View Full Version : How well would BoH-less HE fare against empire or dwarfs?

07-02-2011, 19:09
Although a pitiful newbie, I was a fervent fan of BoH......until I read too many threads pointing out cheesiness of the book. So I instead thought of giving folariath's robe, talisman of saphery and jewel of dusk to the lv4 archmage.

But whenever I think of confronting empire or dwarfs, I always wonder. : will my 355pts worth archmage and the banner of sorcery show its quality when sigmarite priests and runelords/smiths still generate dispel dice constantly in addition to those earned through wind of magic AND when dwarfs virtually can get dispel runes as much as they want?

That's why I've been thinking seriously about abandoning heavy magic. My 3k list has a prince, archmage, BSB noble on foot, lv2 scroll caddie and 2x10 archers, 2x28 spearmen, 14 SM, 14 WL, 6DP, a lion chariot and 3RBT. And I'm thinking of using points of archmage for more fast cavalry and scouts, if using magic against the forementioned armies really is futile. Any advice would be welcome.

07-02-2011, 19:21
Neither Empire or Dwarfs will really shut down your magic phase unless they're running a tricked-out build that will be lacking in other areas.

You'll still get plenty of spells through with an archmage and banner of sorcery.

07-02-2011, 19:27
But are you assuming that your just playing those 2 armies all the time? For a well-rounded all comers list forget the special armies that can do savage things to you - Archmage with banner of sorcery is just fine, at the end of the day it's all about dice management in the magic phase - get to grips with finding ways to force the enemy to throw down dispel die at spells which are great but your not that worried if they are stopped - then throw down the dice when you need them for that one spell - or take like a powerstone, try to flush out his dispel scrolls early on in the game, suck up his dispel die, and then hit him at the end with the powerscroll for the spell you really wanted.

Don't abandon the Archmage - your also overlooking the fact that you get a mighty PLUS 5 to dispel the enemy spells!