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Dodgy Ed
26-03-2006, 16:51
Unfortunately I don't have any pics, although I think someone has pics of my dwarfs. I'll just give a quick summary of my games, and it has to be said every game was great fun against some fantastic opponents.

Game one (sat) VS Dwarfs

Oh my God did I feel rough (out 'till four the previous morning on top of two days solid work to get a tomb kings army ready.). Anyway on to the game, not the most common showdown, dwarfs vs dwarfs, in my hungover state I made the mistake of trying to charge down a dwarfen gun line, however thanks to the uber tough Ironbreakers and some daemonically accurate counterbattery on my part I got away with a minor victory.

result 13-7

Game 2 (sat) vs Strigoi VC

This one was more of a standard match up, dwarfs vs Undead. The artillery proved invaluable (and accurate here), bringing down a black coach and a banshee in the first turn. The game progressed 'till I got a bit of luck (not that it seemed so at the time) and the vampire lord miscast, hitting 12 and irresistibly force Vanhelling a unit with the aforementioned lord and a thrall in to the front of my Ironbreakers. What followed was an eight round challenge between his vampire lord and my dwarf lord , who after the first round was on one wound, which he tenatiously clung on to and managed to bring the Vampire down and cause the undead to go poof

result 20-0

Game 3 (sat) vs beasts of chaos

Man this one was close, I was fighting Mangus the IX's army, using fairly standard dwarfen castling tactics, thanks to a huge f**in' hill in the corner. I deployed pretty much in one corner except for a stone thrower on the far flank (which was ignored for the whole game) Net result before counting table quarters was a draw with only about 50 points in it, however I was able to claim 2 quarters, one with miners and the other with the stone thrower as it had US5+ gotta love the new dwarf engineer rules.

result 13-7

Game 4 (sun) vs Dwarfs (slayers yay)

Another fight against a To8G contributor, Monstallion. Well I guess even dwarfs need wargames (can just imagine them loading up with paintballs:p ) Man this one was a bloody affair, he ran screaming towards my lines, shrugging off most but not all of my fire. In combat his lord was an absolute beast, bringing down my general in one turn and then consistently fluffing most of his attacks against the ironbreakers. After a very bloody six turns it came down to the wire, points totals were 991 to him and 966 to me, it doesn't get any closer.

result 10-10

Game 5 (sun) vs dark elf cult of Slaanesh

This really was a horribly one sided game, as once again I got a big ******* off hill and castled it, it's not a pretty sight to see no armoured T3 troops trying to chase down a dwarfen gun line, a bit like a hippy trying to cross the somme in 1918. Although he managed to get his uber-hitty lord into combat with my general we traded a few blows and I managed to stay alive whilst his lord ran away.

result 20-0

So 76 out of a 100 for generalship, and a nomination for best painted army.I'll have to wait until Lav puts up 'soft' scores to work out my total points tho'

Overall a great atmosphere and some fun (and nail bitingly close) games, really shows you what a tournament should be, and there weren't any overly cheesed lists, a hearty thumbs up to all involved and congrats to Crube for winning To8G.

26-03-2006, 18:01
Sorry No pics either but thought I'd add my trip though a another great carange tournment, cheers to Lav, Nick and the rest of the people that put in the hard work to make it happen.

Taking a Tomb Kings army for the first time, I took;

Tomb king with GW and Big Flaming chariot,
3 Liche priests.
1*5 + 1*3 Units of chariots,
12 bowmen,
7 Horsemen
4 base tomb swarm
2 Tomb scorpions
4 Ushabti
3 Carrion

Round 1 versus Table 7 (Striogoi VC)

Never a good match up of undead vs undead, especially where I have no ranked units and no combat character that can match a Strigoi Lord. But going for broke my Tomb king and swarms charged into a large skeleton block lead by the Lord on the 2nd turn starting a combat that lasted til the 6th turn when the Strigoi Lord was killed (Turn 6 wasnt good for this guy, dying in turn 6 again against Dodgy_Ed's dwarfs lol). Unfourtunately in the absence of my Tomb king and some shamelessly bad rolling the rest of my suffered under the onslaught of a flying thrall and some very luck direwolves. But with the death of the general I pulled win just off the amount of VP for major. After handing in the result and packing away the army I then found that I had surrounded the objective yet forgot to claim lol. Hangover was interferring with the thinking process but game ends

