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Jolly Puggles
28-06-2011, 15:56
When I first got Warhammer Quest, many moons ago, I fell in love with it. I had always been a fan of the GW/MB Heroquest boardgame and it's decendant Advanced Heroquest, but WHQ made it easy to play without a DM. This meant that everyone got to be a Hero and no-one had to be the badguy (who, by definition, has to lose...it's like being the Germans in Escape from Colditz; no-one wants to 'cos you're not supposed to win).

However, the more I played it, the more I noticed the great many things that, while not game breaking, niggle at the back of the mind and detract from the enjoyment of the game when they come up. I thought I might share a few of the things I've noticed and some of the ideas I have for fixing them. Comments and criticism are more than welcome and I'd like to hear about any holes you've found (and potential solutions).

I should probably note that I'm not going to go into the details of any of the supplemental material, which includes the game expansions and extra warrior types.

1) Strength of Warriors

A couple of issues here. The first is that the Barbarian starts with Strength 4 and never gets stronger. I'm sure the game designers had a very good reason for capping Hero Strength at 4, but whatever the reason, it's beyond me. To fix this, I would suggest allowing an increase to Strength 5 at Battle Level 6 (which is a little bit of a "dead level" for the Barbarian, with no increase to WS, DD, A or Skills).

The second issue I have is that the Elf, which nominally fills the Scout/Archer role, gets an increase to Strength earlier than the Dwarf, which is the second Warrior type after the Barbarian. What's with that? Butch McBeardstein the Dwarf has been pegged as being weaker than Willowy Fancypants the Elf...ummm, not in my world. To rectify this, the Dwarf is fine as he is, but the Elf could stand to switch his Strength and Toughness progression. This puts him at a parallel to the Dwarf, who also gets a Toughness increase at BL:3 and a Strength increase at BL:4.

2) Wizards, Spells and the Wizards Guild

Wizards and Spell selection is a major point of contention for many players, I'm sure, but the thing that really bugs me is not that some spells are blatantly better than others or that Wizards are forced to start with random Spell Cards. Rather it is the fact that at the Wizards Guild, you get the option of unlearning spells to replace them with new ones. Now, in and of itself, this is not a bad thing, but the tables and rules for it seem only to apply to the 3 initial spells a Wizard starts with. Why not any spells learned after BL:1? What's with being able to switch a Casting No.2 spell for a Casting No.6 one? No, this whole area is a bit grey for my liking and could do with some serious reconsideration. However, for a "quick fix", I suggest the following:

Initial 'Starting' Spells: Roll 3d6. Choose three spells with Casting Numbers equal to the values shown. You may not choose more than one spell of a given type (Attack, Defence, Healing or Special). Like Starting Wounds, you may re-roll any dice that come up with a 1, but are stuck with it if you roll a second 1. Unlike learning new spells when going up to the next Battle Level, you may not combine dice rolls and take a higher level spell equal to the total.

For Example: Magnus the Blue wants to generate his starting spells. He rolls 3d6, getting 1, 1, 4. He re-rolls the two 1's and gets 1 and 5. This means he must choose one spell with a Casting No.1, one with a Casting No.4 and one with Casting No.5. He doesn't want to be a walking band-aid so chooses Cure Small Wounds as his Casting No.1 spell. Looking through the Casting No.4 spells, he really likes the look of the Acid Blast spell and takes that. Having taken a Healing spell and an Attack spell, he only has to look at the Defence and Special spells for Casting No.5. He decides that the Invisibility spell, when the chips are down, would be far more useful than any of the Defence spells available and takes that as his final spell.

When visiting the Wizards Guild and attempting to change spells, simply remove the word "card" from the first table. Replace the second table with the following:

1-2 : The Wizard fails to learn a new spell in time and will have one less spell in the next dungeon. Make a note of the level and type of the spell erased. He may try again the next time he visits a Wizards Guild.

3-4 : The Wizard is successful in his studies. Roll 1d3-2 and add the result to the Casting No. of the spell being replaced. The total is the Casting No. of the new spell learned. Choose any spell of the same type as the replaced spell of the new Casting No.

5-6 : Through careful and rigourous study, the Wizard locates and learns exactly the spell he was looking for. The Wizard player may choose any spell of the same type as the spell being replaced that has a Casting No. no greater or smaller than +/-1 the Casting No. of the original spell.

I think that'll do for now. I will post more niggling problems and solutions later. For now, I have stuff to do!

29-06-2011, 20:17

After many long years of Questing, my opinion...

Barbarian strength should probably be raised yes, there is a discussion below on the Barbarian's weaknesses. Thing is, buy level 4-5 anyway he will be packing some magical heat and dealing massive damage anyway. Agree though, should be at least 5 or 6.

Dwarf and Elf, again it seems to me to be a balance issue. With his mighty axe attack the dwarf is still doing more damage. Agree again, makes more sense to give him a strength boost before the Elf, but also to remember the Elf should be limited to S4 and T4 tops, the dwarf should be able to get more.

Wizard spell swopping. Now this is something new to me because, simply, in over 13 years of Questing, no one in my group has ever tried to do this. As for swopping a level 3 spell for a level 6 spell....any group I have played in has never been that powergamerish (well not the wizards player anyway, that imperial noble with his machine gun on the other hand....).

Quest is full of odd things, especially the monsters at the higher levels.

03-08-2011, 15:44
I think that altering the spell selection when starting with a wizard is a positive thing, especially if aiming to keep the warriors for a campaign.
In d&d, I think Warrior generation is a little less random; if memory serves you get to roll multiple time for your hit points and take the average or something; I think this is a good approach as well.