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10-07-2011, 12:18
Tell me what you think, but don't just say add blood knight's.

Vlad von carstein

Konrad von Carstein
Vampire, avatar of death, staff of damnation, walking death
Vampire, sword of kings, summon ghouls, the flayed haubark, walking death

corpse cart, balefire
30 Ghouls, ghast
20 Ghouls, ghast
20 skellies, full command, hand weapons and shields, banner of hellfire
20 zombies, musician

30 grave guard, full command, royal standard of strigos


This is exactly 2,400pts and it's more or less everything I own a the moment. Tell me what you think

10-07-2011, 16:30
Hmm, well I dont want to bum you out, but here goes:

Skellies can't take a magic banner. As a bunker behind the lines for your caster they are fine, otherwise they have issues unless pumped up by magic.

Zombies are the worst unit in the game, don't take any, raise them is you need to.

Your Ghouls and Grave guard need to get bigger. I run blocks of 35-45 ghouls, and 35+ Grave Guard. You need to be able to soak up some casualties, as we pretty much go last in Close Combat.

Vlad is one miscast away from obliteration, I like him as well, but for the points, a super caster lord, with Summon Ghouls, Lore, and 2 Power Dice with the helm for WS, and 4+ ward talisman is usually better for a caster.

Your characters, though fun, eat up a lot of points. If you remove one vamp, and replace him with Grave Guards, how many more would you get? If you remove a 2nd for Ghouls?

Konrad is kind of a hit or miss kind of guy, and for a GT you don't want a 1 trick pony. Taking a Vampire BSB, with the Royal standard, and putting him in a unit of Ghouls makes them vicious as hell.

Your Grave Guard need a few more bodies so you can horde up. If they get WS7 from the lord, and the banner of the barrows, you need a 2+ to hit, and 2+ to wound with killing blow.

The Corpse cart with Balefire is good. I would probably ditch the Vargulf for another one, and use the 75 points I save to buff up some unit.

Sorry, I know this is a total rework, but you also need more ghouls for summon, as you can increase your units on some turns beyond their starting numbers.

Time of Madness
10-07-2011, 16:59
Skellies can take a magic banner. I'd also look at bumping the skellies up to 25 if you can find the points.

I like the 2 units of ghouls and the 30 grave guard. I'd put the banner of burrows on the grave guard though and maybe look at removing a vampire and adding a wight bsb that can join the grave guard.

If you can, drop the zombies. You already have enough combat units and the zombies won't do much for you. If you need a unit of zombies during the game, just raise them.
Time of Madness

10-07-2011, 17:22
The zombies are there for the core allowance as the corpse cart doesn't count to the minimum core choice.
I like banner of the barrows but I prefer the re-roll to hit's in the first round. As for the chars I can't drop the one with the staff as the whole army was based around him. I really like the Vlad model and thought it would be a good idea to go to a gt with a lord like him.

10-07-2011, 22:25
Okay - let me say OMG and get that out of the way. This is, in no way, suitable for a GT. You need 600 points in Core. You have the Core in Ghouls and Skeletons alone. Drop Zombies, please for everyone's sake who is about to vomit, drop them lol - I will try now to be helpful. Vlad is an amazing character for his points. I love that guy hands down. You save so many points using him. However, he is not tailored and as well dressed for this army you have posted. Replace Vlad with a Vampire Lord. Now the hardest thing to do with VCs is envision what you want your army to do. Once you have it down and understand the schematics of what you want to accomplish, everything will run much more smoothly. The true problem with this list is that it doesn't pose a threat in any aspect of the game. Sure you're fielding a lot of models and will look intimidating, but this army will fall apart. I promise, with a better, more tailored, and cheaper point costing character, you can do wonders. What do you want to be dominate in this this tournament? You must choose something, because from personal experience...its extremely hard to be balanced in each part of the game. Reply so I can help make this happen for you!

11-07-2011, 11:18
the thing is I want to dominate if possible the combat phase. hence why I have gone for those combat characters

11-07-2011, 11:33
the thing is I want to dominate if possible the combat phase. hence why I have gone for those combat characters

Vlad won't really dominate in the combat phase. He's excellent against other characters but won't really mince rank & file or tougher. He's really the "all-rounder" of the VC special characters.

Konrad, on the other hand, can kill pretty much anything if he gets to go first. To get the most out of him he needs to be teamed up with the regen banner for extra protection. T4, 2 wounds and a 5+ save doesn't go very far.

Working on the provision that you aren't able to add any more models before the GT, I'd suggest combining the Ghouls into one big unit, turning Vlad into an all out caster lord with access to the BRB lores and the Helm of commandment, and turning a Vampire into a Wight King with Drakenhof. Put Konrad and the Wight King in the Grave Guard and bunker the lord in the Skellies. Field the Grave Guard in horde formation with Great Weapons if possible.

