View Full Version : WAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH the craziness is back!

grimgors battle buddy
14-02-2011, 04:54
Big raps to GW the new O+G army book rocks. the craziness is back and i hope or good.
There are several new units/models that rock and i won't even mention that spider thing.
Pump wagons now have several upgrades, 1 of which gives it a type of wings.
Snotlings have a shooting attack that ignore armour.
giants can have a ward save
And what i believe to be the best of the lot Mangler Squigs. 65 points of pure nastiness. I believe that they are two squigs tied together and they move like fanatics but are deployed from the start. if they hit an enemy unit they inflict 2d6 s6 armour piercing hits and if a unit finishes on them 3d6 hits.
Doom divers can now deviate their scatter
Wow the craziness is back so greenskins for the win.
p.s a word of warning appartently the cost of boyz is going up from 19 for 18.50 to 10 for 18.50 so new generals better stock up now

14-02-2011, 06:09
Mind if I be mr negative? On 2 points at least

-Snotlings get a 50% increase in point cost
-A 6+ Ward Save on a giant is not something to be excited about

As for Doom Divers, they did not get a Deviate the scatter, they got a bonus - going from D3" redirection to D6". Quite an improvement.

Mangler squig will be the topic of debate for its base size - but there are no rules surrounding base sizes, a bit annoying.

Also I wouldn't stock up on Orc Boyz, the models are not good enough to get more of them. I'm considering simply trashing my 38 boyz. The models are just boring and aren't too characterful...

The pump wagon upgrades however, oh am I happy for this. I can already imagine and hope they are making a plastic kit. I would buy up to 6 of them. (max being 8 in a 3000+ army)

14-02-2011, 06:59
I'd be interested in those boyz Kalandros ...

Also I wish that they had included a base size for the Mangler Squigs because they sound both characterful and fun and I want to put them in if my rare section allows.

I'm with Kal on the "meh" about giant ward save. If he got it for free if (say) an SOrc Great Shaman was in the list, then it would be cool - but I probably won't pay any points for it. Well, maybe 5-10.

14-02-2011, 07:05
1 in 6 change on saving a wound for but 1/10th of the points isn't that bad. ALso the orc boyz models are not bad at all, actually they are what got me into warhammer in the first place! Granted compared to the new boar boyz (NOT the sobb's) they look a bit simple. but hey, they're old!