrant reds. The green tongue is a nice touch of old school in combination with the red scales!

Solun Decius
20-02-2011, 10:39
Thank you guys! Harry, Jericho, Purplebeard, Rikk, thank you for the kind words. It really makes a difference.

I have a little WIP shot here for this month's painting:


Well, at least of this month's priming :)

I've started painting the spiders and goblins on the base, to test a scheme for the spider, and just to start somewhere (somewhere small!).
I'll try to post a WIP for critics when the base is finished, before I apply the scheme to the big spider.

20-02-2011, 16:37
Hey Solun Decius, so sorry to hear of your loss mate.

It's good to see you posting in here again.

Kia kaha! (is Maori for stand strong)

20-02-2011, 16:59
First @ Solun: Very sad to hear about your loss. Losing a child isn't something I can really comprehend, but at least I can give you my sympathies and hopeful wishes for the future. Really, I am at a loss for what to say, but hopefully this community can help ease the pain even just a little.

So...my entry for this month. It's very late. I was very near finished with what I had planned for February, when both of my jobs got unexpectedly demanding of my time. I missed a birthday in there somewhere, but I've finally had a day to paint, so here are my offerings.

Orcs: Got 6 really ancient boarboys painted up, plus my BSB. I have no idea how many points that is once the new O+G book comes out next month, but for now its ~236 points.

The painting is fairly standard basic colors+minwax for the boars and normal highlighting and shading for the Battle Standard bearer. The BSB's banner is made from trophies from all of my Warhammer armies, so that was kinda fun to do.

Total points is 796 (four points shy of buying back a joker!)





And a sneak peak of what I am working on for next month. I bought the spider way back after halloween for a dollar, expecting GW's Arachnarok to suck. Unfortunately, the GW one is amazing! Still, can't justify the expense for it at this time, so I'll have to add the real model later ;).


20-02-2011, 16:59
For my High-elves, I have to play a joker :(

As everyone knows (ok, maybe not everyone), I was going to use Wargames Factory Amazons to build the army when they were released. Well, I don't think they ever will be released with the insanity surrounding WF, so I am starting to sculpt my own. (This was done in early January, haven't had time to touch it since). I'm going to sculpt the bits for a multi-piece set and then cast them in resin to build the army. So far I have the basic chest-plate done that will be cast so I can make 4 more variations before the final mold is made. I also have the start of 5 pairs of legs on the go. I sculpted a test-pair of legs, but they came out a little too large. These won't. It'll take a while to get the sculpting done, but luckily I have some models lying around to fill in the gaps to avoid playing too many jokers.



20-02-2011, 20:33
Firstly, thanks to everyone who has commented on my High Elves, thanks for the support!

My turn for some long overdue comments (going to just comment on everyone so far as I'm guilty of not always commenting!)

Page 1

DeadinTheHead - (High Elf) -Cool Dragon lord, can't wait to see him atop the dragon next month! (Daemons) - very nice work with the red, the shading is done nicely and works well on the hounds.

Fanny Crowbar - I really like the colour scheme on these guys, very clean and crisp and original. Excellent job on the PG banner also, the blue flames look exquisite!

Ego Ninja - That is one awesome Screaming Bell! The colouring on the stone-work is excellent and the colours throughout contrast very well, the army looks great so far! Nice orc also!

Braad - wow, epic wyvern. the scales and the skin, particularly on the wings looks really good. Strong paint job!

Harry - I always look forward to seeing your work each month. The Steam tank hasn't disappointed, once again, another great paint job.

Fabius Bile - Interesting model and I like the background, predessors flayed skin? nice!! very fitting for the character.

Harry - Again, another great paint job. I like the use of greys to add depth to the outfit. The skin depth is also very neat.

Emperor Norton - Fantastic use/choice of colours. I particularly like the wings, the hint of cream/bone colour against the white and blue is great.

Harry - Vampire counts - How do you find time to paint all these things and paint them all to such a high standard?! The gown stands out for me on this one, overall - another great paint job (keep saying that, but it's true!)

Rik a Kadrin Kazad - I like the red cloak, nice depth and blending here!

Harry (HE!) - Your High Elves are my favourite of your work (I may be biased) the rider is painted very well and looks great atop the epic dragon.

sssk - cool squigs! The skin tones on the gobbos looks great! The army looks like it's coming together nicely!

Purplebeard - The banner work is great and the colour choices is appealing to the eye.

Page 2

Illuminus79 - nice freehand on the horse!

ChickenPig - I like the white helm, gives it contrast and makes it stand out!

Daniel36 - Nice Treeman, the wood looks really good, was it drybrushing? it's nice.

Gaarew - That's one bloody ogre, just the way they should be! nice one. The Wight King BSB banner looks horrifying! perfect. The zombies and wraiths are excellent, keep up the good work.

Paull - well I think it's been said many times already, but the freehand work is exceptional! I have had the pleasure of seeing some of these up close and the detail is incredible. Can't wait to see your general painted up. I look forward to adding the peasants to the dead pile in our next game! Another great paint job.

