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Apple Dave
22-03-2006, 19:50
Well as the title implies: Zombies!!! the game by Twilight Creations inc.

I have just (well at about noon) received my copy of Zombies!!!, Zombies!!! 2: Zombies Corps(E) and Bag of Glow in the Dark Zombies (100) in the post and literally tore open the packaging to get at the contents inside.

The game itself, the first, is packed inside a box just a little bigger than a VCR cassette, it includes:
30 map tiles (depicting the cursed town)
50 event cards (with which to speed up the zombification of your mates)
60 bullet tokens
30 life tokens
2 dice
Instructions (duh!)
6 plastic shotgun guys (you)
100 plastic Zombies (all one pose but who cares when you get 100)

The event cards are all fantastically illustrated and very humorous. The map tiles are a little thin and will tend to slip and slide on uncovered surfaces, best bet is to use a table cloth or battlemat. The figures are all made of a sort of plasticy rubber stuff and appear to be quite durable, they are about 28mm size along with their shotgun totting counterparts.

The rules governing combat, movement and zombie placement are all clearly outlined in the rules along with accompanying diagrams. The event cards are all simple to understand and one game is all that is needed to get to grips with the rules. As the rules suggest any 'iffy' situations that arise can be put right with a quick glance at the online FAQ (at the twilight creations site) or by applying logical thinking.

My first game was very enjoyable and i reccommend anyone who doesn't have it, is a fan of B-rated horror movies or just likes the idea of leaving your mates to die in a horrible, zombie infested town, whilst you escape away to safety on a helicopter, fun to buy it.

The first game i played with my younger brother and his friend ran very smoothly and saw me fleeing for my life from the flower shop after being attacked by 4 zombies and only killing one, my brother dying in the first few minutes after a bad move into the police station, drawing closer to the end of the game my brother and his friend holding out in the drug store (all of the 'named' buildings are named in the American fashion, us Brits would call it a Chemist) for 9 turns both on 2 health points and only ended when my brother half killed himself with a grenade then charging out only to be hacked down by the undead gathered outside. Somehow he won :wtf:.

Overall i would give this game a 9/10, it loses a point because of the slip 'n' slide tiles. If any one has any other questions they want answering i will be happy to answer them. If anyone has any of the other expansions please post some kind of review of it i would be grateful.

C. Langana
22-03-2006, 22:24
One copy ordered. There goes saturday night.

22-03-2006, 22:27
I've kinda played it a bit, it is brilliant if everyone is playing for fun and uses the rules correctly. :p

I'm pretty sure you really only need the first game. Sure the expantions do add a heck of a lot of stuff but I think they do complicate it a bit more, you can just get by with the core game for a quick fun crazy time. :)

C. Langana
22-03-2006, 22:38
How well do you think it will work with the four mates and 'Beer' expansion?

Questions: Is a GM recommended?
How much preparation needed? i.e. cutting stuff off sprues, learning rules, etc.

22-03-2006, 22:40
Very very little, the only things that need popped out of their cardboard frames are the counters for lives and attack rerolls if I remember correctly.

And the 4 mates and beer should be fine until you knock everything over. :p

Oh and no you don't need a GM, you just tear about trying to get the other person killed. It's first to the Helipad or first to 100 kills...or any other victory requirement you make. :D

C. Langana
22-03-2006, 22:42
...or any other victory requirement you make. :D
I was thinking a shot per 10 zombies killed, it just depends how annoyed Ms. Langana looks when she finds out what I'm planning...

22-03-2006, 22:48
Sounds like a good plan, again up to the point where everything gets knocked over, but as Dave said the pieces are very durable.

Apple Dave
23-03-2006, 07:25
As i mentioned in my previous post you only need to play perphaps one game to get the gist of the rules, or just stumble through the game picking it up as the situation calls for. Like i do with most other board games i own.

The victory requirements are: first to the helipad or first to 25 kills. For future games me and my brother are thinking of scrapping the 25 kills victory condition and making it an all out zombie killing dash for the helipad.

The second expansion (Zombies Corps) and the forth expansion (The End...) both add some new kind of zombies so if i can negotiate some kind of discount i may pick them up.

Mad Makz
23-03-2006, 11:21
I have played the game and all the expansions. It's a load of fun and an awesome beer and pretzels type game to chuck out and have some fun with.

Apple Dave
23-03-2006, 12:54
Cool, what are the other 3 expansions like, (3,4,5), once ive had a lot of play time under my belt, so to speak, i might look into picking up a cheap set of the 3.5 Deck builder expansion.

23-03-2006, 12:58
If no-one minds, can someone tell me how much this is, as it sounds really fun.

23-03-2006, 13:45
I've see it for 7-10($12-20) for the original

Apple Dave
23-03-2006, 13:59
Ive seen prices from 5 up to 20 for the original. I got my copy of Zombies 1, Zombies 2 and a bag of 100 zombies from Games Lores website as a package for 37 inc p&p (2nd class delivery standard). In my opinion that is well worth the money for the amount of replayability you can get from it.

23-03-2006, 14:30
The expansions are a must!

Apple Dave
24-03-2006, 21:47
Which expansions do you have then X?

C. Langana
26-03-2006, 18:12
I played it last night, twas an excellent game, back stab and butcher, great fun.

Ms. Langana
26-03-2006, 18:37
and it took for EVER..i wonder if it would have gone any faster or even more slowly if no one had cheated...hmmm!

Emperor's Grace
27-03-2006, 03:33
Agreed, great game.

Even more fun with some rules adjustments for speed and cardplay.

27-03-2006, 03:40
and it took for EVER..i wonder if it would have gone any faster or even more slowly if no one had cheated...hmmm!

Ahahahahahahahahaha :p

It can actually take ages, if people keep on wrecking each others plans...but on the up side no matter how bad things get it's never going to hit Diplomacy levels. :eek: :)

27-03-2006, 10:41
There's actually a 5th expansion now based on an over run university. It's pretty fun and even introduces new rules. There are now 'Guts tokens' which represent the your nerve. Every token you have represents the number of action cards you can have up to 5.

27-03-2006, 10:46
See I just feel that it kinda ends up over complicating stuff. Adding extra cards into the deck is easy. Having an extra pile of cards for the millitary base is okay, but the mall air vents? and the one with dogs? that just seems like real over complication for what works best as a simple and fun game.
Naturally that's just in my opinion. :)

Apple Dave
27-03-2006, 11:25
Well the 4th expansion is also a stand alone game so playing that on its own is simple, plus there arent any roads so you can walk any where pretty much.

Col. Dash
28-03-2006, 22:11
This game is awesome with beer or very late at night or both. Just see who can screw their buddies over the most.