View Full Version : Battlefoam c4 for a whfb army, and how do you transport yours?

jack da greenskin
19-03-2011, 23:48
When I have an army, I like to have it, and everything I need to play, fully contained in one bag. Changing my gaming stuff over between bags is something I am constantly try to avoid.

My orks currently have a gw double case, half for infantry and half for my walkers (10 of them). It just about fits, because kans are pretty big, but the double case is a bit unwieldy. Thus, for my upcoming WHFB army, I've been thinking about getting battlefoams C4 bag:


And carrying my models in it, pre-ranked up, so it saves a ton of space, and makes it a lot quicker to set up. I will be magnetizing my models to their movement trays anyway, so, I ask anyone who's tried:
1) How risky is it carrying models like this? I'll be taking 80 ghouls, 30 GG, a black coach and some characters. From what I've measured, this is doable, and I will have spare foam on hand to pad models where they need it.
2) Has anyone found any other ways to carry models ranked up properly.
3) How much give room is there in a battlefoam C4 bag?
4) The sides of the bag look sturdy, what about the top? Will it hold up to something heavy pressing down on it? because unlike if I was using normal foam layers, where impact is absorbed, anything pressing will push straight onto the ghouls :O :O
5) Any flaws I'm yet to read about with this bag?
and finally...

6) Is anyone else like me with their armies? New, different bag for each army?

Thanks in advance, Jack.

20-03-2011, 00:21
Maybe this (http://krmulticase.co.uk/) would suit your needs well?

The boxes are slightly larger than a standard GW case, taking 4 rows of 10, rather than 9.

You can get different depths of foam (4 deep is great for smaller infantry, allowing an extra 40 models in the box), and pick and pluck blocks, to fit odd shapes, vehicles, chariots etc.

The best bit is, you outlay cash once for a cloth carry-bag, then use cardboard storage boxes inside it. So its much less per army you need a box for, and the nice square boxes stack neatly in your house. When you go out gaming, simply grab the one (or more, depending on bag size) you want and sling it in. Theres also a pouch for your army book.

I store *everything* in those. (I think I currently own 10). I really can't recommend them enough. (with, the sole exeption, of the dark eldar raider transport they make, which really doesnt fit the models well.)

Hope thats of use to you.

jack da greenskin
20-03-2011, 00:56
Thanks for the info.

I did consider KR, definitely as one of the options if I was going for multi cells, but I'm still hooked on the idea of storing the models ranked up, atleast until someone gives me proof its either a genius or terrible idea.

20-03-2011, 01:53
Can't speak for WFB figs and movement trays, but a guy at my LGS has a bunch of his War of the Ring figures magnetized into their movement trays and he stores and transports them like that.

He's been doing it for 6+ months now, so I assume there are no major problems with the idea. He has a couple Sabol Army Transport trays with spaces plucked out for each tray.

20-03-2011, 09:21
I would not touch battlefoam as they have some interesting business practices of trying to sue every other case manufacturer over "stealing" thier ideas.

As you are in the UK then have a look at figures in comfort as well. There are an awful lot of choices available


As for figures standing upright. The only case I could find that met my needs came from a company called intersponge based out in singapore. I got two of their cases and they are great. I also got an extra package of sponge off them as well. Postage was also quick and good.


I have sucessfully transported full metal armies fully ranked up in these cases on my motorbike with no issues (ok they were magnatised to their movement trays, but still)

Sabol designs would also fit the bill, so have a look at their cases as well. The cases slide into the side as do the intersponge ones, allowing the figures to be put into the trays and slid in and carried upright

hope they help