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11-03-2011, 12:56

Welcome to my little outpost here at Warseer! After spending most of my time in the German forums, I thought it was finally time to bother the English speaking community as well.

On the following pages I will present some of my recent projects and you will soon discover that I hardly ever stick to one project for more than two miniatures. This is also the main reason for the fact, that fully completed armies will be a very rare sight here.

But nonetheless, I hope that my output will be at least a bit entertaining for you, even if it might come in very slowly from time to time.

And now let's start with some pictures of older miniatures, to give you a little taste of what will await you in the future.

My evil mutant-zombie-things:





11-03-2011, 12:56
And on we go:






11-03-2011, 12:57


Battlefleet Gothic:


11-03-2011, 12:57
And some random stuff:




That should be enough for now. I have to go back to work and tonight my paintstation will be waiting for me.


Cheers folks! :)

11-03-2011, 13:18
Very nice to see your project at warseer as well. Looking forward to see more of your stuff.

Keep up the good work :)

11-03-2011, 15:31
I expect a lot of beautiful randomness from this.
What is that big evil mutant zombie thing?
And any plans yet as to when you are going to paint the Arachnarok?

11-03-2011, 15:43
Thanks for the warm welcome, makes me feel right at home. :)

The Arachnarok will be one of my next projects, I'm currently working on some zombie-apocalypse survivors (Hazmat team from Hasslefree) and my British fleet for Dystopian Wars is also nearly finished. Once these things are done I will stark to work on the lovely spider.

The big evil mutant zombie thing is an Abberation Prime from the good old Confrontation range of Rackham Entertainment. It's a great kit and you can pick it up at a fairly low price at some shops.

Best regards! ;)

11-03-2011, 16:13
Wow! Great start! It's great to see some new project logs here, and this one is yet another great one! Welcome to Warseer!
EDIT: I laughed very hard at the Worms! mini! Great stuff.

12-03-2011, 00:22
Wait, wait....a Worms mini? A PROTOSS ZEALOT?!

You....magnificent....b*&^*"d. Absolutely top notch stuff here! I'd love to know where you got the aforementioned from, or how they were converted.

12-03-2011, 10:14
some nice stuff nice to see diferant things

12-03-2011, 11:17
Very nice and random collection, and beautifully painted. Looking forward to more.

12-03-2011, 14:53

Ahem... thanks? :D

I'd love to know where you got the aforementioned from, or how they were converted.

No problem. :)

The worm is a miniature from Ironclad Miniatures, I saw it at TGN some months ago and had to have it.

Here is the link to their website! (http://www.ironcladminiatures.co.uk/shop/category_34/GRUBS.html?shop_param=cid%3D%26)

The Zealot is a conversion that was mainly made using Tau parts:

Legs: Tau Ghost (plastic)
Torso: Tau Fire Warrior
Arms + head: Kroot Warrior
Arm armour: Fire Warrior shoulder pads
Blades: High Elf or Wood Elf swords, not sure at the moment
Hair: wire
Arcs over the shoulders: plastic card

That's mainly it, the base is from Micro Art Studio.

To all the other nice people here: thanks, I hope to be presenting some new stuff tomorrow. :)


13-03-2011, 20:36
nice work can't wait to see more

14-03-2011, 00:33
Ok, you asked for it, here's some new stuff.

This is my team of survivors for the zombie-apocalypse skirmish Reanimated. The miniatures are still WiP, but I'm already quite happy with the way they look. Some details are still missing, but I hope you like them anyway. :)





I hope I'll be able to present the final results soon.

Cheers folks!

14-03-2011, 00:39
The hazmats look nice. They give the theme a different feel, more of an organized clean-up team than a desperate band of survivors.
Why doesn't Selene/Rogue suit up, though?
I like what you've done with the bases. I'll steal the idea of the road markings.

14-03-2011, 09:52
Why doesn't Selene/Rogue suit up, though?

Because she's just that cool. And as we all know: leaders and heroes don't need any armour or protection whatsoever. :D

She doesn't really fit, that't true, but unfortunately there are only those four Hazmat-guys so far, Hasslefree will have to come up with more models first.

Cheers! :)

14-03-2011, 12:43
Ooh I love the zombie stuff! She looks like some kind of experiment / end boss. Or am I thinking wrongly? Those guys in suits are awesome. Where they from?

16-03-2011, 00:50
Hiho once again! :)

All hunter models are from Hasslefree, great company with awesome stuff for a good price! The girl will be the leader of the team, think of her as some sort of special agent.