This means you can get the Ghouls a higher WS thanks to the Lord, and the Grave Guard unit will be very deadly. This should help make these two units much more effective in the combat phase. The Wight King also makes a good bodyguard for Konrad thanks to decent AS, T5 and 3 wounds, and a higher leadership to help out if Konrad decides to go stupid on you.

If you can add any models before the tourney, I'd really suggest another Varghulf. One is good, two working together are nasty.

18-07-2011, 23:30
I've changed the army list again tell me what you think.

Lords (490pts)
Vlad Von Carstein (490pts)
Master of the Ring
Aura of Dark Majesty, Beguile, Blood Drinker, Supernatrual Horror, The Carstein Ring, Walking Death

Heroes (595pts)
Konrad von Carstein (145pts)
One Bat Short of a Belfry
Infinite Hatred, Red Fury, Sword of Waldenhof
Vampire (175pts)
Sword of Kings, The Flayed Hauberk, Walking Death
Vampire (275pts)
Battle Standard Bearer, Dread Knight, The Drakenhoff Banner

Core (706pts)
Corpse Cart (100pts)
Crypt Ghouls (168pts)
20x Crypt Ghouls, Ghast
Crypt Ghouls (248pts)
30x Crypt Ghouls, Ghast
Skeleton Warriors (190pts)
Champion, Light Armour, Musician, Shields, 20x Skeletons
Standard Bearer
Banner of Hellfire

Special (425pts)
Grave Guard (425pts)
Heavy Armour, Musician, Seneschal
30x Grave Guard
30x Shield
Standard Bearer
Royal Standard of Strigos

Rare (175pts)
Varghluf (175pts)

Vlad is awesome, in one practise game he got shot to ribbons, died, came back to life and joined a combat with a unit of skellies and a unit of cold one riders with a dark elf bsb, beat down the bsb, then overan into a unit of crossbows chased them off the board to come on and have 2 hydra's charge his unit kill one and send the other one running.

19-07-2011, 11:20
If I take a wight king bsb instead of a vampire I can get 3 more grave guard and an summon ghouls on my other vampire but I don't know which one is better a wight king bsb or a vampire bsb

bigbear bailey
19-07-2011, 13:56
Yeah I honestly think if you are going to go the BSB route it should ALWAYS be the wight king. He has 3 wounds and tough 5 for WAY less points, and if some one trys to challenge him a nice killing bow here and there will make them rethink it.

With the extra points add great weapons to the grave guard, makes them 10 times more killy!!!

Penitent Engine
24-07-2011, 06:44
Definitely take great weapons for your grave guard, especially if there's even the slightest chance of coming up against WoC or other heavily armoured enemies. And if you get Vanhel's off, that unit's just scary.

The Wight King is always better, as bigbear said. And why is your current BSB mounted?

24-07-2011, 14:32
If you have always strike first due to vanhels and always strike last due to great weapons you go on I order and as they are only I 3 they will go after most elite units

25-07-2011, 02:29
mo i swear i tore one of these armies to pieces with my daemons? im hoping this is the mo i think it is or im going to sound really stupid. id drop the cart and bulk up the units personally.

25-07-2011, 02:37
Great weapons on the GG is essential- it doesn't matter that they'll be going after other elites. VC excel at long, grinding combats and great weapons will only make GG better. If you're taking casualties, just spam Invocation on them in the next magic phase.

The +1 to hit banner is perfect on them, and unless you're set on taking Vlad, taking a Vamp Lord with the Weapon Skill Hat will make those GG horrendous to fight against- hitting on 2s wounding on 2s vs most things, and then you can Van Hels them.

Also, a Wight BSB with the Hasslehoff Banner will make the GG very survivable.

Is this for the UK Throne of Skulls by any chance? I wasn't able to get a ticket, so I'm resigning myself to coaching other people for it and hoping a ticket becomes available :(

25-07-2011, 10:01
Yeah this is for Throne of skulls and are they not available now or something I know the 40k one was sold out so they have organised another one but I wasn't sure about the fantasy one. And the thing is I can't model them with great weapons as I have already modelled them with hand weapons and shields.

25-07-2011, 13:03
did you get your ticket then? i heard a lot of people lost out

25-07-2011, 23:17
No unfortunently I lost out which blows because I really wanted to go *actually made me wanna cry * sad face

25-07-2011, 23:19
There are plenty of other better run, competitively priced tournaments going on, usually around one a month. I just fancied my chances of taking this one, seeing as very few people on the serious tournament circuit seem to be going anymore...

26-07-2011, 00:13
i got a second ticket but its already gone.
btw this is priseman

26-07-2011, 00:28
Kinda gatherd lol

26-07-2011, 11:08
ssssshhhhhh btw why does your bsb have dread knight and no unit to go in. due to new rules he can be shot out now due to being mounted in an infantry unit.