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grimgors battle buddy
07-02-2011, 17:21
Whilst playing a friend a silly 4,000 point game which we had to theme around a special character. I decided to take Grimgor whilst my mate took arch fiend himself Mannfred.
The big moment came when Grimgor and his immortals and Nurk (a giant he battered to his will) charged Manfred and Grave Guard deathstar. My mates unit had a WL BSB with the regen banner and the unit took the +1 to hit banner.
my boyz charged in using the waagh spell and proceeded to smash the GG apart before they could brandish their GW's. Manfred and grimgor took one wound of each other. The boyz took two wounds from the BSB but they inflicted 24 dead GG mainly thanks to using two choppa's and the flaming banner then it was time for the giant to hit.
My friend worked out my combat res would have only left Mannfred alive on a wound and nothing else of his supposed mega unit of death. Nurk decided it was time to yell and bawl. Damit my friend took the GG models of laughing realising how close he'd come to losing his prized deathstar and Mannfred.
This sort of cambat reslut makes WFB so funny at times and when you use greenskins they come along far to often. anyone else got similiar stories.

07-02-2011, 18:40
There's a +1 to hit banner? In Grimgors Horde, or what? :)

Can't think of anything at the moment...


grimgors battle buddy
07-02-2011, 19:04
No it was in the GG unit. banner of burrows i think of the top of my head. surely others out there have had those moments that make fantasy the game that it is

07-02-2011, 19:06
A game were my O & G (and my Giant, Norry) vs Ogres

Same thing almost but different ending!

Ogre Iron guts and Tyrant smashed aside NG archers and over-ran into a Chukka. I counter-charged him with Orc Boy Big Uns, Warboss, BSB, 2 chariots, and Norry sneaked around to the rear of the Ogre unit - but thanks to my shaman casting Waaagh I was able to charge him in. The Iron Guts had regeneration on them thanks to gut magic.

So I started combat, starting with the Spear Chukka and I worked my around in a circle.

2D6 +2 str 5 impact hits - not too much damage
Chukka crew - nothing
Big Uns/Warboss/BSB - dish out say 5-6 wounds
Both Chariots - Dish out 2-3 wounds

At this point he still has a LOT of Ogres left, he is grinning as he knows he has lost the fight but is determined to kill my Warboss/BSB and smash my boys down.

Norry decides that it's fun to yell and bawl! Combat ends right away, the Iron Guts pee their saggy breeches and run - Norry chases them down!

It was a giggle moment for sure!

Another giggle moment - Same day, same friendly tournament, were the rule is only surviors get to move on to next round. HOWEVER Characters such as Skink Priests, get all their wargear back each round - in this case I had just killed his Stegadon Engine of the Gods - but unless the Skink himself dies it's all worthless!

He went for discretion - slinking away with the priest out of danger.

I crouch down and put the laser pointer on the tip of my chukka - and hit the button - the cross hair is shining on the Skink Priest's beady little eye!

I picked up the lead Crew Member -and introduced him to my opponent; "Callum, I'd like to introduce you to Bullseye - deadliest shot in the Badlands"

And promptly rolled the needed six to hit! Wounded, did 3 wounds - dead Skink Priest and also killed his chances of bringing his beloved engine back next round!

And final funny moment is again from same day, 3rd game (it was a great day) was final game - I was going in 2nd overall, my opponent was 1st overall, most of the other players were done by then and we had quite the crowd gathered around us.

The game was vs the Daemons of Chaos, he had some GREAT units alive (1400pts or so) and I had 1400pts of crap left (no chariots, giants, etc) but it was an epic game - made epic as we both were so carried away I had pretty much slipped into shouting lines from Return of the King - King Theodan, as I figured he'd be the only dude amazing enough to inspire my rabble to victory - FOR WRATH AND RUIN!

And boy did it work! After wiping out his left flank I shouted "reform the lines, reform the lines" as his other half of his army was now BEHIND me - 2 units.

One was a bloodletter unit

The other was FIVE Bloodcrushers including a herald! When he charged people started making Mumak noises - when I counter charged we all made the trumpet blowing noise as the Rohan charged in their epic charge! What a game! Never heard so many people laugh and have fun like that - it was a solid day!

