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01-06-2005, 10:06
Thank to TacredII von Quenelles we know that this new unit of riders will be as follows:

"Wild riders of Kurnos 5+
X pts, bodyguard of Orion, elwen steeds, L.Armour and spears. mus for Y pts (while he isaliwe - fear on charge - Wildhunt rule), std. and Wild Hunter +Z
magic banner up to 50pts

forest spirits, talismanoc tatoos, fast.caw, The Fury of Kurnos - on any round of hth when did not charge +1 attak"

Now,what i want to know it's if this unit will be 0-1 special slot or you could take how many units of them as you would.from what Tancred reported here it seems that they're not 0-1

Other that that i think that someone(malachi ;) !) should listen to my rumors :D!!

i had reported here,some month ago,that WE would get a new unit of cavalry(fast cavalry with wardancers-like riders) but not many people believe to me.Read here:


I'm "proud" i was right :cool:

01-06-2005, 10:25
I have edited the stats/costs out of your post. It is against forum rules to post them.

Consider this a warning.

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