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27-03-2006, 14:00
Hi, I posted this elsewhere but I thought I'd show it here too. Lemme know what you think. This is one of two warbands I made for the Khemri/Araby setting, but it can be used in regular Mordheim as well. Just a note, Dinar = Gold Crowns.

Arabyan Sorcerers Guild
The Goblins of Araby have a unique story in the history of the greenskin races. Probably distantly related the Hobgoblin nomads of the desert wastes, Araby Goblins were at one point driving into the cities; either by a long period of deadly sand storms, or for lack of food and water, no one knows. Very suddenly, the people of Araby, who had previously very little contact with these Goblins, were encountering these greenskins in droves, as their streets teamed with pointy green ears.

Over the centuries, these urbanized goblins became the focus of revile, hatred and often even violence, as the stereotype of the sneaky, murderous thief-Goblin became more and more prevalent, a role the Goblins were in turn only too happy to fill.

With little option for legal work, Goblins became involved with the black trades, until the rise of the Guild of Sorcerers. Equally feared by all, the Guild of Sorcerers was enigmatic and occult organisation that, while many would swear the mysterious members were up to no good, fell safely protected under the letter of the Arabyan law. Facing equal antipathy, the Guild of Sorcerers was quick to employ the cast down Goblins, who had the cleverness, cruelty, greed and, perhaps most importantly, overwhelming numbers to bolster the ranks of the meager Guild.

Today the Guild of Sorcerers is a fearsome power in the cities. While the actually Sorcerers are very few in number, their cabal is well protected, hidden behind the cryptic obsidian walls of their Guild's Citadel with countless Goblin mercenary bodyguards at hand.

Arabyan Sorcerers Guild Skills
Sorcerer (Shooting, Academic, Speed)
Goblin Bodyguard (Combat, Shooting, Strength, Speed)
Apprentice (Academic)

Sorcerer Equipment list
Jambiya (Dagger) - 1st free/2gc
Staff - 3 gc
Scimitar (Sword) - 10 gc
Crossbow - 25 gc
Bow - 10 gc
Helmet - 5 gc

Goblin Equipment list
Jambiya (Dagger) - 1st free/2gc
Mace - 3 gc
Axe - 5 gc
Scimitar (Sword) - 10 gc
Spear - 10 gc
Crossbow - 25 gc
Bow - 10 gc
Light armour - 20 gc
Shield - 5 gc
Buckler - 5 gc
Helmet - 5 gc


1 Sorcerer (100 Dinar to Hire, Starts with 20 Exp)

4 4 4 3 3 1 3 1 8
Weapons and Armour: The Sorcerer starts the game with a Tomb of Magic, immediately gaining one spell from the Lesser Magic list as described in the Mordheim rule book. This item may never be sold, but any Apprentices in the Warband may make use of it as well (if they have taken the Arcane Lore skill). Further equipment may be selected from the Sorcerer Equipment list.
Special Rules: Wizard (the Sorcerer can use Magic from the Lesser Magic list), Leader.

0-2 Goblin Bodyguard (35 Dinar to Hire, Starts with 8 Exp)

4 4 4 3 3 1 3 1 5
Weapons and Armour: Goblin Bodyguards may be equipped with weapons and armour chosen from the Goblin Equipment list.

0-2 Apprentice (15 Dinar to Hire, Starts with 0 Exp)

4 2 2 3 3 1 3 1 6
Weapons and Armour: Apprentices may be equipped with weapons and armour chosen from the Sorcerer Equipment list.

Goblin Lackey (20 Dinar to Hire)

4 2 3 3 3 1 3 1 5
Weapons and Armour: Goblin Lackeys may be equipped with weapons and armour chosen from the Goblin Equipment list.

0-2 Eyeball of U'zhul (40 Dinar to Hire)

6 2 2 2 2 1 2 1 5
Weapons and Armour: Eyeballs do not use weapons or armour, and suffer no penalties for this.
Special Rules: Cause Fear, Does Not Gain Experience, Spellcasters (May attempt cast Fires of U'zhul each turn exactly as if it were a wizard).

0-1 Golem (200 Dinar to Hire)

4 3 0 5 5 4 1 2 10
Weapons and Armour: Golems do not use weapons or armour, and suffer no penalties for this.
Special Rules: Cause Fear, May Not Run, Immune to Psychology, Immune to Poison, No Pain (Counts Stunned as Knocked Down), No Brain (Does Not Gain Experience), Large.

Velkyn Kyil
27-03-2006, 16:45
I'd rather have the Apprentices start out with 2xp or something and a spell from the lesser magic list.