I did win in the end - killed everything but his Bloodcrushers, and overall I came second to a Vampire Count who just had a massive 1400pts of army alive thanks to raising the dead!

But plenty of funny fantasy moments!

grimgors battle buddy
07-02-2011, 19:12
MMMM that sounds cool laser pointers on both bolt throwers and empire cannons. I can't imagine to many characters surviving when they are light up like a xmas tree.

Another funny moment after intoducing a new guy to our group, the VC player decided to introduce him to the delights of fantasy. The new player fielded a magic heavy HE list taking Teclis. His first turn he moved Teclis unit of 25 pheonix guard with Caradryan in it. nothing else moved. Generating 11 pd in the magic phase the HE player cast enleebling foe irrestibly on 6 dice and reduced his GG unit to toughness 1 and then Teclis cast dwellers also irrestiblyon 4 dice (the first mages miscast failed to wound and only removed 1 dice). Only 2 GG lived and his beloved count was dragged down to his doom.

A cheeky wink from the new HE player and my mate cried into his beer. We later found out that the new player was a regular tourney player and he often winds the VC player up with his 13 dice victory

07-02-2011, 19:29
That's just horrible! Your poor mate - trying to be nice and all to a newbie! Wow!

07-02-2011, 21:14
i am not a very experienced skaven warlord, i once had a turn of 2x warpfire throwers, 1x warp lightning cannon, 1x doomwheel and 1x ratling gun all misfiring on TURN 1!!!!!
i had almost nothing left of my army before my opponent had even rolled a die

07-02-2011, 21:31
me and a buddy played a DoC vs DoC game the other day. first turn his horror block throws IF bolt of change at my lord of change. he rolls 11 hits at strength 9. all wound, i fail exactly 5 ward saves (i rolled one dice at a time for maximum suspense!). when the smoke cleared, my greater daemon was gone. 1st turn of the game and i was already down 735 VP's.

The Underdog
07-02-2011, 22:25
Under 7th ed I had a campaign game with my dwarves against a friends high elves. He made a huge deal about how he was gonna finally kill my Dwarf Lord - kitted out to be an unkillable tank. After deployment my Lord and Hammerer bodyguard ended up facing down an Elf Lord on star dragon (who turned out to have brought a nullstone to negate my lovely runic armour).

After the first turn my lovely unit of Lord and hammerers looked like it would soon be having a close encounter of the scaly and clawed kind. He'd even set up his charge while managing to use terrain to keep well hidden from my lovely artillery. :(

Needless to say, next turn he declared the charge. Measuring tapes were produced...... 20 1/2 inches :D Failed charge!

It left his dragon sat in clear view of the majority of my lines. Though sadly not my cannon or organ gun. Ah well - i took my chance while I had it, and the crew wheeled 'Old Goblin Smasher' (grudgethrower) into positon. Grungni smiled upon me that day for the stone was dead on target. One succesful wound roll later my heart was in my mouth again as i rolled the dice for number of wounds caused - fully expecting the dreaded one (i have terrible luck usually)......scoring a mighty 6!!!

One quick volley from the thunderers later ands the seven wound beasty of dooooom!!!! (his name for it) was ready to make a lovely new cloak for my lord once we harvested the corpse. Sadly there was a sticky red patch on the bets part of the pelt - probably the remains of an elven princeling :D

The rest of the game was pretty one sided but everyone in the room found the 'dragon of fail' rather hilarious. It was only compunded by my gyrocopter terrorising his relatively defenceless elven infantry for the rest of the game - flying aorund a gunning them down in swathes while i hummed 'ride of the valkyries.

