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18-02-2011, 09:17
Bit of a ramble really, but that's what Friday mornings are for...

My regular opponent has recently brought into Dark Elves from WoC, so with repeat crossbows being a new-ish problem for me I decided to run some cavalry with the sun standard last night; one of those items that's never really caught my eye, on a unit that I've avoided in 8th due to thinking about them in the wrong way; that they just wouldn't last against a ranked up unit of foot troops.

So the plan was to break through a repeater crossbow line. Against Dark elves in particular, with the Sun Standards range matching the repeater crossbow range it meant the crossbowmen were always at at least -2 to hit (long range -1 and -1 from banner, or short range and -2 from banner). Throw T4 and a 2+ save (3+ with Armour Piercing) it meant I was in close combat by my 2nd turn, suffering just 2 casualties from 2 rounds of shooting + a stand and shoot reaction, and 10 Cold One Cavalry really make a mess of crossbowmen.

I've been put off of taking CoC in 8th due to their points cost, but once you realise that a handful of mounted guys are not going to survive charging into the front of a spearmen horde, but they are going to be able to get places quickly, relatively intact and be able to smash through a relative weak point and weak havock with supporting charges. I think I'm beginning to get my head into 8th edition...

So, CoC: expensive, yes. But it's speed and resilience you're paying for, not staying power in a protracted combat. I think I'll probably start to take a unit a bit more often. Maybe not 12 of them, 8 or so would be a nice balance and still enough to punch through a smaller unit and get in position behind the lines.

The other thing I tried for the first time was Lore of Light (Life get's a bit dull after a while). Loving 12" bubble spell upgrades. Had 2 saurus blocks, ancient Steg, 6 Krox and my Slann all on WS10 and Init 10. Saved me from The Pendulum in my opponents magic phase, and hitting on 3's made a nice big difference in combat (esp for the krox. and steg).

Was a good game. Always a bit hesitant to change from my usual lists for fear of it going badle, but last night was a good change.

18-02-2011, 09:23
He wasn't in a position to simply flee, leaving your expensive cavalry stranded in front of his army?

18-02-2011, 09:30
this belongs in the lizardmen thread in the tactics forum.

otherwise: yes, COR don't suck but they're not great either. they are no stegadons.

I field them in units of 5 or 12, depending on whether I want to hunt support units or use them as a strong flanking unit.

I usually don't use the the sun standard, though, as I prefer +1Ld or +1M. It's cheap and it ensures that they don't suddenly become stupid.

Ultimate Life Form
18-02-2011, 09:38
Great to hear this. I'm surprised you disregarded the Sun Standard until now; it's pretty much the only banner worth taking and is a must on my Temple Guard when I take the Slann for a walk.

Yes, CoR rock in close combat and own anything short of the toughest opponents. Blocks no, but otherwise... It takes a while to figure out how to use them to best effect though. Just another incentive to finally get these guys painted...

Also Lore of Light is a good tip, Life is pretty much a no-brainer on the Slann, but Light can also support very well, as it removes the biggest weakness from our army, namely abysmal I and mediocre WS.

All in all a very insightful post, thank you...

19-02-2011, 00:49
Glad to hear you're having luck with them. I haven't tried cold one riders yet in 8th - the cost of 10 just makes me feel a bit queasy I think! You can get a block of 30 warriors for similar cost, so I just haven't given them a go.

Maybe in the next 2500pt game I play I'll try them out - would be good to bring back my Scar Vet on cold one as well, 1+ AS is always nice.

19-02-2011, 07:32
Haven't tried CoC out in 8th either, however I do believe they can be useful and take more tactics than last edition.

Glad you are liking Light magic, I personally think it is better on the slann than life. More versatility and as has been said, it removes the major weakness from the army. Not to mention when I get Time Warp off on a unit of salamanders turn 1 then march them 24" turn 2, makes those big blocks of spear elves just melt away.

I have ran Light in every game i've played in 8th except the first 2, it has been vastly superior and my opponents are always please to not see Life... until they get owned by my saurus blocks.

19-02-2011, 16:44
He wasn't in a position to simply flee, leaving your expensive cavalry stranded in front of his army?

just because he can try to flee doesn't mean he automatically gets away :rolleyes:

19-02-2011, 17:05
just because he can try to flee doesn't mean he automatically gets away :rolleyes:

Well no. You'd have to be... in a position to flee... to stand a reasonable chance of getting away with it. Sorry if the question was too complicated.