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07-02-2011, 20:57
I don't know if anyone else has thought about this (probably have) but what are peoples thoughts on musician points?

Do you think that in the future the costs of musicians will go up and Champions go down?

Most champions provide an extra attack which now is not needed as much. Thye cna still challenge which is powerful but now musicians give you the edge in drawn combats, allow swift reforms and +1 ldership when rallying.

Anybody else think this could be a change in the 8th edition army books?

07-02-2011, 21:01
Musicians only offer the swift reform - the other rules they always had - so I don't see their points changing anytime soon.

Champions are still awesome and I doubt they will change points anytime soon if anything I see them become more expensive over time - look at Storm Vermin unit champ - the dude can take items!

This flavor I think will become more the norm, I think even the Bestigor Champ can take options (let me run and check......)

YES, he can! Also you can't underestimate the power of issuing/accepting a challenge - this by itself is well worth the points!

07-02-2011, 22:41
Well, the extra attack is worth a lot less nowdays when all units attack with several ranks. And the challenge stuff is hardly better now than in 7th. So yeah I guess champions should be cheaper if we are to be picky.

07-02-2011, 22:51
The only time I think the champions extra attack was worth the points was in frenzied units back in 5th ed. when frenzy doubled the attacks. The ability to challenge (and in some cases take magic items) on the other hand- priceless in the right circumstances...