One of my all time favourite games and even the elf playes laughed it off as a lesson in why dragons are not a great idea in small games (2000pts). It has since gone down in gaming group legend.

grimgors battle buddy
07-02-2011, 22:29
There was another game where playing with Backbiters boys, (a 4 wide 3 deep unit of snotlings) hold three enemy units, 30 khorne chosen (With extra attack roll on the chart), a unit of knights in the flank and Scyala. Only one base survived but i passed my stubborn 4 with a roll of 3. pah who needs snake eyes (double 1)

08-02-2011, 00:17
Last game I played against Dwarves with my NG army
After laughing how my NGWB was coming to kill his runed up lord he put his champion up for a challenge which I in turn killed... then he put another on up with a second unit that charged which I killed... then another... then the BSB who also died O.O
By then the combat was severly lost and the little guy couldn't hold any longer and was ironically chased down by the now lone Lord (rest of longbeards died)

3 unit champions down, a thane BSB, and 3-4 ld test at 7 (whilst steadfast) and at 4!

I'm so proud of my little guy

08-02-2011, 00:56
I was playing in a tournament last weekend. In my last battle of the day, my daemon prince+throgg warrior army was playing against and Eltharion high elf army.

I got the first turn, fired my hellcannon...BOOM misfire. I rolled on the misfire chart and caused every caster on the field to suffer a miscast. My daemon prince suffered a S10 hit and failed his ward, Eltharion rolled a 10 and lost all his magic levels, and his other wizard rolled and 11 and lost all his magic levels too. :cheese:

The following round, my daemon prince, Throgg and his trolls charged Caradryan and his phoenix guard. my daemon prince challenged, and did one wound to caradryan, caradryan did no wounds back, but my Daemon Prince thunderstomped and killed Caradryan then suffered 4 wounds from Caradryan's curse thingy and failed all his ward saves...double splat.

08-02-2011, 02:36
I won while playing Tomb Kings in 8th.

Marshal Torrick
08-02-2011, 04:24
I can believe anything stated here except rb.uhs. There's only so much you can expect us to accept without some kind of proof.

08-02-2011, 04:39
I can believe anything stated here except rb.uhs. There's only so much you can expect us to accept without some kind of proof.

Ah Mr Torrick - so young for one so cynical! Look at it this way:

1) Either the posters are telling the absolute truth
2) They have added some slight favor
3) They are telling porky pies

But either way if any of the above posts made you :) then they have done their job, and done it well.

08-02-2011, 05:55
Hmmm... Definitely when a Bloodthirster got killed by some Gnoblars. This was a team battle, Empire and Ogres vs WoC and Doc.
The bloodthister got shot at by this one cannon every turn of the game. Continuously not getting wounded thanks to a bad roll or a lucky ward save, and when he did get wounded it would only do 1 or 2 wounds.
Then in one of the final turns, some Gnoblars in a 'well show ya 'ow itz done' fashion realized that they were in range of shooting and threw their sharp stuff, inflicting the final remaining wound and slaying the 500+pt beast.
The Ogres still lost the game though :(

08-02-2011, 06:10
Funniest/ Best moment for my dwarves, 19 warriors and a thane get charged by a HE star dragon with general, everybody swings madly at the air and fail to connect at all, He fails his leadership apparently unaware that my stunties have to stack four high to even reach the dragon, and runs. My dwarves catch him... my dwarves, catch a dragon GOOD TIMES

Lord of Divine Slaughter
08-02-2011, 06:25
My 'unkillable' stubborn Ld 10 Dreadlord who always run on first contact with the enemy :p

grimgors battle buddy
08-02-2011, 08:04
Funniest/ Best moment for my dwarves, 19 warriors and a thane get charged by a HE star dragon with general, everybody swings madly at the air and fail to connect at all, He fails his leadership apparently unaware that my stunties have to stack four high to even reach the dragon, and runs. My dwarves catch him... my dwarves, catch a dragon GOOD TIMES

I had something similiar with the mighty Tyrion and 5 DPs flanked my mates dwarf warriors back in 7th edition. The HE's all suffered from rubber lance syndrome and Tryion only killed 1. Losing to combat res the noble elfs ran on a 11.
In the next turn the warrior unit charged and the HE unit only needed 4+ to get away on 3dice. A triple 1 later and over 600 points was gone

08-02-2011, 08:20
many years ago in my first game playing my Dwarf Slayer army against a Beastmen army, a unit of slayers lays the smackdown on a huge herd of goat things breaking them.
The beast player ( a GW blueshirt) rolls....SNAKE EYES!! falling to the floor, head in hands as I prance and whoop around the table in delight!
I pick up my 2 dice...all I need is 3 to catch him and wipe out a huge herd and control the right flank.
I roll the dice.........SNAKE EYES!!!! Oh no, I fall to the floor as the blueshirt whoops with delight at this majestic reprieve.

