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12-02-2011, 09:20
Okay, I know this is a nonsense sort of question, but I just couldn't help wondering...

The Akallabeth details the rise and fall of the Numenoreans, the great Sea Kings of old of the House of Elros. In their glory days, they were fair, wise and mighty and all that... but if all of them were really all that, who did the sweeping, cooking and other menial tasks? Wouldn't that diminish the stature of the great Dunedain just a little if we imagined of some of them sweeping away the dust on the palace grounds?

13-02-2011, 18:15
Not all of Numemor was Mighty and Wise, rather the line of kings were blessed beyond the state of normal men. There were always among the Numenoreans those who were just men, much like the men of rohan, or the common men of Gondor.

Like all stories of legend, it suffers from a need to talk about the key points. The folks who do the real work tend to left on the cutting room floor.

Even the elves had elven servants, which seems almost impossible considering the image of elves. the Hobbit has an entire scene featuring the head butler and kitchen staff of king Thranduil.

18-02-2011, 18:25
There is also the womenfolk - remember this isn't 21st century ethics!

On the whole canucklhead has it right though - not all men were soldiers or as mighty as the most powerful leaders.

01-03-2011, 15:00
Thanks for the reply guys! Really didn't expect too much for this one :D