Minor win 13-7

Round 2 Table 4 Dwarfs

Playing Dwarfs myself I knew the key to this game was slinceing the artilery so carrion unit was charged in on first turn due to the staggering speed of TK in the magic phase. The dwarfs had set up so they had 3 units of missile troops in front of 3 blocks of missile troops drawing another attackers onto the powerhouse troop units. Not to disappoint on turn 2 I charged in my 2 unit of chariots crashed though the line of missile troops. Unfortunately having a 12" front line on my big chariot unit I ended up engaged against 2 fully ranked up units lead by a nasty Lord. Despite having another unit of chariots in the flank of 1 unit their was a nasty bounce sound and 5 chariots disappeared in a round of combat. Seeing my king alone I set everything I had into combat to help out as well as healing units like mad where I could. But turn 3 a unit of 20 Longbeards, 20 Clansmen, sheild mounted Lord, runesmith where enagaged against 2 units of chariots, 4 Ushabti, a Tomb scorpion, Tomb King and a Tomb swarm. The dwarf line broke and was all run down. Panic spreed though some horrible dice and the dwarfs were finished off. The game hung on 1 combat which had it gone the other way would have ended in a very dead Tomb Kings.

Win 20-0

Round 3 Table 2 High Elves

A fast High elf army with a large unit of Dragon princes, 2 units of heavy silver helms, chariot and 4 repeater bolt throwers. Now torn on tactics as to whether to ahng back and try and draw his troops into charge range or to take the charge of his knights. With my main punch being my chariot charge I decided to hang back and whether the 24 shots a turn (remembering my TK army has T4 at best and no better then a 5+ ward save :( ) was pretty chariots were dying in droves but I keep most of the units operational with raises but did leave my ig chariot unit on fire for 3 turns as keep forgetting to dispel it lol. In the end the carrion sold their lives to draw the Dragon princes onto the ushabti, this allowed the Tomb kings to flank and break then but they clipped his chariots and where then flanked themselves by the ranked up spearman unit and charged by a silver helm unit. Brought down to 1 chariot and my Tome King I threw everything I had in to support contining the theme of mega combats that ran through out my tournment. Into the flank of the spearmen went the light Calavry, the 1 remaining Ushabti went into the flank of Sliver helms and a tomb scorpion went into the back of the Silver helms. When the dust settled I had the combat and higher unit strength and hence broke and ran down the spearmen. The silver helms escaped but spent the rest of the game fleeing whilst the scorpions and tomb swarm attacked the bolt thrower battery. After healing some of my units up above half strength the game was won.

Win 20-0

Round 4 Table 1 Cult of slaanesh

The army consisted of 2 bolt throwers, 2 units of dark riders, 1 cold one units, a unit of devotted, a unit of spearmen and 2 units of crossbowmen, 1 sorceress and the evil that is a druchi anoited. A auto strkies first 5 * str7 A charcter that is fast and difficult to kill.

During the early stages of the game we danced around a bit both not wanted to commit units as chooseing the fights was the key to this game. After finishing off the dark riders, and losing the carrion to missile fire I decided it was time to gamble, and charged the devotteed unit the annoited had just left with my King and his chariots. I also charged the devotted with horsemen to hold him in combat for an extra turn or 2. The chariots broke though but due to the failure of the tomb swarm to beat the xbowmen found them selves trapped and flanked flanked a turn later by a ranked spearman unit. To prevent the annoited returning to the fray I charged him with the ushabti and a tomb scorpion which had misfired and put back in my side of the board. This went badly with the Tomb scorpion and Ushabti going down. However they did take the annoited down to 1 wound and get half VP. In the last turn of the game the second unit of chariots got a rear charge on the cold ones but couldn't break then and the Tomb king and his chariots survived due the Tomb king now being in combat. However the Tomb swarm in its only poor game died to the Xbowmen and 1 Tomb scorpion never turned up. Close til the end the Vp were just 36 apart, resulting in a hard fought draw on top table. Draws were also seen on the other 2 top tables as carnage was unleashed

Round 5 Table 2 Slayers

My First and only Tale of 8 gamers oppenet and is against 1 of the most horrible armies in the game to play with undead. His army included 3 blocked of 18 Slayers, 6 Doomskkers, Goblin hewer, A very tooled up Lord and 3 tolled dragon slayers.

