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13-02-2011, 06:17
I'm building my DE army, and I love the old Knight models, but not the cold ones.
I've managed to pick up a 4 pack of the old knights, and was wondering if the rider would fit the new cold one models? does anyone know, or some some lying around that they could try, or have them lying around and try and then take a picture of ;)
I'd been around on the net, but no one else seems to have done this and then taken pictures.

Don Zeko
13-02-2011, 08:09
Unless you want to use the really old Cold Ones, i.e. the 5th edition models, I can't say for sure, since I didn't buy any of the 6th edition models. But my hunch is that they won't fit. The saddles on the 7th edition Cold Ones are very tall and narrow, so that it's a snug fit when using the models that are designed to ride them. You can probably still make it work, but I see some bending, filing, and shaving in your future if you try it.

13-02-2011, 10:46
The old ones look a bit bulkier than the current ones so they might not fit well, but they should fit.

13-02-2011, 20:25
Yeah, this doesn't really answer my question yet, lol.
I think until someone has both lying around, bluetacks them together and snaps a pic. I'll be reluctant to go buy a pack of Cold Ones.

13-02-2011, 20:31
You realise you got the title of the thread reversed? It should be "old knigths on new cold ones" not the other way around. At first i thought someone would have some odd aesthetic sense to want the new riders on the old cold ones.

Now answering your question, ive seen it done and it does look good. IIRC it involves cutting the saddle that is in the metal knight model, to make it fit into the saddle of the mount. The result is pretty good looking, definitely better than the current riders. You can check druchii.net in the forums, i am pretty sure there were some pics floating there of people who did exactly what you ask for.

13-02-2011, 20:45
I have 30 old cold one knights, only 6 new cold ones though so its pending but it looks great. Just gotta cut the knights' saddles and slightly stretch the legs a bit to make them fit.
The saddles were modeled on the knights, not the mounts, since the saddles are now on the mounds, just cut them grossly off as long as you dont touch the external sides itll never show.

Also Malus darkblade on new metal cold one:


13-02-2011, 21:21
oh wow, they look great. Thanks for the post! I'll certainly be doing this. And thanks for the advice also.
You mean just cut away the saddle that juts out the front and back of the knight and slot it in so that any bad looking stuff is now covered by the new saddle on the Cold One right?

13-02-2011, 22:20
Yes, exactly that.