Khorneguy - Cool model, I'd maybe suggest using some washes on her hair and face to add a little bit more detail.

Harvey - I really like that model and the colourscheme is simple but effective, it looks great. that's a lot of gobbos.. I don't envy paintign that many, but well done for sticking at it, that many models in a unit all painted up looks really good and must be satisfying to complete.

Vaiuri - I agree the mortar is very good. I like your colour schemes (borrowed your dragon princes colours this month) and the colours used for your Empire are equally as good.

Dark Apostle - nice Crossbowmen, statemen may not be fun to paint but think how satisfying it will be when they're all complete as a unit!

Smokemeakipper - the banner made me smile, it's like a dead one of them.. :)

Sturen - Nice chariot, it's given me some ideas for when I get round to painting mine.

Right, going to stop for now and start the comments from page 3 tomorrow...

20-02-2011, 21:03
To Solun Decius,
I know it's not much, but I too want to give you my condolences. Reading your post has brought some tears in my eyes, but I have to say I find it a brave thing for you to share this loss with us.

For all the nagging some people feel is going on here, I truly feel part of a very special community. We all share the same love for a hobby, but through that love we feel safe enough to share some other things with each other as well. I can honestly say I have already made some very special friends here at Warseer, and I feel that I will make more in due time.

So for what it's worth, my thoughts and prayers go out to you, Solun.

My wife and I are expecting our first child, and I am already overprotective. We don't even know yet what it will be, but I can already feel the pain in my heart if I think about having to lose him or her, especially at such an age.

Solun Decius
20-02-2011, 22:24
@perplexiti: Thank you very much, it means a lot.
On a side note, kaha is also the first two letter of my first name and surname (real ones) put together, and has kind of stuck with me as a login name for the last decade. Now I know it also means strength in Maori. Interesting...

@SamVimes: Thank you very much. It really is hard to comprehend, even when it happens to you, and there is nothing to say that makes it right. Just the kind words and being with good people make all the difference though. So again, thanks.

@Daniel36: Thank you Daniel. Continuing my participation in this community really helps and the camaraderie here in the modeling/painting forums is really great (the nagging mainly goes on in the rules forums).
We're actually expecting our third child in less than two months so this whole thing really goes from one end of the spectrum to the other. All good news and happy events are a welcome addition though, so it's something to look forward to, even under these circumstances.

Allright, I've got a bit of painting done so if you'd all be so kind as to put on your critic's hats...


So that's the base painted.
This is pretty important to me, being the first time I've been asked to paint a pre-release display piece, so I want it to be awesome. I've tried out the scheme on the spider rider and all the tiny spiders. Obviously the Arachnarok is much bigger so the transitions will be longer, and darker/brighter with more depth (and hopefully smoother too). Other than that, these are the colors I'll be using, so I was hoping someone would comment on whether it looks right. Basically the back part of the whole spider would be black but with yellow patches on the back and a big part of the back actually bright yellow, with very strong contrasts between the black and the yellow, much like types of Micrathena (arrow shaped spider and more). The front legs will then have this red-to-yellow transition and the head will be a variation on that as well.

21-02-2011, 00:50
@Solun Decius: I feel a great sadness in my heart that I do not know how to express. I am very sorry to hear about your loss.

On the hobby note: The painting on the spiders is looking very good! I really like your technicolor goblins (read your plog from a long time ago) and this one looks very promising. Cant' wait to see how you paint the huge spider.

21-02-2011, 16:37
@ Solun Decius: I'll admit to being somewhat lost as to what comfort I can offer you in this tough time, but am quite humbled you wish to share it with us here. I havent been on Warseer as long as some of the Vets in these threads, but we're all human beings behind the screens (and brushes!) and you are right that that sence of community here is great! I think sharing the things that hurt you make the healing that much faster, my thoughts are with you and your family. I certainly look forward to hearing your happy news in 2 months time!

Now, to your colour scheme! Its great! I love the red/yellow legs and like the idea of seeing that on the face too. I notice on the spider-rider the face is quite dark, are you going to keep the red for the big fella or bring that up brighter/yellow too?

Finally, what colour do you plan to do the big ones eyes?

21-02-2011, 18:38
Just getting back into the game is a high. This is also really helping me get everything else back on track, so double high!

My condolences to you and your family. May you all find the strength to get through these hard times.

Good to see you getting things back on track. Just getting down to painting helped me through some difficult times, I really hope it does the same for you.

And don't you worry about jokers, points or whatever if you don't feel like painting for some time, you're in this tale 'till the finish line. It's the least we can do.

And the spider... Awesome!

Hey Braad, I guess that's just about the last we'll see of that style of Savge Boar Boyz. A well executed farewell, eh?

Indeed one of my main motives to get these done. Ready for when the next bunch comes along!

Braad - wow, epic wyvern. the scales and the skin, particularly on the wings looks really good. Strong paint job!

