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01-06-2005, 14:40
Here's a good fluff question for you.

The space marine trait 'preferred enemy' lists the option to choose tyranids, orks or eldar.

We all know that Scythes of the Emperor and Ultramarines are Nid specialists and that Crimson Fists are Orks specialists, but which space marine legion are adept at beating up Eldar?

I contemplating such a force after losing the Dysartes tourney to an eldar army.

01-06-2005, 15:15
well with the fact being that most people in the empire have no idea how they move through the galaxy it would be very hard to find them and by the time so one would know that a eldar attack was going on it would be to late for them to find the eldar casue they would have allready slipped away back into the webway.

I think there should be a army like this if just for game purpose's but its hard to explain it in the fluff thats the issue

Khaine's Messenger
01-06-2005, 15:27
I thought it wasn't so much an "adept"-ness as a profound hatred that leads them to an exceptional battle frenzy (or simply any general way you want to explain it ;) ). The White Scars, for example, would have a particular grudge against the Dark Eldar which would ruleswise extend to all Eldar, iirc. Offhand I don't recall if they have this as a trait, though.

01-06-2005, 15:39
The White Scars don't have it as a trait, but the trait is in the rules.
I presume the hatred of eldar must exist in a chapter or it wouldn't be in the rules.
Although it did seem an odd trait to throw in along with hatred of orks and Nids, who are more traditional space marine foes.

01-06-2005, 15:44
Perhaps GW are just adding a little ambiguity and options for DIY chapters with grudges. They obviously couldn't give SM players choice of any army as preferred enemy and Eldar have had tensions with the imperium for longer than most.

Easy E
01-06-2005, 18:54
The number of gamers that play SM's should allow you to take other SM's as your prefered enemy.

I wonder why Necrons, or tau aren't allowed prefered enemy status? Not around long enough to bear a grudge against?

01-06-2005, 19:37
Exactly - there just isn't the experience of fighting them to earn it. in any case, not many people would see the point in using their prefered enemy doctrine on Tau, what with the Tau not exactly being close combat monsters!

I don't know of any chapters which specialise in the destruction of Eldar, but then I don't think that the Eldar are perceived as such a massive threat that SMs would regularly persue xenocidal campaigns against them. They tend to be more of an irritation than a threat in the terms that the necrons or Orks are. Even the DEs only take a small drop in the ocean of humanity, and while they are repelled when encountered, nobody can be bothered to expend the effort required to finish them off for good. Check out the Biel tan index xenos - the Imperium refuses to use up the resources it would take to destroy Biel tan, presumably mostly because there are bigger fish to fry. It's much the same with the tau. Irritating but ultimately not exactly about to topple the Imperium. With the nids on the rampage, and chaos on the resurgent, the Space Marines are busy elsewhere.

02-06-2005, 07:12
here's a question for you. Will xenos armies get the preferred enemy special rule as an option, and if they do, will the 'human' entry include guard AND space marines?

I would think that if this rule existed and say, the eldar took PE human, and it only included guard it would be pretty low.

On the other hand, such is the prevalence of marine armies in he game that should an eldar army get PE it would be effective against 90% of the armies it faces, something that would worth more than the piddly +1pt per model cost that marines need to pay.


New Cult King
02-06-2005, 08:17
I'd think that Preferred Enemy Human (IG) would be a little different to Preferred Enemy Space Marines... it takes vastly different tactics to combat IG than it does SM.

Isuran Greifenherz
02-06-2005, 08:18
WEll if you takeeldar as your prefferd enemy it counts against DE and E and thats pretty coll.

grizzly ruin
02-06-2005, 10:38
The number of gamers that play SM's should allow you to take other SM's as your prefered enemy.


I think that the preferred enemy Eldar (& Dark Eldar) is just there for you're own personal fluff creation.

And you could always use the rules, with allies to do a makeshift Ordo Xenos themed SM list.