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16-02-2011, 09:57
Hi guys as i have just started fantasy i am wondering what are tomb kings good at ? Are they more of a magic user army or are they a good hand to hand combat force ?

16-02-2011, 10:02
They will soon get a new book (May) so right now we can't really be sure of what they are good at.

However with the old book in 8th I usually play them as a swift CC force with some magic and shooting backup. This has work well for me so far, have beaten players of all levels of skill and different tier armies. Managed to squeeze a win against a guy playing WoC with a Chosen deathstar (3+ Ward save sucks...) and 2 Hellcannons, that was a difficult game.

Lord Solar Plexus
16-02-2011, 10:03
Wait until May when they get a new army book.

16-02-2011, 10:05
Very good point thanks i'm collecting a empire army at the moment and i have a up coming game against a tk player ?

16-02-2011, 10:06
As above, wait 'til new book. Not many would recommend buying models at this stage either, as unknown units WILL change. Still speculation at this point.

EDIT: Just read above post. Fail on my part.

16-02-2011, 10:13
Well if you need help how to beat Tomb Kings I guess I can give you a few tips... The stuff that I don't like seeing when playing against a Empire player are (in no particular order):

Arch Lector, Warrior Priests (to stop the TK players magic phase as that phase is very important to TK players)
Wizard Lord
Multiple Mortars/Rocket Battery
Big units of Halbs/Greatswords (Warrior Priest goes here)

You shouldn't need much more than that. I've met a guy playing a similar army (not quite as bad) and it was really, really close. He only won by around 150 victory points :( If he'd put in another mortar and/or rocket battery it would most likely have turned out differently.

16-02-2011, 10:21
Chris, how do you play the army with the current book? And what point levels have you been playing? Would love to see your army build for getting TK to work in 8th edition!

16-02-2011, 10:32
Every time is different but the ones I've had most succes with have worked on this basic structure: (around 2500 points)

Tomb King - Great Weapon, Some Protective stuff (General)
Tomb King - Wizarding Hat, Great Weapon
Liche Priest - Dispel Scroll, Cloak of Dunes (Hierophant)
Icon Bearer - 2+ AS (goes with wizarding hat TK)

2-3 Tomb Swarms
And then something to fill up core, mix of Archers (Hierophant bunker) and maybe a Chariot unit

2 Units of Tomb Guard for the Tomb Kings, Full Command, one with BoUL and one with Icon of the Sacred Eye
2-3 Tomb Scorpions

Bone Giant

I switch around a bit sometimes, take out the giant to play with some SSC and put in an extra scorpion, play around with core some too but this is mostly it. You want to place yourself on one flank, definitely don't spread out. Use your movement spells as much as you can, usually you get something nice with the Wizarding Hat as well so you can dominate the magic phase. Remember that if you feel you need some hitting power don't be afraid to deploy the Scorpions normally. Of course I don't always win and I've recently been playing mostly low-tier armies (Ogre Kingdoms, Wood Elves, Bretonnia etc.) so it might not work against the most ridiculous armies. Some matchups are worse than others as well.

16-02-2011, 10:34
Neat, I'll need to try that! Perhaps for my next tournament to see how the army does there! Interesting to see you not use any Ushabtis, IMO they're brilliant, except for their point cost..

With the new ETC restrictions (of which TK have none) we get to use 2600 points whilst other armies only get 2400.

Cheers Chris!

16-02-2011, 10:39
The main reason for that is that I don't own any Ushabti :P If I had any I would probably try them out instead of the Bone Giant and some other stuff so I can get 6 of them.