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02-02-2011, 20:43
Greetings everyone.

I have been thus far interested in using the epic bases for my warmaster mini's for I find painting on 40 by 20 very annoying because of the back row mini's and hating painting models attached by blue tac because the models im using are individual models and they're not very sturdy.

This purely for painting purposes though for gaming two epic bases will represent on unit stand.

Problem i've encountered though is that two epic bases are slightly larger (like 2mm) in width over one warmaster base. Would this be a problem in game or would the difference be fairly minimal and not to fuss about?


05-02-2011, 03:20
Not a problem game wise really. I doubt most opponents would even notice unless you tell them. Although to be safe you caould always hit the edge with some sandpaper...

Cpt. Drill
05-02-2011, 16:06
When I have been painting stands for warmaster made up of individule models I stick the front rank onto the base and then stick the back rank onto a 40x10mm strip of blisterpack plastic (Actually more like 38mmx8mm). It gives you an easier time working on the back rank and allows you to paint all the hard to get to bits.

14-02-2011, 21:24
I have painted thousands of 10mm figures in the last few years. I just glue everything to strips of card to paint them, then when finished glue them to the proper base. You can attach them with a tiny spot of superglue, or just use some PVA - it holds the figure, but peels off the base after. One of my friends just uses cheap plastic rulers as they are a bit stiffer for holding.
You can glue 20 or so figures in a line - simple to spray undercoat, just leave 3/4" between them for painting. Then just go along the line painting everything in turn.

04-03-2011, 09:37
I have quite a few (new) Epic bases laying around and am bit short of warmaster bases so if you are up for a swap PM me.