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29-03-2006, 05:49
I'm starting a Blood Bowl team, Dark Elves.

I'm just trying to work out my starting roster, I'm down to two choices.

Maximize what I can only get at start up.
1 Witch
1 Thrower
2 Blitzers
5 Linemen
9 Fan-Factor
3 re-rolls

Start with 11 players.

1 Thrower
2 Blitzers
8 Linemen
5 Fan-Factor
2 re-rolls

Re-rolls are cheaper at start up, and Fan Factor can only be purchased their.
On the other hand starting two players short on the field could mean not being around long.

The group Legue I will be joining includes mostly veteran teams, one has nine seasons, and the re-rolls and fan-factor (to earn money to expand the team could be useful)

I already have a painted team so changing teams would cost time and money.

Alco Engineer
29-03-2006, 05:59
I'd go for the second, but drop a player for another re-roll and some fan factor. Especially if you're playing vets.

The witch elf with frenzy will probably be a liability to herself because she has to keep blocking. this can put her in some dangerous situations. Better to buy one once the season's started. I'd start with 2 blitzers as they're very handy starting with block and you'll only need 1 thrower as he can reach any point in you half in 1 turn if you sit him in the very middle.

Buy a medic as soon as you can. I watched a wood elf army get smashed to pieces last night. Elves are at a definite disadvantage at the start of any season. Build up that experience and fan factor and then you'll be right.

Medics I always save for my star players (i.e. gutter runners in my skaven team) because they're the one's you don't want dying. (The wood elf player saved his wardancer but had 1 linesman die before hand and 3 linesmen get serious injuries. That's what happens when you face 2 mummies in the line of scrimage)

29-03-2006, 13:40
If I recall correctly you are not allowed to start a brand new team with less then 11 players. Unless your league is using different rules. Most people that usually start with DE just grab all linemen and they never buy Witches.

Cpt. Drill
29-03-2006, 14:55
I dont rember that rule... but I have always played teams that normally field about 16players to start with....

You should go for a happy meld of the two teams... starting with less than 11 people is never favourable as you are likely to have maybe two people not playing in your next game due to recovery.... and you fan factor is likely to drop if you lose!

29-03-2006, 15:19
Page 17, second colunm first major paragraph. This is says you must have 11 players when creating a team. Here is the URL: http://www.specialist-games.com/bloodbowl/assets/lrb/LivingRulebook4.pdf

29-03-2006, 17:24
I guess the desicion was made for me, 11 players it is.

BTW the first 50,000 the team makes was ear marked for a medic.

Thanks for the help.