In the end, the herd rallies and wipes out my poor short-legged stunties winning the game!

Ho hum for little legs and attrocious dice rolling :(

Evil Hypnotist
08-02-2011, 08:43
I played Lizardmen for the first time on Sunday, I was a bit wary of his Stegadon so came up with a plan to kill it with a Hero using the Potion of Strength and the Glaive of Putrefication (reduces Str and Toughness to 2 from wounding hits after the first round of combat). The battle was in the balance and I managed to charge it in the very last turn, only for my Hero to fail his Terror test and not want to go anywhere near the thing. The Stegadon proceeded stomped all over my knights and I lost the game. Epic fail on part of the Hero.

08-02-2011, 09:03
Back when the mini for sauron had just been released, me and my friend alex had a game where I threw literally every LOTR mini in both our collections piecemeal at him in combat - only to watch them die in droves.

Sauron had taken wounds, especially when set upon by a herd of aragon's/boromirs, and was down to his last wound, having successfully passed fate tests. I was down to our last remaining mini - Bilbo Baggins. The Dark Lord loomed over him, mace ready to come crashing down....

3 6's and a failed roll on his behalf later, the dark lord was no more, Bilbo standing triumpthant over the smoking remains of his armour. We still talk about it now, 6+ years on.

08-02-2011, 09:16
In our "farewell to 7th edition" game, we had Skaven and Orcs vs High Elves and Dwarves. On one flank, a large unit of Goblins led by a Shaman faced off againsat a block of High Elf spearmen and a Mage. The Mage casts a Wall of Fire on the Goblins. Next turn, the Orc player makes his Animosity rolls. The block of Goblins promptly fails, so he rolls for the effect - 6, a WAAAGH! The mob of unruly gobbos charges forward - through the Wall of Fire, which burns three-quarters of them to death.

08-02-2011, 09:35
I once defeated during a duel a fully tooled up Dwarf Lord with a Knight of the realm champion.
The unit of knights charged the ironbreakers with dwarf lord, I call a duel (because I'm playing Bretonnian:)), I won the duel and it gives me a slight victory in the fight, my friend rolled a 11 on his leadership test and fled before getting trampled by my knights.

08-02-2011, 12:49
Hmmm ... the moment that stays in my memory was a 2000 points game in 7th ed, my Night Goblins versus High Elves ...

Out of my 14 units that had to test for Animosity, 11 Squabled, first turn, second turn AND third turn ... the statistics for a feat like that are astronomical, and of course my shamans were in Squabling units ... the only units I had that could move for half of the game were Squig Hoppers (2 units of 10) and my Squig Herd (6 teams) ... they did a bit of damage on turns 2&3 while the rest of my army was transformed into pin-cushions by Elven bowfire ... when I FINALLY managed to pass an Animosity test, it was too late, Swordmasters and Phoenix Guard had maneuvered into position to flank my big units, but that's not all : when I released my Fanatics, they failed to connect, and next turn did a 180 turn and plowed into their concealing units, panicking them ...

A game truly fun for my opponents, and totally dreadful for me ... I was never beaten by my own special rules before ...

08-02-2011, 13:32
Another slayer moment was in a small 500pt warband game against a DE player who only took minis with xbows and sat right on the back of the board.

No terrain...an open killing field!
My slayers valliantly charged acroos the table being pincushioned with xbow bolts and by the time I reached his army, all I had left was my sole doomseeker with 1 wound remaining!!! :cries:

My brave, courageous, suicidal doomy then proceeded to butcher his way through the COMPLETE DE army, winning the game for me! :D

A truly outstanding and hilarious conclusion to a battle against the cowardly pointy eared foe!!!

