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24-03-2011, 09:09
We currently are just starting Battle companies in my gaming league. Kinda needed a break from WOTR for myself. I have 3 questions.

First off, anyone know if there is a rule that exists for BC to "politefully withdraw" from the battlefield if things go sour? So they arent completely destroyed? To my knowledge there was, but I cant exactly find it.

Also, my brother and I started early so our BC are a little bit for advanced than the starting lists (I have around 137 pts of Dunlendings) and want to know if that would be too difficult for the others to catch up? If anyone has any suggestions? In the rules they say that every 15pts difference, they get 1 reroll and an extra influence dice.

Finally, can you use influence dice to effect a role on the hero death chart?

Thanks for feedback

24-03-2011, 18:21
I played a lot of Battle Company games and can't say I recall anything about "leaving the field". There are some redux rules floating around the internets that were fan made and fill in some gaps - maybe that rule is in there?

It seems an acceptable thing to house rule. I'd say there should still be some risk for withdrawing your force however or players would be inclined to do it at the first sign of trouble and spoil the game.

It was also my understanding that no - you can't influence a roll on the death chart.

We had players come and go from our group all the time. The rules have some information about creating your own characters. If a new player was concerned about it, I would generally just allow them to spend the points difference on building up their force so that it was a little more equal. Or you could design a scenario that puts the more experienced battle company at a handicap. Some new folks in our group just enjoyed the challenge of trying to off one of the more developed characters in the battle company. You might be surprised how balanced a game you'll still have even with a bit of a point differential. :)

25-03-2011, 18:39
Alright, thanks for the reply. Your probably right. Our gaming group is pretty lucky cause just about everyone likes a different group (For BC anyways). Got an elf, gondor, goblins, rohan, and dunland lol. Well, we shall see how it goes.

31-03-2011, 15:19
Cool... well do report back when you get some games going. Battle Companies were my favorite thing to do with SBG :)

15-04-2011, 10:08
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