Now I need to finish that rider... painting energy is currently low... so much other stuff to do. 50% done though. DOH! Just one week to go. Why is february so short?

21-02-2011, 18:41
How did you get an Arachnarok spider so early?!?

Sorry for your loss!

Solun Decius
21-02-2011, 20:03
@juicytomatoes: Thank you very much! I guess I'll tone the technicolor down a bit on the big spider as it's not only for my army, but for display at the Game Store and has to be a bit more generic.

@Vaiuri: Thank you for the kind words. It means a lot to me.
I'm glad you like the scheme and hope it translates well onto the big one. I mean to have the eyes black, but highlight them to look shiny. I'll also add white spot highlights to the "little" one to make the eyes pop a bit.

@Braad: Thank you very much! I think the Tale will help me keep motivated and in the end I'll feel better about myself as a result. It's stuff that I can do in the privacy of my own home, but still get the social benefits from here :D

@Arduhn: Thank you! The spider is from a pre-release box that my local Game Store got from GW. I was asked to paint it up so that it can be on display when the actual release comes.

I've begun painting the forest goblin crew now. Nothing worth photographing but progress is being made.

21-02-2011, 21:58
So far I have neglected giving comments, for which I am very sorry. The last couple of months were rather stressful. And somehow I still haven't learned to write my comments down as entries trickle in, instead of trying to do them all in one sitting.
Anyway, comments for everyone and answers to everybody who commented on my stuff:

@DeadInTheHead: Dragon Lords carrying axes are the best! The shading on the red is indeed nice. Can't wait to see the Dragon.
The Fleshhounds are nice, too, especially the membranes.

@Fanny Crowbar: So very clean and bright, very High Elfy. The turquoise is very striking, I like that. A fantastic colour scheme.

@Ego Ninja: Oooh, Quality Street. Can't seem to get those around here anymore. Quality painting, too. Everytime I see your Skaven I want to immediately start painting mine.
The weathering on your Warboss's armor is very well done.

@Braad: Great job with the warpaint.

@Harry: The base for your Steamtank looks very realistic. One can only hope the tank doesn't tip over if the wheel should hit that big rock.

@Fabius Bile: Now that's what I call gruesome, blood flying everywhere. Very fitting for a Slaughtermaster. Cool armyshot, too. That giant of yours is truly gigantic.

@Harry, again: It's almost blasphemy converting that particular Giant, but then again it's not if the conversion is done this well. It's a fun idea and looks wonderful.
The Wight King looks great as well, I especially like his robe and "scarf".

@Rik a Kadrin Kazad: Cool conversion, that scythe is too great a piece not to use it.

@Harry, yet again: You know I actually waited a month to finish my dragon so it wouldn't have to stand the direct comparison to yours? Foiled again...

@sssk: Your Squigs seem so happy, with that big grin of theirs. Your armyshot exemplifies why I dread painting my own Gobbos...there's so many of them! Kudos for keeping up with that.

@Purplebeard: It's always nice seeing minis I've never seen before, even more so when they are as nicely painted. The banner is really striking.

@Illuminus79: Cool idea to have all eight colours of magic represented on your wizard.

@coolwhip1: Nice conversion. The skin colour looks very natural, especially the lip.

@Chicken Pig: I might have to steal that idea for a standard. Good combination of bitz from different kits.

@Daniel36: Too bad one can barely see the owl in the picture. The bark and the basing look very natural.

@gaarew: The blood on your Slaughtermaster looks very realistic - how did you do that?
Your undead are simply amazing, but I've already said that in your thread.

@Paull: Your Grail Knights are beautiful. Amazing that you put so much effort into the details.

@Khorneguy: Cool Conversion, nice to see Lelith come to Fantasy.

@Harvey: Looks great, I like the details on the base. Have you considered adding some reins to give the vampire something to hold onto?
Congrats on finishing so many Nightgoblins. I hope they haven't driven you insane. That armyshot is awesome.

@Vaiuri: Nice verdigris. The brown horse looks great, especially the hooves and the part above the hooves (there probably is a term for that, but I don't know it).

@Dark Apostle: I so envy your ability to paint woodgrain.

@smokemeakipper: Interesting colour scheme. I like the purple a lot.

@Sturen: From what I can make out your chariot looks great, but regrettably the pictures are very small.

@Tonberry: The gemstones are very well done, good job.

@rorulmesp: Nice Fanatics. The plastic ones aren't great sculpts, but your painting makes them look good.

@Maglok: The red looks good, are you sure it's as easy to paint as you describe? Painting the spear shafts purple is an interesting choice.

@someone2040: Did you find the Shadow Warriors difficult to paint? I had some trouble getting mine done, there are so many details. Either way, they are worth the effort.

@juicytomatoes: Fairly sure I told you that already, but your skellingtons look nice.

@Cathexis: Why in the world do you count that freehand banner as a low? It's fantastic! Those Dragon Princes are superb.

@Matrim_Cauthon: Glad (and a bit surprised) to read you enjoyed painting Wulfrik. There's just so much stuff on him, I'm a bit afraid of painting him.