I recieved quite a lot of criticism for the blue parts of the Hazmats in the German forums (out of couriosity: how do you call that in English?). And I have to admit that they were'nt my best work.

So I made some changes:


She's got eyes (used my shiny new brush for that)!


And last but not least: some shiny new gimmicks for the team!


Cheers and best regards!

16-03-2011, 21:09
Liking those hazmats, yellow looks great.
Any tips on how you did your blood splatter, looks very good.
As for blue visors, dont look that bad imho

16-03-2011, 21:50
A lot of great stuff here. Love those hazmat suits. One Love

18-03-2011, 22:07
Wow, everything looks so good. Any log which contains zombie apocalypse stuff has my subscription. May have to check hasslefree out. I don't suppose Reanimated has an english site?

27-05-2011, 12:56

I'm afraid, no English site for Reanimated (yet), but maybe there will be a translation once the game is fully finished.

Meanwhile, some new pictures from my workbench.

I started a mutant warband for =I=munda recently. The idea was to simply use all moddels in my collection that served no other purpose and had a suitable look. At the moment the whole cult looks like this:


And some single models:
The Blade-sphere (AT-43 model repainted):

A techzombie (Mantic parts, Pig Iron Helmet and GW bits):

A biotech-servitor (Micro Art Studio, rather low quality model, imho):

And as we all know, this thread needs some serious randomness. Therefore, I present to you, the Enforcer 2018, my post-apocalyptic racing car!


And my first Mantic orc:

See you!

27-05-2011, 20:38
The randomness! THE RANDOMNESS!!!
*head asplode*

28-05-2011, 16:45
The randomness! THE RANDOMNESS!!!
*head asplode*

haha... this made me laugh...

But all the painted stuff here is just full of awesome-ness! Great work!

1.21 Gigawatts
28-05-2011, 17:33
Is there a Mad Max car mini game that I don't know about?!

I loving the Munda group. A good use of bits across different ranges. Are the bases homebrew or something your purchased?

30-05-2011, 08:58
The randomness! THE RANDOMNESS!!!
*head asplode*

:D Made my day! :D

Thanks for alle the kind words folks! :)

@1.21 Gigawatts
We're using a slightly changed version of the Gorkamorka racing rules. This works really well.

The bases are selfmade, I chopped up some Robogear terrain for the rusty steel parts.

More pictures will follow soon.

See you! ;)

04-06-2011, 23:16
Well it was terrible having to clean up after my head asploded, but I am glad you got some enjoyment out of it... Sheesh...

So what is this Reanimated skirmish game all about? Is it a German game?

05-06-2011, 09:40
Well it was terrible having to clean up after my head asploded, but I am glad you got some enjoyment out of it... Sheesh...

So what is this Reanimated skirmish game all about? Is it a German game?

It's a fan-made skirmish game about the zombie apocalypse.
I haven't had a chance to play yet, but the rules seem solid and the theme is fun, of course.

Since I have never met anybody from the Netherlands who did not, I assume you speak/read/understand German in some capacity, so check out the rules, which are free for download here (http://www.brueckenkopf-online.com/?p=32076).

27-06-2011, 10:51
Hi again!

It might become a bit redundant, but for the sake of completeness I'll post my dwarves here as well:







27-06-2011, 10:53
And here are my heroes:





Meanwhile, a friend and I have started to build a table for Infinity and we've already come quite far:


Hope you like this stuff, there's more to come soon. :)

28-06-2011, 00:36
Nice dwarves could we have a group shot

28-06-2011, 08:41

Sorry, no group shot yet (I'll see what I can do), but we've been working on our city table again and things are starting to look better! :)

Yesterday we painted the roads, did the drybrushing, coloured the craters (those will be drybrushed grey later, to give them a more fitting colour) and painted the generator building.



Next steps will be:
- find all errors
- finish the buildings (yes, there will be buildings ;) )
- finish the craters
- be happy

Cheers! :)

28-06-2011, 16:25
Nice log. I am a fan of Miniature Scenery myself. What did you use to texturise the flat surfaces of pavements?

28-06-2011, 16:35
I used a paint roller and standard wall colour. The roller creates the rough surface (a brush will leave a smooth surface which is less suited for drybrushing) that is ideal for the following steps.

The material from miniature scenery is great, but it's definitely a lot of work. ;)

29-06-2011, 05:26
I used a paint roller and standard wall colour. The roller creates the rough surface (a brush will leave a smooth surface which is less suited for drybrushing) that is ideal for the following steps.

The material from miniature scenery is great, but it's definitely a lot of work. ;)

Thanks for the roller tip. Concerning the workload I got myself a sanding block at home improvement type of DIY store(Praktiker). It greatly accelerates the trimming process.

