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27-03-2011, 13:57
Its time for yet another White Dwarf Feedback thread, this time for the April 2011 issue (US 375, UK 376 etc).

If any of you wish to make more general comments about WD, please will you make them in the General White Dwarf Feedback Thread (http://warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=23972).

I would like to make a couple of other requests. If you post the score you have given to the current WD on the thread, would you please explain why especially if you have voted 1 or 10. I think this is useful (and interesting) for other WarSeer members reading the thread, it also provides useful feedback for others who read the thread which may include GW Staffers.

The other request is related to the previous one. Do not criticise people for posting their score and views about WD, I believe we are all entitled to voice our opinions without the the fear of them being criticised.

As always, all off-topic posts and spam will be deleted without notice.

The WarSeer Inquisition

27-03-2011, 14:45
46/120 pages adverts this issue.

Looks like Grey Knights this month...

...just getting oh, so tired of the "Every army we release is SOOOOO much better than the last one" mentality of GW now. Bored. Also, sucks to be daemons (well, more so).

A small bastion of warhammer here - so lets start off by showcasing the single most expensive warhammer model curently in production (51+), hey if orc players will swallow an overnight near 100% price increase on their core troops they'll break the interwebz to buy this!

War of the Ring stumbles onwards towards the Hobbit previews in another 6 page flogging of this extremely dead horse.

A large advert for Games day 2011 - including a fun pic of some oik stealing aload of sprues in the scrap daemon contest - bottom left hand corner of the pic on pg 46 - you know he is just going to put them in his bag and walk off.

Some nice looking Golden Daemon entries follow - rather nice.

Then a battle report... Grey Knights Vs what?? Daemons - bit one sided eh?

Two more pages of the Jervis monologue follow, although maybe Matt Ward could do with reading it - Having wanted to cross out most of his "writing" with a big red pen, it would save some effort were he to do it himself.
It's a shame Jervis chose Bloodbowl as an example of how "Murdering your darlings" can work, as his bosses at GW seem to have taken the phrase literally and done so to it and all the other charmingly classified "specialist games".

Eavy metal does what it can with Grey Knights, but really is just a guide on how to paint robes, banners, and the occasional sword, as painting metal is just not that taxing.

After that I just lost what little interest I had left - it was basically just the pointless list of stockists and how to stick your models together section.

Waste of my time and effort. I gave it a 1 as 0 was not an option.

27-03-2011, 21:30
I have to admit, and normally I am fairly forgiving of GW, this months WD was truly shocking. Page after page of adverts, Mat Ward overload and horrribly put together filler articles combined with utter rambling nonsense from JJ meant that I have "read" this months edition in les:(s than 5 minutes. Its only saving grace was some nice golden demon piccies, but thats not what I pay my subscription for. A real step backwards this week, 2 from me.

28-03-2011, 10:37
i just sit there rocking, saying over and over and over again;
"murder your darlings"
"murder your darlings"
"murder your darlings"
"murder your darlings"
"murder your darlings"

its like there was a bet in the office and every time he used that sentance they gave a quid to comic relief.

as already said, sucks to be deamons.

some nice interviews about the design process but its all so "party line" you dont get much from it really.

what i did find odd was how much they plugged Forgeworld brass stuff.

i enjoyed reading it and as ever the photos and painting was awesome-o.

29-03-2011, 01:01
Nice pictures of the new Grey Knights sprues; I am thinking of ordering some bits from online bits retailers.

Other than that...well, I have nothing to say, which leaves me in much the same position as the magazine.


29-03-2011, 13:36
Saved myself the money on this issue by reading a friends copy.

Uninspiring 3 (and I think I'm being generous!)

Also has anyone noticed the trend with the last 3-4 covers. Plain white with fairly lacklustre artwork (not critising the actual quality of the picture just the bland layout)

30-03-2011, 08:35
i just sit there rocking, saying over and over and over again;
"murder your darlings"
"murder your darlings"
"murder your darlings"
"murder your darlings"
"murder your darlings"

Yeah that phrase gave the impression I was reading one of those ramblings written by a psychopath, who writes semi-coherently but occasionally succumbs to homicidal rage.

I thought i would like this month's white dwarf, mainly because they had a non 'eavy metal display army: (Flesh Tearers.) But it just turned out to be another marine army. What's the point of showing armies if they're not interesting or unique. The Flesh Tearers were jsut Blood Angels with forgeworld brass etchings.

The introduction for the Grey Knights was ok, as in I wasn't expecting much so it hardly disappointed.

Thing is, I read it 20 minutes ago and can barely remember an article. Nothing stuck in my mind. Generally a good issue has a great article you remember and which draws you back (Army Displays, 'evay metal painting guides). This issue had nothing for me except pictures. I'm glad I borrowed it from my friend. Not picking this one up.

A 3 from me.

30-03-2011, 14:45
Last months was better.

The bad:

Grey knights match summarised what a lot of daemon players feel at the moment and the background chat at the start was poor. I can summarise it in a couple of lines.

Sculptor questions: Yeah they're based off of the previous. Lots of parts!
Wards Questions: They're great and awesome, but I'm not going to tell you anything about the design process.

Lord of the rings was a poor article, and seems to be a filler whilst they wait on the hobbit.

The okay:
Flesh tearers army, but no real conversions. Seemed kinda flat to me.
Jervis article was funny. Cut the dross in the rules he says, but he doesn't seem to apply it to his design team!

The good:
Golden demon winners, some old, some new. Was nice to see.

Overall, for those who have some of the older dwarfs, this is definitely more of a "BUY THE GIANT" dwarf than a "THIS IS A GREAT HOBBY" dwarf.


04-04-2011, 08:31
Sometimes I actually enjoy reading the 40k themed editions better than the Fantasy ones. Thought the Grey Knights articles were certainly better than the Blood Angels and almost tempted me to go and buy some. Jervis was certainly better this month, though that isn't saying much really :) A healthy 6 from me

05-04-2011, 17:15
Ugh. Just no.

Too many adverts, too many photos, abysmal cover art.

I hate the fact every issue is OMFG LOOK AT THIS NEW ARMIEZ :O:O:O:O!!!!!!!

A 1 is generous.

13-04-2011, 20:12
I barely remember this issue. I used to love the battle reports and until I looked through this thread, I didn't realize that I skipped it this issue. My local redshirt insists they are aware of the malaise at White Dwarf and are going to get back to hobby articles. We will see.

Deff Mekz
13-04-2011, 22:31
White Dwarf, murdering trees and my own personal sanity since 2005.

Not even worthy of a 1, I dont know why I buy this catalogue anymore.

deadly claris
16-04-2011, 10:47
So no more evy metall masterclas =( in WD ?
well if so this is the last WD I will buy

19-04-2011, 23:24
A little late as we're half way through April but today is officially the day I realized the true extent of my insanity; I've been buying a miniature catalogue since 2005.

I never realized, until I actually did the count, how LITTLE in the way of content there is in this book. From face value, you might be fooled into thinking all those boxes of text might actually be cool info (and truth be told, it fools me into buying the mag every damn time) but when you actually delve into them you just realize they are either straight off product advertisement (literally) or glorified self-promotion in the form of "TEH NEW DREADKNIGHT can killz super lots!". What's left is essentially 1 or 2 terribly bland articles that don't do anything but waste my time.

GW should give these away for free as promotional tools to new customers...Instead, I'm paying for them at 12$ per mag...Time to stop!

21-04-2011, 18:34
A 1, which might be a BIT harsh but having enjoyed the Thornton and Sawyer era White Dwarfs immensely I have high standards for the magazine - especially given the price they're asking you to read their advertisements!