Dark Aly
08-02-2011, 14:59
Back in 6e I had a game with my hordes of chaos vs. a middenhiem force. In order to make it a little different we had an objective in the centre and the player with the closest unit to it at the end of the random length game won.

My chosen knights charge his swordmen next to the objective and make them run. I fail Ld test to avoid pursuit and end up in combat with another unit.

His knights charge my marauders and do exactly the same as mine had done.

All game was spent in this fashion with both sides gaining the objective and neither passing a single Ld test and so exposing both their unit and the objective.

Eventually my 3 remaining warhounds rallied on the board edge and made it to the objective, giving us the image of these three dogs surrounded by dead bodies and cocking their legs on a pile of old barrels.

Marshal Torrick
10-02-2011, 00:47
Ah Mr Torrick - so young for one so cynical! Look at it this way:

1) Either the posters are telling the absolute truth
2) They have added some slight favor
3) They are telling porky pies

But either way if any of the above posts made you :) then they have done their job, and done it well.

Well, maybe I could have written out my post a bit more clearly. I meant to say that I DO believe all the stories told EXCEPT the one about Tomb Kings winning a game.

As for the young part...I'll need it again in October for my 30th birthday, so keep that comment handy :P

Not a word to the elf.
10-02-2011, 01:14
In a tournament A VC Lord charged teclis and 5 spermen. I ran but he rolled an 11 and so ran down teclis second last player turn of the game. I then charged said lord with swordmasters and killed him. I won by 575 vp

PS Teclis=475vp and he was my general

10-02-2011, 09:14
Cracks call against a stegadon, it vanishes and the 25 strong saurus unit next to it rolls for panic.. 6-6-5... no worries my mate says, my slann is within 12 so i'll just reroll it.. 6-6-6 and then a double 6 for flee distance... my 1'st turn, made my day

The Underdog
10-02-2011, 16:56
Another one - this one more fun for my oponent but still pretty hilarious on both sides. This time my stout Dawi were facing off against greenskins.

My friend had taken a suicidal gobbo big boss on a wolf with the brimstone bauble. The idea was for him to suicide charge something and die horribly, blowing up and damaging something badly. he decided to target my road block unit of 10 slayers guarding my left flank. Over the next several rounds of combat teh slayers (using double hw) fail utterly to hurt the lone gobbo who butchers his way through the unit. :(

To celebrate this unexpected success said Goblin has now been modelled with a set of 'lovely' slayer pelts draped around him and his wolf.

One for the book of grudges......

10-02-2011, 17:28
My mate shouting "Insane Courage" In the voice of Christopher Lee and pointing at the unit he was desperate to keep in the fight. That he then did indeed proceed to roll snake eyes only added to the epicness.

10-02-2011, 18:49
My lizardmen vs. another players Skaven.

First player turn, he moves his doom wheel up the flank. it misfires in the shooting phase, goes out of control directly into a unit of kroxigors. During combat, it kills 4 of the six. they lose combat, flee, and are caught. In the subsequent chain (across my battle line) of panic tests, I lose 2 of my 3 units of saurus, a stegadon, 2 units of skirmishers, And a unit of salamanders.

2/3 of my army gone before I get to move. It's funny now... almost.

10-02-2011, 19:07
During a 4 players game in 5ed.

It was the last turn and I was the last player to play. All that remained of my glorious Chaos warband was my Lord Sorcerer of Tzeentch using Black Magic. I cast the spell that kills its victim if it failed a T test on the High Elf general. The general died and in the panic wave following the death of their leader half of the elven army fled giving me enough Victory Points to win.

10-02-2011, 19:16
Well, maybe I could have written out my post a bit more clearly. I meant to say that I DO believe all the stories told EXCEPT the one about Tomb Kings winning a game.

As for the young part...I'll need it again in October for my 30th birthday, so keep that comment handy :P

Lol, feeling the pain kind sir - I see my 34th this year, ghastly numbers! The only good numbers are the ones I get from counting how many Night Goblins I can fit into a plastic bag are!

10-02-2011, 22:13
Cracks Calling 2 stegadons, 1 with a chief with the warspear, and a Scarvet in one go :D