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09-07-2011, 02:56
Skaven v Orvs 2250

Before I start let me just say the game was originally set up as Skaven versus Dark Elves. Army choices by me were made with that in mind. 

Queek Headtaker w/
39 Queeks Stormvermin, full command, banner of flaming attacks (SV)
Poxface Mcratty , Plague Priest 4+ ward, xhw, FURNACE
41 Plague Monks w/Full Comm, Banner of 2d6 str 2 hits. (PM)
Squeekers, Warlock engineer (lvl 1)– dispel scroll (Sq)
Skittermeep, warlock engineer (lvl 1) – Warp condenser (Sm)
Snaggletooth, Bearer of the Standard BSB ha, shield, Liche bone banner
39 Clanrats w/ full command, shields, Ratling Gun (CR)
50 giant rats w/ 10 Handlers (GR)
5 jezzails
Okay so the Flaming banner was to handle the Hydra. Queek was only taken because my opponent had looked through my book last time we played and remarked on how nasty he was. I did not take him because of hatred versus Orcs, but it worked out alright. 

Orc List
Big Boss General, la, shield, xhw
Big Boss, la, shield, spear, boar
Lvl 2 Shaman, Dispel Scroll
Orc BSB, shield
39 Night Goblins - mus, sb, nets (NG1)
39 Night Goblins – mus, sb, nets (NG2)
32 Orc big Unz - xhw, sb. Mus
15 Boar Boyz – spears, shield, mus
3 x Wolf chariot (unit) (WC1)
3 x Wolf Chariot (unit) (WC2)
2 x Boar Chariot (solo) (BC)
2 x Mangler Squigs (MS)
I’ll be honest, looking at what he had initially I wasn’t too thrilled. My plague monks and stormvermin were designed to chew through frail elves. The Ratling gun I figured we pretty much be a waste. Overall I did not have enough shooting to deal with the manglers AND all the chariots, forget the spider. I needed to lock down a flank with the furnace and hope to break his center. I figured the cannon could take out the units, the jezzails some chariots and the mages would work on cutting down those boar boyz. I figured I had a turn to do my damage and then I could turn all my attention on the spider.
We debated rolling scenarios and decided to roll one, and if we got the tower one just do pitched. We rolled meeting engagement and mutually agreed we didn’t want to bother. So Pitched battle it was. lol
Deployment is from my left to my right. Terrain was mainly out of the way as dealing with it is too much of a pain in the alf most of the time. Yea, maybe we miss a lot of what the game is about not using scenarios or the terrain rules but we’re old and stuck in our ways.
Boars WC1 BC NG1 A-Rock BC Big Unz Shaman NG2 WC2 MS MS

Sq Sm PMonks CR SVermin GRats
WLC Jezz
This doesn’t really do set up justice. Basically we were set up for the boar boyz, WC1 and BC1 as well as NG1 to all go after the Furnace. A-Rock I assumed was going after Clanners, while the big unz were going to duke it out with Queek as his BSB and general both went there. The shaman was right across. The BC2 and WC2 could go wherever he needed them, with the Manglers eating my right flank.

Orcs won first turn.

Orc turn 1

Boar boyz fail animosity, and that pretty much sums up the turn. Lol Everything else moves into position, while maintaining his lines as best he could. He rolled well for magic but I dispelled Brain Bursta on my Ratling Gun and scrolled Foot of Gork on my Stormvermin. In shooting his Spider hit my Clanrats, killing 3!!! (With the webber). The goblins were out of range.

Skaven 1

Ugh they were coming on \fast. The failed animosity was sweet though. I moved my stormvermin up a couple inches, but everything else stayed put pretty much. My Warlocks moved up, 6” apart to blast the boar boyz.

Magic was… pathetic. I rolled 9, which was ok. I got vermintide to draw out a scroll when I aimed it to hit the NG1, BC1 and Spider. The engineers unloaded on the Boarz. And by unloaded I mean pretty much did nothing. I got 3 of them or there abouts with 2 warp lightning casts. Sorry, I didn’t write this down so going off memory.

