View Full Version : Want to start Warmaster - Orcs vs High Elves anyone?

15-04-2011, 08:33
Hey all,

I am a HUGE Warhammer fan - and wanted to do Warmaster ever since it came out - but then I left the hobby and came back about 2-3 years ago.

Now I'm able to finally look at getting into this - maybe with a few friends - so I want to collect a 1000pt army.

I love, love, love Orcs & Goblins - so this is what I'm getting.

Another person I know has Empire - and another MAY get High Elves


1) How fun is the game?
2) What sucks about the game?
3) Is the game playable over the long term, or will it die once we learn what to do (rock beats Scissors which beats paper which beats rock?)
4) What is a reasonable points vale to collect to play a game in an evening?

If you can think of ANY advice or tips - awesome & thanks!

15-04-2011, 11:16
1. It's one of my favorite games
2. Cavalry dominates
3. More durable than most
4. 1.5k pts

17-04-2011, 05:31
I've got my hands on Empire and Orcs - going to see how many points, heard it was at least 1500 of each! Can't wait!

Any more tips/advice from anyone?

17-04-2011, 13:28
post what you got and we can go from there.

O&G needs loads of characters to keep them moving.

Empire - are you going for hard hitting cav army, high artillery/black powder army, shooty army (not that effective in WM), a horde army or a mix of them all?
Got a few empire troops going cheap ;)

18-04-2011, 05:40
Awesome! I'm actually looking to make a trip back home this year (I'm a Leicester lad) so I'll give you a shout in a few months!

I want a mixed army - both sides - and close match ups - not looking to go tournaments or anything, just have the joy of fighting warfare on a grander scale than Warhammer allows me - I love playing 10,000 point games but they are too much hassle to set up!

So emotional needs have to be met by Warmaster!