I don't really like that a warband starts out with the Lesser magic list on heroes though. I think that's the best list and it's very hard for other warbands to aquire it, either through a hired sword (who can't get xp that easily) or through a tome of magic.

27-03-2006, 18:47
So you think it is a little overpowered? I dunno, the Sorcerer has the stats of a Necromancer (except 1 more Leadership and the Leader skill) but costs some 55 more Gold. Plus he is Exp 20, so he won't be leveling up fast. In comparison, the Vampire has 2 more Movement, 1 more WS and BS, 1 more Strength and Toughness, 1 more Wound, 2 more Initiative, 1 more Attack as well as Fear, Immune to Psychology and Poison and No Pain. The idea I had behind the Apprentices is that they were like any other Youngblood, but with a twist, the ability to become a spell caster through their studies as long as the Sorcerer is still around. To me this handles it best, but again I am not sure if it is too powerful. So do you think it is a bit strong?

Velkyn Kyil
27-03-2006, 23:57
Well, you can't really compare the Vampire (the strongest leader) with any warband. Undead suffers from henchmen who can't gain xp (amongst others) and as such have a kick-ass leader.

Lesser magic has some of the better spelllists IMO. The Silver arrows is quite good, and I can imagine people using the apprentices to get this spell. Gain 6 xp, if no skill yet then toss him out of the warband (only 15 gold) and get a new one and try again. Saying this however, the apprentices don't really have a future in the warband. Only having access to Academic skills, there's few skills they can actually take that will benefit them in combat.

I would maybe make the golem more fearsome in combat, but tone down his invulnerability some. 5 wounds is a bit much, but only 1 attack? I would say 3 wounds, 3 attacks like most of the other monsters and give him a Ld of 10. He doesn't really need BS either, so put it to 0.. :p

The eyeballs.. well, it's a good idea. A henchman that casts fireball. It's a bit expensive though, and can't really take any punishment. The fireball isn't THAT awesome (hits on 7+ on 2d6, str 4), so I would maybe beef them up to 3 in toughness?

I see this warband as a very shooty one, having access to crossbows and bows for every warband member. The eyeballs try to bait the enemy and maybe cause him to lose his march move by being within 8". The golem is a big tank (but maybe a bit too invulnerable?).

These are only my suggestions though... :)

EDIT: While looking closer at the warband.. I see the leader starts with 20 xp, and the apprentices with 0, yet he only has 5 increases more than them. Is he supposed to be a goblin or a human? When I think about the possessed warband, even their magister has 4 in WS and BS. Maybe that's more appropriate? He IS afterall, a leader.. if he rolls Luck of Shemtek, there's not alot he can do (and I don't understand why he should be the leader of the warband if he did.. :p). Maybe put the bodyguards' BS to 3 and up the Sorcerer's WS & BS to 4?

28-03-2006, 04:07
You make a lot of good points. I imagined Apprentices as utility heroes and not combat actors in themselves. They help in exploration, look for rare items in the market, and in battle play the role of support units to reinforce the combatants.

I'll drop the BS from the Golem, it doesn't really make much sense being there, nor would it be so high if he did have the ability to use missiles. Ld10 is also a good idea. I could drop him down to Wounds 4, but I really wanted him to be tougher than a Troll (who has T4 and effectively 6 wounds, considering regeneration). It takes 12 S4 hits to take out the 6 Troll wounds, and would take 15 S4 hits to take out the Golem's 5 wounds. I want him to be a slow tank that, while he can't do much against multiple opponents, he can deal with solo (even well armoured) enemies. He is hard to bring down, but works well to distract the enemy from the shooters and casters (especially from missile fire, but also from fighters).

I just noticed that about the leaders profile and experience. You're right, he probably should be WS/BS 4, especially if he rolled Luck of Shemtek for his first spell and had to rely on combat and shooting early on.

Ok, thanks for the help

Velkyn Kyil
28-03-2006, 10:29
Well, having only 1 attack on the Golem feels.. very strange. His WS of 3 will guarantee him only hitting on 4's. That is, every other close combat phase, he will do 1 hit, wounding on 2's and needing 5's to take something out of action. I feel I can quite safely ignore him, maybe even charge him with a Giant Rat or a War Dog while the rest of my warband tries to mop up yours. He simply isn't fearsome enough for 200 gold.

28-03-2006, 13:44
True, I've bumped him down to 4 wounds and up to 2 attacks.

28-03-2006, 22:13
I've never played mordheim so I can't comment on the rules but a sword should be a cutlass with the (usually pretty huge) scimitar being something like a two handed weapon (greatsword or whatever you call them).

As a side note, Araby would get me playing WHFB.