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01-06-2005, 02:39
I know it says in the latest CSM codex that the chaplains of the traitor legions where killed, except the Word Bearers, but that wouldn't make sense, chaplains are extremely devoted to the Imperial Cult true, but they are also men. So does anyone else believe that there are still a few chaos chaplains? And anyone have any suggestion on using them as Lords or Champions?

Inquisitor Samos
01-06-2005, 02:58
My personal opinion is that any Chaplains of the Legions that sided with Horus would have had to have turned to Chaos to have survived. Thus, they would almost certainly have become either Chaos Sorcerors or Chaos Champions if they maintained any stature at all within the CSM Legions. I'd suggest just using the rules for those.

01-06-2005, 04:06
There were probably a few Chaplains from the traitor legions that turned to chaos. However, Horus was very good at making sure that those that might inhibit his plans didn't survive for long. Most of the chaplains, and other loyalist marines, would probably have been sent on near suicide missions in order to reduce their numbers before the final betrayal at Istavaan. The chaplains that sided with chaos would more likely end up as lords, with an odd sorceror or two thrown in for good measure.

01-06-2005, 05:03
Yeah, most would have probably thrown their lot in with Horus and thus dropped from the religious side of being a Chaplain, most likely just becoming lords or lieutenants.
Meanwhile Word Bearers still have something to preach and thus keep their Chaplains in the form of the Dark Apostles.

Wolflord Havoc
02-06-2005, 13:14
Well my take on this would be that they no longer exist in the capacity as Chaplains as do those fellas in the Word Bearers.

So in my opinion - they were either murdered by their wayward brethren during the Horus Heresy or became chaos champions in their own right.

03-06-2005, 08:37
In gaming terms a Chaplain is just a hero with a power weapon and a 4+ invulnerable save. Unless you use the Word Bearers list, with Accursed Crozius, youíll just have to use a Chaos Lord with Daemonic Aura to get similar stats. You can write up the background of your Lord for him being a fallen Chaplain, itís upto you.

03-06-2005, 08:45
I think Chaplains could still exist in the form, as previously mentioned, as lordes or lieutenants rule-wise. However, in the fluff, I would say that they just switched their religious aspect to the worship of their legion's specific patron deity; thus creating Tzeentch chaplains, Khorne chaplains etc.

03-06-2005, 15:49
Yea I was thinking of including a Khornate Chaplain in my Chaos Army. Someone well versed in summoning Daemons of Khorne through bloodshed.

03-06-2005, 17:33
they aslo if they wanted proply could have went over to the word bears and become a chaplin there i could bet that they allways could use some one like that

Tom - Heretic
03-06-2005, 22:42
Emperors Children also retained all their chaplains. They followed Fulgrim believing more than the imperial creed.

04-06-2005, 00:51
In fluff terms I think all of the Chaplains were killed without even being offered a chance to turn to Chaos (kinda like the Jedi in the Revenge of the Sith). Being devoutly loyal to the Imperial creed I doubt that many (if any, apart from the Word Bearers Chaplains) would have sided with Chaos but you will always have the occasional Darth Vader I suppose.


04-06-2005, 14:53
And those that did survive probably threw away their Rosarii since they are symbols of the Imperial Cult.

05-06-2005, 05:23
Well thanks for all the replies. But I've decided to make my Chaos Chaplain a Lord, when I get around to modelling him he is still gonna carry his crozius as a symbol of his defiance to the false man god. Any suggestions?