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26-05-2011, 06:39
So, I'm hopelessly new at Warmaster, but was able to pick up a starter army on the cheap. However, I know almost nothing about army composition. Any help for a 2000 point list?

26-05-2011, 10:20
I'm starting O&G myself (well, have been for about a year now) and, although I haven't had any games yet (lack of opponents) I can tell you a few often repeated things:

1) take lots of small brigades or single units, rather than big brigades. Try to have around 1 character per brigade, keeping the Orc characters with those brigades that are most vital.
The reason for this is the low leadership of Orc characters and the relatively cheap nature of our troops. We can't be too confident of getting orders off, so maximise the number of chances you have to give orders. Don't worry too much about neat battlelines.

2) Take as many shaman as you can. The 'Gerroff!' spell can realy help in disrupting the enemy's lines (try to push brigades apart), forcing them to make more command rolls and hopefully causing more failures (and unlinke you they probably won't have many back-up chaarcters).

3) Don't load up on too many goblins. They're useful and cheap, but are also easy to kill, so can force your army to break earlier than it should.

4) Don't give your general fancy mounts or combat equipment. Keep him somewhere safe and preferrably away from combats. Originally I wrote lists with a tooled up general since the ability to add +5 attacks and Terror to a combat seemed great, but if you roll badly and lose the general- game over. A tooled up Orc Hero following your boarboys on the other hand...

26-05-2011, 13:30
I've also got a WM O&G army. That's very good advice from Geep, i would have said the same. I use the same tactic of small brigades, only 2 units. But lots of them

I used to take lots of goblins (around 13 units) to get a high break point, but found my opponent would slice through all the units without breaking stride. Goblins can sometimes disrupt my opponent by sitting in a wood (one opponent has bretonnians, cavalry can't enter woods)

Sad to say, but i hardly ever take giants. I've got 3 painted up, but they aren't great in the game. (maybe it's just me being unlucky with giants) Same with wolf riders, they've never done anything in the game for me. Rock Lobbers are good against cavalry and driving enemy back, but i find they work best as a team, at least 2 or 3.

My favourite units are the wolf chariots, i normally take 9 units of chariots. Then a few boar rider units to support them.

You're best to use your orc heroes to command your cavalry/chariot brigades. This is because they have a longer command range than a shaman, so you can pull off double moves if you're lucky. Also you don't want your general to be overrun by enemy units which could lose you the game.

I also don't upgrade my general with anything, i have been tempted by the orb of majesty (the new updated version i mean, not the one in the book) Not done it yet, but might give it a go.

I'm unsure about taking loads of shamans. I've tried it with 6 shamans one game, and 1 shaman the next. Both work, but i know what Geep means with the Gerroff (and waaagh is also a good spell) My advice is try both.

eastern barbarian
27-05-2011, 17:42
AS above- shamans always worked great for me when I was playing O&G (play skaven now.. got bored of playing orks in every single gaming system ha ha). Also as many rock lobbers as possible, they are great. Apart from that unfortunately that army suffers from low leadership and that will really hurt you. You just need to get used to it and keep it in mind.

30-05-2011, 19:55
So, I'm hopelessly new at Warmaster, but was able to pick up a starter army on the cheap. However, I know almost nothing about army composition. Any help for a 2000 point list?

i think O+G gets stronger as the points increase, at 2000 points i think they are a bit underpowered, however after 3000K points they rlly start to increase in strength more and more

14-06-2011, 14:52
I've found an article about Orc tactics in Warmag #14. The Command section is interesting, i'll quote some for you......

....."In a 2,000 - 2,999pt game you should have between 21 to 28 units. Assuming seven characters, this would mean three to four units per character. Most other armies are working on a ratio of six to eights units per character.
Now think about how you order your army about. Is it in brigades of four? Why would you do this? If a Hero fails to command a big brigade the whole brigade stops. Now what happens if a Hero fails to command a brigade of two units? It leaves the other two units available for a command attempt from another character. That's the key to using Orcs & Goblins."

14-06-2011, 16:04
nice 1 uada.

but id like to clarify what i said earlier...

i feel O+G gets stronger as the point cost increases, cause u get more cheap characters.
in a 1K point cost game u'd have to spend more % of your points on characters then in a 3K game, and your troops being cheap and tough makin the O+G least increase in strength as the points rise.