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vinny t
02-02-2011, 21:53
On the lizardmen faq it states that the dice generated by focused rumination count toward the power limit. However the power limit is how many dice can be at the pool at one time. So if you recieved 10 dice for a magic phase and cast spells with 4(+1) 3(+1) and 3(+1) would that be legal? As you never had over 12 dice in the pool at one time? Or would it be illegal as you used a total of 13 dice in the combined castings of all these spells?

02-02-2011, 22:22
As far as I am aware thats how it works. As long as it dosent go above 12 at any one point, its fine.

So you can use it on your first spell if you roll double 6 for example. But after you have used up a few die go for it.

Spiney Norman
02-02-2011, 22:34
Yes the power limit it calculated at any given time, not cumulative over the whole of the phase, so if you roll double 6 for your winds of magic roll, or, for example, roll a 5 and 6 and successfully channel, then you would start with 12 PD and would be unable to add your free dice to the first spell you cast (as though 12PD wasn't enough to be going on with), but you could add your free dice to all subsequent spells as you would have used at least some dice to cast your first spell. Say you cast fireball on 3D6, your pool is then only 9 dice, which means you can add your free dice to the next attempt as it wont take you over 12.

vinny t
03-02-2011, 00:32
okay, me and my opponant had a misunderstanding aout this rule.

(just realized, mods should probably move this to rules section)