Karak Norn Clansman
03-07-2011, 18:47
A Protoss Zealot! This is a good log. :)

Farseer Emrys
04-07-2011, 14:40
love the bladesphere, and the modular table surface looks good! really ads a lot to the game athmosphere

08-07-2011, 11:07
Thanks guys, glad you like my stuff! :)

Not much new I'm afraid, at least no new miniatures. But I've almost finished my battlefield, just a few details to go.



08-07-2011, 11:34
Amazing terrain, really looking forward to play are couple of games on that table. Great job on my palettes :)

09-07-2011, 01:26
Thanks Siam! :)

Here are some more pictures, we added some vehicles (AT-43 range repainted):





09-07-2011, 14:23
flame from the flamethrower... awesome!

Farseer Emrys
14-07-2011, 14:31
Yeah the flamethrower is awesome!

15-07-2011, 15:07
Jepp, the fire looks pretty awesome, unfortunately the miniature belongs to a friend of mine. ;)

For those who want to know: The flames was made with tissue paper and glue. Worked pretty well, obviously.

Here are some more pictures of our gaming table and some miniatures of my friends (my own battlegroup has yet to be finished):



Soon there'll be more new stuff, but at the moment I have a magazine to finish and therefore nearly no time for painting...

Cheers everybody!

17-07-2011, 17:03
Very inspiring material in this plog. I like your gaming table, it looks fun to play on. And I love the bearclaw on the shields of your dwarfs, good idea.


17-07-2011, 17:06
very nice i might have to get some of those minis

26-07-2011, 09:10
*removes the dust*


Ok, seems like I should have come back a bit more often. ;)

Do it, Infinity miniatures are definitely some of the best Sci-fi modells out there!

Thank you very much! :)

As I said, It's been a while, but here I come with some news.
First I was lucky on Ebay and managed to get a Terminator Salvation Hunter Killer. I will use it as a scenic item or a mission objective for my Infinity-Table and it will of course get a brand new paintjob (looking forward to that!).



In addition to that I also finished a little test modell for my Mantic undead:


I already decided to change some parts for the final colour scheme, but the look will mostly remain the same.

Cheers! :)

26-07-2011, 21:26
Good color scheme. Are you planning a large force with only mantic undead?


27-07-2011, 02:51
The Hunter Killer looks like all sorts of awesome! That looks like it will fit right into the infinity style of things. Great find!

27-07-2011, 11:27
Are you planning a large force with only mantic undead?

Yes, I do. :) I really like them and I already own a significant number of troops.

But I guess it will take some time before I can really start to paint such a big army. Even with Army Painter it will take some time.

28-08-2011, 23:54
Hiho! :)

It's been a while, but I had to finish a magazine here, so unfortunately I didn't have much time to paint.

Yesterday I recieved a nice little package from Great Britain and it contained even nicer little metal miniatures for one of our next reviews. I must say I really like them, and so I started painting immediately:


I tried to finish this one really fast and focused on speed and efficiency, but I think it turned out quite nice nonetheless. :)

And no hobby evening is complete without some nice food:


So much from here, I'll be back soon and present the first wave of my British army for Dystopian Wars.


29-08-2011, 09:27
Looking nice, both the toy soldier and the food.

30-08-2011, 11:20
Thanks! :)

The food was great, I have to cook that again anytime soon. ;)

The System Trooper is about to get some friends and I ordered some vehicles from Old Crow Miniatures yesterday. Maybe I'll use those as my Warpath army...

Soon in this threat:

More System Troopers
Dystopian Wars (Kingdom of Britannia)
Mantic Dwarves

Cheers! :)

30-08-2011, 21:45
The food looks delicious.


05-09-2011, 15:14
More red guys!

I almost finished the sniper team for my system troopers (please remember: these are speedpaint-miniatures):


This means that my army is now this big:


The galaxy will burn! *cough* :shifty:

07-09-2011, 10:52
Wow, the feedback!!! THE FEEDBACK!!!!!!! :eek: :D

Nonetheless, here are some pictures of my most recent project, the Britannia battlegroup for Dystopian Wars:




Pics could be better, but I guess it's better than nothing. I have to add another layer of snow to the bases, the first one looks a bit too transparent atm.

More things will follow soon, my fleet is almost ready to reign the seas!

Cheers! :)

07-09-2011, 17:29
wow love your KOB.

One of these days i will get my prussians done there cleaned up and washed it's just that other projects are first

09-09-2011, 03:46
Wow, the feedback!!! THE FEEDBACK!!!!!!! :eek: :D


Well, some days are like that.

