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19-05-2011, 18:37
So, this is sort of a litmus test for what the community of Specialist Games thinks about the ramifications of CFc on our beloved product. In a way, also, this is a place to voice your fears, hopes and doubts about any kind of continued support (or lack there of) from GW in regards to the Specialist Games.

Personally (after having another FW BFG order arrive) I feel as though the quality of the CFc models will be very good, and will not have any IMMEDIATE effect upon the SGs, but the cessation of metal casting will be felt before too long (i.e. as surplus runs out, no new models will be cast, leading to all metal SG going OOP. This was one of the deciding factors in the recent purchase of an Ad Mech fleet for BFG (before ebay jumps the price up in a year or so). Really want that Warsphere and Rogue Trader cruiser, too... has anyone else bought models due to CFc's announcement?

Emperors Teeth
20-05-2011, 13:45
I would like to think that, given time and a good range of the regular 40k/FB stuff being available, that things like BFG and Epic might see some good finecast re-releases. I'd certainly like to have access to lighter crisply detailed BFG ships. Fingers crossed, eh?

20-05-2011, 14:17
Honestly, I don't think it means anything. GW seems far more likely to retire the SG models completely rather than recast them in resin.

Specialist games are a dead line, and I don't expect that to change. Though I am envious of folks who know other folks they can get epic games in with.

20-05-2011, 14:21
Although I'd love for GW to release SG games in a new material, I don't, in my heart, feel they will do it. I have a feeling they will just stop producing them as the cost of adapting molds to the new material won't be worth the amount of sales they'd make afterwards.

As I don't trust them, I've recently bought the last four Blood Bowl teams I needed to complete my collection. My wallet is £225 lighter but I no longer need to buy another model from them.

Easy E
22-05-2011, 15:33
I'm pretty sure taht once the metal stock runs out, no more Specialist Stuff.

Surprisingly, I'm not that apprehensive about it. Once GW formally gives up on Specialist Games, the communities will be expected to take over, and be completely free of the GW Official curse that semi-plagues it now.

I think the biggest impact will be on BFG and possibly Epic.

22-06-2011, 19:38
I think its just wishful thinking. SG is dead for some time now. I really can't see them putting any effort in

Rick Blaine
23-06-2011, 10:41
I found a little thing on Dakka.

The simple fact is that we cannot possibly make everything that every customer wants as there is a limit to how much our Studio can design or our factory make. We have to make choices about what products we release and when. Specialist games is a good example. We would love to have another go at one of these, but there are other exciting projects that we have to deliver first.

Thatís not to say they will never be revisited, as we showed with Space Hulk, itís simply a case of priorities. Thatís why we keep them in the range, so that at some time in the future we have the option to come back to them. We are not trying to be disrespectful to fans of these games, many of whom will love the other new stuff we do as well. Itís just that they are not top of the list right now.

Full story here http://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/377660.page

27-06-2011, 19:57
GW will not shift any specialist games to finecast. They actually are supposedly using the returned metals from their stores due to the finecast launch to provide material for the minis. I think as long as the molds and casting machines last I would expect them to continue producing them since the have the equipment already. This will probably allow for a couple more years of dwindling support before everything is dropped.