@Tekore: The face paint looks nice. Poor Ogre who lost his head for that standard.

@Rutgar's daughter: Good effort, keep practicing.

@reddevil18: Your Marauders look very khorney, in the best possible way.

@Confessor_Atol: A flying Dwarf. Now I've seen it all. Very creative idea for a unit filler.

@Jardain: I wish my High Elf army was that big already. The White Lions are cool, those are the plastic minis, right?

@Lord Shadowheart: I like the red leather on your Wargor.

@Wulf: It's always nice to see Gui le Gros and that's a priest I wouldn't mind having a drink with. His nose is top notch.

@Hatemonger: That Herald is a very cool conversion.

@jahorin: Now that's a centerpiece for your army.

@Necrotrall: Good job on the horns.

@perplexiti: I painted that Skink Shaman once to be used as a Blood Bowl coach. Not an easy piece to paint, because there are so many details. You've done a good job in not making him look too busy.

@Rikk: Cool Heralds. How old are those minis?

@jason: Good solution for the bases. Have you considered using gloss varnish to make your Nurglings look a bit slimy?

@Jericho: That champion looks very cool. Great shading on the black.

@Clobbersaurus: I hated building the metal Steam Tank, too. Looks good, though, worth the effort.

@Baggers: I like the earth color for the skin, definitely more natural than bright blue.

@Fanny Crowbar: Same as Baggers above, I like the natural skin colour a lot.

@Ishiva: Regrettably I can't make out much in the pictures. What's that green thing? Looks interesting.

@Solun Decius: I'm not sure what I could write that doesn't sound hollow, but please believe me that I am very sorry for your loss. And I think it is great you have the strength you are showing. Nice job on the Avatars of War Goblin and a great start on the Arachnarok.

@Sam Vines: Cool banner. I recognize some cloaks from the Empire Knightly Orders kit, but where are those other bitz from? Looking forward to seeing what you do with that spider. Very ambitious to start sculpting your own Amazons, too.

@ Emp Norton-- Nice looking dragon, I like the addition of the purple to the model, love the maneaters. Some of the best models GW makes. Great conversion work on the butcher. the cow is a nice touch and the arm looks suprisingly natural.
Very kind of you to say so. The arm is a bit big, but I like the idea with the cow.

@EmperorNorton: I am not a real big lover of the ogre models myself, but they do take a lot of effort to paint. They all look nicely detailed and colorful. The first pictures are a bit over-flashed and the later ones are underlit, so can't be entirely sure, but looks like a good job.

I hope that with springtime coming around I'll be able to take some better pictures. Daylight seems to be the only way for me to get some decent shots.

Emperor Norton: Nice Dragon, for some reason I really like the shield?!
Thanks. I actually made a mistake with the shield, painting the dragon blue, although all the gems are also blue. But I think it worked out okay.

@EmperorNorton: I like the off-white color on the dragon, and the Maneaters with their individual brands of bad-assery.

Thank you, I'm quite fond of the off-white myself.

@Emperor Norton - nice neat Maneaters, especially the Pirate.
Thank you.

EmperorNorton – Now this, I was very surprised at. If you’d said to me “it’s a white and blue dragon, with some bright pink bits” I would probably have said “oh yes? And how long before that ends up at the bottom of a box, forgotten”. But the way you’ve done the colours, it really works, and the three contrasting colours look great together. Does look a little scary for my liking though... I’ll just quietly align the spear chukkas (which don’t exist yet).....
A dragon should look scary, right? Even if it's wearing pink. It'd be an honour to have your Gobbos chuck some spears at it.

EmperorNorton (again) – I often considered getting myself some man eaters, just to paint up (particularly the pirate one), I think they’re really the pinnacle of models in the ogre range. You’ve done them proud at that. I have to say, top marks go to those piratical stripy trousers. As for the butcher, as I said earlier (in response to Fabius Bile’s work), I’m not awfully keen on the ogre butcher model. Your conversion however, is fairly simple, and amazingly effective. I find it amusing seeing where the cow from the giant kit will turn up next.
I'm not a fan of the Butcher model myself. I will have one in my army, but I certainly did not want more than one. If you're getting a Maneater just for painting, the pirate one definitely is the way to go. Probably the best model in the ogre range.

@EmperorNorton: Really well done with that dragon, those maneaters are fantstic mate! Very nicely done. Nice use of the cow with the slaughtermaster too, you're right the arm looks a little funny, but it's certainly not very bad.
Thanks. Without the Tale I probably wouldn't even have tried converting the Slaughtermaster, so even if it's not perfect, the attempt alone is progress for me.

@EmperorNorton: striking dragon! love how the pink stands out on the shield and reins. great centrepiece model. Love the maneaters too! and like many before have mentioned the ogre with the cow is a brilliant conversion, made me chuckle when i saw it, simple and very effective
Thank you. The conversion wasn't really meant to be humorous. I envisioned it being a lot more bloody, but I shied away from trying to split open that cow.

