View Full Version : Ultramarines/Black Templars?

24-03-2011, 04:09
Need to know the pro's/con's of each. Im just really interested in each but I cannot seem to find any one place that has all of the info compiled for either.

24-03-2011, 05:05
Space Marine (Ultramarine) Pros:
- Newer Codex
- Librarians
- More variety in units
- More toys
- Scouts
- Easier to use Army List Builder
- More reliable update schedule
- Combat Squads
- Bike Army possible

Black Templar Pros:
- More character
- Less used
- Older codex means some VERY interesting toys to work with
- Emperor's Champion and his Vows
- A little more likely to be updated next
- Field more Land Raiders than you can shake a stick at
- Troop unit can reach Horde numbers
- They wear stylish tabards and keep their guns chained to themselves

24-03-2011, 05:11
It depends what you're looking for really.

In my opinion Black Templar have much more character, but there are certainly far less competitive builds for them. For instance, of the 4 vows the Champion can take, there's only one actually worth taking.

24-03-2011, 08:56
In some situations, the +1Str -1 Init can be more interesting. It would be worth taking if you could choose your vow at the beginning of the game instead of needing a new army list.

24-03-2011, 10:39
Black Templars LOOK way sharper, I'll tell you that much.

24-03-2011, 14:56
In all honesty...NEITHER.

I play Ultramarines, and I am not super happy ATM. Why? Because of codex creep. Ultramarines ALWAYS get the first codex of an edition but every codex after that is better. A year or so into an edition, they are back to middle tier. Vanilla space marines will never be the best army, that said, they will probably never be the worst, and you can count on them always having an up to date book.

BT, meh, they are old. That's their worst problem.

What I suggest. Make you own space marine paint scheme, something dark and evil-ish looking, something YOU like. Build 2ish 'tactical' squads, an HQ or 2, get a couple rhinos and a predator, maybe a devastator squad, an assault squad, termies...ETC, anything that tickles you.

Then, use which ever codex you feel like. Today I'm BT, tomorrow Ultras, the next day BA, SW, DA and if you do it right even Chaos. This lets you build/convert demon princes, thunder wolves, storm ravens, crazy HtH style dreads, landspeeders, pretty much 50% of GW's model range. Makes picking stuff up off of Ebay and off of friends super easy too.

The added benefit to doing this is that you will almost have a top tier codex since you have 6+ to choose from.

Picking a "codex" paint scheme is super limiting, and gets you a lot of dirty looks from opponents when you show up to a game with blue marines with yellow should pads and claim they are blood angels/SW, even if the whole army is WYSIWYG.

Freedom of codex for power armor is something I strongly support ATM. Have fun.