Shooting was very up and down. My jezzails hit 4 out of 5 on WC2, doing 2 wounds. I really needed to take one out, but rolled 2 1’s. Frowny face. My WLC took aim at the big unz. With the right bounce I could go almost right down their middle and hit the A-Rock too. I rolled bounce and got a 4, which put the initial hit about 6” away from his unit. I then proceeded to roll a 2 on the bounce, and fizzling into warp gas. Sigh.

My ratling was 18.00001” away from his boar chariot. He wanted to d6 it, but honestly at this point, going on the big 4 and 0 I old and I am over the whole d6 thing. If it is that close do it or don’t. I don’t care. I don’t need to slow down the game anymore by arguing over fractions of inches.

All in all I suppose it wasn’t a bad turn, but I needed to do more damage.

Orc 2

WC2 charge the jezzails. Stand and fire kills the wounded chariot and wounds another. I needed to take 2 out before combat though or I knew I’d lose my shooties on impact hits alone.

He does the smart thing (grrr) and fails to take the bait with the boar boyz and by passes the engineers right in front of them, taunting him… Instead they go across after the Monks and furnace.

He doesn’t try any other charges, but instead moves up to keep himself supported. Damn, I hate it when they play smart. It just makes my job much more difficult.

1 of the manglers hits my giant rats, but only kills 4 with a very poor 6 hits.


He bursts the brain of my Ratling gun. I really think he just forgot how much Ratling guns have gone down in 8th. The thing was hardly the threat it used to be, or would have been against Dark elves… lol Anyway I let it go and paid for it. He then got off Foot of Gork with IF, but missed my Stormvermin again. He did manage to roll a 1 on it continuing, so I put it over his shaman and Big Unz. I failed to wound the shaman, but got 3 orcs. The IF was a 4, he survived being sucked into the warp but took out a couple more big unz and something like 7 or 8 goblins. Ouch.


Web misses Clanrats, as do all the goblin riders. The chariots do manage to kill 1 clanrat with their shortbows.


Predictably the jezzails are destroyed by a whopping 10 impact hits. He reforms to go after the WLC next turn. Oops.

Skaven 2

I attempt to charge WC1 with my Monks, but he runs and I fail to catch. I roll 6 total, where I needed a 7 to redirect into, well anything. Stumble forward we go. I hate that moving the low di. It should be high di. Anyway, my rats attempt to charge NG2, needing 6 and rolling a 4. This pivoted me towards them 2”, which would have been fine except I was .0001” from taking out a mangler by landing on it.  My clanrats charge the A-rock, but again I fail. Luckily Queeka nd the boys hit his command unit.

Between channeling and rolling I get max 12 dice. I don’t do anything with it though. He dispels vermintide again. I don’t know why he was so against the spell, it was designed for elves. It really wouldn’t have been that nasty against tricksy orcses. Anyway I got 2 more free lightnings on the boars, killing 3 more.

Shooting was a bit better. Well, the cannon was. Everything else was dead. Lol Cannon got a direct shot down the alley between the shaman and NG2. I killed the shaman after a failed ‘look out sir’ and killed like 18 goblins. It was a str 10 template going down three columns of goblins, so that’ll happen like that. Lol


I started with Queek. He challenged, and my opponent debated who to sacrifice. He decided to give up the reroll and keep the higher LD, by giving me the BSB. Queek actually only managed 2 wounds after 5 hits, though. It was enough. I threw 4 stormvermin after his general, but should have gone after regular orcs as I failed to do anything. My other SV did kill 4 orcs, though. His general pretty much whiffed his attacks, but his big unz did alright. Unfortunately, at the end he lost by 1 and broke. He rolled a 6, I rolled an 8 and you know how that goes.