EmperorNorton - The Dragon looks great. Really loving the Man-Eaters and the converted Butcher.
Many thanks!

EmperorNorton: Your color scheme is starting to grow on me more with that dragon.
Good to hear.

EmperorNorton: Once you have an entire army of Elves, it is going to look SICK on the Battlefield. Very nice centerpiece you have here.
I hope you mean sick in a good way...

@EmporerNorton - Great Dragon and Rider, can you give me a quick guide to how you did the wing membranes ? That's kind of how I want mine to be.
To the best of my recollection the membranes were painted with Vallejo Bone White, then drybrushed with Vallejo Off White and finally washed with a heavily watered down Gryphon Sepia.

Your dragon prince is wicked cool Emperor Norton with great shading on the blue and pink/purple colors, and the Ogres are super brutal.
Thank you, kind sir.

EmperorNorton: Very nice moon dragon (I really do love how GW made that base) and the blue scales are really good.

Thanks. To be honest I'm not really a fan of the base myself, especially since it was pointed out to me that it looks like the dragon is tripping over the rock.

@Emperor Norton.
Those maneaters are fantastic. Great minis and you have done them proud. You Ninja ogre ius especially striking. Good job.

Thanks, Harry.

@EmperorNorton: Brutal! I like the rust on the weapons, and the converted Slaughter Master is awesome (and somehow funny). If anything, I would tone down the bases, the warm brown colour distracts somewhat from the minis.
Yeah, I'm not quite happy with the bases. For the next month's entry I've tried toning them down a bit with a light Bone White drybrush, but that doesn't seem to be doing the trick either.

EmperorNorton: love the maneaters, paint v well too, the ninja is cool. The butcher conversion is great too.
Thank you.

Emperor Norton - Fantastic use/choice of colours. I particularly like the wings, the hint of cream/bone colour against the white and blue is great.
Thanks, glad to hear it worked as I intended.

22-02-2011, 04:38
Solun, I have a two year old and can't imagine what you must be going through. My sincerest condolences.

22-02-2011, 07:27
I'll be uploading new pictures soonish (today or tomorrow) of the individual units (closeups)

22-02-2011, 11:48

Sorry to hear of your loss, i lost my 18 year old son in a car accident 2 years ago i know that the sense of community that these forums give, can help a lot. I wish i knew about them earlier. I took up this hobby to get through the long winter evenings and nights when i am ofter at my lowest ebb.

I look forward to seeing your posts. I hope to join soon as soon as i finished constructing a large amount of outstanding bretonnians.

If you need an listener feel free to pm me anytime.

Fabius Bile
22-02-2011, 12:20
Ok, time for a few replies to comments made:

@Hatemonger - Thanks for that - though not all my bases have that much work put into them, just special characters mainly.

@SSSK - the blood effect I was aiming for, was to try and convey that the butcher gets a bit overenthusiastic with his cleaver, and gets splattered a lot.

@Perplexiti - Thanks a lot, yes, "bloody" is the theme of the army!

@Paull - Thanks - your Brettonians are amazing, making me want to paint some next tale, though I'd favour the muted pallete a la Kingdom of Heaven.

@Someone2040 - Each to their own I guess, believe it or not, after I stripped and repainted the butcher, I actually toned down the amount of blood from my previous effort lol.

@Malorian - I take your point, but blood splats is what I was aiming for, to indicate how busy this butcher is.

@Smokemeakipper - You know what they say about Ogres and their personal hygiene!

@Solun Decius - Thanks for the comment, I can't begin to imagine what you and your wife are going through right now, but you must be strong for each other. It was a hell of a brave thing for you to share that with the forum, and I'm sure we all wish you well, and send our heartfelt condolences. The spider looks amazing btw, I can't wait to see the finished item.

@Cathexis - Thanks a lot, it's details like that that keep it interesting.

@EmperorNorton - At last! Someone actually gets what I was trying to achieve here! Thanks a lot!

22-02-2011, 15:57
Here's some more close-up pictures of the army :)

From left to right:
Bulls + Tyrant
Yhetees (as an excuse to include River Trolls :P)


22-02-2011, 19:30
Replies to other 6's:

Braad: I love the blue bits on your board boys, especially the mohawk! The wyvern (and this is gonna sound really stupid...) I think is too green. yup, that sounded stupid :shifty: Now bear with me on this! I think its the wings, they just look like a giant slab of green and its losing a lot of the impact of the model as a whole. Maybe darken the wing membranes or make them a bit paler?

Fabius Bile: I really like the purple skin tone on your ogres, really makes them stand apart from other armies! I think I may have said this before, but the blood effect you're using is looking a bit pink when you get it on the minis - try adding a bit of rusty orange, purple and green to get it looking more visceral. I base mine on a brown ink or wash, then add a bit of Red Gore, Liche Purple and green ink, then thin it down and dab where I want to build up layers. This method does take a while though, building it up gradually, so if you're on a deadline this might not be the method for you :D

Rik a KK: Good job on that sorcerer, hes really come together well from last month! With your glow effect, maybe darken it back down with a blue wash, then try a much finer line of the pale blue around the eyes?