The only things in my army able to hold in combat for any time, the Tome King and the Ushabti give 10 VP per kill away for every slayer killed. As do my tomb scorpions, I decided I would have to fight each section on its on its own, firstly the menace that is Doomseekers. First turn and due to first turn and look snorri trolls the orange line is far to close for comfort. Only charge is my tomb king on his own into a Doom seekers, after killing him and giving away 10 VP my Tomb King then over ran 15" staright into a wood killing his chariot :(. During turn 2 I shot down another doom seeker and charged another one with a Tomb scorpion and a Tomb swarm. At which point the Doom seeker decided it wasn't a good say to die and inflicted 6 wounds to my 1. This lead to the scorpion geting flanked and a big unit of slayer crashing into the swarm. On the other side of the board a Tomb scorpion has come up and is attacking the goblin hewer and a unit of chariots and horsemen is running backwards from the line trying to pick off doom seekers. Back in the main combat area I decided to try and reinforce mt swarm and pick on the unit and threw a unit of chariots into the doom seeker, still alive. and a unit of Ushabti into other doom seeker threating to enter combat with the idea of overrunning into the units flank. The chariots and Ushabti got their **** handed to them however the Tomb swarm fought like the devil bringing down a dragon slayer and then winning combat against the slayers reduing them to 10 by the time the Ushabti brought through onto the flank. The Ushabti finish off the unit but basically give the poinys back to him due to their Str 6. Now all the doom seekers are down I turned to shooting the other main units bring 1 down exactly 50% on turn 6.

A hard fought game resulting in a minor win for me 13-7

Overall a great tournment and made better by not having to play Dodgy_ed despite playing on the table next to him every game. Strangely enough I also scored 76 Generalship points from 4 wins and a draw but sadly no top 3 place :( but a great tournment with some hard fought games, so all thats left is to back to the pub and plan my army for next year. Take it easy people.

Rik Valdis
27-03-2006, 13:37
My first proper tournament (and my first fantasy games since August/Spetember) have gone pretty well I reckon. I wanted to use a fully combat army with multiple large miner units and an anvil of doom but didn't get around to painting them so instead I used the following list:

301- Dwarf Lord with Shieldbearers, a GW with Master rune of Kragg the Grimm and two runes of Fury, Runic Armour with a rune of stone and a rune of resistance, runic talisman with a Master Rune of Challenge.

151- Runesmith with GW, SH, Rune of Spellbreaking and Master Rune of Balance
76- Thane with GW and Rune of Stone
196- 19 Warriors with Shields and Full Command
196- 19 Warriors with Shields and Full Command
120-10 Quarrellers with shields
120-10 Quarrellers with shields
100- 10 Warriors with Great Weapons
327-18 Longbeards with GW, SH, Full Command and a Rune Of Slowness

155- Grudgethrower (s) - Rune of Accuracy and two Runes of Penetrating
135- Grudgethrower (g)- Runes of Accuracy, Penetrating and Burning
120- 10 Miners, including Prospector and musician
2000 points

Arriving in Nottingham was a little stressful as I forgot the name of the hotel and had no means of contacting anyone (never met any of them before) so I stood outside the station for a while waiting until I saw someone with a GW case (thank Darkseer) who I followed to the hotel.

Game 1 was against Crube's really nice Wood Elf army. i got a minor victory here at the end of turn five but I think I would have had a very good chance at a major or a massacre given the 6th turn. This was a really good game, possibly the best of the tournament for me, a really nice guy to play against (not that the rest of you weren't....). Special mention must go to my crossbowdwarves for good shooting (as ever) and holding off cavalry in combat. It must be added that Crube's abysmal rolling (and my hill) didn't help his chances much.

Game 2 was against Gortex Gunnerson and was a massacre against me, I had nothing left by the end of the game. His magic caused me quite a few problems with carrion charging my stonethrower on the first turn (my crew fought pretty well, it has to be said). They deciding point of the game was the combat in turn two with a large unit of chariots (with King) engaging my Lord's longbeards and my Runesmith's warriors in the front and a second unit of chariots engaging my warriors in the flank. At this point we said whoever won the four unit (at that point) combat was bound to win the game with a massacre. My Lord did me proud felling chariots and I won combat for a couple of rounds but as the rest of both of our armies were added to the combat and Gortex's magic replenished his units the tide turned against me and I eventually (after something like 6 rounds of combat) fled. After this is was pretty simple for the Tomb Kings to destroy the couple of units that were not in the large combat. I think there was nothig wrong with my basic strategy here, my mistake was a bad angling of my unit ten warriors which meant chariots clipped my flank on the overrun rather missing me. Without the flank charge I would have backed myself to win the large combat and then probably the game. Another really fun game against a good opponent.

Game 3, well, sadly there were an odd number of players in the fantasy tournament so in this round it was my turn to miss a game. I got a massacre from the game which I don't really think was fair. This was the low point of the tournament for me, I had a little wander around the tables but my disappointemnt on missing a game was pretty evident I think. On the up side, this gap led me to begin my plans for an army of ferrets with which I shall take over the world.....