With the general dying BC2 broke and ran directly across his center line, but didn’t hurt anything. Man I miss those fleeing impact hits… His NG2 also broke, and pretty much ran the rest of the game, until they were about 4” from the edge of the table and then they rallied. Wtf…

Orc 3 where it’s good to be me

He surprises me and throws the boars, BC1 and the A-Rock at the furnace. He said he needed to make sure he won combat. Umm, ok. I think he might have forgotten it was unbreakable. I mean, I had 41 Monks. He wasn’t going to wipe them.

The mangler who hadn’t gone random moves through my rats, killing another 5 or so. The other one moved directly onto his friend though and they went to town on each other. Bye bye Manglers.

His WC2 charged the WLC.

WC1 failed to rally, but didn’t go off yet either.

No more magic or shooting for him, so on to combat.
His WC2 did like 8 impact hits and killed the cannon outright, panicking the rats off the table. Now I have to take a moment as I almost raged here. I have never, ever used giant rats. I am only using these because I spent hours making them myself from modeling clay. They were my secret weapon and pretty much just soaked up the manglers. I guess that’s not bad, but they are so cool! Lol

I said before he wasn’t going to kill all 41 monks. Well, he gave it a good shot, By the end I think he had killed like 20 monks. However, he forgot about billowing death. I got a wound on the chariot, 1 on the boar boyz and 1 on the spider. I did 1 to my monks as well. My priest opened up his pox in a can and killed the chariot. The monks and furnace crew took out 4 more boar boyz. It was actually pretty close. Of course I still had my wrecker attack, which Mr. domandi had forgotten about as well. After much deliberation I decided ot go after the spider. This began the whining about how OTT the furnace is. Of course I then misfired, doing a wound to my furnace and killing 4 monks. Lol I lost my frenzy, but I tied up half his army and his boar boyz would be down to paltry str 3 next turn, so I was okay with that.

Turn 3 Where it is even better to be me.

Earlier in the game my rolling was very poor, or as my opponent put it, average. Here it got ridiculous and more what I am used to. Hehe It was fun.
My clanrats charged the side of the A-Rock. This started a rousing debate where we couldn’t decide what fear/terror did. I said I had to make a test to charge, and if I passed I was fine. He said it was a new phase and fear has to be taken every combat turn, so I needed to test. So with our handy dandy rule book handy we looked it up. And discovered we were both wrong. He graciously allowed me to keep my terror check as my fear check and on we went, remarking for not the first or last time this game how funny it is that after 20 years of playing this game we can’t get through a game without consulting the rulebook.

Stormvermin turn to get back into the fight. I fail my swift reform on boxcars and so am stuck with a pivot.


Vermintide into combat is dispelled. My warlocks throw some lightning at the goblins, killing a couple but nothing major.


Billowing death does a lot more, killing 3 boar boyz and adding a wound to the spider.My clanrats put another wound on the A-rock, bringing it to 3 total. This was big. My plague priest challenged his boss, only doing 1 wound but not dyign so that was okay. I once again forgot my magic banner. Suck. His spider only killed like 3 clanrats. He should have taken out my BSB, but I think he forgot he was there. The boar boyz got a couple monks, but nothing spectacular. The monks killed another couple, knocking them down to 4 remaining. My wrecker attack went after Miss Spider again. I rolled a serviceable 10 hits, and did 5 wounds. None of which were saved. Spider was paste. His boars broke and that was pretty much it.

He did have a good round later (5) where he hit my stormvermin with the rallied WC1 in the front and the 2 remaining from WC2 from the rear, killing 17 (yes, 17) ratmen. However being steadfast and having Queek meant it didn’t really mean much other than a moral victory.

I missed a couple things I think. Turn 4 his NG1 charged my clanrats, but his WC2 missed the charge, which meant on my turn i brought in the Stormvermin and broke them. The game was really decided on turn 3 though, the rest was just dessert. :)


I rarely use the Furnace, so Domandi should be forgiven for forgetting just how stupid it is. I’d give it MVP but it’s just to obvious. I think Queek was huge, even if not planned as such. Those beefed up Stormvermin, as expensive as they are rocked. I don’t see myself bringing another Furnace again soon, but it is fun. Lol I really think he would have been better off sacrificing the boars, or throwing the chariots at it to tie me up. Maybe. Failing that all his attacks should have gone to destroying the contraption. Especially after I had misfired and wounded it myself the spider had a shot at it.
The real story of the game came down to my late game dice rolls. I would roll 10 attacks, hit 8 times and wound on over half of them. It was pretty nuts.