The Dystopian war models are looking ace, mate. Keep going!

09-09-2011, 09:00
Have to agree with JT, really like the Dystopian war models. Another game that people like you are tempting me towards, even when I still have about 20 complete armies sitting to build and paint :S

09-09-2011, 10:32
Thanks folks, glad you like them! :)

I almost finished my Vanguard Submarines yesterday, the last thing on the list is the water effect on the bases.

The first modell is nearly done, I only had to add a little bit of additional water effect at some parts, (the bright blue spots). These parts will need some more drybrushing once the water effect has dried, but apart from that I'm quite happy with the ship.


On the other bases the first layer is still drying, but they should be finished quite soon as well. At the moment my workstation looks like this:


Isn't the huge dreadnought lovely? ;)


15-09-2011, 16:03
Progress has been made! :D

The dreadnought rises:


And he brought some friends to join the party:



15-09-2011, 19:41
Looking good.
Dystopian Wars is another game I find really tempting, but I already have stuff for so many different systems I never get to play...I suspect you know the feeling.

15-09-2011, 19:44
nice ships and boats looking good now you just need a group shot

17-09-2011, 15:18
Did you sculpt the water effects yourself? It looks nice!

If I may suggest (I'm no great painter, so this is just off the top of my head), you could highlight the crest of the waves white to create the froth churning in the sea. Perhaps just near where the front of the ships are pushing against the water. It might make it look even more realistic. Just a suggestion though.

19-09-2011, 13:15
now you just need a group shot

Yes, Sir!



Not very happy with the picture of the land troops, but what can you do...

My ships will al get those icy bases in the end, but I will do that for all modells at the same time, so I have to do some more painting before.

Here's a closeup of one of my tank squadrons:


As you can see I added some trees to the bases. Dystopian Wars - A Christmas Carol!

And another picture of my ships for size comparison:


This dreadnought is HUGE!

Most of the water was already sculpted on the token, I just added some more detail with the water effect. Your Idea is great, but I'm not sure if I will be able to do this without messing everything up. ;)


19-09-2011, 22:17
Those look... really nice. Really really nice!!

19-09-2011, 22:19
Considering that according to the people fawning over Dreadfleet Spartan Games' models are uninspired junk I think you have made them look marvellous.

19-09-2011, 22:48
to be honest i've had a good look at dreadfleet and it looks cheep in my eyes i hope it looks better IRL i would have prefered a new look man o war but beggers cant be choosers anyway.

You've inspired me i've put some projects back and done a tester for my prussians. I've primed the sea based stuff got to admit i'm not looking forward to doing the tiny flyers.

19-09-2011, 23:02
Really loving the distopian wars stuff never heard of it before havta say looks really good! very tempted!,

Also like the post apoc stuff, the mad max style car is great i have a similar project going atm great stuff!

Keep up the good work!.

20-09-2011, 09:34
Thanks folks, I'm really happy about this nice feedback! :)

The Dystopian Wars modells are brilliant, really great quality! Spartan Games have improved significantly during the past few years, the old stuff is no match for their new releases!

I must say I like the first pictures of Dreadfleet a lot, the comic-look is ok for me. I ordered my copy over the weekend and I'm really looking forward to painting the modells. :)
The additional stuff (gaming mat, scenery...) won me over, I can use a lot of that for Uncharted Seas or Dystopian Wars as well, which increases the value of the box significantly.

As soon as I have my box, there will be pictures! :)

For the moment I'll start some new projects, I'm currently fed up with Dystopian Wars and since I still have a review to finish (for http://www.brueckenkopf-online.com/) I think I'll paint some more Pig Iron miniatures. Oh and, some Studio McVey as well. ;)

Cheers and happy painting!

26-11-2011, 11:12
Ok, time to wipe away the dust from this thread.....

It's been a while since I last posted some stuff here, which is why I have quite a bunch of new picutres to show.

First of all: the first wave of my british fleet for Dystopian Wars is now complete:



I also started a new project - some undead for Kings of War:



My WiP catapult (still need a lot of work):


And finally I picked up a new game: MERCS (amazing rules, great atmosphere, cool miniatures!). I chose the Keizei Waza as my first faction.


Hope you like this stuff.


26-11-2011, 16:06
the dystopian stuff looks ace have you built a board for it or is that just for display

never seen mercs been played but i do like the minis a lot especialy the ccc stuff

26-11-2011, 16:10
Great looking fleet, the undead are looking nice as well.

