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10-02-2011, 03:08
Ok heres the deal. I currently have a 1k vanilla SM foot slogger gun line. I'm looking to add an Assult Squad to this for 1500pt games as a counter assault/flanking type of unit. I'm pretty sure i want to keep them with Jet packs but I'll see what yall say.

so this is the question what are your favorite load-outs, why, and what do you think would be the best in my case.

EDIT: just realized i put it in the wrong place. can a mod please move it to tactics. :)

jack da greenskin
10-02-2011, 07:04
Well it depends what your army lacks and might need to counter immediatley.

Personally, you cant go wrong with a meltagun, but a hand flamer and a flamer works nicely on a small unit against hoardes.

The Marshel
10-02-2011, 07:20
unfortunately this is vanilla marines, so the options are:
5 - 10 men
power weapon/fist/claws on the sarg
1 plasma pistol or flamer per 5 men

if you're doing a foot slogger list no good reason to lose the jump packs. you dont need to have 1 rhino in thye entire army, even if i is free.

i wouldn't bother with less then 10 assault marines. they aren't durable enough, not hit hard enough at 5 men.

power weapon of some sort on the sarg isn't really optional. i prefer fist personally. i believe you can take just 1 lightening claw, and i know u can have a pair of lightening claws. A fist how ever makes it possible for the squad to deal with walkers and tanks.

no ranged weapon beyond the bolt pistol for the sarg (wish he could have combi weapons though, next vanilla codex maybe)

do not be tempted to give him a storm shield so he can take hits. all you'll end up doing is assigning a random lascannon hit (or similar) to him hoping to save generic chainsword guy, and get him killed sooner then necessary. its not worth the points in this case.

at 10 marines you can have either 2 plasma pistols or 2 flamers (or 1 of each). plasma pistols arent great for their cost. 15 points each for a single 12" shot, no thanks. Dual flamers will seriously hurt hordes and even keeps heavier infantry in check via forcing saves. assault marines aren't the best assault troops out there, but with dual flamers they can really even the field against units tactical marines could never handle, and given your giving up scoring to be better at assault, thats a pretty big deal imo.

so, 10 marines, powerfist sarg, 2 flamers

10-02-2011, 07:27
so, 10 marines, powerfist sarg, 2 flamers

I agree with this.

A fist how ever makes it possible for the squad to deal with walkers and tanks.

Don't forget they all come with Krak Grenades too. Very useful.

10-02-2011, 07:34
I've got a 5 man Blood angels Assault squad with 1 hand flamer, and the sarge has plasma pistol, power weapon and meltabombs. Plasma can hurt light vehicles close up, melta bombs kill tanks up close. Hand flamer for hordes. I'm planning to extend to 10 men and get another Hand flamer, or 2 plasma pistols and 1 for sarge to go skimmer hunting.

The Marshall
10-02-2011, 12:59
so, 10 marines, powerfist sarg, 2 flamers

I'll third that.

Power Fist is handy. My sergeant once managed to single hand-idly take down a Wraithlord. Still in shock as to how that happened.

Captain Semper
10-02-2011, 13:34
So no-one likes the 2x plasma pistos plus power weapon & plasma pistol for the sarg and maybe attach a chaplain with another plasma pistol and make the squad anti-heavy/elite infantry? I do...

jack da greenskin
10-02-2011, 18:37
So no-one likes the 2x plasma pistos plus power weapon & plasma pistol for the sarg and maybe attach a chaplain with another plasma pistol and make the squad anti-heavy/elite infantry? I do...

So you can have what, 4 shots, 3 hits, 2 wounds and thats it? Not worth the 60pts IMO.

4xplasma gun and a pistol company command squads is where its at.

10-02-2011, 20:08
It depends. Are you running Sallies with Vulkan as your HQ? If so, then it makes sense to run 2 flamers and a Thunder Hammer/Storm Shield combo (the flamers get twin linked and the TH gets Master crafted by Vulkan.)

If you're running anything else as your HQ, then the other options make more sense.

Grand Master Raziel
10-02-2011, 20:22
+1 to the two flamers and the power fist, though the THSS sergeant does look nice if you've got the points to spare. If you can also add a Chaplain with a jump pack to accompany them, you'll find that very worth your while.

Something to understand about Assault Squads before you use them - the name is misleading. As previously mentioned, they're mediocre in assault (unless charging and led by a Chaplain, in which case they can be adequate). Their real utility is not as an assault unit, but as a rapid reaction unit. With their jump packs, they can move faster than normal infantry and go over terrain that would slow down other units. This lets you get them where you need them faster - either to spots where you're in trouble, or to exploit an opportunity when it becomes available. As long as you have reasonable expectations as to what they can and can't do, they'll serve you well. Just don't have them take on equal numbers of Genestealers or Khorne Berserkers and expect them to do well. I learned that the hard way, many years ago. ;)

10-02-2011, 21:37
Thanks for all the great feed back guys. no i'm not running Vulkan, so I'm leaning toward a max squad with 2 flamers, power fist, and a chaplain.

11-02-2011, 00:11
so, 10 marines, powerfist sarg, 2 flamers

Yep, that's my setup for my CF assault squad. Works very well.

11-02-2011, 00:16
I have 2 assault squads currently and I run them:
10 man - Power fist, Meltagun, Flamer.
10 man - Twin Claws+Meltabombs, Meltagun, Flamer.
Pretty happy with them so far.:)

11-02-2011, 05:14
I thought about this for a long time as I wanted to assemble my 10 man squad for my Ultramarines - after much play testing and debating I went with:

10 Marines, 2 flamers, Sarge with fist, jump packs

It's the only real way forward with them, the pistols are too pricey for a 15pt 12" shot that could also kill the wielder!

Only investment I consider on them is a Chaplin with jump pack - but common issue stated bu people is that the enemy they charge would have either:

1) Been destroyed by your marines anyway
2) Still get beaten by the enemy

So either way the Chaplin doesn't add much - this is the argument against him

But I've seen too many games now were the re-rolls would have been invaluable - every hit scored in combat increases the chances of wounding, which in turn helps winning the fight - I've enjoyed the games were I've taken the Chaplin along - don't be to set in stone against him!

Hope it helps

11-02-2011, 06:01
And don't forget, those Chaplain re-rolls are very good for the Sergeant with the Power Fist too...

If I was playing a normal SM army, I'd definitely use an Assault Squad. They're fast enough to deal with threats and they are a threat themselves against units with low Toughness or low number of attacks, from Guardians to any Tau Suit that the Tau place close enough to reach.

And I think the models look good too. Now, I'll have to build some Sky Claws. Damn.