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06-02-2011, 16:59
My club is going to be doing an escalation league starting with 500 points, and slowly building up to 2,000 points over the course of many months. I've been doing some research, and I've been considering playing Daemons. It seems that I will have fewer models to paint (there is a bonus to having all your models painted), and I really like the model line, especially the Slaanesh, and Tzeentch models. Are models from these lines viable at low, medium, highish point games? I can't seem to find models representing a few of the Heralds on the GW workshop, or on Forge World. Any insight on my questions will be muchly appreciated. For the record, I like to play to win, but not at the cost of having fun. My main army is a Wood Elves one, and despite that armies issues, it's still the most fun for me to play.


06-02-2011, 18:07
8th edition in my opinion, has gone a long way towards closing the gaps in the relative power levels of the army books, which means deamons aren't exactly the end all kings/queens of the game anymore. So, with that in mind, if you want to start deamons, go ahead, though be aware that their playstyle may differ significantly from what you are used to.

06-02-2011, 19:59
Daemons are a great army - but I'm a Greenskin at heart - having said that I still enjoy taking out my Daemons from time to time!

Heralds - you'll have to look to either using the Special characters, make your own, or use parts from the boxed sets to represent your heralds. Slaanesh actually isn't too bad - the Daemonettes set allows for good herald making.

Tzeentch - I used the Tzeentch WoC sorcerer model with the bird head, some people use a large ball and paint it as an eye ball with spare horror parts coming out of it, the sky is the limit.

As for your 1st 500pts - you can get a nice foundation going - I would stick with just one God for the 1st 500pts - easier to paint as you won't be jumping paint palates, and it looks cool - really unified looking army. Next 500pts do the next Chaos God.

I would look at:

Herald - range from 90-165pts
Core Unit - 120pts to whatever
Special unit


Rare unit

On being competitive - Daemons still offer that edge but are not the power house they were back in 7th ed - thank the Chaos Gods! So you'll be just fine - there are still units that abuse the game (I'm looking at you 'The Masque') so it's all personal choices on how you decide to play the list.

Ultimately you'll want at least:

One unit of 20-30 Pink Horrors
One unit of Daemonettes (I would personally have two)

(WITH Heralds, otherwise it's a wasted core unit)

And then load up on Specials/Rares as you see fit.

Don't forget you'll have a grand headache every game decididng on wether a Greater Daemon will lead you to battle or if those points are best used on grabbing more units! The nice thing is I'd get both the Lord Of Change (Buy Kairos, great model), and a Keeper of Secrets - that way you'll be able to change around lists.

Have fun with it - and don't be a racist!!!

Khorne offers amazing units, he's my personal fave of all 4 of the Ruinous powers, followed by Slaanesh

08-02-2011, 18:38
I'm thinking of starting with Slaanesh.

Herald of Slaanesh
w/ Siren Song

Daemonettes: Unit of 19 (Couldn't math it to a unit of 20)
Banner: Siren Standard

2x Fiends of Slaannesh

Total: 496

No clue how it'll work, but it'll look freaking sweet!