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immortal git
10-07-2011, 01:25
Sooo i sold most of my old daemon army, now i want to redo it, I have endless possibilities because i sold everything except a bloodthirster, some flesh hounds and some of the old metal bloodletters, so im thinking bloodletters and horrors for the core, come bloodcrushers or flamers, I'm unsure on wheather at a large point game (2500) a greater deamon is a good choice so any opinions on that would be nice...

so we will start small, 500 points, full tzeentch

Herald of Tzeentch

20 Horrors
Banner of change

3 Flamers


10-07-2011, 01:43
small point games don't suit many armies as it advantages 'horde' armies like OnG & Skaven.

As for your greater daemon, I've recently come to the conclusion that a 10W T6 Greater Unclean One is not only resilient but also key in fighting specific things when using the Gifts Balesword.

I equip mine with Balesword, Stream of Bile and Lv2 wizard - it comes under the 25% limit in 2500 pts games.

Balesword allows you to pretty much instantly destroy anything monstrous - All hits automatically wound and cause d6 wounds - the first round is at S8 due to the flail and then s6 in the following turns.

That means, against a Steam Tank, you cause 4d6 wounds automatically (it is autohit in close combat which all auto wound due to the gift) which need to be saved on a 6 from his 1+ armor save -5 from S8.

This also works great against Sphynx - T8 is hard to wound even at S8 with only 4 attacks but now you get to simply roll to hit, average being almost 3 hits (I think its WS3 at most? else average is 2 hits) which ignore is flimsy 5+ save and then multiply each hit into d6 wounds - maybe he gets a 6+ regen save at best.. (: destroyed T8 annoyance! And great against everything else thats big, tough and has many wounds.

Stream of Bile is to help grind a tarpit when you either: had no choice but to engage it, or there's nothing else to kill.

10-07-2011, 07:55
Maybe you can swap the banner and the pyrocaster (totally useless IMO) for some gifts for the herald.

Spellbreaker to prevent a nasty spell to ruin your day.
Vortex to grasp some more powerdice (not really sure about that one).
Master of Sorcery with Lore of Life or Shadow.

immortal git
11-07-2011, 14:21
thanks for the advice kalandros, i had a great unclean one in 7th with its you stike last now i balesword you combo, it worked quite well :)

Dragonet111: The heral cant have any gifts because of a 125pt limit on heroes (He starts at 115 i think)

12-07-2011, 18:25
I forgot to check the %. Sorry.

immortal git
12-07-2011, 19:14
its cool :)

bigbear bailey
13-07-2011, 21:41
One of the things people forget about with smaller games is that you don't NEED big blocks of dudes. You can take units of 10 blood letters and just murder people (as most of the people you will be fighting will have gobbos and such.