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05-02-2011, 17:58
Here is yet another one of those threads where some poor soul (me) reaches out to the kind hearted, warm and fuzzy, people of warseer (you) for advice.
For anyone who has read the other thread I started about lists, I like lists. I make lists of quite a lot 40k armies and since my WoC army is nearing 1,500 pts of completion I was thinking of starting a new project. Since I am becoming/trying to become, more of a modeller/painter I am far more concerned with something that will engage my time and interest as well as look visually compelling. My WoC have been mostly converted and tweaked, and painted to (what I believe for me) is an increasingly competent manner. Therefore I would like to take my skills and apply them to a new, and different, project. I also want something I like the fluff of, and which I can work out an overall theme for.
To this end I have shortlisted a few armies which I believe I can make work.

Night Lords:
This is the army roster/vision I have. HQ of a Sorcerer, 2 squads of 6 raptors and bulked out by marines, rhinos and predators. Sorcerer will be based on the 'scythe wielding sorcerer with terminator standing behind 'picture, that you can see online. Minor fluff would that as a scion of Curze he has dark visions and leads his army on a genocidal and self destructive crusade to fulfil these visions. The general idea for the army was to buy a chaos battleforce and night lords conversion kit, combine the two and create two 10man marine squads. Minor cosmetic changes, like filling down shoulder pads etc. One squad would be based on more 'static' poses and the other more 'dynamic' based on the berzerker/possessed models. This would also leave me bitz left over to create the above sorcerer (since in the picture he appears to have a berzerker-esque head); scythe scavenged from somewhere. Also bitz left over for raptor conversions. Since I'm not a massive fan of the current models, I was thinking of combining the NL bat heads/possessed bitz and assault marine sets. And that would be the core force. Plenty of stuff to convert and play around with. Lots of fun. Oh also, vehicles would have Forgeworld doors, 2 sets split between 2 rhinos (side doors) and 2 predators (front hatch), plus covered in any bodies I can loot. I remember reading a short story of NL's covering rhinos in bodies of marines and driving over a bridge...

Side note: One warseerite derided the NL's for being too 'halloween-like'. Granted a valid point, but one which I liked and tweaked (in my mind) to be much darker and vicious than the stereotypical halloween which involves children and sweets. Pumpkins did however feature

Anyway those are the postive points. Some negative points would be...
The paint scheme would be too similar to my WoC, dark blue and gold trim. Therefore it would not be that different from the last project. It also revolves around buying a large amount of things off the bat. Battleforce, conversion sets and (possibly) assault marines. I tend to prefer working from small beginnings and growing. Another point which follows on from this, is my...flightyness when it comes to projects. As mentioned I love lists, and have written quite a lot (read 10) for various forces. Night lords are then just one of many options I have at the moment, and one which is in vogue with me for the time being (hence the 90% of this post devoted to them).
Other army ideas (that have been condensed for brevity) would be;

Iron Warriors: metallic paint scheme (very different), mech army with numerous conversion possiblities; Forgeworld and GW sets, mix with WoC legs and other bitz. Tanks, lots of tanks which is different (for me). Although chevrons annoy me... Dreadnoughts. Love the fluff, especially the close combat release of tension.

Dark Eldar: I want a haemonculus and warrior based army/pirate fleet. Wracks and warriors, raiders and ravens. Not so much conversion, as I love the new models too much to dispoil them...or should I since I will be collecting a bunch of perverts. Possibly converted wracks/grotesques. Converted Trueborn to look super badass. Dark Red colour scheme, again different (Obsidian Rose). Flyers/skimmers.

Lamenters: Go for small force, based around limited number of marines and veterans after running into that hive fleet and getting toasted. Drop pods and mix normal marine kits with death company bitz and 'robed marines'. Reclusiarch in terminator armour (awesome model). Death Company and Dreads :D. Yellow colour scheme, which I have tested already actually. Obsessed with death, cynical and cursed.

Raven Guard: Similar 'fluff' (jump packs and fast attack) to Night Lords. Boring or simple and striking, black and white colour scheme. Loyalist marines:rolleyes:. Kayvan Shrike though...

Imperial Guard (Death Korps of Krieg): Like the models and fluff and would be nice to do 'normal' people. Oh and tanks and artillery. WW2 themed.

Just realised I've put those in order of which ones I like most to least at the moment. Weird. If I were to leave out the obvious bias, then each is equally valid.

I now give the floor to you gentle people to scrutinise and critique a most self indulgent and attention seeking post. Use and Abuse.


05-02-2011, 18:23
If you enjoy narrative in your games then I feel that it is more rewarding to play an non-imperial army. Because of the large proportion of imperial armies played, games often around combat-practice of two imperal commanders.

05-02-2011, 18:30
I'd recommend the DE for a change from WoC, as Chaos is very similar, and I'd steer away from Imperial for the reasons Asher outlines. DE have some very nice new models and can do a variety of builds, and look damn cool doing it.

05-02-2011, 18:37
well to be a spanner in the works a little here as Dark Eldar are the "new toy" they are currently the most popular and loads of people are doing them...as a suggestion maybe craftworld Eldar for something different or maybe even a Necron force I cant remember the last time i saw one of those...modelling wise I've been told Chaos or Orks are the best for it, and looking at the Ork models I can well agree.

hope it helps a bit

05-02-2011, 19:10
Here's how I think of it. And, the order I'd put them in:

Iron Warriors. Not as good as the old chaos book, I really like the look of the models and idea and story of the Iron Warriors, especially after reading "Storm of Iron". The color scheme is easy to reproduce, but getting a hold of the heads is costly, and are only available as bitz order. Also the heads may not fit well with the new models and the molds haven't held the test of time, might want to just go with forgeworld.

Dark Eldar. My current build. Waited over 10 years to start them... till they came out with decent models. The rules so far seem excellent. The stories in the campaign are great, but I haven't gotten the "mojo" of narrative games. Origianlly I was going full Hellions but since learning about the rules of the codex and played a few games, seems unlikely. Not sure where exactly I'm going with them.

IG. Love it. I've done 2 different guard armies. One all troops, mix of figures; the other steel legion with tanks. Not really my best armies, but I didn't have the new rules. As far as narrative games, I think the guard are best. While I'd personally want to go elysian with valkeries (airborne theme), My steel legion was purchased with the intent to mix in with death corps Krieg figures. Just never happened.

Nightlords/Ravenguard. Basically the same armies. Do you want to be good or evil. Raven guard give more options but Nightlords have possible demons and interesting models.

Lamenters. Well if you want to paint them and like it, great.