View Full Version : LED Chaos Marines?

30-03-2011, 00:31
Hey y'all.
I'm curious as to how one could use LEDs on a Chaos Marine warband (Read: Chaos Vegas). I'll only be using a small force, with 5 Khorne Bezerkers, 5 Noise Marines, a Sorcerer and a Defiler, all in Rhinos.

I was thinking maybe drilling out the eyes, and placing an LED in the head, so they have glowing eyes. For the Rhinos, I'd try illuminating anywhere there would be lenses/windows, and with the Defiler, in the head, in the cannon and in the barrels of the guns.

Is this doable?


30-03-2011, 00:58
I've done pretty much that already. Hollowing out the torso is a perfect fit for 5mm LEDs, and you can then drill out the head and eyes to channel light through them. Of course you get spill around the waist and neck so while this is perfect for Thousand Sons (which was a pain due to being hybrid metal and plastic) maybe not ideal for more alive marines. It's also possible, if you are careful, to drill holes up through the legs to run wires through.