Game 4 was against a very nice blood Dragon army using Brettonian models, commanded by Dangerat. My artillery took out the black coach and thinned the genral's unit (crucially lowering its unit strength and losing it its rank). My units managed to hold the charge while crossbowdwarves destroyed the dire wolves with shooting and combat. Managing to hold the numerically inferior Undead meant I could bring my support units around over several turns and surround his units (I believe McMullet took a picture of me surrounding his general's unit on both flanks and the rear). This was in the end a pretty clear massacre to me, but without my artillery it could have gone very differently.

Game 5. Abnother massacre for the unstoppable (hmmm) Throng of Rik Fricis Danriksson. This time I faced Magnus the IX's BEasts of Chaos. Another really good game, against a friendly and cool opponent. The game started pretty well with me killing a minotaur and panicing the Dragon Ogres off the board (w00t) and killing a chariot. My miners managed to destroy his ambushing hounds while the ambushing beastherd slaughtered my corssbowmen before being caught by a unit of warriors and cut down. My Lord used the master Ruen of challenge to force the Lord's unit to charge him and the longbeards (another beast herd also charged). this was the scariest point in the game for me, lots of attacks were focused on my 301 point lord and he survived on 1 wound. The might of the sons of Grugni was evident and I fought off both units after killing the Lord and BSB. A second cariot and a spawn were the next most deadly things in the army, coming around the back of my army and killing the unit of ten warriors and a stonethrower (I think). MAgnus was quite unlucky with his opponent I think, ranked up dwarven infantry being rather difficult opponents for beast herds but it was a good game and with worse uessing on my part and better leadership on his, who knows what could have happened.

All in all I got 74/100 generalship points, along with the 'soft scores,' this means that I came in second place. I also received best sportsman although I am unconvinced that was calculted correctly as there were lots of people on 25/25 and if the tiebreak was generalship points (as I thought it was) then there were a couple of people above me in generalship who I would have thought would have won it.

All in all, a great weekend, I think with a few tweaks to my list I will be off tot he GT in the autumn and will hopefully see some of the guys form Carnage there.

27-03-2006, 13:54
Rather than clog everything up, I've posted my report over in my Tale of 8 Gamers thread...click on the link in the sig for details...

27-03-2006, 14:04
I believe McMullet took a picture of me surrounding his general's unit on both flanks and the rear
Alas, this is one of the photos that came out badly... I'll see what I can rescue of it, but it was very blurry. It was certainly a rare thing to see...

27-03-2006, 14:39
@Rik...no chance of a massacre...

I'd run away, back to my deployment zone :p

Cracking game though...

28-03-2006, 06:40
An in-depth (and probably to long a) tale of horror, despair, and regret …….well not quite.

Another year another Carnage/Portent/Warseer tournament and I’m ready, so ready.
The army has been ready for months now, everything is paid an Irene Drives me and Koen to the airport where I realise a MINOR mistake, my wallet with everything in it is still at home.

Just before Irene leaves I manage to jump in front of the car to inform her of this fact, talk her out of her card, get the abuse I deserve and a promise that she’ll drive back home through the morning rush get my wallet and try to bring it to me on time.
Not a chance says Koen, ”Oh ye of little faith”

A mere hour and 20 minutes later, she is there, she took her bike to get back to the airport.
That’s my wife, the one with the brain. :)

We say goodbye and after undergoing the usual abuse by the custom officers we depart.

We make it to the Gresham by around 11.30 and go into town to eat some dead animals and then crash until Tom wakes us up to say hi.
A bit later we go to the bar to have a few drinks and wait until everyone arrives. Horton informs me that he has decided to drink with me, which is fine as far as I’m concerned.
We go out for a curry and to a bar but Koen and I are knackered because of the ungodly hour that we had to get up and we’re in bed around 11.

Now for the actual tournament.

I’m playing a Nurgle Daemonic legion, it consists out of:

- Great Unclean one
- Herald on a plague beast, banner, spellbreaker.
- 16 Plaguebearers, full command and the unholy Icon
- 16 Plaguebearers
- 3 Plagueriders
- 1 Plague chariot with two plague beasts
Forgot 2 units: one of 2 stands and one of 1 stand of nurglings, sorry guys :oops:

Game 1 vs High elves

EEK, My opponent has 4 bolt throwers and I have the equivalent speed of an astmathic slug.
My opponent also does everything right and I can’t seem to roll a wardsave if it could save my life (which it could of course)
I loose, badly.
I can however claim some sort of moral victory. While he is slapping my army around he himself is slowly, no fastly, succumbing to some form of nurgles rot, I’ve never played anyone so ill. Sometimes I worry if I should get a doctor. That’ll teach you to mess with Grandfather Nurgle. ;)
End result 3-17

Time for food/Coffee/Beer.