26-11-2011, 17:04
the dystopian stuff looks ace have you built a board for it or is that just for display

That's the gaming mat from Dreadfleet. ;). It was my primary reasom to buy the game. The rest was just a very cool addition.

I like the rules for MERCS a lot, you might want to give it a try. :)

Thanks! :)

28-11-2011, 17:17
I really dig the Kings of War Undead, the red comes along great.

The darker colors on the wazai really rescued the paintjob.

09-01-2012, 10:50
Time to wipe some dust here, methinks.

I did some painting over the weekend and nearly finished my first MERCS team. I decided to go for the KemVar first and finish the remaining Keizei Wazar a little bit later.

So here they come:

This is the squad in it's current "almost done"-status:

And some shots of the single miniatures. Unfortunately the pics are pretty bad and some of the colours don't really come out too well, but it'll be enough to give you an overall impression:





Hope you like them. Next on the list: remove all the little flaws and add some more highlights here and there. And I will need some mission objectives as well.

09-01-2012, 10:50
And the last one:


Cheers! :)

13-01-2012, 13:28
Your mercs are really coming along great. Like the grey of the bases.

Not sure with the glowing knifes, but the rest is fine!

29-01-2012, 09:35

Thanks Siam, I'm pretty happy with the results as well.

Finished the team yesterday, some close-ups will follow, for the moment there's only a quick group picture:


Cya! :)

29-01-2012, 14:56
Nice grayscale and color highlights. Very dramatic.

29-01-2012, 23:22
Thanks, glad you like them. :)

We had a little game today and this gave me the opportunity to take another goup picture with scenery.


Now it's time for a new project...

30-01-2012, 06:31
Oo the mercs minis are looking great!

03-02-2012, 09:08
Thanks JT. :)

I finished some more units for my undead army recently:

My Soul Reavers (Morghul Knights from LotR):

My skeletons:

And this is my complete army at the moment:

Hope you like them! :)

04-02-2012, 09:56
The soul reavers look great! Didn't know that the lotr minis and the mantic minis were similar in size.

04-02-2012, 11:13
I really like the Skeleton unit with the statue in the middle. It has a great sense of movement.
The way units work in KoW appears to leave more modelling options. I should look into that. I don't really get to play anyway, so it doesn't make much difference which game I build my armies for. And this seems to be a good option to make them look nicer with every unit being like a diorama (which is more difficult to do in WHFB).

04-02-2012, 11:24
Very nice little army. :)

04-02-2012, 19:40
the undead look great really like the red.The soul reavers really stand out

05-02-2012, 23:06
Im not normally taken with the Mantic models, but you've done a very nice job on them. You've also made a very good use of the Morgul knights! Im a bit confused by having the banner for the unit in the rear rank though?

06-02-2012, 00:03
I agree with HereBeDragons, I really don't like the Mantic minis, they just don't do anything for me. But wow, you've made them look pretty damn good there. I'd be proud to have an army like them :)

06-02-2012, 11:29
Thanks folks, I'm really happy about the nice feedback! :)

LotR miniatures are pretty close to the Mantic stuff scalewise. And since the Morghul Knights are a pretty nice kit, I could not resist. :)

I agree, the banner in the second rank looks a bit odd at first. But at KoW the position of the modells hardly ever matters. As long as the unit has a banner that's fine. I therefore decided to put the banner in the back to give the unit a more dynamic look (and I wanted more real weapons in the front rank).

Thanks! :) I actually like Mantic quite a bit. Many of their modells can look really great, but I also have to admit that some of their kits are a bit rubbish.

15-02-2012, 13:58
Finally a little update in my realm! :)

This time I have the first two modells of my new Forgefather army ready (only minor changes are still to come):


And I have a little picture of my System Troopers and their ride:


I think the System Troopers will become Veterans of my small Mantic Corporation force.

What else?...

I started building the allmighty leader of my undead forces:


Und Some Dystopian Wars will also follow soon:


Hope you like this stuff. :)

15-02-2012, 18:45
Nice work. How about painting the muzzle black on the forgefathers?

16-02-2012, 11:00

Jepp, I will definitely do that. The Forge Fathers will get some more love anyway, this is just the first "ready to play but not very good" version of them. :)

Bingo the Fun Monkey
18-02-2012, 11:39
Wow! What a diverse log- painted to a high quality at a prolific rate. I'm definitely going to be checking in quite often to see what rolls off your desk next! I aspire to have a log as comprehensive as this one. Good show.

05-03-2012, 15:30
Thanks, glad you like my stuff! :)

A little update from my side:

My first Menoth warjack:

Have to redo the eyes, but apart from that I'm quite hapy with it. :)

And that's what I'll be working on next: