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I'm thinking of starting up a small Chaos army to go with my recently painted Be'lakor (I'll post pictures at some point, still need to finish his base and borrow a better camera than my rubbish one!), and I figured that since the force will be quite small, only a couple of boxes of warriors and a box of knights to pad out some stuff I already have, that I might as well go for some fancy bases to distinguish them a little more.

Now, the base that I've given Be'lakor features cracked rocks, actually made from bits of flat plastic at slight angles, painted in a dark grey with a deep black between all the cracks, with Be'lakor himself standing in one of the cracks. I actually just glued the pieces on after sticking Be'lakor to the base, but the effect turned out really well, just needs some tidying up.

Anyway, I figured some nice rocky or ruin type bases that I could paint in a similar dark stone with black cracks would look great for the whole army. But I don't at all fancy doing the same thing for all them myself, so I'm looking at just spending the cash to get some good pre-moulded ones.

I'm wondering where people go to get any moulded scenic bases, some of the places I've looked at have been unreasonably expensive; I'd rather not pay more for the bases than I do for the models that are going on them! Ideally I'd like sets that have movement trays available that match, but I can always pick those up later as I have plenty of ordinary trays.
Sizes of course are 25mm x 25mm square, and 25mm x 50mm square for the knights. Will probably need at least one monster base for a Juggernaught (way too tempted by the coolness of the model), though I don't mind so much doing the work myself for those.

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back 2 base ix is good

others you can google: Iron Halo, Base X of War, Scibor, Foundations of War and Micro Arts Studio.

Micro Arts is probably the highest quality but also the most expensive. Scibor doesnt as far as I know make matching movement trays.

Iron Halo and Base X of War are very comprehensive in terms of matching movement trays and base sets.

Some of the new Micro Arts stuff is very impressive.

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Here are a few...


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If your looking for cost effective options, back 2 base-ix(pending on your shipping location) and dragon forge will be your best bet.

I've used scibor and micro art before. Their products are solid, but come at a price. If I was to get bases for an entire army, I'd lean towards dragon forge. Pretty much a dollar a base for infantry + shipping.

They don't have a truly "rocky" base, but I think the city ruins or parched wasteland would work.

Micro Art has the rocky bases but a little more expensive, 1 euro a base, still not that bad.

Edit, just noticed your on the "other side of the pond". Shipping from Micro Art and or Scibor shouldn't be that bad at all. They are both in Poland I believe.

09-02-2011, 17:10
there are US online distributors that sell Micro Arts at 15-30% off making them comparable to any other resin base maker.

Shop around.

09-02-2011, 17:51
I would try ebay, foundation of war is pretty cheap, you can also get the more expensive ones of ebay shops like trolltrader, so go on ebay and search resin bases

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Now that you've gotten some awesome actual answers, I can't resist the ****** answer.

Best places for scenic bases? Under the feet of your models.

09-02-2011, 20:02
Best places for scenic bases? Under the feet of your models.
What if my army's themed around Chaos Warriors that walk around on their hands :p

Anyway though, many thanks for the answers, seems I have a ton of bases to look at before I make a decision!