Game 2 vs chaos undivided

This should go better especially since my opponent has no cavalry to speak of.
He does however have a Hellcannon who almost single-handedly eats my army. With a cruise missile like accuracy he shoots and demolishes stuff left right and centre.
One shot takes 6 wounds of my unclean one, and after six turns my army is in tatters though not as bad as before. Another fun game and another loss
End result 7-13

Game 3 vs Dark elves

A nicely painted army with two hydras, two blocks of cold ones and no bolt throwers, not something you see every day.
Strange things happen during this game. Meaning I’m winning, finally the –1 to hit thing works and my opponent has the good grace to die at the appointed times.
The fact that I’m slowly learning how to use my army may have something to do with this (I’ve been playing empire for the last couple of years which works just a bit different).
I really roll up the army and wind up with my first win of the day, a massacre!
My opponent can laugh it all of and I end my first day on a high note.
End result 20-0

Overall result for day one 30 points.

28-03-2006, 07:22
Part two

We get some quick beers and rush to the Gresham where we dump the armies because we have to be at Rock city at 7 to see Pitchshifter, Horton and rob accompany us and we even have time for some food.
Lav gets us our tickets and we discover that they serve Grolsch inside, I feel right at home.
Stuff happens, some people get a bit drunk (swaying gently in the non existent wind), some of the bands although not my usual cup of tea do provide me with a handy mosh pit and I realise that the average British person is indeed smaller than the Dutch which makes for a very relaxed atmosphere in the pitÖfor me.
We get to see Horton display his pulling technique and failing much to our delight and sometime after 1 Horton Koen and I go home, where apparently Horton fell over as soon as he entered the room and lay there laughing for fifteen minutes.
The next day he informed me that it was all my fault. ;)

Day two

Game 4 vs Strigoi Vampires

Oh dear Iím fighting the combat monsters from the vampire list. Ah well lets see what happens. I bunch up my entire army again, something I have noticed works very well and just ĒstormĒ forwards. My unclean one slaps his vamps silly, his banshee is of course useless against my immune army and heís really unlucky in his magic phase. Even my magic causes one wound, on his coach. After a brutal, one sided but luckily also for my opponent very enjoyable hour and a bit I get my second massacre.
End result 20-0

Time for food/coffee/beer
Oh yeah I got nominated for best painted, sweet. J

Final game vs blood dragon vamps

The army looked great, a Bretonnian looking army with all the trimmings.
For the first two turns my opponent didnít move which was a weird experience, then he charged me and things went messy (in a good way)
He threw wave after wave of troops towards my chariot to avoid a charge on the expensive troops and the chariot just ate them. In the final round I finally destroyed a unit of knights meaning the chariot could charge the coach, who survived on one wound and he killed my herald enabling him to charge my unit with the great unclean one.
I accepted the challenge and, well nothing really happened. And if I recall correctly the combat was a perfect draw.

After the counting it turned out that I got a minor victory and all that was left was to shake hands and thanking him for an intense game.
End result 13-7

Total result 63 points(before soft scores)


During the awards ceremony it turned out that I had won best painted and my mate Koen had become the overall winner, he went on to thank his mum his dad his opponents and I swear he would have kissed Lav if he hadnít ducked. ;)

In the evening, curry and we drank the hotel bar out of newcastele and made a big dent in some other beer brands

Checkout, got to WHworld to kill the time and roll some dice, said goodbye to Lav, Rob, Horton and Adam(that was it wasnít it? ) and went back to the low country.

Now Iím back at work and totally knackered.

One observation: the cook from the hotel is easily the scariest person I have ever encountered. :eek:

One final remark: Thanks to Lav, Nick, the judges, the little noisemarine and everyone I played with drank with, talked with or who just participated in the tournament it was great. :)

Hope to see you all next year.

Tom - Heretic
28-03-2006, 11:38
Oh yes...I forgot about Jet Lag, sorry dudes ;)

28-03-2006, 12:13
You're forgiven.

We have decided that we will be taking the late in the afternoon flight next year though.

By the time the beer started to go down smoothly I fell asleep because of the time I had to get up on a friday morning.

Which is sad. :(