Hatemonger: Thats one jazzy old school horror unit, I love it! I like how you've mixed up the pink and blue horrors rather than just going for one colour, quite a clash, just the way Tzeenth would like it ^^

perplexiti: I have to say I love the old models too, but I fear your Lord looks a little lost next to all his fellows :( Perhaps add a bit of colour to him somewhere? Maybe althernate feathers on his helm, or paint the beard a different colour? Your skink, on the other hand, is very colourful character! I like his bright eyes and the feathers in his crest, all ties together very well.


Paull: Those grail knights are a work of art, its paint jobs like yours that make me want to collect a Brettonian army!

Dark Apostle: I thought I was doing a good job on my state troops, then I saw yours ^^ I love your clean painting style, really beautiful work, I'm hoping you keep chipping away at those state troops, its giving me a lot of motivation to get my own done seeing yours in all their glory!

Cathexis: Glad I ould inspire you to do some painting :D I never got round to doing any freehand on my banner though ./shame How did you decide what you wanted to do on yours?


A big thanks to everyone who's taken the time to reply to my work so far, I'm going though a bit of a dry spot painting wise, so seeing all your feedback really helps me get stuff done :)

22-02-2011, 20:38
perplexiti: I have to say I love the old models too, but I fear your Lord looks a little lost next to all his fellows :( Perhaps add a bit of colour to him somewhere? Maybe althernate feathers on his helm, or paint the beard a different colour? Your skink, on the other hand, is very colourful character! I like his bright eyes and the feathers in his crest, all ties together very well.

Hey, thanks for that. I was thinking a bit about him the other day, my friend is playing as my Dwarfs at the mo, I'm using his beasts, kind of to prove to him that they're not that bad 3 and 1 so far!! :D

He used him as the general and I was thinking about painting his beard a different colour, just not sure if I should, or which colour to go for.

23-02-2011, 01:17
@someone2040: Did you find the Shadow Warriors difficult to paint? I had some trouble getting mine done, there are so many details. Either way, they are worth the effort.
Surprisingly, I didn't find them that difficult to paint in the end.
I think it's a combination of
A) there weren't many of them, so the end was in sight as soon as I had started.
B) I started painting them mid-way through painting my Sea Guard, so they were a breath of fresh air to what I was painting before.
So painting them went relatively smoothly, with a little hiccup between getting the main colours done and the small details (I always find small details a drag and demotivates me until I actually do them, and they go along smoothly).

23-02-2011, 08:17
@smokemeakipper - thanks.

@Solun Decius - You probably don't realise your doing it, but your bravery is an inspiration to all the community. And I'm not just saying that because you were nice about my paint jobs :)

As for your work, good looking spiders, and I really love the striking colours on the Gobbos (I love that AoW Goblin King).

@Rikk - I was thinking of doing that on the horns of my bloodletters from LAST month :shifty:

@Cathexis - Thanks, I hoep to see my Lord on the Dragon next month too, though it isn't looking too promising, I've had a very lazy month for painting fantasy.

@EmperorNorton - well the lance + banner went to a silver helm, and the greatsword went to a spare IoB standard bearer (see month 2), so that pretty much only left the Axe for my lord... but I agree, it is cool, and thanks for the comments on the hounds. AND thanks once again for the tips on dragon wings.

Solun Decius
23-02-2011, 10:38
@EmperorNorton: Thank you very much. I appreciate the kind words.
@Clobbersaurus: Thank you. News like this really hit people with young children differently too.
@Icestone: Thank you very much. Yeah, it's nice to have a purpose and something to focus on in the evenings, and sometimes in the early morning when it's hard to sleep. Thank you very much for the offer.
@Fabius Bile: Thanks. Yes it's important for us, and our extended family, to be close now, and we're lucky with how much we can all be there for one another.
@DeadInTheHead: Thank you! As I see it I'm taking strenght from the community, but as these things go it usually goes both ways.

OK, since I'm replying I should at the very least add a little status update.
I've done all the major base coats on the Howdah and a little bit of ink washing for quick shades on certain things. I'll be having a good freind over for a hobby session tonight and that usually helps in keeping focused, as well as being more fun. I'm confident I'll finish main colors and shades, and hopefully wood and bone parts built up to full highlights too.
Big spider is still in it's primed state. Probably won't touch it until the weekend.

23-02-2011, 20:40
I think its the wings, they just look like a giant slab of green and its losing a lot of the impact of the model as a whole. Maybe darken the wing membranes or make them a bit paler?

Well, I can understand the feeling. Problem is, if I do one wyvern, I have to do all of them...

24-02-2011, 04:36

I have not the words. I intended to keep up on comments for this thread, and just thinking about this has derailed me three times already, and I'll confess to going up and checking on my own little ones after reading your post. I have one who is going on 2, and another going on 5, so it hit a little close to home. And that's just reading about it, I can scarcely imagine the reality. I think you have the right idea about trying to get back into things.