His failing that 1 animosity early sucked a lot for him as it let me dictate a couple charges. I think also that even though my magic wasn't overpowering it was consistently doing a bit here and there and made a huge difference. I am really liking the 2 roaming engineers.

Anyway, thanks for reading. Any questions, let me know!

09-07-2011, 13:25
nice one, even if prepared for dark elves. The furnace is tough, remember wrecker attacks are only in your own turn.

09-07-2011, 13:27
Ooo thanks. Missed that one. Luckily in his turn when i did it I misfired. Otherwise that would have been bad. It definitely makes it a little more manageable though.

10-07-2011, 09:12
I hate that moving the low di. It should be high di.

On failed charges you do move the highest dice not the lowest.

11-07-2011, 02:35
hahaha I can't believe we did that. I even looked it up in game cause it made no sense. Our first game or two of 8th I think we did that,. and somewhere along the line just decided it was the low di and so everytime I look it up that's what i see. I'm an idiot lol

11-07-2011, 19:00
BSB can't deploy in or join a unit of PM with the Furnace (see Skaven FAQ). Nice batrep otherwise, nice to see Queek's bodyguard do some damage!

12-07-2011, 14:26
Great report !

Some small rules problem there, already noted above.

My opinion is that ignoring scenarios and terrain rules unbalance the game in favor of armies made of huge but hard to maneuver hordes. In this case, both you and your opponent are in the same situations (maybe him a little less so), so it doesn't really matter, but against others I'd argue that it isn't completely fair. Random deployments, battle for the pass and dangerous terrains can screw up your huge units in no time.

12-07-2011, 20:52
Nice report!
I don't really get why your opponent charged your plague furnace, except if he didn't know it was unbreakable.

13-07-2011, 19:43
My bsb was with the clanrats. The monks had a basic standard bearer but with a magic banner. Thanks a lot for the comments. i think the main issue with the furnace is that i so rarely use it for fear of it being a crutch that when i do use it we forget a lot of it's nastiness.

Our rules issues (charges, scenarios) were applied equally so that wasn't really a big deal. The wrecker thing could have been an issue, and had it made a difference I would have gladly ceded victory. We always mean to try the scenarios but usually it means it just gives one side a random advantage. We got the Glory one once, where I only had a general, bsb and 2 standard to his 5 or 6 and it was over quickly, with out anyone having any fun. In another I played orcs against woC we had Dawn Attack and ended up with all my troops on one side, unopposed and all his troops on the other opposite my manglers and a night goblin unit with fanatics. The time it took for him to get over to me meant he just got beaten to crap on the way there. Again, a victory decided by scenario and luck. Playing primarily Pitched Battle we know what we're getting into and can plan accordingly, most of the time at least.

13-07-2011, 22:41
"Playing primarily Pitched Battle we know what we're getting into and can plan accordingly, most of the time at least."

isn't that kind of the point though. your supposed to plan for the scenarios in list building. like far2casual said, these things are there to balance the game and stop/reduce certain builds.

15-07-2011, 02:19
Yea I can see that. But really its just the 4 of us, and we are pretty good about list building. My first game with this skaven book I took 2 furnaces - and I have never heard the end of it. Lol Add to that this game, like a lot of them we had 3 to 5 young kids running around. Between diaper changes, guarding your dice and avoiding fights we try to keep things simple. I suppose if we played the scenarios more often it wouldn't add to set up time but as it is our game time is premium. :)

I do feel like by not using scenarios or random terrain we are sometimes missing a lot of what makes 8th unique. A couple years ago I would have killed for scenarios, and its something I loved about confrontation and warmachine. it just hasn't taken root in our group yet.