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01-04-2006, 22:43
I want to do a bit of reading on tactics etc, especially on tyranids and tau. I found Blackstone6, but thats pretty empty at the moment.

Any advice you guys can give me on tau would be appreciated too...

02-04-2006, 00:06

Go down into the BFG section, perhaps the largest collection of 'Advisors' for Fleets that you'll get.

With Tau, there's a ton of advice if you do a search, some of it even by myself.

Which Tau is it your thinking of: CPF[Forgeworld] or ECF[Specialist Games]?

In games terms, I find the ECF the more potent fleet, but the CPF is quite interesting since we developed it! Well, the unofficial[but better] version that is.


02-04-2006, 00:18
In games terms, I find the ECF the more potent fleet, but the CPF is quite interesting since we developed it! Well, the unofficial[but better] version that is.
And the CPF ships look prettier too! :D ( Wuh? Me, drunk? Why no officer ... I just had a couple ... :angel: )

02-04-2006, 00:25
I was not aware of any difference, Surely Armada cleared any discrepancy up?

02-04-2006, 01:00
Armada has no rules for the Forge World models in it.

I've got about 1500 points of Tyranids (my favorite fleet!), and have played almost exclusively against a Tau opponent. I'm by no means any expert on tactics, but I can rattle on forever about what makes Tyranids so cool and what makes Tau so scary to face.

Were you interested more in ship configuration, fleet composition, or movement/tactics?

02-04-2006, 03:24
EDIT: Yeah, Armada's discrepancies could fill an epic poem or opera. It only deals with what we've affectionaly termed the Exploration and Commerce Fleet, that is: The ships from Specialist Games. We have worked on for a while now the so called Commerce Protection Fleet, a lighter and more specialised aspect of the Tau. Both are fun, but the CPF is new and shiny...

I found this tucked away on my hard drive, it may be the style you're looking for. It was originally a reply to a post, but the gist of it is there!

__________________________________________________ ___________
Assuming a fleet 'front' of 2 heroes, 1 stronghold and 4-12 Defenders(2 Squadrons), this is a highly offensive 'front' of fire which *can* be refocused to the sides at a tremendous loss to the front. Behind this there will be, say, the mandatory two merchants(4HP versions) and an Explorer.

IMO the 'front' can handle the front. There is an 'added extra' of 45cm Railguns at FP18 from the two merchants and the Explorer, plus any orcas floating about. The Nicassar *should not* be part of that front line. Supposing that the bulk of the enemy fleet is still to the prow, then the front line fire *must not* be moved from the fore. If a squadron of escorts and a light cruiser or other sufficiently fast & powerful formation manages to slip out of 'danger' from the frontage then power must be directed elsewhere.

The extra fire of the Merchants and Explorer *can* be moved to the sides, but it's long ranged, and is useful for bombarding ahead of the Tau flottilla. The Stronghold *can* assign shots to the side, in fact it's broadside armaments have nothing better to do. 1 Advantage of having the Demiurg about.

Supposing there are Dhows then they *can* redpoly quickly(an effective 20cm radius movement from their initial positioning) to add that extra firepower, perhaps even simply as a deterrent. They won't be able to handle such a situation fully on their own, but likely there'll be Mantas available to redeploy on 'intercept' and such as well[the obvious thing being that if you see such a strike group making a move on you fleet, direct the Ordnance from the Stronghold and the lar'shis against the incoming smaller forces and deploy the Manta waves and missiles to the fore as normal]

Situations like this are *ideal*, but it should also be seen:
1) The tau fleet is slow, the luxury of moving at half speed/10cm a turn is open to it without special orders(unlike Chaos), so such uniform and 'bulk' action as a fleet isn't unfeasible
2) It can react well to bigger problems, an AAF order to the Lar'shi and the Stronghold can panic an opponent *very* much so, the fleet can divide and split if the bulk of the enemy force pentrates it's lines and thus attempt a running/chaotic close quarters battle, the tau don't excel here, but IT CAN BE DONE.
3) For smaller fleets, this simply isn't a useful situation. Most of my fleet battles haven't been at smaller sizes, and as I've found with Tau in bigger games where the above fleet can be used, it *is* possible to come through games without taking a loss simply by panicking your opponent. At small sizes, this isn't possible.

My 'ideal' position for Nicassar in smaller games is all or none, probably none. For small games with the Tau I prefer to have a Squadron of Heroes. The nicassar are dangerous, they are powerful and substantially more durable than other escorts(2 Shields), but don't play like other escorts.

As it goes, I'd say don't play Dhows like cruisers, don't play them like escorts. Play them like Dhows. As useless advice as that sounds, there is an element of truth: Dhows are a new 'league' of Vessel. Perhaps not neccessarily more effective, but definitley different. Learn their own tricks, don't apply those of others.

Lastly, the inclusion of alot of Re-rolls in a Tau fleet can really, and I mean *really* change the fortunes of a game. A test on a Lar'shi Squadron of Ld 9 to 'lock on' with roughly 5 closing cruisers within 15cm of the 'prow' of the fleet can change the course of a battle, passed or failed. Passed it will ensure the opporuntity for almost *everything* to lock on, failed(assuming Ld 9 first on tests, thus prohibiting any more) then any more bad rolls could force completely new tactics to deal with the fact that next turn 5 Cruisers could be in double broadside arcs *inside* you fleet *at* close range.

Large battles with Tau are easiest to 'manage' IMO, smaller ones are chaotic and leave the Tau player with less security.
__________________________________________________ _____________

If that's the kind of thing, I'm sure I can dig up a few...


02-04-2006, 13:28
I was not aware of any difference, Surely Armada cleared any discrepancy up?
Reh? I don't see how Armada could have cleared anything up about the CPF since it was released years before the Forgeworld models were.