On that note, let me try to be somewhat more helpful on-topic.

I do like the effect of the orange fade on the black. I think my main concern would be with the much larger areas of black, and how to keep them interesting. With the small ones, you can paint the bright front legs and somewhat ignore the rest, but on the bigger model, I think you may need more. Maybe some subtle color on other parts, like a deep red at the edges of the plates, or up the center of the thorax/abdomen.

I'll be having a good freind over for a hobby session tonight and that usually helps in keeping focused, as well as being more fun.
That's interesting, because I usually find the opposite is true. The focusing, that is. It seems we're always distracted by other things, like complaining about rules and pouring another beer. ;)

- H8

24-02-2011, 15:41
Going to have to throw a jokey in for this month, I am afraid :(

24-02-2011, 20:11
Hey all! Man its some serious armybuilding in here and some of the minis are really sweet! Good job everyone!

Ok so I have a question really.. What if i want to finish 3000 points instead? or more? Or if i do not have a certain point set? My goal is to finish a large army (pointswise) until the end of this tale and I will see where i land. Especially chaos characters costs alot of points hehe..

Manly Men?


Solun Decius
25-02-2011, 09:08
Thank you for the kind words. You're right to check on them, they're totally worth it :)
Regarding the spider then you're right and I have thought about those big black parts. I don't know if it shows but I put a bit of deep red on the bottom of the abdomen on the regular spider and I intend to do that to the big one too, as there is a lot of detail under it. However, on GW's website, one of the showcase spiders is completely black all over, apart from the head, and it actually works, just by drawing the outlines nicely with sharp highlights. Also I will have the yellow areas/patterns on the back, so it's just the big hind legs that will be completely black and featureless. If they become dull that way, I could add some yellow patterning to them too.

That's interesting, because I usually find the opposite is true. The focusing, that is. It seems we're always distracted by other things, like complaining about rules and pouring another beer. ;)
OK, you're right. Maybe not the best focus, but it keeps me at the table, which in turn means I'm painting. My main problem is not the painting speed, but rather getting distracted and standing up to do something else :D

26-02-2011, 09:46
Hey all! Man its some serious armybuilding in here and some of the minis are really sweet! Good job everyone!

Ok so I have a question really.. What if i want to finish 3000 points instead? or more? Or if i do not have a certain point set? My goal is to finish a large army (pointswise) until the end of this tale and I will see where i land. Especially chaos characters costs alot of points hehe..

Manly Men?


Just do it!

Though 4000 would be better...

Shadow Fall
26-02-2011, 18:12
I was wondering if i could be resurrected as real life has been in the way for the past few months. To make up for the points i missed:

Necromancer on Corpse Cart with Unholy Loadstone: 185pts

Varghulf: 175pts

5 Black Knights (only 3 are pictured): 225pts
Next month i will attach a picture of all 5

This months painting will be my lord and so is spread out over two months points values.

This should also buy me back my two jokers


26-02-2011, 19:28
@Shadow Fall: great to see someone coming back in. Hurrah!

Everyone else - comments tomorrow!

27-02-2011, 17:09
Time for comments. I like to leave it until the end of the month, to give everyone the best chance of getting stuff submitted.


DeadInTheHead (HE) - Nice and bright. I like him.
Braad (O&G) - Good, mean looking Wyvern and Orcs. The wall is a clever inclusion and hints at the scale of the beast.
Rik a Kadrin Kazad (Chaos Warriors) - Love the freaky colours.

Illuminus79 (Empire) - You have a nice army shaping up there. You've got quite a lot into your first 927 points. I counted, you've finished 3 times as many figures as me (18 so far). And I spent more points (931)
gaarew (OK & Undead) - That Ogre Slaughtermaster is creepy and look pretty badass. You need a proper army shot for next month, I think. As for the Undead, congratulations on finishing nearly a full army. I have slowly come around to Mantic. I think their Dwarves are **** (except the characters) but the Undead sculpts are great, and you really do them justice. Are you going to round them up to 2000pts? :)
Harvey(Undead) - Excellent choice of model - the Wyrm is animated and fearsome, and just a little bit understated, it doesn't have the comic look that GW often used to get with their dragons. Purple is a great colour choice too, it will really stand out on the battlefield.
Sturen (HE) - The Lion Chariot looks good from what I can tell - we need some proper pics when you can!

rorulmesp (O&G) - Great stuff keep going.
Frgt/10 - NO! Not another dropout :(
Tekore - Good. A proper finished unit - you restore my faith in TOFP.

Lord Shadowheart (HE) - Hmm - interesting. The dark colours seem to work.
jahorin (TK) - Nice figure. Did you get bored painting all those skeletons? :)


Wulf (Empire) - Lovely drunkards. I see that you are encouraging sobriety with that beer wagon too ;)

Fanny Crowbar (Lizardmen) - One of my favourite armies in the TOFP so far. Your painjobs are really something, and you don't fall into the easy trap of going OTT on the skin.
Solun Decius (O&G) - Wow that thing is colossal! :O

Solun Decius (O&G) - Nice spiders.

And other random ones:
Harry (Undead) - Very nice Liche King. You took him in a totally different direction to the way I did mine, and its interesting to see.
perplexiti (Dwarves) Good to see. Great Lord there. You have quite a horde coming on!
Fanny Crowbar (Lizardmen) Excellent project, excellent execution.
Cathexis (HE) - great Dragon Princes.
SamVimes (O&G) - I like your Boarboyz. I have a load of those waiting for paint.

Replies to comments:

@Hatemonger: Hehe - oh there are more angry women to come! I'm currently working on a very angry Dwarven Queen!
@sssk: Thanks, I like to mix all the different eras and types of models. I think that an army has to be either all monopose units or all mixed poses. In this case, there are just so many great Dwarf models that I had to go the mixed-up route.
@perplexiti: There are some 'new school' ones in there too!
@Paull: Yep - I let go of most of my original Dwarf army, got into 40K more when my club did. I still kick myself for letting go of some real gems like the Marauder Pikes and Longbeards <grumble>.
@someone2040: That BSB will most probably get demoted at some as yet indeterminate future point. The purple beard guy is El Presidente, The Big Cheese, The Boss!
@Malorian: Yeah - a few of the Dwarves I have acquired go back to 1st/2nd edition - some of the Shieldmaidens are pre-slotta. A couple (not shown) even predate Warhammer!
@Illuminus79: Thanks - I'm going to go for line art on all of the banners to tie them together.
@Fanny Crowbar: I love your Lizardmen!
@smokemeakipper: Thanks very much.
@Solun Decius: Cheers :)
@Cathexis: Blue is always a nice colour to work with. Green too, but not so much the red and yellow!
@EmperorNorton: You need to see stunties.com and ccmwiki. There is a whole world of Dwarven goodness out there....

27-02-2011, 21:34
I was wondering if i could be resurrected as real life has been in the way for the past few months. To make up for the points i missed:

I'd rather put you in than out, so no worries.
Do please add up the points next time, and that goes for all of ya! Makes it a bit easier for me, especially at the start of the month.

28-02-2011, 10:52
I'm finally throwing in the towel. 5 months and no submissions. This year is turning out to be a real stinker. I find it difficult to get my act together normally, but trying to do it in 2010/11 is proving to be impossible.

Well done to everyone who has contributed so far and best of luck with the rest of the tale. I'll be watching with interest and might join in next year's tale if things at home quieten down by then.

And hats off to Braad, who does an amazing job.

28-02-2011, 11:49
Sadly all I managed to get done in February is this - my broken ankle:


Nice Dark Elf colour though? Right? Anyway, following my operation to screw my leg back together and after talking to Braad I'm going to mark that down as another joker (sadly a third), but I'm hoping to catch up this coming month!

I have 30 dark elf spearmen that were so close to being done before I managed to break the ankle, so if I can get those finished I'll get photos of them up this week for the next month!

Some really great and inspiring work from everyone else! I'll get on the feedback with my march entry I think and roll my dice then!

Shadow Fall
28-02-2011, 13:29
I'd rather put you in than out, so no worries.
Do please add up the points next time, and that goes for all of ya! Makes it a bit easier for me, especially at the start of the month.

Much apreciated :)

my WIP for February:

i actually painted this guy back last year sometime near the start of the tale but i never got around to posting him, but i did take some WIP pics :)

In a Rolf Harris voice "Can you guess who it is yet?"


@tristessa: I really love the highlighting and the shading on that, the blue looks really realistic and the skin tones are magnificent! ;) the brigh side is that you have some free time to paint :)


28-02-2011, 16:05
Nice Dark Elf colour though? Right?

It looks a bit flat. What about some highlights and shades? Maybe a nice freehand?

28-02-2011, 16:48
Wow, almost forgot to post, damn me.

Army: warflags classic Orcs & Goblins

Third entry, two jokers used

This month: 10 regular boys boar riders, with champion, no music or colourful cloth on a stick. Hence ten and not eight.

Painting: Boar hides something new in this mass of greens and browns. Light job, mostly brushing.

Bases: still to do, will get the new treatment. Will put those up this week when I make a group shot.

Highs. Lows: Well, getting on through this mass is a high by itself. I love the old boys and that makes it real easy. Bases will prob never be my fave work, but a nice outcome justifies the time spent.

POINTS: ugh, that you wanna know, hmm? No idea, guessing roughly 200. But a new book comes, and then the calculus is on.
Which brings us directly to army points, which I can't tell also.
As for now, it is four units at about 700 - 800 p atm.
All will change next month when three more units add in and points be counted.

Right, here be pics when I return home.

Looking forward to next month!

02-03-2011, 08:07
Hmm, no new thread? I'll start one in a moment.